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You Know You Are a “Judeo-Christian” When:

1. You know you are a Judeo-Christian when:

You think that Muslims harbor “murderous intentions” and believe that “Judeo-Christianity” advocates preemptively murdering them, but you, two buddies and your “service” dog go to a kabob place to eat. “Within seconds” of entering the restaurant, you are confronted by the apparent owner of the store who objected to your dog being in the store. You are “fairly certain” that the man was a “Pakistani Muslim,” so you don’t seem to be blind. The “service” dog was there to “counterbalance, alert and guide” you, but you could tell that this man was a Pakistani and a Muslim. In addition, you see other people in the restaurant who “apparently” were Muslim “because of their coverings.”  Maybe you secretly dig Muslim chicks, but I digress. You then inform the owner of your rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act and demand you be served the food you ordered. I guess you must have phoned in the order because this conversation is taking place “seconds” after you entered the restaurant. The man complied with your request.

Of course, you, “love your neighbor” being the nice “Judeo-Christian” that you are.  However your “Judeo-Christian” beliefs include being “obliged” to kill someone you think is going to kill you. You point out, of course, that “the majority of Muslims here in our country are not about Jihad”. How nice of you. It’s their country too, but I digress. However, even though you have just said you don’t think they are about Jihad (whatever that means) you then end your missive with “However, a belief system which commands its believers to deceive and lie to non-adherents about their murderous intentions is most certainly  one that should be closely examined.”

You then submit this “story” to the living mummy, Pamela Geller, a woman who supports the mass murder of Muslims (though she also at least once tossed in Europeans too) so she can put it up on her website for every Shas Party reject to read.

Yup, that’s a Judeo-Christian for you.

One day I may talk about another “Judeo-Christian.” It’ll be pretty interesting.

2. Geller, Spencer, and the rest of the usual suspects exist for one reason only and that is to turn stupid “Judeo-Christians” into tools for Zionism at the popular level. On that level these leading Islamophobes are free to just make shit up which they do all the time.

On the other side of the coin, The M$M’s primary role is to make sure that slightly more educated and less reactionary people – many of them also Judeo Christians – are fed a higher caliber of Zionist bullshit with some actual facts tossed in because some of them sometimes notice the contradictions.

This carpet bombing of the American middle and working classes with two interwoven forms of Zionist Bullshit has helped lead us into ridiculous wars on terror, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Somalia, and on and on. It has also created a “legal” environment in this country which is nothing short of open warfare against Muslims living in the United States.  From all indications there are tons of people in government jobs at the federal, state and local levels,  most of them middle and working class Americans, who have swallowed all this Zionist Bullshit for decades. Many of these people are in law enforcement. (Law enfarcement would be a much better term.)

Take a look at this excellent article by Hussein Rashid about the totally out of control NYPD whose gross violations of Muslim rights resembles something you’d find in any totalitarian state. Rashid notes that the film “The Third Jihad” – a film made by Israeli-Canadian Rabbi and Zionist fanatic Raphael Shore and supported by crazies like Geller and Spencer – was shown to 1300 NYPD police officers (some reports indicate more) and ran on a “permanent loop” at their trainings.  The NYPD had denied this, but the truth came out anyway. And of course, the NYPD denied that Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly’s own appearance in this film was intentional. Uh, err, except for the fact that he sat down for a “90 minute interview expressly for the film.”

Could you imagine if Kelly had sat down for a 90 minute interview for a film called “The Third Temple” while sending his officers out to spy on as many Jews as they could find?

Films like “The Third Jihad” and “Obsession” (also done by Shore) help lay the foundation for the complete disregard for the rights of Muslims in the United States and create the atmosphere that makes all of our killing of Muslims abroad acceptable.

Hatred of Muslims is not just rampant at the NYPD, as I’ve documented many times on this site, it clearly also permeates the FBI and the CIA. In fact the CIA gave the NYPD quite the helping hand with its Zionist-Bullshit spying on Muslims in New York.

Let me digress. Guess who narrated “The Third Jihad.” Zuhdi Jasser, Zionism’s token Muslim.  Guess who then led the demonstrations in support of NYPD spying on Muslims and which were mentioned in the MSM as if they were legit.  Guess. Shas Party members get two guesses and then they can click here.

3. It’s video time.

This is why “Judeo-Christians” should support gay rights.

(btw, I support gay rights, so come on Judeo-Christians, hop on the train.)

