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101 Ways to Screw Palestinians

This little cretin won’t be visiting

this Israeli spy in prison

1. Israel is such a racist state it is almost impossible to believe. While Jews can go anywhere they please and live anywhere they please whether or not it is in violation of international law or standards of common decency, the Palestinians in the West Bank have to deal with literally 101 different types of permits that limit their ability to move. For example:

“There are separate permits for traveling to a wedding in the West Bank or traveling to a wedding in Israel, and also for going to Israel for a funeral, a work meeting, or a court hearing.”

But any Jew can just go anywhere he damn well wants and can do so on roads reserved exclusively for Israeli citizens – roads built to the land of the Palestinians in the West Bank.

The system is not only there to make the lives of Palestinians as miserable as possible, but it is also there to recruit quislings for the Israeli government.

“The checkpoint-monitoring organization Machsom Watch claims that the Shin Bet security service uses the permit regime to recruit informers. Palestinians whose permit requests are rejected “for security reasons” are often invited to meetings with Shin Bet agents, who then offer “assistance” in obtaining the desired permits in exchange for information.”

I can’t imagine why any American could ever support such a hideously bigoted country. Why is shitty little Israeli the apple of our eyes? I can’t figure it out. There must be some reason? Could it be Muslim extremist ownership of our major media? Well, that could be part of it. Of course, the Muslims also run most of our banking system which is why our banks do not lend money with interest and why no one in this country is in dept to their eyeballs to credit card merchants. Plus, with the Muslim extremists makeing our moving, writing our books and plays, and running our television industry, I guess the American people decided that they had to counter it somehow, someway, via their support for Israel, a country founded on the basis of screwing Muslims (and Christians, but I digress).

Yup, that’s gotta be it.

2. Now here is a truly weird article and much more has got to be going on (which the article does note casually.)  An unnamed Israeli firm has been selling internet monitoring equipment to Iran but didn’t know it was doing so? You’ve got to be kidding. Yeah, they just sold it to a guy in Denmark where the stuff had the labels removed and it was sent to an Iranian dude named Hossein who speaks perfect English. Oh, and then the article complains that police states (meaning Iran) should not have this kind of equipment. This equipment should only be used in democratic countries?

And of course the Israelis would never have built any kind of backdoor into the system now would they? No, they are too stupid for that.  Even though the article notes, in a different context, the following:

“Many companies selling surveillance equipment that connects to the Internet have the ability to monitor their own customers, and governments could require them to do so while tightening export laws.”

Gee, I wonder if this is how the stuxnet virus got spread?

The product is called Netenforcer. A simple google search leads to a company called Allot Communications. Here’s a link to their management team.  Do these guys strike you as a bunch of dumb asses.

It should also comfort you to note that the company seems to be quite active in the US and appears optimistic about its future here – especially if the FCC does what it wants.

” But American carriers are beginning to contemplate purchase of Allot’s systems for bandwidth management reasons alone. If the F.C.C. eventually allows them to implement variable pricing schemes, the way it’s done in Europe, demand could enjoy a further jolt.”

3. All of our work in the we’re fucked movement is not in vain. Shining light on evil agendas can help thwart them. Case in point. ADL strong-man Abe “Free Jonathan Pollard” Foxman, was recently thinking of going to visit Pollard in prison. But there’s been so much attention shed on the Pollard case that Abe decided he didn’t want his visit to become a media event acknowledging that it could backfire. Remember, Foxman’s goal is to get this Israeli spy out of prison, therefore in order to pursue his goal – helping an Israeli spy – he has had to cancel his visit to Pollard.

I may have gone quietly and privately” to visit Pollard, Foxman said, “but I am certainly not interested in media hype, which is to little avail. It may make some people feel good, but I don’t think it’s going to bring him closer to freedom. In fact, some of the public manifestations of this sort have been counterproductive.

Ya think?

Pollard had invited Foxman and six other Jewish leaders to come visit him so he could thank them for their assistance to Israel in getting one of its spies out of jail.

