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Quel Bordel

1. For the past two weeks the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr have been extremely busy working on a new computer program which we now believe we have perfected as you shall see presently.

As many of you know, the “About” section of this site is written in Arabic. This caused many Mantiqiyyans some angst because they can’t read Arabic – just like most of the people who formulate US Middle East policy. However, one particularly smart Mantiqiyyan reader dropped the Arabic text into an on-line computer translator and managed to get a pretty good rendering.  There is no doubt that machine translation has come a long way.  However, it still has a long way to go – until now.

I know you guys are just chomping at the bit to see what we’ve come up with here. Be patient for just a second.  Here’s a sample sentence that we will run through a standard on-line machine translation tool. The sentence is:

ألله في كل مكان

The sentence says “God is everywhere.” We ran it through this translator and we got this result:

God everywhere

Not bad, but clearly deficient.

We proudly announce that we have completed the development of a computerized translation program that not only renders the original source text accurately into English but if you buy a special add on our program will also provide accurate interpretations of the source text. We boldy announce the perfection of this great program that we have named the Tafsiranatortm.  So, for example, let’s take the source text and run it through the basic version of the Tafsiranatortm. The result is:

God is everywhere.

We just love complete sentences here at Mantiq al-Tayr.  Really.

But the true value of the program lies in its ability to provide interpretive commentary that will elucidate the true meaning behind the text – our program can literally “read between the lines” as some pseudo fake phony people in the language business like to say.

So, we ran the same text through the Sport version of the Tafsiranatortm and this is what we got:

God is everywhere. Comment: This means that what the Quran says in Surah 2: verse 115 is quite literally true. That passage says that :”Wheresoever ye turn, there is the face of God.”  God is at once transcendent and immanent.

Pretty cool, huh?

We also like the fact that the Tafsiranatortm can highlight its comments in red.

2. The Tafsiranatortm has another great feature. It can translate text from English to English while also providing commentary. Going from English to English was the most difficult challenge we faced here at Mantiq al-Tayr since discerning the actual meaning of all the bullshit that is in the main-stream press can be pretty challenging. But, again, as you shall presently see, the Tafsiranatortm is without peer in this regard.

So, for example, we took the following text from an article written by ADL kingpin Abe Foxman. In this article, Foxman supports the idea of a two-state solution to the Zionist-Palestinian problem. Yes indeed even Foxman is on the two-state bandwagon these days which ought to tell you that that bandwagon is a complete total fraud and that Obama’s blathering about it is a deception, but again, I digress.  We ran the following text from that article through the Sport version of our program:

“Israel should simply find a way to acknowledge that a solution to the conflict requires a Palestinian state. By saying already that it accepts all prior agreements that it will abide by the road map, and by virtue of their looking to the actions of President George W. Bush, who was the first American president to call for a two-state solution, the Israeli government has all but accepted that concept.”

And this is what we got:

Fuck the Palestinians. Israel can use the two-state rhetoric coming out of the White House to its own advantage by arguing over every fine point in all the prior agreements while continuing to build settlements, confiscate Palestinian land, and murder all the Palestinians it wants while continuing to talk about how much it wants peace. Comment: Abe Foxman is a goddamn liar.

You gotta admit it, the Tafsiranatortm is one hell of a program.

3. So, we here at Mantiq al-Tayr decided that with all the furor caused by Barack Obama’s speech in Cairo this week, said furor being completely fake of course, that we would run parts of that speech through the Sport version of the Tafsiranatortm in order to “read between the lines” and get some true insight into what the White House is really up to. Remember, the White House is being run by a professional Israeli-firster who actually volunteered to serve the Israel military, but not the US military. Oh my, again I digress.

Anyway, one item in the speech that attracted lots of attention from all the usual suspects was Obama’s alleged criticism of Israeli settlements on Palestinian land. David Ignatius and Charles Krauthammer  are really in a huff about the settlements – though Krauthammer is, as usual, so extreme that he is really funny. He doesn’t even need a Tafsiranatortm .

But we have a problem here at Mantiq al-Tayr with the term “settlements” when applied to areas of occupied Palestine that now house over half a million Jews. “Settlements” is such a nice word. The Israelis are “settling” Palestine, making  the desert gloom –er – bloom, as they say.  “Settlements” are nice things, we all want to live in a settlement. Who wants to live in a trailer park or in “sprawl”? No one, but everyone loves settlements – so reminiscent of settling the USA back in the 1800s.

