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The Idaho Caucus

1. By now you are all aware of the great victory that Zionism won in Iowa. Ron Paul, the only person there worth not kicking in the balls,  received, so we are told, 21% of the vote. This means that in Iowa, a Bible-butt-plug state, almost 80% of its so-called conservatives who voted are stupid Fox-News-watching war-mongering Zionist-Bullshit-born-and-raised assholes. This is assuming that the results are not in and of themselves a pile of steaming Zionist Bullshit.

Well, the nagging and bitching tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr felt that shitting-on is believing and they held their own conference of the birds (despite my arresting some of them and plucking their feathers) and demanded that we here at Mantiq al-Tayr host an “American Winter” Conference where we would question the Republicans on some issues that deeply affect the average American trying to survive the onslaught of the Federal Reserve, the Rothchilds, AIPAC and bad patriot radio.

So was born the “Idaho Caucus”. Yes, the (sad) state of Idaho is now the location of the most important of all primaries. On the eve of the Idaho Caucus, which takes place on the 33rd of January, we here at Mantiq al-Tayr hosted all of the Republican candidates not in the cross-hairs of the Mossad and we even had a couple of recent drop outs drop in as well. The major voting on January 33 will be in Idaho’s capital city, Bumfuck, a city which whose mayor,  Marcus Glennius,  is struggling to keep above water.

Bumfuck’s mayor welcomes you 

(click here for source photo. It’s from the 2008 movie “Big Game” which I just have to see. )

The vote will be held in Bumfuck’s largest town hall, the Hatikvah Dome, in downtown Bumfuck at the corner of Deir and Yassin streets named in memory of the Holocaust.

Times are tough in Bumfuck

The candidates came into Bumfuck last night by broom and we held our interviews with them in the Bumfuck Auditorium and Recreational Center downtown between the US Army recruiting center and the local crack  house.

The candidates who spoke with us were, in alphabetical order:

Michele Bachmann

Newt Gringrich

Rick Perry

Mitt Romney


Rick Santorum

We didn’t invite Ron Paul because, well, it’ll be obvious pretty soon.

Anyway, here’s how the interview, led by yours truly, went down:

(Note to Shas Party members, this is satire. Red highlights are not only mine, but they are the only actual quotes.)

MT: Mr. Santorum, let’s begin with you. Lots of older voters voted for you in Iowa yet you favor cuts in social security by raising the retirement age to something like 105 and for turning part of the system over to a bunch of crooks in the private sector. Once people in their late 50’s and early 60’s figure this out, do you think you have a Herman Cain’s chance in a NOW convention of getting elected?

Santorum – Right now the single most important thing this country can do is put aside more money for Israel. My program will allow us to give Israel three or four times as much each year for the development of its military and to consolidate the emerging Israeli cities in Judea and Samaria. As you know All the people who live in the West Bank are Israelis.  There are no Palestinians.  This is Israeli land.”

MT: Mr. Gingrich, perhaps you could answer the question about social security. What is the future of this fund that so many Americans have paid so much into?

Gingrich: Rick Santorum is a traitor to the state of Israel. My program will allow us to directly transfer social security taxes to holocaust survivors in Israel while allowing us to give Israel 5 to 6 times the current aid Israel officially gets from the United States.  “The Palestinian claim to a right of return is based on a historically false story,” “These people are terrorists. They teach terrorism in their schools.” I say fuck’em.

MT: Ah, Mr. Cain, we weren’t expecting you to show up for this. Since you are here, perhaps you could address the question of the future of social security.

Cain: Social security, that’s uh, that’s uh, well it has social in it so that must mean its socialistic or something. I’ll get back to you once my biographers tell me what to say.  “I think that the so-called Palestinian people have this urge for unilateral recognition because they see this president as weak.” I say let’s just clean out the whole area and if a bunch of these so-called Palestinians die, well that’s just tough shit. Oh, and my program to wipe out social security completely now and forever will allow us to give Israel each year 10 times what it is getting now. By the way, I really like Jewish pussy.

MT: Ms. Bachmann, perhaps you could bring some sanity to this discussion, but I digress. Anyway, please let our aging population know how a Bachmann administration would swallow, handle, the social security issue.