Pesach Lerner, featured here on Mantiq al-Tayr in the past, send a letter to Foxman and to:

Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations executive vice chairman Malcolm Hoenlein, Jewish Council for Public Affairs president Rabbi Steve Gutow, Florida philanthropist Michael Adler, and the heads of the three major American Jewish streams.

About half have accepted the invite so far. The date has not been set.

Hey you FBI guys who read this site. When these creeple make their visit to Pollard’s cell, lock them all in at once.

4. And last but not least, if you can’t decide what to get for uncle Abe or brother Dan Shapiro for Christmas, we are having a fire sale on this great device:

The Zionist Bullshit Filter Lite

As we wrote in our advertisement for this product when it came out in 2010:

“This easy-to-use device is guaranteed to remove hundreds of newspaper column inches of Zionist Bullshit from your newspapers each day. Plus, if cleaned properly, it will remove up to 500 megabytes of Zionist audio and video bullshit from radio and television programs you “enjoy” on your computer, DVR, or on DVD. Once your newspapers and radio and tv programs have been purged of all the Zionist Bullshit that is in them, you’ll won’t have to spend so much time reading and listening to crap you know is bullshit and waste all that time filtering it out yourself.”

We have updated the product for the new year by adding a wi-fi capability that will now allow you to filter all of the Zionist bullshit out of internet sites you visit.   This means, for example, you can read Prison Planet and Info Wars in a matter of seconds each day. Order now and we’ll throw in an autographed picture of Mike Piper mud wrestling Abe Foxman,  a Mahmoud Ahmadinejad nuclear powered coffee thermos, and a roll of toilet paper that says “Free Jonathan Pollard” on each sheet.

All this for only $666.66.

And if you call the Israeli embassy at (202) 364-5500 and order right now you will:

1. Piss them off.

2. Get in trouble.

3. Laugh your ass off.

Note to Shas Party members: The product is not yet available in Iowa.

5. If you sing or play O Little Town of Bethlehem this Christmas, please think of the people who actually live there under a racist military occupation. Some people, such as the wonderful woman who wrote this article, refuse to sing it this year. I don’t know her personally, but she’s got a great Christian spirit. It’s worth reading and posting. I mean it.  Send it to your Christian Zionist friends, if you befriend such people.

It reads in part:

“How will we respond to this call? Will this be the year we ‘set aside sanitised pleas and empty prayers, stop listening to internal gatekeepers, reject Israel’s manipulation of Christian theology to serve militaristic ends, and demand that all Church leaderships … call for true justice in Palestine.?

“And let us not sing ‘O little town of Bethlehem’ until we have acted on this call.”

Amen, Ms. Hicks, Amen.

6. Speaking of Amen, I had posted the following video from “Lillies of the Field” a while back. It’s all about Amen and I love it to this very day.

Mubarak Calls on Obama To Step Down as President

1. (By Mark Griffe Janine Witte Zacharia Sanger. Cairo, Feb. 6. Mantiq al-Tayr Press – MTP) In a breathtaking move to seize the initiative in Cairo, Egyptian President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak appeared on the podium in Tahrir Square today and addressed not only the Egyptian people but also the entire world. The crowd of over a quarter of a million onlookers looked up in stunned silence as Mubarak appeared on the podium, picked up the microphone and began his address.  The address was as shocking and dramatic as it was unexpected.

“Oh people of Egypt” he began, “it’s time for you to go home and start leading normal lives again. If you don’t, I am going to turn the army loose on you. They’ve wanted to kill all you sons of bitches from the very first day of this ridiculous waste of time, but I have been the one who has stopped them. As of the curfew time’s beginning today, and that’s in about 2 hours from now, I have ordered them to squash you people like the fucking little wretched cockroaches you are.”

“Before I go on, I want to take a moment and tell that arrogant half-breed American President, Barak Obama, to shut the fuck up. In fact, I call on you, Obama, to step down immediately and begin a transition to a US government that isn’t run by a bunch of fucking pussies. Yes, I said it, pussies! You could either have sided openly with me, or if you had had the courage, you could have even called on me to step down in no uncertain terms. But no, you didn’t have the balls to openly side with me or with these soon to be dead miscreants who are standing here in Tahrir square. So get the hell out of office and put someone else in charge who has about as much regard for the US constitution as you or I do, how about Donald Rumsfeld? He and Umar are pretty good friends you know. Yeah, he’d be just the guy.”

