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Former DIA Head Joins Anti-Muslim Hate Group


Act for America

(The screen shot above is from ACT For America’s issues page.)

1. Philip Giraldi ended an article the other day with the following: (Note to Shas Party members, red highlighting is done by today’s guest editor Mulaykah al-Almaniyya):

“I regularly talk to a number of former intelligence agency colleagues, many of whom do not like Trump and will not vote for him, but I do not detect much concern over providing him with classified briefings on international developments. Nearly everyone assumes that he is a patriotic American and will protect what is shared with him. The angst over the Trump briefing appears to be contrived, coming mostly from the media and the chattering class. Indeed, I hear much more anger from former colleagues over the Hillary Clinton email scandal because with all her vaunted experience she should and must have known better, and chose to disregard the rules anyway. Many of us believe she ought to be in jail. In any event, both candidates will receive their briefings and one hopes that a better understanding of some developments in the world will prove beneficial to them, possibly making them think twice about some of the ill-advised policies that they have been promoting.”

You can add my name to the list of those who think she should be in jail just for the email scandal alone. 

Giraldi also recently was one of several writers making fun of Michael Morell – an asshole of truly magnificent proportions. 

Former CIA Acting Director Michael Morell has written a New York Times op-ed entitled “I Ran the CIA. Now I’m endorsing Hillary Clinton.” Morell’s story begins with the flat assertion that “Mrs. Clinton is highly qualified to be commander in chief. I trust she will deliver on the most important duty of a president – keeping our nation safe…Donald J. Trump is not only unqualified for the job, but he may well pose a threat to our national security.”

We here at Mantiq al-Tayr believe the Morell may as well have said “I ran the most vile evil organization on the planet, outside of the state of Israel, and I support Hillary Clinton. In fact, even Israel supports Hillary Clinton. And if you think the past sixteen years of constant war have been great, well hell it is going to get even better.”

I am surprised as hell that no one has written any satire about Morell’s article. 

Ooops.  Somebody did.  It’s pretty good too. 


For example:

“A little more than twelve years ago, I served in the United States military at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. I helped stack detainees into human pyramids, and had the opportunity to ride a few of them around like they were donkeys. We even made a giant dart board and catapulted detainees at the board, as we competed to see who could get the highest score.”


I am fully behind her when she beats the drums of war and declares, “We need to take out their strongholds in Iraq and Syria by intensifying the air campaign and stepping up our support for Arab and Kurdish forces on the ground.” (Note:  She sounds a lot like Mike Flynn, see below.)


“Given my past involvement with taking naked detainees and stacking them on each other, it is my belief that she understands soldiers experience tough situations every day.”

2. The worthless assholes who run our intelligence and foreign policy establishments are beneath and beyond contempt but even worse their interests are counter to the interests of anyone who isn’t part of the National Security State.  All they want is war, lots of you it, and they want to fight it and pay for it.  And fuck you if you want health insurance or a decent pension.  I mean fuck you. 

Let’s take a look at what Mike Flynn has had to say about war.  Remember him?  He’s the guy who used to run DIA and who is said to have been damn near Trump’s choice to be able to listen to bullshit from Walid Phares, but I digress.  Oh, and Flynn is hardly the worst of the lot.  He’s said to be one of the better ones and he really sucks.  Really. 

Let’s go with this quote from Spiegel Online: (Note to Shas party members, oh hell, never mind.)

“The overall strategy must be to take away Islamic State’s territory, then bring security and stability to facilitate the return of the refugees. This won’t be possible quickly. First, we need to hunt down and eliminate the complete leadership of IS, break apart their networks, stop their financing operations and stay until a sense of normality has been established. It’s certainly not a question of months — it will take years. Just look back at the mission we created in the Balkans as a model. We started there in the early 1990s to create some stability and we are still there today.”

Don’t you just love the “it will take years” quote. The National Security State will be sucking on your taxing paying boobies forever. And this quote comes from one of the very few clods in the establishment who  says that invading Iraq was wrong. But note the language he uses:

“It was (a) huge error. As brutal as Saddam Hussein was, it was a mistake to just eliminate him. The same is true for Moammar Gadhafi and for Libya, which is now a failed state. The historic lesson is that it was a strategic failure to go into Iraq. History will not be and should not be kind with that decision.”

It was not an “error” nor a “mistake” and it sure as hell was not a “strategic failure.” It was a deliberate effort to rape the country and turn it into a complete mess so that it could never be a threat to Israel.  It was a tremendous success and many many many many people in the National Security State made a hell of a lot of money out of it.  And they still are.  ISIS came right out of this and the intelligence community probably loves ISIS and needs ISIS and they sure as hell do have have ISIS and Flynn wants to spend “years” fighting ISIS which just happens to be in Iraq, the same place he claimed it was an “error” to invade (and utterly destroy).  But it is okay to do it now. You can’t make this shit up. 

He co-authored a book, which is he is now out actively marketing, with the notorious Michael Ledeen. Ledeen observes in this piece:

“Americans have long been unique in believing that peace is the normal condition of mankind.  The opposite is true.  Most of human history, including our own, is the story of war, the consequences of wars, and preparations for war.”

And Ledeen likes this.  He goes on to write:

“We are now returning to a more violent normalcy, where peace is rare and stability most unlikely.” 

So yes, Flynn is now writing with the notorious Islamophobe Israel-firster Ledeen and Flynn is supposed to be one of the better guys.  Holy shit.

And of course he is a huge Islamophobe, though he would deny it.  Here he writes like he’s Ledeen or Walid Phares:

“I describe Islam as a political ideology,” he said. “In this country it masks itself behind its religion.” 

So you all Mooooselims working in government, have fun when people who think like this are running things. Pence, as bad as he is, used to say some not so bad things about Islam. Of course good old Walid Phares will no doubt be in the White House with direct access to President Trump. Oh, and quite likely he’ll be reading the exact same types of intel that Hillary used to have on her private server. But I digress. 

How would this sound?  “I describe Judaism as a political ideology.  In this country it masks itself behind its religion.”  Just asking. 

3.  Act For America is a well-known anti-Muslim hate group founded by the truly insane Brigitte Gabriel who has appeared on these pages in the past. According to the publication in DC called “The Hill” Gabriel has taught DoD employees about Islam.  According to that publication (which seems to be using the Southern Poverty Law Center as its source) she said while doing so:

“If a Muslim who has — who is — a practicing Muslim who believes the word of the Koran to be the word of Allah, who abides by Islam, who goes to mosque and prays every Friday, who prays five times a day — this practicing Muslim, who believes in the teachings of the Koran, cannot be a loyal citizen to the United States of America.”

