Merry Christmas

1. Merry Christmas to all and let’s hope that our troops really do pull out of Syria and Afghanistan.

Have no idea if I’ll post at all in 2019, but I have a few minutes today and wanted to take a minute to do what I usually do in late December which is to link to this wonderful video below. It’s perfect for this time of year.

2. Another thing that is perfect for this time of year is this article by Phil Giraldi.

Phil Giraldi has become an even better writer since getting fired by The American Conservative and I’m sure he’s getting even more exposure these days. Here are a couple of nice quotes from the article: (Note to Shas party members and Hillary supporters: Red highlighting is done by our guest editor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whom I have also just starting following on twitter. )

“How has American intervention in the Middle East and south and central Asia benefited the people in the countries that have been invaded or bombed? Not at all. By some estimates four million Muslims have been killed as a consequence of the wars since 2001 and millions more displaced. More than eight thousand U.S. military have died in the process in wars that had no purpose and no exit strategy. And the wars have been expensive – $6 trillion and counting, much of it borrowed. War without end means killing without end and it has to stop.”

And here is one more:

That anyone would regard Boot and Nuland as objective authorities on the Middle East given their ultimate and prevailing loyalty to Israel has to be wondered at, but then again Fred Hiatt is the editorial/opinion page editor and he is of the same persuasion, both ethnically and philosophically.

3. This sounds like a pure crock of shit to me. Of course it is coming from The Israel Project about which I’ve written in the past. I used to note in the older posts that a shitload of US senators and representatives were pictured on the “Board of Advisors” page (not to be confused with their “Board of Directors” page. Others also noted the weird fact that legislative branch members were actually a part of the Israeli lobby, not just being used by it as voting slaves. Now that page is gone – don’t know for how long it has been, but it is interesting. I guess they figured that having what looked like a yearbook page with photos of people the lobby had paid off was a bad PR move for the people in the photos.

4. It’s video time. 🙂


Death in the Afternoon: The USS LIBERTY, Israel and You (Repost)


(Note: This is a repost of an article I wrote a few years ago. I am reposting it because today is the 51st anniversary of the murderous assault on a US ship by America’s greatest enemy. Also go here for another post from a while back about the heroes on that ship.)


Forty five years ago on June 8th, 1967, the USS LIBERTY was deliberately attacked by Israel and two thirds of those on board the LIBERTY were either killed or wounded. The cover up began that very day and continues now all these years later. Today’s post commemorates that solemn event and is in three parts.

The third part is by “Cat” who is a long-time supporter of the men of the USS Liberty and who has also produced two haunting songs about what happened on June 8th, 1967. Part 3 is followed by one of her songs from youtube. The video and music together will affect the coldest of hearts.

The second part is a partial and lightly-edited transcript of an interview that USS LIBERTY survivor Phil Tourney did recently with a young American veteran of the war in Afghanistan. There’s lots to ponder in their conversation – two ordinary working class Americans neither of whom understood that they were about to be involved in extra-ordinary things nor why. Lot’s to ponder. If you read nothing else in this post, read that transcript.

The first part is an excerpt from Phil’s book about the USS LIBERTY entitled What I Saw That Day. It is his own personal account of the attack and its devastating impact on his life and the lives of others ever since. It also will help explain Skulz’s depiction above of that awful day.

Part 1

As the [Israeli] helicopter hovered over us at about fifty feet above the deck, I could see that my worst suspicions had been proven correct. This was not a rescue helicopter. Instead, like a hornet-swollen hive there were commandos on board, special forces, armed with sub machineguns used for close-quarter combat.

I knew immediately they were not there to give us help. They were here to finish what their fellow assassins had been unable to accomplish. They were going to murder the entire crew of the USS LIBERTY. Then, once we were all dead and they were free to move about as they pleased, they would place explosives in strategic areas of the ship, detonate them and sink us all. The perfect crime, leaving no witnesses.

As the helicopter hovered for a moment, I saw that the troops inside were preparing to board the ship. From no more than 75 feet away, I stood like a dumb-ass in an open doorway where they had a clear shot at me. I locked eyes with one of my would-be assassins who was sitting on the floor of the helicopter. His legs were hanging out and he had one foot on the skid below as he waited for the order to repel down to the ship’s deck and finish us all off.

I stepped out of the hatch and stood on the deck of my battered and bloody ship. I thought about everything that had happened over the course of the last hour or so. My good friend, Francis Brown, his brains splattered all over the bridge. ..David Skolak, who was left in chunks of flesh, bone and internal organs. . .and all the other men whom I had never gotten to meet or know and who were now gone forever.

And so, the only thing I could do in that moment in letting my killers know what I thought about what they had done to my ship, to my friends and to my country, was to give them the finger. The one Israeli with whom I had locked eyes merely chuckled at the sight of something as impotent and harmless as my middle finger in the midst of all his machine gun-toting buddies, he simply smiled and gave me the finger back.

Suddenly, without any apparent reason or warning, the helicopter hauled ass out of there like a vampire being exposed to sunlight. The sight of them scurrying off sent a wave of euphoria through the crew.

