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Some Notes on the Current Scandal

1. Justin Raimono has an outstanding piece today regarding Penisgate. He’s just been reading the M$M and he’s been putting two and two together, something no one in the M$M is actually interested in doing.

And it just so turns out that Israel-Firster, Congressman Eric Cantor (Likud, Va), is deeply involved. Yup, it was decided that Cantor, who does not serve on an intelligence committee, needed to know about this and then Cantor served as a liason between an FBI whistleblower and the FBI director. What? What the fuck? Yup, that’s what the New York version of the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post had to say.

Cantor is quoted in the New York Crimes:

“I was contacted by an F.B.I. employee concerned that sensitive, classified information may have been compromised and made certain Director Mueller was aware of these serious allegations and the potential risk to our national security,” Mr. Cantor said in a statement.”

Interestingly enough though, it seems that the whistleblower went to Dave Reicherrt (Likud, Wa), who by the way is a supporter of genocide against the Palestinians, but I digress. Reichert then hooked this person up with Cantor. Oh, Reichert also approves the killing of unarmed American citizens by Israel, but that, just like his support for genocide, hardly distinguishes him from the rest of the criminals in Congress.

Raimondo also looks into the background of the well-heeled Paula Broadwell, who it just so happens was dining at an outrageously expensive inn in Virginia while the scandal was breaking. Turns out she’s got quite the neocon connections. I’m shocked, really shocked. It’s a good read and typical Raimondo.

2. Today’s Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post rehashes a lot of the stuff Raimondo covers, but it does add a couple of interesting twists. For example, was Broadwell using her access to Petraeus to leak classified information? I’m also really curious as to what the hell she was doing with access to Petraeus allegedy private and not his CIA-related email in box. How was she accessing it and why was she using it to threaten another rich girl, Jill Kelly?

The Post (in an article written by Karen DeYoung and Sari Horwitz) reports:

“Lawmakers are likely to question whether Broadwell was improperly given access to sensitive information about the (Benghazi) attack. In a late October speech at the University of Denver, she said that the CIA annex where two of the Americans were killed “had actually taken a couple of Libyan militia members prisoners” and that the attack was thought to be “an effort to get them back.” U.S. officials have not made reference to that possible motive in numerous accounts of the Benghazi attack.”

Gee, I find that to be pretty fucking interesting. Where did she get that information from? Wonder if it is true? The CIA denies this, but at the CIA they lie just to keep in practice.

(Here is the link to the speech where she says what is mentioned above. Go to 36:52 into the video and give it a listen. )

This on top of other reports (which I linked to yesterday) about other people being very concerned that Broadwell was posting sensitive information on Facebook, makes me wonder just how deep neo-con-connected Broadwell got into Petraeus.

And I still can’t help but wonder why Petraeus resigned after knowing that he had been exonerated and that Broadwell had too? Seems that Clapper didn’t buy that shit and told him to resign. Wonder what Clapper knew that we haven’t been told yet.

In the meantime, the Israel-firsters who run Congress are hollering and screaming about how they should have been informed by the FBI long ago about the investigation and they are screaming for heads to roll at the FBI.

Let me get this straight: The FBI can harass the shit out of Muslim-Americans for no reason at all and set some retarded American Muslims up as terrorist scapegoats, but that’s okay. But not telling Peter King about an investigation into Broadwell’s shenanigans when it was still in its early stages is unacceptable?

Get a load of this from two big-time Israel-firsters:

“This is something that could have had an effect on national security,” Feinstein said. “I think we should have been told.” She said the panel will “absolutely” investigate why the FBI did not notify relevant officials sooner.

Rep. Peter T. King (R-N.Y.), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said: “It just doesn’t add up that you have this type of investigation. The FBI is investigating e-mails, the ­e-mails leading to the CIA director, taking four months to find out that the CIA director was involved.”

Please, please, please let’s have Jane Harman replace Petraeus. It is possible, as the Cabalah News Network reports:

“Another possibility for the position: Jane Harman, the former congresswoman from California who is well-respected within intelligence circles.

While in Congress she served as the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, chaired the Homeland Security Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence, and was a member of the Armed Services Committee. Although a social liberal, Harman was seen as a moderate on intelligence and defense issues. She voted for the war in Iraq and initially supported the controversial domestic surveillance program run by the Bush administration.”

“Well respected in intelligence circles” – this has to be a reference to Mossad and AIPAC.

Slate also notes:

“Jane Harman, the former congresswoman from California, could also be a contender, particularly considering she is well-respected in the intelligence community.”

Sadly, she’s a long shot. But it would be awesome.

3. Damn, I almost to forget to mention another article in the Post today by Greg Jaffe: (Funny how many Muslims are involved in this scandal, isn’t it? But I digress.)

I find this paragraph in Jaffe’s puff piece very troubling:

Prominent members of conservative, Washington-based defense think tanks were given [by Petraeus] permanent office space at his headquarters [in Afghanistan] and access to military aircraft to tour the battlefield. They provided advice to field commanders that sometimes conflicted with orders the commanders were getting from their immediate bosses.”