The Hill also notes: 

“ACT for America, which boasts more than 800 chapters and 279,000 members, says it wants to stop a “creeping” threat that exists from the mere presence of Muslims in American society and from the “political correctness” that makes room for them. That’s the same message that’s expected to be carried into ACT’s annual National Conference and Legislative Briefing on Capitol Hill.”

That’s a lot of members, members who no doubt will want to buy his book he wrote with Ledeen.

And folks that is just the tip of the iceberg.  For more on this shitty outfit click here. The SPLC correctly calls them a hate group. 

So naturally, Mike Flynn, yes, the very same guy who wants war forever more, spoke to ACT For America a few days ago. According to this article he said that Islam is a “cancer” and carried on with the usual shit people of that ilk claim about how Islam is an ideology and not really a religion and so on and on and on.

But it gets worse.  With Zionism, and Zionism is the main beneficiary of all of this, it always does.

It turns out that Flynn just a few weeks ago joined ACT For America’s board of directors.  Flynn is actually working for an SPL-designated hate group.  You can’t make this shit up. Damn, if only Trump had picked him then the number 2 office in the land would be held by a guy whois on the board of directors of a hate group.  And so many people were all so worried about David Duke. 


“The former Lt. Gen. is also scheduled to speak at ACT’s national conference and legislative briefing in September. He is similarly set to make an appearance in Broadview Heights, Ohio on July 15 to speak at an event sponsored by the Cleveland ACT chapter.”

And you Trump supporters have got to love this:

“In a February 29 tweet, Flynn praised ACT’s founder and president Brigitte Gabriel, a notorious anti-Muslim demagogue. A day earlier, Gabriel was photographed with Trump at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. Gabriel was apparently at the estate to give a “national security briefing.”

Nice to know that Trump not only has Walid Phares sitting in his lap, he is also getting advice from wackos like Gabriel and Flynn. 

And of course it is all about money.  Flynn is pushing his book, the one he co-authored with Ledeen.   

4. Well it’s video time. 

Here’s Mike Pence not sucking.


And as a tribute to Flynn and his Muslim-hating Israel-firster cohorts who are so afraid of the spread of Shakira law, we present Shakira.

“It’s Fun to Shoot Some People”

 (January 25, 2016:  This is a repost of what was basically the last post I made before I got out of the business.  Ignore the message under “update” below. I will be getting back into this, however it will be a bit of a slow process as I’m essentially working two jobs right now.)
(Update: Yes, this is my last post. It’s been fun but at the same time it’s pretty disappointing to see how things have gotten ever so much worse the past few years. Since I do not have the time to raise this site to the next level – that of real investigative reporting – and since it probably would not make much of a difference anyway, this web site is now retired. I’ll leave this last post up for a while, but after that I’ll be either taking the whole thing down or just leaving a page that says the site is closed.)

Please consider this quote. I posted about it a couple of years ago. Red highlighting is mine.

“You go into Afghanistan, you got guys who slap women around for five years because they didn’t wear a veil. You know, guys like that ain’t got no manhood left anyway. So it’s a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them. Actually, it’s a lot of fun to fight. You know, it’s a hell of a hoot. It’s fun to shoot some people. I’ll be right upfront with you, I like brawling.”

That’s General Mattis, the dick head of the US (read Israel’s) Central Command. He was promoted after saying this.

He’s giving the Israeli line on Iran. Guess he is so blood thirsty he now wants to shoot some more Mooooooooselims. After all, “It’s fun to shoot some people.” He is a psycho.

“The Obama administration program of sanctions and diplomatic efforts to stop Iran from gaining nuclear capabilities is not working, the top U.S. commander in the Middle East told a Senate committee Tuesday, adding that Tehran has a history of denial and deceit and is “enriching uranium beyond any plausible peaceful purpose.”

Now get a load of this quote in the same article. Mattis admits that he is paid to be a war monger and to advocate killing Iranians. After all, as he says “It is fun to shoot some people.”

“That should not be in any way construed as we should not try to negotiate. I still support the direction we’re taking,” Mattis told the Senate Armed Services Committee. “I’m just — I’m paid to take a rather dim view of the Iranians, frankly.”

Paid by whom?

Americans have exactly the leadership they deserve.

2. Hagel meets his master.

All of this shit is happening the day after AIPAC’s annual traitors conference. It’s not a coincidence. The Lobby is so emboldened now that its movers and shakers do not care how ostentatious they are as they stick the nose of the US into a huge pile of Zionist Bullshit. They don’t even try to hide it.

The country is finished.  To paraphrase Deek Jackson, “We’re fucked and it’s your fault.’

Americans have exactly the leadership they deserve.

This is my last post. At some point in a year or two I may bring this site up again  but it will be under a different name.

Thanks to all of you who have supported this site over the years.

Best wishes,


Stealth Zionism

Over-priced, over-hyped, tax-payer funded

(Artwork courtesy of Skulz Fontaine)

1. From Howard Phillips’ blog in 2007:


In 1982, my wife, Peggy, and I visited Israel as part of a delegation which included Mr. and Mrs. Morton Blackwell, William A. Rusher, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Weyrich, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Truluck, Dr. and Mrs. James P. Lucier, and several other conservatives.

Prior to departure, we were briefed by Benjamin Netanyahu, then the Israeli Ambassador to the United States.

While in Israel, we visited Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the Dead Sea, Jericho, Macpelah, and many other historic venues.

One of those whom we met was the legendary mayor of Jerusalem, a charming socialist by the name of Teddy Kollek. Mayor Kollek died recently at the age of 95.

This post should have been a red-flag to all conservatives who don’t worship at the Israeli alter, offering up their wealth and sons to the graven image that is the state of Israel.

2. Here’s an interesting email that I am printing with the permission of Mark Glenn and Mark Dankof. Red highlights are mine.

Mr. Kenneth R. Timmerman
Accuracy in Media

RE: Your article entitled “Tehran TV Loves Ron Paul” at http://www.aim.org/special-report/tehran-tv-loves-ron-paul/

Dear Mr. Timmerman:

I read with fascination your recent piece in which you played Israel’s little slut and slandered Ron Paul, Mark Dankof and Phil Giraldi, all true American heroes.

I’d love to have you on my program so that we could set the record straight on this. Are you man enough to do it, or do you engage in the typically-Zionist way of fighting, which is to sucker-punch someone, making sure you have a clear path of escape after you do it?