Phil Tourney

What I Saw That Day

Part 2

The following partial and lightly-edited transcript is from Phil Tourney’s April 7, 2012 interview with a young sergeant who served in Afghanistan. The interview took place on Phil’s show on RBN. In many ways it is much more important than Phil’s account of the murder and betrayal of Phil’s shipmates on the USS LIBERTY. This story is one of the many sons (and daughters) of that betrayal.

Phil: Bryce I know that you are a person who went into the United States Army and a young man. What encouraged you to join the army at a time of war?

Bryce: Well, I wanted to serve my country. I wanted to do some good and I also wanted to make myself feel better and hopefully help eradicate who attacked the US.

. . .

Phil: What were your feelings about going to war in Afghanistan? Were you thrilled, were you happy, were you ready to go?

Bryce: Well my original feelings were that I originally wanted to go to Iraq because that is where all the hype and the media was – you know was focusing their – the media attention was on Iraq – so I was a little upset that I didn’t go to Iraq. So I said “Well, you are going to Afghanistan, there’s really not much going on there. [That] was my initial feeling and then when I got there I was immediately reminded that this is still an active war zone and that there is a lot of things happening over there.

Phil: Okay Bryce, I don’t need to go into exactly what your MOS was, what you did. [Note: MOS = Military Occupational Specialty.] But I do know that you stood in, that you went on a lot of missions and you kicked in a lot of doors. Let’s start there. When you first got there did you get an initiation type of thing? Did you get right on the front lines? How did that work for you?

Bryce: Well, when I initially landed and I landed in Bagram, Afghanistan, in the airfield. It was on Christmas Eve, 2008. My first encounter in Afghanistan was the first 15 minutes. We stood on the flight line getting ready to in process into the base. And actually my first encounter there was a fallen soldier. We stood on the flight line and we saluted his body wrapped in an American flag as he drove by. That was my first 10 minutes in the country. . .

Phil: I believe you said you went out of country, excuse me not out of country, but out of Bagram. Where did you go from there?

Bryce: Well I headed south with my unit to a little place called (drops out) in Logar province.

Phil: What was that again Bryce, I didn’t quite get it?

Bryce: It was FOB Shank. [Note: Foward Operating Base Shank in Logar province.]

. . .

Bryce: We got there and it was immediately non-stop action from there.

Phil: Okay, now when you say “non-stop action” I take that to mean that you were pulling a lot of duty, going on missions and doing things like that is that correct?

Bryce: . . . But mainly I mean just the enemy, the rocket attacks, the IEDs, the small arms fire. You know it was just constant. We would get rocketed three or four times a day.

Phil: . . . How do you know who is the enemy? . . . I can’t imagine the mental strain that was put on you every minute, every hour of the day not knowing who was going to blow you up, if it be a child or an old man or an old woman. How does a person handle that type of pressure?

Bryce: Well Phil the way I did was I treated everybody as the enemy. I mean there really is no way to tell who is harboring the Taliban or who is the Taliban or who is planting the IEDs at night that you run over or who is shooting at us when we drive by, you know. I mean we did everything we could for those people. We built them a mosque, we gave them humanitarian aid. We’d teach them how to use the weapons, try to build up their army. But at the same time even their army (drops out) are embedded with Taliban. You cannot trust a single person over there. It was really really tough to distinguish friend from foe over there.

Phil: . . . Did you ever do that and try to help the kids? Were they a hindrance or were they helpful? How did that work out for you Bryce?

Bryce: The children actually were terrible. They would come up in hordes, I talking like an entire elementary school back home. They would come just rip every piece of clothing and equipment on you that wasn’t attached. Then when you leave they throw rocks at you. They throw rocks, they just ask you for a Pepsi or a biscuit. You wanna help them out but at the same time these little kids are even [want] to throw rocks at Americans when they drive by. . .

. . .

Phil: . . . with the Afghan people and Bales. Now as I said before, I don’t condone what he did. As I didn’t condone the Mai Lai massacre . . . In your mind Bryce after being there, what were you there 14, 15 months?

Bryce: I was there for almost 13.

Phil: Okay 13 months in combat. You are a seasoned combat vet. And here we’ve got Bales that had spent three tours in Iraq and then they sent him to Afghanistan when they said they wouldn’t. Can you understand the stress and strain under a person – of his combat experience. Can you understand him going off like that or is there no excuse for it?

Bryce: Well I wouldn’t say there’s no excuse and I can’t say I can understand because being myself a disabled combat veteran I’ve learned that you can never understand what’s in someone else’s head. You know he must have been tormented and I don’t know what was going through his head or how he felt. But at the same time I don’t condone it and I do feel bad for the guy because he (drops out) such extremes and I feel bad for the families because I’m sure they were innocent civilians – at least some of them. I can’t really say one way or the other. I do feel bad for him but at the same time I don’t know what was going through his head.

. . .

Bryce: I think the army didn’t give him sufficient help. Yes, I think he probably needs a lot of help.

Phil: Yes. Absolutely he needs a lot of help. Absolutely. . . . Now you can answer this if you want to Bryce. Did you kill anybody in the service of your country in Afghanistan?

Bryce: Yes.

Phil: Okay, okay. Uh, How do you feel about that? Does that work on you pretty hard?

Bryce: Um, you know, I ah, I’ve learned to kind of just block it out. and a – try to forget about it but you know there’s um, there’s times where it does bother me yes. Um, you know I guess it’s just part of the process. But it is difficult at times, yes.

