Merry Christmas

1. Merry Christmas to all and let’s hope that our troops really do pull out of Syria and Afghanistan.

Have no idea if I’ll post at all in 2019, but I have a few minutes today and wanted to take a minute to do what I usually do in late December which is to link to this wonderful video below. It’s perfect for this time of year.

2. Another thing that is perfect for this time of year is this article by Phil Giraldi.

Phil Giraldi has become an even better writer since getting fired by The American Conservative and I’m sure he’s getting even more exposure these days. Here are a couple of nice quotes from the article: (Note to Shas party members and Hillary supporters: Red highlighting is done by our guest editor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whom I have also just starting following on twitter. )

“How has American intervention in the Middle East and south and central Asia benefited the people in the countries that have been invaded or bombed? Not at all. By some estimates four million Muslims have been killed as a consequence of the wars since 2001 and millions more displaced. More than eight thousand U.S. military have died in the process in wars that had no purpose and no exit strategy. And the wars have been expensive – $6 trillion and counting, much of it borrowed. War without end means killing without end and it has to stop.”

And here is one more:

That anyone would regard Boot and Nuland as objective authorities on the Middle East given their ultimate and prevailing loyalty to Israel has to be wondered at, but then again Fred Hiatt is the editorial/opinion page editor and he is of the same persuasion, both ethnically and philosophically.

3. This sounds like a pure crock of shit to me. Of course it is coming from The Israel Project about which I’ve written in the past. I used to note in the older posts that a shitload of US senators and representatives were pictured on the “Board of Advisors” page (not to be confused with their “Board of Directors” page. Others also noted the weird fact that legislative branch members were actually a part of the Israeli lobby, not just being used by it as voting slaves. Now that page is gone – don’t know for how long it has been, but it is interesting. I guess they figured that having what looked like a yearbook page with photos of people the lobby had paid off was a bad PR move for the people in the photos.

4. It’s video time. 🙂