We will also be contacting Howard Phillips, Conservative Caucus chairman in Washington, D. C., to get his take on this and the manner in which Mark Dankof was specifically libeled by him in your article. We will also be asking Mr. Phillips on the record whether or not he agrees with your treasonous position that Ron Paul is ‘un-American.’

Be rest assured, whether you appear on the program or not, we will be covering you, what you wrote, and what a worm you are for a dangerous foreign power. We will have on with us high-ranking members of the US intelligence community who have shared with us information about you and your past dealings with Israel.

We anxiously await your reply, Kenneth Pollard Timmerman.

Mark Glenn
The Ugly Truth

3. “So the Baptist fuck wants money,” Greenspun growled, as he pushed the bag over to Joel. “Remember, this comes from the state of Israel. Don’t you ever forget it.”

Hi goys and girls. The above statement is NOT what I’m talking about when I talk about Stealth Zionism. It the kind of Zionism we are all quite familiar with known in Bumfuck Idaho and here at Mantiq al-Tayr as “‘Fuck you’ Zionism”.

The guy who called then Democratic Presidential candidate Jimmy Carter the “Baptist fuck” was Hank Greenspun, who recently was discussed in an article by Alexander Cockburn which is all over the Internet. Imagine the uproar if some Muslim said such a thing. But I digress.

Cockburn’s article is well worth reading because it shows Zionist Jewish figures controlling political presidential candidates back in 1976 and that control is even greater today as you can tell not just from reading Cockburn’s article but from reading damn near anything else not found in the mainstream pre$$ since that time.

4. Israel isn’t in control of just the Democrats and the Republicans. No, that would be too easy. And since they have so damn much surplus money, they like to spread it around.

As I wrote some time ago to a well known patriot, if you want to meet some nice Zionist Jewish girls, go to a local meeting about Palestinian rights. That’s stealth Zionism with a lower case “s”.

Thus it is no surprise to see that small political parties and other fringe political entities that fancy themselves as anti-establishment are also infiltrated. I’ve watched this first hand and very recently Mark Dankof was blindsided by Stealth Zionism.

The Conservative Caucus, founded by Howard Phillips, appears to be Zionism in stealth form. The political party most closely affiliated with The Conservative Caucus is the Constitution Party, founded, surprise surprise, by Howard Phillips.

Interestingly enough, if you go to the Caucus’ website, you will find precious little about Israel pro or con, but you will find every other hot button knee-jerk conservative issue, plus lots of dislike for Obama (even a stopped clock is right twice a day).

Yet Phillips loves to hang out with out and out Zionists. Mark Dankof, supremely pissed off by Phillips comments about him referred to above, gives his side of the story here. Lots of Phillipian-Zionist connections.

On the other hand, Phillips, according to this link (which I will also talk about at the end of this post) is said to have resigned from the YAF after the YAF kicked Ron Paul off of its advisory board due to Paul’s position on foreign policy. Score one for Phillips.

Here’s one association Mark hasn’t yet commented on. Phillips helped work to get Clinton impeached by appealing, along with Larry Klayman, to then Rep. Bob Barr (Likud, Georgia) who then actually drew up articles of impeachment. Now Klayman wants Obama impeached.

Okay, I can hear you all now bleating “Hey, Mantiq, who doesn’t want to impeach Obama?” Fair question. Here’s one of the main reasons, according to Klayman, that Obama should be impeached:

“Third, there is Obama’s visceral hatred and subversion of the state of Israel, whose national security interests are so closely tied to our own. His recent invitation to the Muslim Brotherhood, the grand daddy of terrorist groups bent on destroying the Jewish state, to join the new Egyptian government not only amounts to a dagger in the side of Israeli security, but American security as well. Without a strong and secure Israel, American strategic interests, particularly in the Middle East, will be significantly harmed.”

Oh, and here’s another reason Klayman want’s Obama impeached:

“Fourth, Obama continues to take no action to remove the neo-Nazi mullahs in Iran who are building nuclear weapons not only to destroy Israel but to further worldwide Muslim rule and domination over Christians and Jews.”

In his ludicrous article, Klayman lists four reasons to impeach Obama. 2 of them revolve around Israel. That should be a red flaq even to Shas Party members. Nothing about stopping our horrible illegal wars. Nothing. On the contrary, Klayman, one of Phillips bedfellows, wants more wars for Israel. I hope that if Phillips ever does agree to debate Dankof that Dankof will ask Phillips what he thinks about US support for Israel and for Israel’s wars and constant war mongering.

If you really want to have some fun, read Klayman’s article entitled “I am an Israeli

5. Phillips was involved in the founding of William Buckley’s outfit, Young Americans for Freedom, back in 1960 – and that too should have been a warning to everyone that the “conservative” movement was Zionist infested to the nth degree. Lots of Phillips associates have YAF connections as you can see from the links above in Phillips post about his trip to Israel. Mark Dankof has this pretty much figured out and in this essay he paints a chilling picture of the conservative movement. (Note: Young Americans for Freedom merged last year with the Young America’s Foundation and the two groups share the same website.)

The YAF just loves Israel. If you go to their hompage and do a search on Israel, you will see what I mean. The very first hit takes you to this article “How Conservative Activists Can Support Israel on Campus”. No surprise here since one of Buckley’s principal aids in founding the organization is an ex-communist Irgun-supporter rabid Zionist Jew who converted (hmm) to Catholicism with a long history of working for Zionist organizations. That would be Marvin Liebman. Let me digress for second.

One of those organizations that Liebman worked for was was called “The American League For a Free Palestine”. This bullshit organization was founded by a terrorist named Hillel Kook – a very active member in the Irgun involved, among other things, in shipping weapons to Irgun members. In 1946, Kook’s outfit produced a cute little play staring Marlon Brando. Really? Yup. It was called “A Flag is Born” and it was about how cool it would be if Israel were created in Palestine. Just thought you’d find that interesting. BTW, Kook’s “American” name is Peter Bergson.

The Z people pretty much have American politics covered, left, right, center and and fringe. This is why Ron Paul doesn’t stand a chance. It is also why people should vote for him.

6. Okay, it’s video time.

Now the first video is 25 minutes long. I wouldn’t make anyone, not even Shas Party members, watch this horrid clip from beginning to end. However, go to 16:28-19:00 and listen to Howard Phillips and Chris Bedford (the head of the YAF’s “New Guard” magazine) talk about Islamofacists, bombing Iran and supporting Israel.

Now this next video is more up to Shas Party standards in terms of length. It’s just twenty five seconds long. Watch the star of “A Flag is Born”.

I dedicate the video below to Mark Dankof

Who is Barry H. Landau?