Phil: How about your fellow soldiers? What do they feel about Afghanistan? And be as honest as you can Bryce about it. Do they feel it is worth fighting these wars? Or do they feel like hey, we got Obama, Obama – excuse me. Osama bin Laden. And I know who killed him. I know who killed bin Laden and I’m not going to out the people that did it like the President of the United States and these other people to make headlines because I think it is disgusting, disgraceful, despicable, treasonous and dishonest to out the people that killed this guy. All they would have had to have done was say “Hey, we got him” instead of instead of bragging about who did it, all for political gain. And not two or three weeks or a month later we lose some of our finest people in the world in a helicopter that was shot down. And I think you’ll agree with that won’t you Bryce?

Bryce: Well I definitely agree that that was a terrible tragedy but I don’t speak for any other soldier than myself. When I was over there the consensus was to kind of put the politics out of your mind because you had your friend to your left and right and yourself to look after. We didn’t really think about really why we were there. We thought about just continuing the mission, completing it and going home safe.

Phil: I understand that. Now that you are home and you are out of the army, I know that you spent 14 or 15 months in the wounded warrior program debriefing yourself back into civilian life. As a sergeant honorably discharged twice out of the United States Army would you go back and fight in another war for a country that isn’t our country? And I mean that with all sincerity because I believe that in my heart and soul the two wars we were fighting with Iraq and Afghanistan is all for the benefit of Israel. We have bases all around surrounding Iran right now. And we have our soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen all in harm’s way all for a foreign government. What are your thoughts on that Bryce?

Bryce: My thoughts are I would not go back for any amount of money. I wouldn’t go back if it was – the only way I would go back to war is if it was on our shores. And meaning who we are fighting for – I can’t really say. But I know it’s not for the United States.

Phil: . . . And did the wounded warrior program after that – was it 15 months you spent in that trying to get yourself back together?

Bryce: It was 17 months.

. . .

Phil: Well Bryce, I honor you for your service. It is a blessing to America to have people like you that go (into) the military and do what they can for their country. What bothers me is when you go into the military and your country puts you in harm’s way as they did me and my shipmates and other people that we don’t even know about, put you in harm’s way to be murdered or slaughtered or blown up or just forgotten about. No I would never do it again either. . .

Bryce: . . . I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder and when I was leaving my regular unit for the wounded warrior unit my commanding officer told me that he should have knocked me down to E-1 because I could no longer catch bullets for him.

Phil: Repeat that.

Bryce: My commanding officer when he (found out) I was leaving his unit for the wounded warrior unit he told me he would have knocked me down to E1 because I could no longer catch bullets for him.

Phil: Boy that’s a nice way to leave the army, isn’t it?

Bryce: Yeah.

Phil: That’s a nice farewell, that’s a very nice farewell. Well, I’ll tell ya, I know your ears are messed up, your legs, your (psyche) and everything else. Bryce remember there’s people out there who love you and care about you and honor you and respect you and always will – and always will for your service. As well as all the other people that have served their country, dead, they are long gone, and the people will be long gone after you and I are gone and everybody else that has served this country. Let’s just pray that we don’t have to fight any more wars for Israel. . .

. . .

Phil: . . . What struck was that you said you had to relearn things, learn how to sleep again. How is that going for you?

Bryce: Well, it’s an ongoing battle that I’m dealing with. You know with suicidal tendencies and regrets. You know relationships that I have in my life are being affected. Every aspect of my life is being affected.

. . .

Phil: Welcome back folks. Here we go with the last few minutes of “Your Voice Counts” and I wanted to thank Bryce, Bryce Evan Tourney, my son, for your service, your honor, your dignity. I never knew the day you were born that you would still be fighting the war that I fought back in 1967 but you are. And I honor you son. Stay well, your family loves you and your country appreciates what you do, the country that really cares. Bryce we have another caller . . .

Part 3

Below is a copy of a comment Cat made to an earlier post on this blog. Treason seems to cross generations.

One Response to “John McCain Confronted About USS Liberty Cover-up Memorial Day 2012”