Bachmann:  My plan is to simultaneously move the US embassy to Jerusalem and transfer the entire social security trust fund to the Jewish Agency my first day in office. If a bunch of old-fart anti-semites don’t like it, well we’ll just have the military arrest them as terrorists and toss their asses into Gitmo for ever. Hahahahahaha. God, I’m funny. I am the only candidate here who really is an Israeli. I’ve worked on a kibbutz. When I was there We worked on the kibbutz from 4 am to noon. We were always accompanied by soldiers with machine guns. While we were working, the soldiers were walking around looking for land mines. I really learned a lot in Israel.” “I am a Christian, but I consider my heritage Jewish, because it is the foundation, the roots of my faith as a Christian.” See, my heritage is Jewish, which means I am Jewish pussy. Keep your hands off of me Herman, you schvartse. Jesus fucking Christ, the last thing we need is another dumb schvartse in the White House.  See, I really am Jewish. Anyway, under my plan, the US could give Israel 20 to 30 times what it is giving now. Oh, did I mention that I am the only candidate who made an entire video dedicated to Israel, you can go here to see it on youtube.

MT: Mr. Gingrich, uh, what is it you are listening to right now on your Ipod?  I need you to talk about social security and other issues of critical importance to the average American.

Gingrich: I’m listening to this incredible broadcast about me damn near getting arrested by the FBI back in the 90’s for  a huge bribe scheme involving a bunch of Israelis and pro-Israeli Jews. It’s by Mike Piper, never heard of the guy, but man he has basically proven my devotion to the state of Israel – unlike all these anti-semitic candidates you’ve gathered here. Look, social security has the half-life of one of my marriages. Forget it you bunch of pathetic losers. No one gives a rat’s ass about your stupid little social security checks.  What you all need to do is support my program to wipe out the Palestinians – not that they even exist –  but I digress. Let me finish listening to this thing. You know, you should make his website your featured website on your next post.

MT: Mr. Romney, you are immensely wealthy to a degree that is obscene really. How do you feel about helping out little old ladies living on social security?

Romney: First of all Israel is our only ally in the Middle East and I need to correct the anti-semitic statements of my colleagues here.  ” I will travel to Israel on my first foreign trip. I will reaffirm as a vital national interest Israel’s existence as a Jewish state. I want the world to know that the bonds between Israel and the United States are unshakable.” And as soon as I get to Israel I will get on my knees on the tarmac and give Netanyahu a blow job. Furthermore, I will pay not just to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, but I’ll also move the goddamn US Congress there too, this will cut down on the need for all those congressional trips to Israel. And I’ve decided to give all of my wealth to the Jewish National Fund and I will probably have Camp David moved into Kiryat Arba. In my first Defense Authorization Act, I will see to it that Israel gets 40 times as much money from the US as it does now and I’ll have anyone who objects to this treated as a terrorist, arrested by the military and sent to Gitmo forever. Now what was your question?

MT: Mr. Perry, any comments on the future of social security? Can any of you mother fuckers even spell social security?

Perry: First of all, I have already given Netanyahu a blow job. Second I consider the Israeli settlements to be legal, from my perspective, and I support them.” In fact, I think they should build even more settlement’s, after all “it’s their land.” When I become president Strategic defensive aid, strategic aid in all forms, will increase to Israel,” because Israel will be “the cornerstone of my larger global strategy.” I mean, who gives a fuck about the United States being a cornerstone of US policy? You’d have to be fucking nuts. Israel yesterday, today and forever. Jesus loves you and he wants you to kill the Palestinians, the Iranians, in fact, pretty much everybody. Praise Jesus. Oh, and I’ll see to it that Israel gets 666 times the money it presently gets from the American taxpayers.

MT: Mr. Santorum, back in the 1960’s manufacturing accounted for 25% of the GDP in these United States. Today, manufacturing is about 10% of US GDP. What can you do to re-invigorate this once vital sector of the US economy which provided good jobs for average Americans?

Santorum:  Well, look at it like this. Iran is Israel’s enemy, therefore Iran is our number one enemy and we need to put an end to Iranian hegemony in, well, in Iran to start with. You know those Shi’ites have nukes up to their assholes, so I say we start a great big fucking war with Iran. This will put Americans back to work and will probably also kill quite a few of these useless eaters off.  I have a long history of advocating wars for Israel – you can see this 2006 interview where I basically just made up everything I said out of thin air and you can see me foaming at the mouth during this very recent interview where I note that Israel is setting the standard for what the US should be doing in Iran in terms of perpetrating acts of international terrorism.  And, speaking of Mike Piper, Gingrich is full of shit when he says that Piper shows that Gingrich is the ideal bitch for Israel. Right here in this latest podcast of Piper’s he shows that I am da bitch when it comes to bending over forward and backward for Israel. And yeah, you need to feature his website.