1. Before getting to the main subject of today’s post which is item number 2 below, part 1 of today’s post is a public service brought to you by all of the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr. New readers may find this especially helpful.  I have argued on this blog for quite some time that the insane hatred of Islam in the United States is almost entirely the creation of the Israeli Lobby, is aided and abetted by Lobby-infiltrated violent Christians  and that this witch’s brew of treason has representatives at all levels of this country’s federal, state and local governments and permeates the military.  One result of this Zionist hemlock has been the mass murder of God  only knows how many thousands or millions of brown people, the vast majority of them Muslims, all over the fucking planet.  This endless slaughter is supported by the Zionist-infested general population as well as by key players throughout the Zionist-dominated political spectrum.

For those of you who are new to this site, or who got here because you did a Google search using the last name of a well-endowed female Republican presidential candidate followed by a colloquial word describing a key element of her anatomy (for months this was the most common Google query that got people to this site, I’m not kidding), I’m going to give you just a few links below that support my thesis. You will find this to be very time saving, to be a very good start if you are new at this, and once you are done you will most  likely say “Oh, shit,  he’s right. Thank God football starts soon.”

The first link is to a superb article by Max Blumenthal about Aubrey Chernick, a Zionist Israeli-firster and former  trustee of the Israeli Lobby’s primary think tank and who helps fund major Islamophobes plus lots of other outfits like the ADL, Ateret Cohenim (about whom I’ve also written), CAMERA, the Central Fund of Israel and Aish Hatorah. Aish Hatorah  just so happens to be co-located with the Clarion Fund – the assholes who put out the fake movie Obsession which is about how all the Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooselims want to eat your grandmother, after killing her according to halal ritual first, of course.

The second link features a well-known  Zionist Jewess, Debbie “Shoot’em up” Schlussel, at her very best as she publicly calls for the murder of 1.8 billion Muslims.  Her thinking is typical, people like her are a dime a dozen.

The third link is all about a major ally of Likud Presidential hopeful, Texas governor Rick Perry. Now we all know that Texas is a state of wackos, misfits, and Zionists (and I’m not just talking about Alex Jones here), but even Texans should be embarrassed by this guy. Perry just loves Israel and will no doubt run on an “I kiss Israel’s ass more than anyone”  platform.  Anyway, that ally is named Bryan Fischer who is a spokesperson for the vile American Family Association. Fischer is a typical example of Zionist-Christian hatred of Islam and Muslims.  He, like his Jewess counterpart, Schlussel, is not an aberration. This is main stream American thinking.  In addition to being a total asshole on virtually any subject whatsoever, Fischer is a graduate of the Dallas Theological Seminary.  Here is a bonus link which shows how evil this Christian is.  One, more thing, he called Breivik’s 1500 page tome “accurate”.

Fox favorite, the living mummy known as Pamella Geller and who is just an uglier version of Schlussel, is the subject of our  fourth link.   Another Muslim-hating Jewess who has never really had a job but who has found fame and fortune writing things that would have made Goebbels blush.  The  link above  is to one of many articles showing how devious this hideous woman is. Another Breivik fan to boot and she may have even posted articles by him on her site.

The fifth link is to a superb piece on the lard-faced Zionist pig Abraham Foxman who for years has worked to screw Muslims in general and Palestinians in particular. In case you are a Shas Party member, let me tell you that he has for decades been the head of the rotton-to-the-core outfit known as the ADL (or “JDL light” as I like to call it). The piece is written by a Palestinian American which makes it even better.

The sixth and last link takes us back to Max Blumenthal who proves my thesis above singlehandedly in this piece.  Many of the people he tackles in this piece have been prominently featured on Mantiq al-Tayr.

2. Now for the fun part. First, enjoy the pictures.

Landau is the crook in the middle

Sporting the Yaser Arafat look (AP photo)

A while back I posted a comment about a dude named Barry H. Landau who had just been nabbed by the FBI for stealing precious documents. I noted, in a mocking way, how it was obvious that this thing was much deeper than it at first appeared.  And it sure as hell is. So who is this guy?

Barry Landau claims that he is “America’s Presidential Historian”. He ought to change the title of his site to “The Bernie Madoff of document stealing and smuggling.”  He was arrested the weekend of July 9th and charged with stealing rare documents from the Maryland Historical Society. Maryland  is famous for being the new home of Solomon Dwek, but I digress.

He and his accomplice, a Shas Party-IQ-level guy named Jason Savedoff, were caught red-handed.

“The items range in value from $100,000 to $500,000, and are just four of the 60 documents police say the men planned to steal, meaning the total value could be in the millions.”

When it happened all th tuyuur here  at Mantiq al-Tayr were of one bird-brain “this is only the tip of  the iceberg”. Oh, we were so right. It’s nice to be right. How about this report? (Note to Shas Party members, red highlighting is mine.)

“Investigators have now identified hundreds of stolen documents, instead of dozens, from at least 11 locations in five states and Washington, Warwick said. Two other people are being subpoenaed in connection with the case, and others are suspected of participating on the periphery of the plot, which went on for “years if not decades,” the prosecutor said.”

And how about  this?

Since then, he said, several hundred other documents have been found in Landau’s apartment belonging to Swarthmore College; Columbia, YaleCambridge and Vermont universities; the Smithsonian Institute and the New York Public Library. It was unclear whether the Cambridge he mentioned was the United Kingdom university.”

The prosecutor also noted that

“”We’re extremely concerned that there might be a warehouse, safe deposit box, other apartment” with a cache of stolen goods, Warwick said, saying that Landau is a flight risk and that he has made “attempts to cover his tracks and destroy evidence.”

You can tell the prosecutor wants this guy’s ass. (Want to bet the prosecutor gets replaced?). Anyway, he stated in court  that Landau had  claimed he had “30 times” as many documents stashed someplace in Washington saying that Landau’s “capacity to engage in fraud and deceit” is endless.

But it gets even better. The latest report  about  the three days of pretrial proceedings is very informative. Landau lives in an apartment in Manhattan that rents for  $2,700 a month and his much younger accomplice, Savedoff, lived there with him.

Landau’s tax returns show an income of only $11,000 per YEAR.

This quote is also interesting:

“Prosecutors are using conversations with Savedoff, who was interviewed by investigators last weekend, as a road map for the investigation. The younger man told them that he and Landau stole wallets from patrons at a Manhattan gym in search of fake identities to use when visiting museums, and that Landau kept the better part of his collection in a storage facility and safe deposit box.”

Landau also really got around. Mike Wallace noted that Landau made sure he knew everybody and a curator at the Smithsonian called Landau a “master broker.”