But, as everyone actually knows, these settlements are illegal structures. Furthermore, as Ignatius points out, you can actually get tax breaks by contributing to them if you know how. Yes, the settlements use lots of our money in various ways to carry on their illegal business of stealing Palestinian land and screwing the Palestinians.

So, we took the full text of Obama’s speech and did a search and replace on the word “settlements”.  First of all, we found that the word only appeared twice in the whole condescending supercilious address, so again we wondered why Ignatius, Krauthammer and others are so vexed by the issue. But anyway, we replaced the word “settlements” with “whorehouses” since the settlements basically take our money and screw the Palestinians.  Also, “whorehouses” just has a different ring to it and shows the illegality of the whole operation.

So here is Obama’s original text – the entire portion of his nearly  hour-long address that talks about settlements – but with our search and replace operation completed.

“At the same time, Israelis must acknowledge that just as Israel’s right to exist cannot be denied, neither can Palestine’s. The United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli whorehouses. This construction violates previous agreements and undermines efforts to achieve peace. It is time for these whorehouses to stop.”

We ran each of these three sentences through the Sport version of  the Tafsiranatortm and here are the results, sentence by sentence.

Sentence One:  At the same time, Israelis, but not the Israeli government, might want to consider the possibility that that just as Israel’s right to exist cannot be denied, neither can Palestine’s. Comment: while Israelis are thinking about acknowledging Palestine’s right to exist they will continue to take more and more of Palestine’s land, thus acknowledging Palestine’s existence and in the way actually intended by the speechwriter.

Sentence two:  Rahm Emmanuel does not accept the legitimacy of brand new  Israeli whorehouses, but has no problems with the whorehouses already built and which house about half a million Jews. Comment: Since Rahm is an Israeli masquerading as an American the whole sentence is meaningless anyway and requires no interpretation.

Sentence three:  “It is time for these whorehouses to stop, or whatever.” Comment:  Note that the verb “to stop” is being used in an intransitive way. The whorehouses are “to stop” just like a car stops – all by itself. No one is being asked to stop the whorehouses and since the whorehouses by their very nature – just read Charles Krauthammers disgusting piece on the matter – must grow, the US will do nothing to actually stop the whorehouses.

So, we have quite a mess don’t we oh fellow Mantiqiyyans? And we now will use the French word for a mess:


Americans Getting Another Ross Deal

After failing miserably to bring peace between the Israelis and Palestinians during eight years of the Clinton administration, Zionist hawk and Israel-firster Dennis Ross is being sent to the State Department to handle, in ways which remain vague, the Middle East and Iran portfolio there. I think the main reason he is there is to make absolutely sure that Hillary Clinton toes the Israeli line.

Dennis Ross should not be given any sensitive position in the US government as his life’s work demonstrates that he is clearly an agent of a foreign government and that his loyalties are to that government and not to these United States.  I want to take a few minutes here though to look at a little-discussed aspect of his life’s work to highlight the fact that he cannot possibly be trusted to keep America’s interests first.

At present, he is Chairman of the Board, of the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute (JPPPI) which was established by the Jewish Agency for Israel and is headquartered in Jerusalem. He is also a “counselor” and Ziegler Fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) founded by three former AIPAC officials and which functions as an intellectual arm for the Israeli Lobby. When not actively working for these two Zionist organs he sometimes teaches college classes, writes for newspapers and appears on Fox news.

WINEP is legendary and will be the subject of a later post. The JPPPI is not. But it is Israeli through and through and it is impossible for Ross to serve as its Board Chairman and not have close, long lasting, and no doubt very troubling ties to high officials in the Israeli government.  JPPPI’s website makes it obvious to anyone with half a brain that its members care first and foremost about only two things: Jews and Israel. I want US government officials who care about America first and foremost. But with Ross this is impossible.

The JPPPI’s home page makes its loyalties clear. (Red highlighting in mine.)

The mission of the Institute is to promote the thriving of the Jewish people via professional strategic thinking and planning on issues of primary concern to world Jewry. JPPPI’s work is based on deep commitment to the future of the Jewish people with Israel as its core state.