MT: Okay, one last question and since all you people care about is Israel, I’ll ask about that. How many more people must die for the state of Israel? Let’s start with you Herman.

Cain: It’s not about dying, just like General Eisenhower said. Hmmmm, I think it was Eisenhower, you know, the guy who they made that movie about. Anyway, maybe it was General Marshal, or Custer, can’t remember. Oh Lee, that’s who it was.   Anyway, it’s not about dying for our country Israel, it’s about killing for Israel. Let’s bring on that shit!

MT:  Mr. Perry, you’ve been pretty silent. How many more people must die for Israel?

Perry: Not sure, but why even ask? Anyone who dies fighting for Israel goes straight to heaven so I say let’s send all of our poor people over to Iraq, Iran, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and England to achieve martyrdom. Then we won’t have to pay them shit. No social security, no nothing. And if we give a few pieces of tin as medals to some of them, they’ll be willing to die some more. Fuck, and you people think I’m a stupid son of bitch! I am, of course, but you fuckers vote for me and people like me, you get what you deserve.

MT: England?

Romney: Yeah, fuck the queen, I’ve never liked that royalty shit.

MT: Maybe we can talk later, but I digress.

MT: Well goys and girls that wraps it up here in Bumfuck, Idaho. We’re fucked and I am signing off.  If we are lucky, the Mayans were right.

And it was then that I awoke in a cold sweat. All the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr were quite relieved. “It was just a nightmare,” they told me, “calm down, have some Israeli hummus.”

It was a nightmare. And it is a nightmare.

Your nightmare.

2. Here’s a very short video by the great folks at Sheikh and Bake Productions. I think they made it so short specifically so that Shas Party members would not have their attentions spans exceeded.

Traitors in the Mist

As American as . . .

1.  Well, I am pissed off at Mark Dankof. He  ruined my whole weekend last weekend. I mean, finally, after dealing with the struggles of the daily grind from Monday through Friday, I get home and have time to catch up on reading all the really cool blogs out there. I checked in with his site and I am sorry I did. Damn it Mark, can’t you just write about sports or something?  I hear the Houston Texans might not actually suck this year?  Plus the Cowboys had a big game against the Redskins – a team owned by Islamofacist Dan “Thanks for the money, Mort” Snyder.   Plus there’s all that college football in Texas. Also, the last I  heard, Alex Jones is still broadcasting Zionist Bullshit down there, isn’t he? Why don’t you write about him – you know, do a humor column or something?

But no. Mark’s had to post about a relatively new Jewish paramilitary organization coming soon to a neighborhood near you called Kitat Konenut which either means “rapid response units” or “paranoids with guns” or something like that.  This led me to do more research, and then more research, and before I knew it the weekend was almost over and I hadn’t even had a chance to watch one single football game!  Damn it Mark.

Also, my original intention was to do a post based on the question, “How is Hesham Tillawi different from Mark Glenn and Michael Collins Piper.” And instead, I’m now writing about another Zionist espionage group that pervades these United States. As you know, we’ve covered these groups here at Mantiq al-Tayr in the past. Well, guess what, there’s another one. I’m sure you are stunned. And guess what? It isn’t even Kitat Konenutcases or whatever these potentially quite dangerous morons are called. No, it is called Bnei Akiva – another Israeli operation aimed at recruiting traitors. And it sure does seem to love the Israeli military too.

What’s the connection between Kitat Konenutty and Bnei Akiva?  (Red highlighting is mine.)

“”Kitat Konenut New York is a Religious-Zionist organization and we hold the ideology of the Bnei Akiva movement which is Torah Veavoda. Members of the Kita are well trained and well armed with the best gear and weapons available. All guns are 100% legal and in compliance with all federal, state and local laws.”

Hmm, so Kitat’s founders, Yonatan Stern and Scott Brown claim on the one hand that their Kitat thingy is not political, but their ideology is that of the Bnei Akiva?  The Bnei Akiva folks specialize in getting Jews from literally dozens of countries around the world to be loyal to Israel.  That’s what they do, and they are very active in these increasingly less United States.

Founded in Palestine in 1929, Bnei Akiva is “the largest religious Zionist youth movement in the world.”

“Bnei Akiva’s twin ideals of Torah and Avodah loosely translate to religious commitment/study and work on the land of Israel. The movement has an anthem called Yad Ahim.[4] As a pioneering Zionist youth movement, Bnei Akiva believes that it is a central commandment of Judaism to emigrate to the land of Israel–“make Aliya“– and maintains that the future of the Jewish people is tied to the state of Israel.[5] Bnei Akiva feels that Jewish youth in the Diaspora should be educated to realize that the State of Israel needs them, and that they, in turn, need it.