Oh, and take this into account as well:

Thousands of documents have already been removed from Landau’s apartment, which he shared with Savedoff, since his arrest in Baltimore on July 9, and investigators have traced roughly 200 of them back to institutions in five states, Washington, and possibly Cambridge University in the United Kingdom.”

Okay, so you be the judge.

Landau is charged with stealing about 1 million dollars worth of documents, investigations are continuing to find the true scope of the crimes but already the crimes cross state lines and the Atlantic Ocean and it appears this has been going on for decades.

His accomplice says he has a huge stash of documents hidden away and Landau is quoted  by the prosecution as bragging about this.

Landau’s 2010 tax return shows him making only $11,000 dollar last year.

The annual rent for his Manhattan apartment is over $32,000 a year.

Landau has tons  of contacts in the media and in Washington political circles.

Landau probably is not an Islamofascist or a Christian. In fact, he is very likely to belong to the sacred tribe.

So it’ up to you judge. Is this guy a flight risk?

Judge Catherine C. Blake ruled, surprise, surprise, that he is not. He’s going on a train from Baltimore back to his Manhattan apartment that he cannot afford on August 8th.  I’m sure you are all as comforted to as I am to know that he will be strictly monitored.  He’ll have a gps attached to him, no internet, no contact with Museums and no passport.

If this guy were a Muslim he’d be being waterboarded and there’d be tons of articles all over the MSM about his ties to terrorism, the Nazis, Gengis Khan and the Dallas Cowboys.

I’ve assigned some of the tuyuur to follow this story closely. Stay tuned.

3. Did I note that Landau gets around? Here he is speaking to Google employees on the Google campus.

4. Not to worry folks, I would not leave you with just a video like the one above. So here is something even worse.  It’s like watching a train wreck. Warning, if you watch the video below and suddenly go into a permanent state of depression, bow out of all political discourse and find solace only in booze, sex and drugs for the rest of your life, don’t say I didn’t warn you. In just over three minutes your life could be totally ruined if you watch this.

5. Okay, I’ll be a good boy now, I promise.  Rim al-Banna is a well-known Palestinian singer who lives in Nazereth. Well-known for her  revival of Palestinian children’s songs, Ms. Banna is also dedicated to preserving  Palestinian culture. Below are two videos. Thanks go to Hesham Tillawi who pointed out the first video below on facebook.

The one below may have the same  impact on you as it clearly did on the host of the program.

6. Somebody tell Freeman to check back in.

The Mooselims are Coming, the Mooselims are Coming!

1. These United States are engaged in illegal wars in two Muslim lands at the behest of Israel, completely support Israel in its continued genocide against the Palestinian people, and may well be getting set up for yet another war against yet another Muslim people who have done nothing to us. And we here at Mantiq al-Tayr are here to announce to you know that the punishment of the almighty Zeus is about to come down hard upon these United States for these crimes.  The news of that punishment is coming from the Cassandra of the Constitution, the Nostradumass of the New World, the wicked bitch of the West, the one, the only, the founder of Atlas Shrugs, the great protector of all things Zionist, Pamela Geller. Here she is and boy does she have a message for you.

This is why Atlas has become a homosexual

This is why Atlas has become a homosexual

That message is that Islam is taking over these United States and soon you will all be forced to follow the Shari’ah.

Actually, that would be pretty f’ing funny if you asked me, after all we have done to the Muslims the past 60 years or so, but I digress.

Anyway, here’s what you can do to prevent your teenage daughters from not getting pregnant and from learning how to dress in any fashion other than that of crack whores in Washington, D.C.

Goys and girls, you must join  “Stop Islamization of America” (SIOA) and you can go to their rally that they are having on September 25, in our nation’s capital. Wait, before you buy a plane ticket to attend this event in Jerusalem, please remember that our official capital is still Washington, D.C. which is where SIOA is holding its rally to save you from having to learn Arabic. (Congress each year tries to pass a resolution to move the capital of these United States to Jerusalem, but Usama bin Laden’s influence peddling in the US Congress has prevented the resolution from gaining a majority. Those damn Moooselims.)

Anyway, SIOA has arisen and warns you “about the threat that Islamic doctrine and those who support it present to our freedoms, and the future of our democracy and country.” For soon the Mooooselims will take over all of these United States completely without firing a shot. (They being right smart Moooooselims after all).  SIOA just loves the film called “The Third Jihad”  which “warns that radical Islam is working on a non-violent, cultural takeover of the United States.”

Yes indeed, right before your eyes, cute little Johnny:

Johnny Before Shari'ah (BS)

Johnny Before Shari’ah (BS)

Will be turned into thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssss!: (Warning: scroll down slowly.)

Johnny After Shari'ah (AS) coming home from a hard day at the Jihad

Johnny After Shari’ah (AS) coming home from a hard day at the Jihad

2. Yes, indeed those Mooooooselims are just getting control over everything. My favorite Moooooooselim is this one:

Ben Shalom Bernanke - Chief Radical Moooooselim of the Obama Administration

Ben Shalom Bernanke – Chief Radical Moooooselim of the Obama Administration

I wonder how many of these 12 Federal Reserve Presidents are Mooooooooselims? I bet a bunch of them are even Islamofacsists.  Oh, wait, here’s the answer. This article roots out all the radical Mooooooooooselim influence that permeates the Obama administration.  Holy f’ing cow!

Oh My Allah! Even the cow's will be Mooooselims!

Oh My Allah! Even the cows will be Mooooselims!

Anyway, let’s get back to SIOA, the 25th of September and the lovely Pam Geller.

So, the SIOA announced it is having this big rally on the 25th of September in Washington D.C. which just happens to be the same day that a Muslim group is having a special day of prayer there. This way they help ruin the Muslims’ day and act like the absolute bigoted Israel-worshipping traitors that they are.

The SIOA website calls for ‘every protest of this takiya-jihad-dawa event… [to] include some component of donkey, dog, and women.’

Pretty classy, eh? Could you imagine if on say Roshwhoreshanna  a group of insane Muslims were to have a protest and encourage people to bring pigs into Jewish prayer services just what the outcry would be. But I digress.

The original speakers at the event were to be Pam Geller, Robert (Fuck Islam) Spencer, Nonie Darwish and Christine Brim. Yes, Pam Geller was going to be right there. But I just had to cancel my plane ticket because, for reasons that remain as vague as what the hell happened to those trillions of dollars Obama gave to Shari’ah-controlled Wall Street, the original speakers don’t seem to be able to make it.