An American Industry On the Rise

1. The ISI:

One major theme that readers have observed on this blog is that the Middle East landscape in general, and the quagmire of Israel and the Palestinians in particular, are usually captured through Israeli lenses and then framed and interpreted largely through an Israeli perspective in what is all too often inaccurately described as the “American” main-stream media.

This blog will also develop another closely related but nonetheless very different theme, a theme that so far has not been directly stated. An “American” industry has prospered in the United States in a sort of symbiotic relationship with the requirement that the Arab world must be viewed through the eyes of largely Ashkenazi Jews from Russia and Europe. This industry pervades American popular culture and helps create the backdrop into which the main-stream media can then drop pictures of unharmed Israeli civilians onto their front pages and their readers can then see why killing Palestinian children is necessary. This industry seeks to portray virtually any aspect of Islam as evil, perverted and ultimately out to destroy all that is good in the world. It has a host of purveyors and pimps in the media, publishing, in Hollywood, and in academia. They range from far-right so-called “patriots” to liberals to former Trotskyite Israeli-firsters imbedded in the US governmental fabric. Leading figures in what I call the ISI, the Islam Sucks Industry, are the likes of Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer, Steve Emerson, and Craig Winn. But there are plenty out there because the industry has an excellent market and by joining it one is much more likely to get published and possibly prosper than by going against the grain which requires much more research and overcoming of obstacles.

2. False-Framing:  Operationus Interruptus is Honor Lost

The book Honor Lost (sold outside the United States as Forbidden Love) by Norma Khouri was marketed as a true story depicting the brutality of the Arabs in Jordan who engage in honor killings and who just can’t help treating their women like shit.Norma, a good Christian girl, and her Muslim female friend, Dalia, opened up a unisex hair Salon in Jordan’s capital, Amman.  Dalia, the oppressed Muslim woman, fell in love with a Christian named Michael and got stabbed to death as a result by her father. Michael helped smuggle poor little Norma out of Jordan, no doubt saving her life in the process.

Sound like a sure-fire formula for success? Sure does and it was as she sold over 250 thousand copies (and possibly more).  She managed to get Random House to publish the book. Predictably, initial reviews were glowing such as this one at the National Review lovingly entitled “Death by Shari’ah.” Seth Mydans of the New York Times gave it a fawning review in an utterly obsequious interview which reveals every bit as much about him as it does her. I tell you, I’m in the wrong business.

Her book was a classic false-framing operation. Make up a story – doesn’t matter how ridiculous it is – and make sure it fits any and every conceivable stereotype about Arabs and Muslims and you’ll get accolades from the left and the right. No one even did any basic fact checking on this book at Random House. How can that be? Because they knew they could make money in the Islam Sucks Industry. Ask Kiefer Sutherland, it works.

As I suspected the first time I saw the book, the book is a complete fake. See here for more. It is not just that book was filled with errors – a women’s organization in Jordan found 73 of them and sent the documentation to Random House – it is rather that everything about her and her book is a lie and could have been easily detected by having anyone who knows anything about Jordan (and who isn’t part of the ISI) read it. Almost everything she was saying about herself,  just about every single thing, was a lie. She did not grow up in Jordan, she grew up in Chicago having moved there from Jordan when she was three years old. She didn’t flee Jordan with her life at stake, she grew up like a very abnormal person in the Windy City. She also has a most interesting criminal background. More on that here. She even tried to cheat her own mother out of her mother’s house. It appears that by 1999 she was in so much trouble with the FBI that she and her likely criminal husband and her two children left the US (see previous links but don’t forget this one too.) Oh, did I mention that she said she had to leave Jordan because there was a fatwa calling for her head? Yes indeed, no Islam Sucks hoax is complete without at least one expression of fatwa-fetishism.But since she was just playing the game of Islam Sucks, no one cared to check.

But a women’s group in Jordan (no doubt mainy made up of Muslims) did. And so did Malcom Knox of the Sidney Morning Herald. He could not figure out why a woman who said she grew up in Jordan spoke English with a mid-western American accent and seemed to know almost no Arabic. So he poked around and found another fraud from Chicago. The links to his stories are in the paragraphs above.

There are plenty of Norma Khouri’s around. Readers of this blog know some of them.

Coming up next: False Framing in Tel Aviv. George Mitchell’s address to the (Israeli) Institute of National Securities Studies.