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Back to Business as Usual

And the winner is:

1. As predicted by Dr. Larry Sabato yesterday, Obama won the election. Barry’s victory brings to my mind the Arabic expression:

الحمد لله الذي لا يحمد على مكروه سواه

2. So at once I’m relieved because the neo-c0n crazy infested Romney campaign’s onslaught on what is left of America has been temporarily side stepped and yet it’s back to the drawing board to stop  the Zionist-controlled onslaught of the Obama administration  which will now proceed full force.

Here’s a good summary of the major issues we have to deal with irrespective of who is placed in the White House.  It’s entitled “6 Ways The Winner Will Destroy America”.

And here’s a handy essay by a faculty member at the US Naval Academy who makes the same argument I’ve been making for along time about the state of permanent war our government has gotten us into – without of course drawing any link to the Zionists who are such major players. Found the essay courtesy of Xymphora.

3. The Senate will maintain it’s Democratic majority and House will be Republican. On the one hand, BFD, on the other, well, BFD. One nice aside is that complete total %101 Israeli suck up Kenneth Timmerman, who basically ran as  if he were an Israeli, got his ask kicked in his attempt to unseat Chris Van Hollen. That this was going to happen was clear from the beginning, but it was nice to see.

4.  “Thus, the first lesson, then, for Jewish Republicans like Sheldon Adelson should be as follows: If you have resources to spend on campaigning, if you are truly committed to the cause, spend your time and money assisting your party in winning over the people without whom elections cannot be won: Latinos.”

If you read the whole article, make sure you read the last paragraph.

Another obsessive piece by the same author:

5.  The election is over, now it’s back to business as usual for Microsoft and Israel.

“Netanyahu and Balmer discussed Microsoft’s commitment to Israel, its investments in the local market, and the impact it is having, according to a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office.”