Cat says:
May 31, 2012 at 12:47 pm
This so-called “heckler” is a true American patriot–who has dedicated a big part of his life–for many years– fighting for the Liberty crew, to get their truths out, and to help them finally get their justice! He was not “heckling”, he was asking a question, and speaking up for the USS Liberty survivors, and for the men that died who cannot speak for themselves!
The only “jerks” in this story are John McCain (, and all the people who booed James, didn’t stand up for him or let him ask his question, or tell his story–and also the people in the media who never even bothered to ask what the “heckler” was saying! They know nothing of the USS LIBERTY ATTACK, know nothing of the 34 brave young men who were killed that day, know nothing of the 171+ who were wounded that day (many severely), and they know nothing of the coverup of the attack, and of the threats made to these men if they told what they knew! They have gone through all of these 45 years being ignored, pushed aside, called conspiracy theorists, threatened, and called many other things that these ignorant people use when they are still living under their rocks, who turn away when anyone mentions the Liberty, and those who still stand by Israel–who is fooling and bullying far too many! Lyndon Baines Johnson wanted the Liberty “sunk to the bottom: “Two groups of fighter aircraft were sent to defend the Liberty but unbelievably they were recalled by the White House. The Admiral in Command of the sixth fleet called Washington to confirm the recall order. Secretary of Defense MacNamara came on the line followed by the president himself who told the Admiral, “I want that God-Damn Ship going to the bottom” One of the Navy bigwigs pushing hard for a sanitized Liberty inquiry was none other than Sen. McCain’s father, Admiral John S. McCain, Jr., Commander-in-Chief, Naval Forces Europe. He wanted the investigation done in less than a week. Boston said a “proper inquiry would take at least six months.” Admiral McCain also wouldn’t permit Admiral Kidd to travel to Israel or to contact any potential Israeli witnesses. In fact, according to Boston, the written affidavits of 60 witnesses from the Liberty itself, who were hospitalized at the time of the restricted Inquiry, were also excluded from the final report and not considered as part of the evidentiary record. Boston is convinced, too, that the Israelis’ machine-gunning of the Liberty’s lifeboats, while the crew was trying desperately to assist their colleagues that were seriously wounded, was “a war crime.” Boston said higher ups wanted “to put a lid on everything” concerning the Liberty. THIS IS NOT OLD NEWS OR ANCIENT HISTORY–PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP, LEARN ABOUT THE LIBERTY, AND IT IS NOW TIME TO BE GIVEN A LEGAL PROPER INVESTIGATION, INSTEAD OF THE FRAUDULENT ONE THAT WAS DONE IN 1967! THE TIME HAS COME TO GIVE THESE MEN THE JUSTICE THEY HAVE WAITED FOR FAR TOO LONG!!


Listen to the reed flute, how it tells its tale of separation

From the Masnavi of Jalal al-Din Rumi


Zionists, Traitors and Congressmen OMFG


1. As mindless zionist-bullshit-fed Americans worry about Russiagate, an unspeakable evil is about to descend upon the once great capital city of what is left of the United States. This evil is so thoroughly ingrained in the consciousness – for lack of a better term – of the inside-the-beltway crowd that it can come like a thief in the night and be mistaken for a guest, a friend, an ally. But it is none of those.

Yes, we are talking about this year’s AIPAC policy conference which will officially begin shitting on Washington on March 4th. Among the chief shitters and shit eaters are 18 members of the allegedly US Congress. To see if any of your representatives are speaking at this treason fest, go here

And what gathering of bigoted warmongering motherfuckers would be complete without the presence as a keynote speaker of the puke-generating Nikki Haley who has got to be the worst woman on the planet?

Fortunately she is being balanced by the Israeli Vice-Vice President for American Affairs, the mind-blowingly stupid Mike Pence. 

2. Anyway, this post is actually about the video below. It’s a sort of a modern-day example of billboard correction. Video correction in honor of AIPAC’s upcoming treason fest. To see the original video you can go to AIPAC’s site and find it. I won’t even link to it here, but I digress. 

It’s just three minutes long, so even Shas Party members won’t have their attention-spans challenged. Subtitles are by today’s guest editor, Ahed Tamimi.  




Making Al-Sham Great Again

Christians in Aleppo celebrating the Christmas season, 2017. 

1. Just a quick Christmas post wishing a Merry Christmas to all and most especially to the Christians (and Muslims) of the Middle East whose lives have been turned into absolute hell by the true Axis of Evil, The CIA, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Al-Qa’ida, Qatar and ISIS (CIASUQQISIS).  Have I got everyone listed here? Damn, I feel like I’m leaving something out. Shit, what am I missing?  Oh, that’s right, Togo. Wow, thank Hashem I remembered that one. 

Hold on a second, a little birdie just landed at my doorstep with a message. 

Wow, I’m glad I got that message. I left out the Marshall Islands. 

If I’ve left out anyone else, please let us know by calling the US embassy in Jerusalem. 

2. Well, it looks like the Syrian Arab Army got a nice big Christmas present from Uncle Zion. (Note to Shas Party members, red highlighting is done by today’s guest editor, Sergey Lavrov.) 

“The Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) Tiger Forces arrived in northern Hama this week with a big surprise from their previous operations in the Deir Ezzor Governorate. Units from the Tiger Forces were seen armed with US-manufactured weapons that were seized from the Islamic State (ISIS) during the two month long battle in Deir Ezzor.”

Among the weapons are TOW missiles! How cool is that?

And they are going to use these weapons to retake Idlib. Is this a great country or what?

I mean, only in America can you supply weapons to support various and sundry terrorist organizations in their efforts to topple a government and destroy a country’s civil society in the service of Israel and suddenly have those vary same weapons be used by the victims to take their country back from the monsters you helped create. Making Al-Sham Great Again.  MASHGA. 

3. Okay, it’s video time. 

Each Christmas for the past few years I’ve posted a link to the video below.  I love the story and the music. Just imagine that the change the old man passes out to others is a Tow missile. 🙂  

Okay, that was too much. Couldn’t help myself, I blame Putin for that last comment – one of the tuyuur is obviously an agent of the Kremlin. Enjoy the video. As I wrote last yeaer,the default start frame of this video reminds me of two who are very dear.  But I digress.



Jared Kushner: Mr. 666


One down, one to go – Mr. 666.

Jared Kushner is a security risk embedded in the West Wing. . .”