However, SIOA is going to make this up to you by having Rebecca Bynum speak. She’s  formerly of Jihad WatchDaniel Pipes’ own personal hate organization. Now she runs the very deceptively titled “New English Review” which has lots of pure unadulterated Zionist bullshit. Rebecca, showing just the kind of person you would have to be to work for Jihad Watch, has this to say about bringing donkeys and dogs to disrupt a Muslim prayer service. Red highlights are  mine.

“Because the Arutz Sheva article picked up on some of SIOA’s creative brainstorming posts to use humor and a bit of theatrics involving the things that are thought to disrupt prayer for Muslims – dogs, donkeys and women – some are already calling this loving group of people “extreme.” “

ya think?

3. Now before you all go crawling underneath your beds cowering from the prospect that B.S. Bernanke is leading the charge to make you all become Moooooooooooselims against your will, there actually might be some good things about having Shari’ah become the law of the land.

1. It will put lots of lawyers out of business.

2. It will bring an end to the Federal Reserve System since loaning money at interest was banned by Muhammad  who was himself a very good and honest businessman.

3. Prayer will be brought back into the schools.

4. Most of the time Ramadan will take place during the school year. That means for one entire month kids in high school and lots of middle school kids won’t be eating shitty junk food all day. Also, Republicans should love it because it means that the government won’t have to provide meals to poor children for a whole month.

5. We won’t have to fight wars for Israel anymore.

6. AIPAC would have to register as an operational intelligence service for a foreign government. They would then all be arrested and executed for treason.

7. The rest of the world won’t hate our guts because of all the wars we are fighting for Israel.

8. The hummus in the grocery stores will probably be made by Arabs instead of by Israelis masquerading as Arabs. (al-Jazeera Arabic had a nice documentary that I saw yesterday which has a short section during which a Palestinian woman talks about Israeli efforts to pretend that beautiful hand-made Palestinian dresses are actually Israeli. She notes that they come and steal Palestinian land and even their food and their clothing.)

9. The chances of a woman being elected president will greatly increase. We might rise up to the level of the peoples of Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey and Indonesia – all Muslim countries and all of which have at some point elected – yes elected – a woman a head of state. Bangladesh did it twice. (Hey Hillary, you can be a carpet bagger in Bangladesh just like you were New York. Convert to Islam and move there and maybe you’ll become a head of state after all. )

10. Perhaps, best of all, the Kosher Nostra will come to an end. By this I mean that those kosher symbols that companies have to pay for (and hence you have to pay for) that are on damn near anything in your grocery store (I wonder if there is one on US currency too?), will be replaced by the Sacred Islamic Halal Marker (The SIHM) Actually, the SIHM comes in two forms. One is less expensive than the other, so if you are just starting out with your hummus company you can buy the cheaper one. Imagine this being on all your food instead of those stupid looking K’s and U’s that are there now:

The Sacred Islamic Halal Marker Coming to a Grocery Store Near You

The Sacred Islamic Halal Marker Coming to a Grocery Store Near You

There’s a more expensive halal marker too. It is for those people, good Mooooooooooooselims all, who want to piss off Christian Zionists such as the creepy Martin Mawyer who is also speaking at SIOA’s hate rally on the 25th of September. It costs more, but you get what you pay for.

The Sacred Islamic Halal Marker for Zionist Christians (SIHMZC)

The Sacred Islamic Halal Marker for Zionist Christians (SIHMZC)

Yup. You’ll all be as happy as a pig in a poke.

Shlomo the pig. He'll be at the SIOA hate rally too.

Shlomo the pig. He’ll be at the SIOA hate rally too.

Rahm! Bam! Thank You Maam!

1. Rahm Israel Emmanuel, who did volunteer work for the Israeli military but not for the US military, was featured on the front page of the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post on April 13th and portrayed as if it were he and not Barrack Hussein Obama, a likely natural born US citizen, who is the messiah. The fawning puff piece provided many clues to the careful observer as to just who it is that is running this country. It also managed to bring up Emmanuel’s Wikipedia entry without referencing his Israeli military service and his support only for pro Iraq war Democratic candidates in 2006, nor the fact that Emmanuel’s father was a member of the terrorist Irgun gang, that Rahm went to summer camp in Israel and that the family changed its last name to Emmanuel in honor of a relative who was killed in Jerusalem. It’s almost as if the author of the piece wanted to write about these things but could not and so was asking her readers to look it up for themselves.  Almost.

We at Mantiq al-Tayr found the comments by Rep. Peter T. King [Likud, New York] to be particularly weird. Among other things, King says he doesn’t mind being beaten by Emmanuel:

King added: “If he can knock me off in the next election, he will, and I totally accept that.”

King is so proud of his contribution to the article written by Shailagh Murray in the JWNYTP, that he posted the article to his website.  We at Mantiq al-Tayr find this to be bizarre.

2. The article also did not talk about Emmanuel’s rabbi in Chicago, Asher Lopatin, who is one of the most influential rabbis in the United States,  and serves on the executive committee of the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA).  The RCA completely supported Israel’s actions in Gaza in December of 2008 and January of 2009 and issued a statement that reads in part (red highlights are mine):

The Rabbinical Council of America fully supports the government of Israel in its campaign to stop heinous terrorist attacks directed for too long against Israeli civilians. Hamas must bear full responsibility for the current loss of life in Gaza, in light of its direct complicity in encouraging, supporting, and carrying out acts of Islamist terror. . .

We commend the government of the United States for its unambiguous support of Israel’s actions over the last few days. We congratulate the Bush administration for its recognition that responsibility for the violence lies entirely on the heads of the leaders, enablers, and supporters of Hamas and its allies. As with the pursuit of Al-Qaeda and its offshoots, terror must be met with resolve and force, as needed.

Lopatin is quite familiar with Emmanuel’s loyalty to Israel, as this excerpt from an interview Lopatin did about Emmanuel makes clear:

Do you think Emanuel’s Israeli roots and religious practice will reassure Jews who are skeptical of Barack Obama’s commitment to Israel?

I think they will, and I think that even more significant is his work in the Clinton administration and his reputation as someone who wants to promote successful policies, policies that have broad-based support. I think it’ll assure people that the Obama administration, if anything, will have very pleasant surprises and no real nasty surprises.

Another interesting question and answer in the same interview:

Do you think that rabbis in the Orthodox world are calling Emanuel a traitor to Orthodoxy in Judaism?

No, not at all. I think they’re giddy. Everyone’s giddy. Certainly Orthodox Rabbis are very happy and very proud of him, you know? There’s some disagreement over policy and all that, but I would say we’re very excited to have someone who’s a member of a modern Orthodox synagogue right there in the White House helping to shape the future administration and their actions.