I also don’t like this:

“Broadwell, who first met Petraeus when she was a doctoral student at Harvard, was treated as though she were a member of Petraeus’s inner circle and was afforded VIP housing at the main U.S.-NATO headquarters in Kabul.

So he’s running a bullshit war in Afghanistan getting all kinds of people killed and he’s surrounded by an entourage that had to be shot through and through with neo-cons. And he’s rewarded for this by becoming the head of the CIA?

Even before he was sworn in as CIA director in September 2011, Petraeus was bending the rules of his own doctrine in Afghanistan. He reversed McChrystal’s counterinsurgency-inspired limits on air strikes, which can cause heavy civilian casualties, and bombed the hell out of the Taliban. He also oversaw a steep increase in Special Forces raids and armed drone strikes. Petraeus brought that attitude to the CIA, fighting to expand the spy agency’s drone fleet so that it can more easily kill suspected terrorists from Pakistan to Yemen to Northern Africa.”

If you still wonder why just about everybody fucking hates us, then you should sign up for Shas Party membership.

4. Well it’s video time. Here’s some cool stuff. They are all short.

Dave Reichert kissing Israel’s ass right after Israel murdered 9 people, one of them an American citizen.

Here Paula Broadwell, unwittingly, shows how completely fucking dumb the Military Industrial Complex is. She also tells us about Petraeus’ tender side.

Below Broadwell talks about Petraeus’s “wonderful marriage”. Very touching. You can’t make this shit up.

By the way, to get to that part of the clip go to the sixty-second mark – it’s after the interview that she did with a fawning shit-eating-grin-faced Jon Stewart.

CIA Chief Enters Lesser Occultation

1. “Does it help if folks know that I hosted Elie Wiesel and his wife at our quarters last Sun night?!  And that I will be the speaker at the 65th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps in mid-Apr at the Capitol Dome…” (David Petraeus)

Frankly, I think Petraeus deserves what he got just for sucking up to the Zionist lobby by “hosting” Elie “what is my real name?” Wiesel. By the way, Wiesel’s name is pronounced “Zionist Asshole” just in case you weren’t aware.

A while back I linked to a Mondoweiss article showing some of Petraeus’s machinations.  The quote at the top is from that article.  It makes good reading. The source is James Morris who had been in some email contact with Petraeus.

So here’s a guy who really really wants to do all he can to be THE man. And he resigns over screwing a West Point graduate over achiever after an investigation by the FBI which concluded that there would be no charges against him or  her and that national security had not been violated? So he resigns.  Excuse me, but something is just not right.

The Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post (JEWNYPT), reports:

One of them said Justice Department officials were unclear on what steps to take after they concluded that there would be no charges against the CIA director or Broadwell and that there had been no breach of national security.
But then the same report states that ODNI director Clapper told Petraeus to resign which he then did and outed himself and Broadwell in the process. I find that very interesting.

The same JWNYPT article claims that JWNYPT tried to contact Paula (Kranz) Broadwell but that she was unavailable. It also mentions, in passing, that JWNYPT editor Vernon Loeb co-wrote her bio of Petraeus, however, and I’m shocked, of course, JWNYPT does seem to have tried to contact Loeb to see what he had to say and his name never appears again in this rather long and detailed article.

Now, JWNYPT also ran an article focusing on Broadwell, but without actually talking to her.  She actually seems kind of likeable, despite her cultural chauvinism – like dressing like a whore by local standards in Afghanistan. I did find this curious:

“Officers close to Petraeus grew concerned about her posts on Facebook, which they believed sometimes divulged sensitive operational details.”

And “Some senior officers thought Broadwell, who held a security clearance and had served as an Army intelligence officer, should have known better.”

Hold on a second. She’s in Afghanistan, for some reason still has a security clearance but does not have an official position and wears revealing civilian clothing, and she’s posting operational details on Facebook and nobody did anything. What the fuck is that all about? Even a Shas Party member knows that that is a major no no

Ladies and gentlemen, I submit to you that there’s more than meets the eye to this story. It stinks to high heaven.   It reeks of the smell of Zionist bullshit.  It may just be regular good old all American bullshit – it will be interesting to see just what kind of shit we are dealing with.

I think he plans to return to the scene down the road. The greater occultation won’t be for a while.

2. In the meantime, Israel has gone on an insane binge of violence in Gaza, killing seven people so far.

Last week, Israel ” conducted at least 92 military incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank and Gaza. During these incursions, Israeli soldiers arrested at least 60 Palestinians, including 5 children one man was shot dead by Israeli troops near the Gaza borders this week as well.”

You don’t read this shit in the M$M and you never will. Kind of puts things in context doesn’t it?

3. I think I might have posted this video once before, but it is sort of fitting here, somehow. I had found another great Mercedes Nieto video, but I’m going to make you wait.  I do think you might like the song.

And remember, if you laugh at this video you are a bad person.