1. As Russia-gate morphs into Israel-gate I would like to focus just a bit on Kushner-gate. Newsweek, whose owners follow a rather interesting Presbyterian minister named David Jang, who according to this website used to be a Moonie, but I digress, has put out a now much-quoted article about Jared’s SF86 problems. 

I can hear you all bitching and moaning “Mantiq, wtf is a an SF86?”  

An SF86 is a huge fucking pain in the ass form that everyone who wants a security clearance has to fill out in full.  It is highly intrusive and it is fucking illegal for you to sign it knowing you have not put in every fucking detail they ask for – questions like “Who the fuck are your foreign contacts? “Do you have any foreign investments?  If you do, tell us everything goddamn thing about them.” 

“Please list all your use of illegal drugs. If something was especially fun, let us know so we can have the CIA market it in poor neighborhoods.”  Shit like that. You can just google the name of the form and see for yourself. 

As far as I know, they don’t ask you “Hey Bill how many blow jobs have you A: Received B: Given C: Enjoyed?  D. Caused the other person to be aroused while she was just sucking way.? But I’m sure that question will soon be coming. Pun intended. 

Remember the OPM fiasco/scandal/disgrace when millions and millions of government employee files got hacked? A good bit of that was SF86-related info

Anyway, back to Jared.  The Newsweek article linked to in the first full paragraph above documents that poor little old Jared had to amend his SF86 at least 3 times but he just kept fucking forgetting to put in his work being on the board of his parents’ foundation which among many other wonderful things gives lots of money to Israeli outfits and to illegal Israeli settlements. That in and of itself would disqualify him from getting an entry level intelligence job at places like DIA, CIA etc. No fucking way could that happen. 

Yet Jared has had a temporary clearance for highly classified information for almost a year now despite this obvious trickery.  But it gets worse, with Zionism it always does. 

Let me digress for a second. There are 13 adjudicative guidelines that come into play when you fill out the SF 86. The first three of which are allegiance to the United States, foreign influence and foreign preference. Wonder how Jared stands in these 3 categories?

Another digression.  After a person fills out the SF86 they will have a security interview of every item on the form with an investigator who could be a government employee or a contractor, could be cleared or uncleared.  This is to make sure the applicant hasn’t forgotten to note things such as 100 significant foreign contacts or funneling money to illegal Israeli settlements and the like. The investigators take extensive notes. Funny how Jared kept forgetting things. 

It’s not just his inability to put his high-level position with the Charles and Seryl Kushner Foundation on his SF 86 on multiple occasions.  As Newsweek points out, he left out tons of other shit too. 

This updated Newsweek article opens with the following:

(Note to Shas Party members, all red highlighting below is by today’s guest editor, Hasan Rouhani.)

“Jared Kushner is a security risk embedded in the West Wing since he still hasn’t passed a comprehensive background investigation required of anyone seeking a permanent security clearance—and no one will question the president’s decision to put his son-in-law in a crucial government role, experts and officials told Newsweek.”

Turns out Jared managed to leave out 100 foreign contacts. This does not mean that he only had 100, he probably has more, but somehow 100 managed to elude his grasp. Repeatedly. I wonder how many of them are linked to Israel? 

The same article notes that he has also had to redo his financial disclosure forms more than once.

Among his (many) financial projects is this one and I just love the street address. 666 Fifth Avenue. So fucking appropriate. Surely there is a message in there somewhere? Maybe Hashem has a sense of humor?

“Kushner maintains a stake in several businesses and properties with international ties, including a 41-story office building at 666 Fifth Avenue in New York City, on which his family business, Kushner Cos., reportedly owes hundreds of millions. To raise funds, the company has sought foreign investment from China, Saudi Arabia, France, Israel and Qatar.”

By the way, the hundreds of millions the Kushner family owes for 666 have to be paid off by February of 2019, as this article notes:

“It was 2006—the height of the real-estate market boom—when Kushner Cos. agreed to buy 666 Fifth Avenue for $1.8 billion, then a record for a Manhattan building. All of it was borrowed except for $50 million. The company still holds half of a $1.2 billion mortgage, on which it hasn’t paid a cent. The full amount is due in February 2019.” 

The building as is cannot be sustained financially so one plan to is take it down and build a brand new modern as hell monstrosity and even that plan most likely won’t pay off for a long time if ever. So American firms don ’t want to invest in the plan. The article says that the Kushners are going to have to rely on foreign financing. 

Now an average job applicant for an Intel Community (IC) job at say CIA who owns a pay toilet in a Muslim country will have the investigators all over his or her ass raving about how this person could be influenced by them thar Moooooselims. But Kushner just needs hundreds of millions of dollars from foreigners. No way this could ever influence anything now could it?  Kushner is such a trustworthy person, now isn’t he?

Does this sound like the pressure must be on?

“The mortgage will become even more of a burden after a scheduled jump in interest rates in December. Under some dire circumstances, guarantees in the refinancing agreement could even give lenders the ability to go after the family’s other assets—many of which are also underpinned by debt.”

What could go wrong?

To be fair the article does present some mitigating evidence which it then takes apart. 

And I can’t help but quote this juicy tidbit: 

“A kingmaker in New Jersey Democratic politics, Kushner [Jared Kushner’s father] had been out of prison just three months for making illegal campaign contributions and, in a bizarre episode that the tabloids couldn’t get enough of, hiring a prostitute to entrap his brother-in-law.”