Lopatin informs us in that very same interview that in the DC area Emmanuel likes Rabbi Jack Moline, a rabbi who on the surface appears to be a moderate or a centrist.  Do a search on him and see if you can stand reading his prose.  He is a quintessential example of what Xymphora calls “Zionism light.” But he may be getting heavier. He spoke at the 2007 meeting of John Hagee’s Christians United for Israel Group justifying doing so thusly:

The Jewish Week quoted Rabbi Moline as saying: “We’re no longer in a position of being too selective in choosing our friends,” and citing “the threat posed by Iran and Israel’s growing isolation.”

We at Mantiq al-Tayr await with some trepidation the “very pleasant surprises” that the Obama administration,  with Rahm Israel Emmanuel at its helm, will bring to the war weary and bankrupt population of these United States.

3. Thank G-d for our troops dying for Israel in Afghanistan and Iraq that the Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated is now on the supermarket shelves with a very revealing cover photo of draft-dodging Israeli model Bar Rafaeli on the cover. I’m sure it has made its way to bases in Iraq and Afghanistan by now. Now we at Mantiq al-Tayr only read  SI’s swimsuit issue for the articles, just like we do the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post, and would advise our troops to do the same.  Bar, what a name, has become a very controversial figure in the Jewish state because she managed to evade the Israeli draft, move to the United States, and then made fun of serving in the Israeli military. So we can understand why the those poor Israelis she has left behind are so outraged. I can hear them bitching and moaning over matzah bread  “The White House Chief of Staff volunteered to serve for the Israeli army, why can’t this little b****?”

Bar has an answer to this in which she also deliberately mocks an Israeli hero, Joseph Trumpledor.

“I really wanted to serve in the IDF, but I don’t regret not enlisting, because it paid off big time,” she said. “That’s just the way it is, celebrities have other needs. I hope my case has influenced the army. “ Israel or Uganda, what difference does it make? It makes no difference to me. Why is it good to die for our country? What, isn’t it better to live in New York? Why should 18-year-old kids have to die? It’s dumb that people have to die so that I can live in Israel,Refaeli added.

Yes, Bar it is dumb. It is also evil.  How many more people must die around the world so that a minority of Jews can live in Israel? Next time I’m at the supermarket  maybe I’ll pick up a copy of SI. If I ever run in to you, I’ll ask you to autograph it.

Ass-Kicked Indyk

Here’s a 1-2 punch for today:

  1. Okay, now for a brief change of pace. Boxing is considered by many to be a pretty cruel sport. This is because it is a pretty cruel sport. However, in boxing the fighters are normally at least of similar weight and there is a referee to stop things immediately if one fighter is too hurt to continue. Now here’s a link to a very brief fight – 19 seconds. A real ass-kicking.
  2. Okay, I can see you all going, hey Mantiq, this is really for the birds. “We come to your site to see pictures of pretty birds, see if you have any funny new links, and to see if you are still bitching and moaning about the Middle East.” O ye of little faith. Here is yet another tale about a very recent much more devastating ass kicking. And it is Middle East related. Very much so. Really, a lot.

In one corner is England-born, Australian raised, kibbutz inhabiting, Israeli advising (Yizthak Shamir no less) , AIPAC lobbyist, Washington Institute for Near East Policy co-founder (the place where Dennis Ross has recently been a “counselor” and a fellow), naturalized US citizen under circumstances which remain vague to this day, Bill Clinton administration National Security Council Middle East adviser, twice US ambassador to Israel (losing his security clearance in the process) and now Haim Saban Center for Middle East Studies Executive Director. (He was also Hillary Clinton’s Middle East advisor during her campaign.) As faithful Mantiq readers can no doubt guess, this is the guy who got his ass kicked, much to Mantiq’s delight.

In the other corner is well-known and out of a job academic, Jewish intellectual gadfly, holocaust industry critic, former DePaul University faculty member, Alan Dershowitz hater and victim (I don’t care what your stand is on anything regarding the Middle East, if you hate Alan Dershowitz, just how bad can you be?), and very smart guy, Norman Finkelstein.

The fight venue was Democracy Now! In a matter of minutes Indyk looked like he was a Gazan victim of an Israeli bombing raid of a residential neighborhood. Finkelstein was merciless as he just beat the hell out of Indyk exposing him for the lying Israeli-firster war mongering Zionist that he is. Here are some highlights of the fight, refereed by Amy Goodman. Areas in red are my emphasis. Additional Mantiq comments are also sometimes inserted. They are not in italics.

MARTIN INDYK: Good morning, Amy. Thanks very much for having me on the show. I feel a little bit sandbagged here.

Let me translate: this means he was unaware that he would be in a fair fight. He thought he was just coming on the show to bloat and gloat about his latest book. Goodman probably should have made it clear to him. Poor, poor baby.


I was not told that I was going to be in some kind of debate with Norman Finkelstein. I’m not interested in doing that. I’m also not here as a spokesman for Israel.

Yes you are. That is exactly what you are. Liar.

But I will try to answer your questions as best I can.

I think that what happened here was that there was a ceasefire, an informal ceasefire, between Hamas and Israel that had lasted for about five months. Hamas decided to break that ceasefire with a prolonged series of rocket attacks on Israeli civilians in southern Israel.


And the Israeli government responded with overwhelming force, designed, as they have said, to try to reestablish deterrence, to prevent Hamas from doing that again, and to try to get a ceasefire in place that would prevent Hamas from smuggling in offensive weapons into Gaza, the better to attack Israel.

His big fat lie to start right off left Finkelstein with an opening of sufficient size to fly an Apache helicopter through while firing at Palestinian children in the streets. Ready for the kill,  Finkelstein responds with “overwhelming force.”

NORMAN FINKELSTEIN: Well, the record is fairly clear. You can find it on the Israeli website, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. Mr. Indyk is correct that Hamas had adhered to the ceasefire from June 17th until November 4th. On November 4th, here Mr. Indyk, I think, goes awry. The record is clear: Israel broke the ceasefire by going into the Gaza and killing six or seven Palestinian militants. At that point—and now I’m quoting the official Israeli website—Hamas retaliated or, in retaliation for the Israeli attack, then launched the missiles.

Now, as to the reason why, the record is fairly clear as well. According to Ha’aretz, Defense Minister Barak began plans for this invasion before the ceasefire even began. In fact, according to yesterday’s Ha’aretz, the plans for the invasion began in March. . . .