In other words, be a traitor to the land of your birth and we’ll help you do it. And boy do they help.  And with your money since their operations, like those of so many Zionist recruitment operations, are tax deductable.

Bnei Akiva is the youth movement of the Mizrachi movement, which in the United States is embodied by the Religious Zionists of America organization – basically a bunch of very powerful Jewish fundamentalists whose very own website informs us that they are loyal to Israel first and foremost.  Their motto is:  “The land of Israel for the people of Israel according to the Torah of Israel.”

Now in case there is any doubt as to their real loyalties, their mission statement removes it completely.

“In a world of shifting commitments to Zionism, the RZA is the sole organization whose singular mission is to be an engine of pro-Israel advocacy, educational programming, and the driving force behind the organized leadership of the Orthodox community in its quest for activities on behalf of the State of Israel.

The youth movement is designed to make sure that Jewish kids maintain that very same loyalty. It’s all about creating religious fundamentalists committed to a foreign country.

You know, it just occurred to me that with all the bitching and moaning about Islam going on in this country and the great “concern” of so many so called intellectuals over the “radicalization” of Muslim youth in America, that the real concern here needs to be the radicalization of Jewish youth in America – a process that is so widespread, well-coordinated, well-funded and easy to document that the FBI should have no trouble arresting shitloads of traitors.  But I digress.

Anyway, I’m sure you all are just dying to know what great opportunities Bnei Akiva provides for young traitors at your expense.

Sit tight, get a barf bag, your favorite beverage, and read on.

First of all, this outfit is basically a cradle to college 24/7 operation.  “Bnei Akiva educational programming spans the year and the full range of ages, with members continuing from childhood through the college years, during the school year and during the summer.”

But let’s skip to high-school shenanigans for the sake of brevity.

“In 9 th grade, members of Bnei Akiva all over the world receive their Shevet name, the special name decided by Bnei Akiva in Israel that is assigned to their age-group. From then on, the Shevet becomes the center of a child’s Bnei Akiva chevra (social group), and after participating in our national summer programs after 10th and 11th grades, the Shevet gets to reunite at shabbatonim during the year.

“The final shabbaton of the year brings together Bnei Akivaniks from all over the country, from 9th-12th grade, for a shabbaton held at Moshava on the weekend of the Israel Day Parade in Manhattan. The shabbaton culminates with lively, enthusiastic participation in the Parade.”

We’ll get to the Moshava business in a second. I like how the shevet names come right from Israel. Also, isn’t it nice that there is an Israel Day Parade in New York? How fitting.

And when you are in twelfth grade you get to go to Israel and help the Israeli army.

“Bnei Akiva’s 12th grade winter Solidarity Mission to Israel was initiated two years ago by 3 Bnei Akiva members who were seniors in High School. Infused with the message of Bnei Akiva, these high school students decided it was time that they and their peers did something to show how much they care about Israel. The result was a 10 day mission that was filled not with sight seeing and tourism, but with packing sandbags for the Israeli Army in Sarel, making food packages for poor families in Yerushalayim, and more. Participants left not only with a tremendous sense of accomplishment, but with a renewed commitment to Am Yisrael [the nation of Israel-  and Eretz Yisrael [the land of Israel].”

And how cool is that?

Oh, they also note that the Solidarity Mission dudes recently spent “10 packed days volunteering at army bases, visiting hospitals, packaging food for the poor, interacting with victims of terror, and more.”

And if you go here, you can read all about how effective this brainwashing effort is.

And they have this Moshava thing – it’s four camps that they these kids go to every year. Nice camps too.

“The climax of the Bnei Akiva experiences of the year comes during the summer. 4 sleep-away camps in the US and Canada provide exciting, experiential Bnei Akiva education for 4-8 weeks. For children and teens up until 10 th grade, there’s nothing like a summer at Camp Moshava in Indian Orchard, PA , in Ennismore, Ontario , in Wild Rose, WI , and in Camp Stone in Sugar Grove, PA.

It’s only fitting that two of the four camps are in Pennsylvania – the land of nukes for Israel and where the state government has hired an Israeli company to spy on non-Jews living in the so-called Quaker state. They ought to call it the Spy State. And that worthless Zionist governor,  Ed Rendell, ought to be deported.  (Note: once the contract with the Israeli company was exposed, Rendell did cancel it.)