Anyway, a while back Kushner and company tried to raise money from foreign interests to finance their 666 addiction. For example:

“One early stop on the Kushners’ tour: Israel. Familiar with the country from their involvement in Jewish business ventures and philanthropy, they were able to partner with companies including Harel Insurance, Bank Leumi and Bank Hapoalim BM on various New York properties. But none invested in 666 Fifth.”

And appeals were made elsewhere as noted above. No one  wanted to touch it. 

“Joseph Kaplan, founding principal attorney at Passman & Kaplan, P.C., told Newsweek. “If he was anybody else, his security clearance would have already been denied.”

But he is Jared Kushner and he is not applying for some entry or mid-level intel job that requires a high level security clearance, he already HAS one of the highest level intel jobs in the country and is clearly acting in the interests of at least one foreign country, Israel: a country he is hoping will bail his and his family’s asses out of their stupid investment in 666. 

He right now has access to what is known as SCI information – Special Compartmented Information. In many places such access does not only require a background investigation, it also requires passing at the very least a counterintelligence polygraph examination.  No doubt lots of the material that ends up in the President’s Daily Brief is the result of mid-level intel analysts who had to not only pass the background investigation but also had to pass the counterintelligence polygraph and by the way they have to get reinvestigated and polygraphed a number of times over their careers, folks like Ray McGovern and Phil Giraldi, real Americans who put America first. Kushner and others in the White House won’t ever have to take a polygraph at all yet Kushner is a far bigger intelligence target than some analyst (who actually knows something about the Middle East) in a huge bureaucracy ever could be. 

So there sits creepy looking Jared like a big fucking fish in a bowl and foreign entities all have their bows and arrows out for him. And he is in that bowl because Trump put him there. 

The conventional wisdom is that Trump can’t get rid of this obvious Israeli asset because of Trump’s daughter. But this guy has to go. Mueller needs to do his job. 

2. Why the fuck would anyone listen to Ben Shapiro? Nice catch Ms. Khalek. (It must suck to read this guy’s twitter feed, glad she’s doing it for us.)


3. Okay it’s video time. Let’s talk about foreign agents.


Israel’s New Ambassador to Israel Talking About Israel


1. What do the following people all have in common (besides being consummately evil)?

President Trump

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

Defense Secretary James Mattis

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin

National Security Advisor HR McMaster

Homeland Security Advisor Tom Bossert

CIA Director Mike Pompeo

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coates

NSA Director Mike Rogers

Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley

Chief Economic Advisor Gary Cohn

Deputy National Security Advisor Dina Powell

Senior Advisor Stephen Miller

All of these people have visited Israel since Israel’s newest ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, took on the job of representing Israeli interests in Israel back in May of this year. All are senior members of the Trump administration. Friedman is quite proud of this accomplishment. 

Earlier this month, Friedman spoke to the Zionist Organization of America, a gathering that was just crawling with traitors and assholes. More on that, maybe, in a later post. 

Talking at the ZOA gala in New York, Friedman went into a pro-Israel porn rant that would make anyone outside of the Shas party with shit for brains seriously question where his loyalties lie. He makes the former Israeli ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro, look like a member of Hizbullah’s Central Committee.

Note to Shas Party members, all red highlighting is done by today’s guest editor Mulaykah al-Amrikiyyah. She and Haifa have agreed to trade off on being guest editor.  No fears, Hasan will be back soon too. 

Did you know that: “No loyal American need ever apologize for loving Israel and urging our Government to support it. Support for Israel is a quintessential American value.”

This Zionist Bullshit was immediately followed with: “And so having the mandate from the President to strengthen the relationship between the United States and Israel is simply the opportunity of a lifetime, and a day does not go by where I do not thank God and seek his guidance regarding this extraordinary mission.”

So his mandate is not to represent the US but to instead have the US become even more servile to its Israeli masters.  Sure is nice that he seeks God’s guidance in his mission. Foreign policy really should be based on faith in an invisible man who talks to (some) people?

But it gets much, much, oh so much fucking worse. With Zionism it always does. 

Did you know that a US president must be loyal to Israel and that doing things Israel doesn’t like is “betrayal”.  Yes, the US somehow managed not to veto UN resolution 2334 which, among other things, tells the Israelis to stop fucking around in East Jerusalem. Friedman focused on the Western Wall in Jerusalem (which might actually be part of a trash dump, and may very well not be the wall Friedman thinks it is, but I digress), because it is illegally occupied territory according to the wording of the text, which is exactly what it is. Not vetoing this resolution is, according to Friedman “. . .perhaps the greatest betrayal of Israel by a sitting president in American history. . .”

That’s right, the Oval Office has to be loyal to a foreign power and it ain’t Russia.

Fortunately now that Trump is in the White House, everything is kosher again. After false framing the UNESCO fiasco and praising fellow (fellowette?) Israel-firster Nickki Haley, Friedman tosses out this gem:

“In May of this year there were two firsts that you may have noticed. Early that month I had the privilege to MC the very first Yom Haatzmaut celebration in the White House, hosted by VP Mike Pence. Later that month, and far more striking, President Trump became the first sitting president to visit the Kotel Hamaaravi – the Western Wall, a visit that resonated throughout the Middle East. I should also note that just a day before that visit, I was the first US Ambassador in history to attend a celebration for Yom Yerushalayim. I think we’re making progress.”