Show co-host Juan Gonzalez asks if there has been a change in HAMAS position recently with respect to peace with Israel. Indyk, seemingly incapable of answering any questions without tossing in huge and unnecessary lies, answers in part:


I think the change that’s taken place is a change on the ground. Hamas, having won the PA elections and then—we don’t need to go into the details of that, but essentially what happened was, as a result of a competition between Hamas and Fatah over who would rule, Hamas took control of Gaza by force in what was, in effect, a putsch against the Palestinian Authority. It therefore moved from being a terrorist organization to a terrorist government, responsible for controlling territory in Gaza and responsible for meeting the needs of one-and-a-half million Palestinians in Gaza. . . .

The area in red is standard Zionist propaganda about what happened in Gaza. Any official Israeli spokesman would have said the same thing. Finkelstein replies by dropping huge phosphorus bomb on Indyk’s ass.

NORMAN FINKELSTEIN: Well, I think the problem of Mr. Indyk’s presentation is he constantly reverses cause and effect. Just as he said a moment ago that it was Hamas which broke the ceasefire, although he well knows it was Israel that broke the ceasefire on November 4th, he now reverses cause and effect as to how the present impasse came about. In January 2006, as he writes in his book, Hamas came to power in a free and fair election. I think those are his words. He then claims on your program and he claims in his book that Hamas committed a “putsch”—his word—in order to eliminate the Palestinian Authority. And as I’m sure Mr. Indyk well knows and as was documented in the April 2008 issue of Vanity Fair by the writer David Rose, basing himself on internal US documents, it was the United States in cahoots with the Palestinian Authority and Israel which were attempting a putsch on Hamas, and Hamas preempted the putsch. That, too, is no longer debatable or no longer a controversial claim.

Sorry, just had to highlight the whole paragraph. The rest of his response is just as good. A bit later on he adds:

NORMAN FINKELSTEIN: . . . . We have the Arab League, all twenty-two members of the Arab League, favoring a two-state settlement on the June 1967 border. We have the Palestinian Authority favoring that two-state settlement on the June 1967 border. We now have Hamas favoring that two-state settlement on the June 1967 border. The one and only obstacle is Israel, backed by the United States. That’s the problem.


Now it gets even better:


AMY GOODMAN: So, Ambassador Indyk, why doesn’t Israel accept this ceasefire?

MARTIN INDYK: Look, Amy, I was invited on to talk about my book and the Gaza situation. I was not invited on to debate with Norman Finkelstein, and I’m not prepared to do that. So if you want to talk about the situation, I’m happy to do that, but I’m not here to be the representative of the government of Israel. You can easily invite somebody on to—

His ass is still on fire and it’s there for everyone to see.

AMY GOODMAN: No, of course not. No, we’re asking your opinion. I don’t see you as the representative of Israel. But let me get your—

MARTIN INDYK: Well, why don’t we focus on some other issues, like the American role in this or something that—

AMY GOODMAN: Very good point.

Amy wimps out.

MARTIN INDYK: can get us out of this ridiculous debate, in which he’s just a propaganda spokesman for Hamas, you know.

The ridiculous part of this debate is Indyk’s sheer cowardice when confronted with his lies. Like Joe Lous going after Max Schmeling in their second fight, Finkelstein never lets up.

Then the show is basically handed over to Indyk to continue talking about his book lying for a good couple of minutes or more. No need to quote him here, as Finkelstein is allowed to respond to the lies.

NORMAN FINKELSTEIN: Well, the record shows that Hamas wanted to continue the ceasefire, but only on condition that Israel eases the blockade. As your viewers surely know, long before Hamas began the retaliatory rocket attacks on Israel, Palestinians were facing a humanitarian crisis in Gaza because of the blockade. The former High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson, described what was going on in Gaza as a destruction of a civilization. This was during the ceasefire period.

Now, I think it’s important to keep in mind Mr. Indyk wants to talk about the book. Well, I think we should talk about the book. In fact, I stayed up ’til 1:30 a.m. to complete the book, made sure I read up to page 415, read every word of the book. The problem is, with his book, as with his presentation here, is he systematically misrepresents the record of the peace process. He’s lying not only to his readers, but to the American people. He keeps putting the burden of responsibility for the impasse in the peace process on the Palestinians.

A moment ago, he referred to the “rejectionists” who are trying to block a settlement of the conflict. What does the record show? The record shows, I said a moment ago, for the past twenty or more years, the entire international community has sought to settle the conflict in the June 1967 border with a just resolution of the refugee question. Are all 164 nations of the United Nations the rejectionists? And are the only people in favor of peace the United States, Israel, Nauru, Palau, Micronesia, the Marshall Islands and Australia? Who are the rejectionists? Who’s opposing a peace?

According to Mr. Indyk’s account of the negotiations that culminated in the Camp David and Taba meetings, he says it was the Palestinians that were blocking a settlement. What does the record show? The record shows that in every crucial issue raised at Camp David, then under the Clinton parameters, and then in Taba, at every single point, all the concessions came from the Palestinians. Israel didn’t make any concessions. Every concession came from the Palestinians. The Palestinians have repeatedly expressed a willingness to settle the conflict in accordance with international law.

The law is very clear. July 2004, the highest judicial body in the world, the International Court of Justice, ruled Israel has no title to any of the West Bank and any of Gaza. They have no title to Jerusalem. Arab East Jerusalem, according to the highest judicial body in the world, is occupied Palestinian territory. The International Court of Justice ruled all the settlements, all the settlements in the West Bank, are illegal under international law.

Now, the important point is, on all those questions, the Palestinians were willing to make concessions. They were willing to allow Israel to keep 60 percent of the settlements, 80 percent of the settlers. They were willing to compromise on Jerusalem. They were willing to give up basically on the right of return. They made all the concessions. Israel didn’t make any concessions. How is this rendered in Martin Indyk’s book? It’s rendered as, quote, “Barak’s bold and courageous initiatives for peace” and “Arafat and the PLO rejecting the bold and courageous initiatives of Barak.” Constantly, he turns reality on its head.

AMY GOODMAN: Ambassador Indyk, your response to that?

MARTIN INDYK: I told you, Amy, I’m not here to debate Norman Finkelstein. That was not the ground rules that you set—

NORMAN FINKELSTEIN: I’m talking about your book.

And showing what a piece of crap it is.

Finkelstein gets in the last word. A coup de grace.

NORMAN FINKELSTEIN . . . And the main challenge for all of us as Americans is to see through the lies. And regrettably, those lies are again being propagated by Martin Indyk in his book with his pretense that it’s the Palestinians, and not Israel and the United States, which are the main obstacles to peace.

Now I want Any Goodman to invite Finkelstein to face off with Dennis Ross.