Suddenly, Mubarak reached into his breast pocket and pulled out a yellow document and waved it in the air saying “And this President Obama, this is my mother fucking birth certificate! Where the hell is yours? I may be a corrupt blood-thirsty, Israeli-ass kissing, two-bit tyrant just like you, but at least I am a fucking Egyptian.”

Mubarak put the paper back inside his jacket pocket, paused for just a moment, and then said:

“One other thing before I close. After I get done kicking your asses from here to the Aswan dam, I going to shut up those damn Palestinians in Gaza once and for all. Oh, hey, Abu Mazen, listen to this. I have had it with you too. Once I’m done with Hamas, I coming after your ass. Fuck the PLO, fuck Palestine. Everyone knows that Arabs pretty much all hate the Palestinians anyway, we may as well just let everybody know so we can put an end to this bullshit peace process. My government hates the Palestinians, the Syrian government hates the Palestinians, the Jordanian government hates the Palestinians and God only knows that every single Lebanese citizen would gladly put all the Palestinians in a big fucking gas chamber and let Netanyahu pump in the gas and they’d all dance around it singing “Nah nah nah, hey hey, good-bye.”

“Okay, you’ve got two hours to get the hell out of here and go back to your worthless stupid peasant lives in this shit-hole called Cairo. If you don’t, well what do you think we have this huge bloated corrupt military for you idiots? It’s not to fight the Israelis, hell, even today they’d kick our asses all the way to Casa Blanca – besides if they wanted to, they’d just nuke the Aswan dam and then all of you sons of bitches would drown. No, the Army isn’t there to fight Israel, or anyone else for that matter. It’s there for times like this when you uppity over-educated useless eaters get out of control. I order General Tantawi, the head of the Egyptian armed forces, to kill anyone who is demonstrating anywhere in Egypt as of 3:00 pm today, Egypt time. You have about an hour and forty-five minutes folks. Go home and eat that shitty mulukhiyya stuff you claim you love so much. I’m going to the palace and downing a whole barrel of Kentucky Fried Chicken while I watch the Super Bowl. God, I hate the Steelers, but I digress.”

Mubarak then ended his address with the traditional:

“Peace be upon you and the mercy and blessings of God, you mother fuckers.”

The reaction was muted at the White House. Presidential spokesman Robert Gibbs said that Obama was pleased that Mubarak had been able to resolve the crisis and hoped that the Egyptian people would then move forward with their lives. Gibbs said Obama was busy watching the Super Bowl and would probably phone Mubarak during half-time of the game.

2. I kind of find this interesting:

(JTA) — Cuban prosecutors will seek a 20-year prison sentence for accused spy Alan Gross, a U.S. government contractor that the State Department says was assisting Cuban Jews.

Gross is accused of “Acts Against the Independence and Territorial Integrity of the State,” Reuters reported, citing a Feb. 4 report by Cuban state media via a government-run website. . .

Cuban authorities detained Gross on Dec. 3, 2009 on his way out of the country, saying he was a spy.

Gross’ family and State Department officials say he was in the country on a U.S. Agency for International Development contract to help the country’s Jewish community of about 1,500 to communicate with other Jewish communities through the Internet.

The main Jewish groups in Cuba have denied any contact with or knowledge of Gross or the program.

3. I have an idea. Why don’t we trade Jonathan Pollard for Yigal Amir?

4. Elliot Abrams has announced he will not run for Egyptian President next year.

5. “Eliyalu Eliezer Werdesheim, 23, a Shomrim volunteer and former Israeli special forces soldier, and his brother Avi Werdesheim, 20, who does not work with Shomrim, have been charged with false imprisonment, second-degree assault and possession of a deadly weapon. Both are scheduled to be arraigned in Baltimore City Circuit Court on Feb. 16.”

If a Sunni Muslim group engaged in this kind of thing, they’d ALL be in jail.