Yom Ha’atzmaut is Israeli independence day. Yom Yerushalayim is Jerusalem Day a day celebrating the reunification the complete theft of  the entire city of Jerusalem.  Crazy bigoted nut case Israelis like to use that day to run all over Arab parts of the city and harass the shit out of the Palestinians.

This year, Israeli media tended to portray the harassment and terrorizing of Palestinian residents by settlers celebrating Jerusalem Day as isolated incidents, but the fact is the entire day and its festivities are designed to disrupt and undermine Palestinian life in the city.”

So they had another huge  annual hate fest and for the first time the US ambassador (and I use that term losely) attended an event associated with it.  Even a Shas Party member can see what is wrong with this. 

But let’s get back to celebrating Israeli Independence in the White House.  The event was hosted by the utterly completely zionized Mike Pence, who btw, the Democrats want to have replace Trump.  Also BTW, he is coming to Israel soon for Hanukah, but I digress. Here are some of Pence’s comments as recounted by an extremist who attended this desecration. Emphasis in bold is by the author this piece.

“And so today we celebrate and we marvel at all that Israel and her people have accomplished…Israel is an eternal testament to the undying fortitude of the Jewish people, to the unfathomable power of human freedom, and to the unending faithfulness of God.  Indeed, though Israel was built by human hands, it’s impossible not to sense that just beneath their history lies the hand of heaven (emphasis by original author).  For as God tells us in his word, speaking to his people so long ago, “I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

I have had to read, for a variety of reasons, a hell of a lot of stuff in Arabic done by extremist types and this is exactly how they sound – which should really not be a surprise to anyone. Judaism blended with Zionism is pretty similar to Islam blended with Wahhabism. No wonder Israel and Saudi Arabia understand each other so well. 

Pence also said:

And under President Donald Trump, let me assure you of this — if the world knows nothing else, the world will know this:  America stands with Israel.  (Applause.)  President Trump stands with Israel for the same reason that every freedom-loving American stands with Israel — because her cause is our cause.  Her values are our values.  And her fight is our fight.

He should have added: “And her wars are our wars.” But he didn’t because he didn’t have to. 

He drones on:

You know, I’ve seen firsthand the President’s deep affection for Israel and all who cherish her, and so has the world.  Just last week, President Trump stood with Holocaust survivors during the National Days of Remembrance.  And he declared, “I will always stand with the Jewish people, and I will always stand with our great friend and partner, the state of Israel.”

And here comes the Christian Zionism:

For my part, my Christian faith compels me to cherish Israel as well as our deep alliance and historical ties.  The songs of the land of the people of Israel were the anthems of my youth when I was growing up.  You know, my wife and I had the privilege of visiting Israel in 2004 and 2008, and we fulfilled a lifelong dream to bring all of our children to the Holy Land in December of 2014.  It was a joy — inexpressible.  

It just gets worse and worse as you read on. With Zionism it always does.

Let’s also get back to the Jerusalem Day hate fest:

Sure am glad the US – did I mention that I use this term loosely – ambassador was proud to be part of the day’s events. In fact, he attended a function that day that was organized by “senior level” people in the right-wing settler movement. The worst of the worst.  Huckabee was there too. Jesus Christ.

The flag parade at the end of day is a big part of the whole racist exercise.

“The “Jerusalem Day Flag Parade” has long been an annual excuse for Jewish dominionists – those who seek to transform Israel from a democratic ethnocracy into a theocratic ethnocracy – to treat the Palestinians of Jerusalem as they generally treat Palestinians in the rest of the occupied West Bank. That is to say, as detested temporary guests whose eventual planned expulsion is openly discussed.”

“As in the past, the march ended at the Western Wall plaza – created by Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem’s ancient Moroccan Quarter in the first days of the occupation – where Bennett and other Israeli leaders heaped praise on guest of honor, US businessman Simon Falic.” 

The Falic’s family name should be spelled differently. I will never buy duty free again. Imagine using a charity as a front for Israel, I mean who would think of that? 🙂 Netanyahoo gets most of his campaign money from the Falics and a couple of other families residing in the US. 

So I guess it is fitting that Simon Falic is the guest of honor at the end of the most racist part of a racist day. 

Coming back to the end of Friedman’s speech, we are treated with even more gems:

“So you don’t have every senior member of the administration travelling 6000 miles to a tiny state if it’s not a critical ally. The proof is incontrovertible.”

“I have been committed to the safety, security and prosperity of the State of Israel all of my adult life. President Trump was well aware of that commitment when he formally nominated me – on the day of his inauguration, the earliest possible date. He did all he could to ensure that I was the first bilateral ambassador confirmed by the Senate. And I was.”

“The PM of Israel and I both agree that we have turned a page on the relationship between Israel and the US. It is a change decidedly for the better. Please join with me in the years to come as we continue to strengthen and enhance the unbreakable bonds between these two great nations.”

2. Speaking of questionable charities – take a look at the Kars4kids scandal. It is cars for Jewish kids – they just hide it from you in their commercials. It is based in that great bastion of well – greatness, Lakewood, New Jersey. 

Most of Kars4kids money goes to a sister organization called Oorah and Oorah gets most of its money from Kars4kids.