Ross is chairman of the board of an organization whose “core state” is Israel.  That alone should disqualify him from holding yet another sensitive position in our government.

Here are some of the activities of this organization whose core state is Israel. (Red highlighting is mine.)

  • I. JPPPI makes an annual presentation to the Israeli Cabinet as a whole on main developments in the Jewish world, offering its assessments and policy recommendations, some of which are already being implemented.
  • VI. JPPPI’s recommendations on expanding child care and other forms of assistance to Israeli families who desire a larger number of children were approved by former Prime Minister Sharon and will be discussed with Prime Minister Olmert.
  • VII. JPPPI’s recommendation to set up a Global Jewish People Crisis Management System to deal with terror attacks and natural disasters has been adopted by major Jewish communities and a global “Jewish People Crisis Management Forum” has been established.

Nice to see that Ross’ organization, founded by a foreign entity, briefs the very government at the highest levels that his organization considers its core state.

One would expect the board of the JPPPI to be filled with members from the core state and indeed it is.  Here they are (obvious Israelis in red):

Major-Gen Yaacov Amidror

Former head of Israel’s Military Defense College.

Prof. Uzi Arad

Former advisor to Israel’s Prime Minister and currently head the Institute for Policy and Strategy at the Herzeliya Interdisciplinary Center.

Prof. Irwin Cotler

Member of the Canadian Parliament, Professor of Law and Director of the Human Rights Program at McGill University, Canada.

Major-Gen Uzi Dayan

Former Israel’s Deputy Chief of Staff and head of Israel’s National Security Council.

Mr. Sami Friedrich

Senior business consultant and former Director-General of Israel’s Ministry of Economics and Planning.

Prof. Ruth Gavison

Professor of Human Rights at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Mr. Steve Hoffman

President and CEO of the United Jewish Communities.

Prof. Suzanne Last Stone

Professor of Law at Cardozo School of Law and Director of its Program in Jewish Law and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Ms. Morlie Levin

Executive Director of National Hadassah since 2005. Formerly, she was a senior analyst at the RAND Corporation.

Prof. Judith Liwerant

Professor of Political Science at the University of Mexico, Mexico City.

Mr. Isaac Molcho

Former Israel’s Chief Negotiator with the Palestinian National Authority

Mr. Steve Nasatir

President of the Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago

Prof. Ya’akov Ne’eman

Former Israel’s Minister of Finance and Minister of Justice

Mr. John Ruskay

Executive Vice President of the UJA Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York.

Mr. Aharon Yadlin

Former Israel’s Minister of Education

Hmmm. Where do your loyalties lie Mr. Ross?

Ross’ letter from the JPPPI homepage is also revealing (red highlights are mine):

“Following a retreat in Caesarea, I began to think differently about the effort. I began to believe that the necessity of doing policy planning for the Jewish people might, in fact, be feasible. I began to see, together with other collaborators in this effort, that we could identify priorities to be addressed. It became clear that among thinkers from Israel and around the world of international Jewry, there was a consensus about certain issues that required not just analysis, but also policy recommendations.

Demographics, both in Israel and the Diaspora, needed careful consideration, particularly if Israel was to remain at the center of Jewish life. The rise of a new kind of antisemitism, one less geared to discrimination against the individual and more toward attempts to criminalize Israeli behavior, required recognition and strategies for contending with a dangerous new phenomenon. Identifying areas around the world where Jewish populations might be at risk, and responding to these possible threats seemed to take on new urgency with new economic realities in places like Argentina. There was a recognition that different strains of Judaism need to develop a compact for civil discourse, especially if in an era of greater challenge some of the broader and more worrisome demographic trends are to be dealt with. (Indeed, many of us agreed that the principle of Tikkun Olam – mending the world – could be very important in providing a sense of purpose for international Jewry at a time of globalization with its largely amoral compass.)

Israeli criminal behavior is not the problem in Ross’ eyes. The problem is anyone’s attempt to reign in that criminal behavior. This is the man who will be telling Hillary Clinton what do on the Middle East.

With Rahm Emanuel running Barrack Obama’s White House and Dennis Ross running Hillary Clinton, the Israeli occupation of the Executive branch will continue under Obama just as it was under Clinton and Bush.

Palestinians should be afraid, very afraid.

And so should Americans.