“Oorah also offers scholarships to those desiring to spend a gap year abroad in Israel.”

3. It’s video time. Boy do I have some treats for you all today. Note to Shas Party members, it’s okay if you just want to skip to the Lee Camp video at the bottom of the page. 


46 seconds of John Oliver who seems to be on to the KarsforKids scandal. 


Shows that they have been misleading donors for years.

Here’s a short video (under 40 seconds) by USA Today on the joys of having Friedman as Ambassador.
And here is Lee Camp (warning, he gets a bit raunchy) with a nice two minute rant. You can why he didn’t get the job in place of Friedman. But if I ever become president he will. Oh, and I have Caitlin Johnstone to thank for turning me on to Camp’s “Redacted Tonight” show on RT.

Dining in the Swamp

(Not where they went, but somehow the photo seems appropriate.)

(Update: It does indeed look like Haifa had to do some serious editing.)

1. Saturday. It was a lovely fall evening in DC, around mid October.  Mantiq and frequent Mantiq al-Tayr guest editor Haifa Wehbe both had something to celebrate that evening so the two sallied forth for an evening at a fancy DC establishment with a few friends who sometimes rely on their advice about things Middle Eastern – but more often than not, don’t. 

Btw, Mantiq and all of the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr are thrilled that Lebanon somehow isn’t on Trump’s stupid fucking banned list. We had previously advised Trump that if he really wanted to use the list to protect the US he should at least add Israel to it. Somehow that suggestion got rejected. But we digress. 

No sooner was the group seated than they all ordered suitable refreshments. Casual observers would be forgiven if they thought that this group kept consuming these as if they had all just come out of a one hour steam bath. After a few drinks and a fair amount of food, none of which was Israeli hummus, the conversation turned serious.

Trump:  Those assholes at CIA have been trying to deep six my presidency since before the election. I want to get back at them and really fuck them up. I have fucking had it. (He then grabs Conway, but just for a second.)

Bannon: Why don’t you have them release the J (interrupted by Pompeo)

Pompeo: I have it under control. No worries. 

Mattis:  Let McMaster and me work on it, we have some ideas.

McMaster:  I agree.  I’m thinking we should cut their operations budget like 10% as a warning.  If they get out of line, we’ll arrange for some accidents in the field. 

Trump:  I like that. 

Mantiq: I do too. 

Haifa: How about 20%?

Bannon: Order the release of the JF (interrupted by Miller)

Miller: Why not leak the torture report in full to our friends at the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post?

Trump: No. Torture is not the problem and Americans don’t care about torture, thanks in large part to our friends at the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post. 

Haifa:  He has a point there. 

Mattis:  We could make it look like the CIA was behind the Las Vegas shootings. 

Pompeo:  Shit, then why the hell did we make Campos go underground and tell the Nishamura asshole that if he spoke again we’d kill him?  Of course even a Shas party member could guess we did it, so I guess it doesn’t really matter. 

(Haifa’s reaction was to have the most expressive WTF face Mantiq had ever seen.)

Conway: We should release the CIA papers on the Bowling Green massacre.

(Haifa’s reaction was to have the most expressive WTF face Mantiq had ever seen, again.)

Mattis: (Talking to himself: Just kill me now.)

Bannon:  Jesus Fucking Christ, just order the release of the Ken (interrupted by McMaster)

McMaster: Let’s have the NSA release their conversations about what their deep state fucks were doing at Comet on Connecticut Ave. 

Trump: Now you are talking. 

Bannon: That’s bullshit and besides they normally eat at Bucks anyway. Just fucking release the assassin (interrupted by Conway). 

Conway: Why don’t we make it look like the CIA is behind Iran’s nuclear weapons program?

Haifa: But Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program you stupid bitch. 

Mattis: Has anyone here ever read “A Mosque in Munich?”

(Mantiq and Haifa smile nervously at each other.)

Miller: It’s too subtle and really beside the point.  Look Mike, why don’t you take a job here in the White House and let’s put my buddy Dick Spence in charge at CIA?  That should pretty much fuck them up completely.  We’ve got so much dirt from Comet on those a-holes on the senate Intel committee that I think we can get senate approval. 

Trump:  He was my first choice anyway. 

Bannon: Everybody SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LISTEN TO ME!!!!  Release the Kennedy papers, the Kennedy papers, they fucking killed Kennedy. What the fuck is the matter with you people?

Pompeo: Steve, you ignorant slut. The papers prove that Israel did it. 

(Note to Shas Party members, that’s one reason Haifa and Mantiq had suggested Trump add Israel to the ban, but we digress.)

Trump: Oh, shit. Never mind. 

Bannon: Haifa is a good editor. . .

Haifa and Mantiq quickly got the check and paid the bill for the whole party. Trump ordered a limo through Uber and once they were all inside the two bid them farewell and walked off into the cool night autumn air in the direction of a good DC shisha bar. 

When they arrived their good buddy (and also an occasional Mantiq al-Tayr guest editor) Hasan was there. Nothing like great shisha, great friends and discussing the true meanings of iman and hubb.

(The tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr who composed the piece wish to thank occasional guest editor Mulaykah Al-Alamaniyya for coming up with the title they used.)

2. Okay, it’s video time. Haifa makes us forget (for a while) how utterly fucked up everything is.  Thank you.