Then there is also the Mach Hach program which is six weeks for 10th graders in Israel. Guess what? You can sign up for the year 5771 trip today! Yes, and you can go to Israel for six weeks of complete indoctrination.

This video should inspire you:

No Zionist recruitment program could be without it’s holocaust section, and here you can read about how the holocaust is used to tie these kids even more directly to Israel.

They even time this trip so that the kids end up in Israel on Israel’s independence day clearly in order to have as huge a psychological impact as possible.

“From the intense emotion of Poland and Yom HaShoah [Holocaust Day], participants travel to Israel, learning about and experiencing the Jewish people’s triumphant, miraculous rebirth in Medinat Yisrael, culminating with a Yom Ha’Atzmaut [Israel’s independence day] celebration that won’t be soon forgotten.”

And there is just so much more. Go here and browse around.

One last thing on this subject: Remember those summer camps mentioned above? Well, here are some “innovative” things being done at the one that is in eastern Pennsylvania.

“Some of our most innovative ideas include:

  • Reliving the vote in the U.N. and the establishment of the State of Israel.
  • Building a ‘Time Machine” to bring luminaries from the time of the Rishonim.
  • Crossing the “Jordan” in the time of Joshua.
  • Re-enacting the siege of Jerusalem in 1948.
  • Creating and celebrating the diversity of peoples that live in Israel.
  • Treasure hunt using the Rashi from sections of the Torah read during the summer.
  • “Flying” the whole camp to the modern State of Israel. [Note to Shas Party members, they don’t actually fly there.]
  • Baking cookies in the shape of Medinat Yisrael.”

Hey readers, hope you get to enjoy those cookies. You’re paying for them.

2. So, I can  here you all asking, just what is it about Hesham Tillawi that makes him different from Michael Collins Piper, Mark Glenn, and Haifa Wehbe? (Hey, I didn’t mention Haifa Wehbe above, get her off your minds readers. Good grief.) You may be asking, is Hesham (pronounced Hgmbzqt) better looking? Taller? Funnier? Is it because he’s a Palestinian? (you are getting closer). Is it because he has a TV show?

No. Folks. Though no doubt the TV show does help.

Here’s the deal. Although Mark Glenn and Michael Collins Piper can be found via searches on the ADL’s website, Hesham Tillawi actually has his own dedicated ADL web page. Mark Glenn’s main page on the ADL site is just a sub-page on Hesham’s listed under Hesham’s connections with short-dark-skinned guys with nerdy glasses. Just kidding, it’s under Hesham’s “Extremist Affiliations” page.  Not even the throaty-voiced RBN nightime host and American Free Press writer Michael Collins Piper has his very own ADL-endorsed and sponsored page. No, to find the Piper, you have to search ADL’s site. But Hesham has his very own page. Click on the picture below and you’ll see how nicely that photo is framed on his ADL webpage.

Hesham (prounced Htfbvq) Tillawi

3. You know, it occurs to me that if Hesham were to shave his head, he’d look an awful lot like Stavros Flately.

Note: If this video does not make you laugh, you must be an Israeli settler. Also, to Shas Party members: the video is just a few minutes long, so it shouldn’t outlast your attention span. Also, it would help if you knew something about Riverdance first.

4. Okay all you students and lovers of Arabic, you will like this. There’s a new invention that makes learning the language so much easier and all the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr are profoundly disappointed that they did not think of it first.  It’s chewing gum. And below is proof positive that it works.

Clevon America is great. His vids are here. I’ll post more in the future.

Oh hell, I’ll do one more now. It’s a great game all you parents can play with your kids. Maybe they play it at the brainwashing camps run by Bnei Akiva. It’s called Gazapoly and it is not only great fun, it’s very educational.

5.  Now that’s enough fun and frolic.

“In five minutes flat we were all blown to hell.”

You know, it really sucks when you get forced to fight in somebody else’s wars. The Australians sure found this out during World War I at Gallipoli.  (This did not stop them from getting involved in Vietnam, but I digress).

Australians and New Zealanders recognise 25 April as a ceremonial occasion to reflect on the futility of war and to remember those who fought and lost their lives for their country. Commemorative services are held at dawn, the time of the original landing, mainly at war memorials in cities and towns across both nations. One of the traditions of Anzac Day is the ‘gunfire breakfast’ (coffee with rum added) which occurs shortly after many dawn ceremonies, and recalls the ‘breakfast’ taken by many soldiers before facing battle. Later in the day, ex-servicemen and ex-servicewomen meet and join in marches through the major cities and many smaller centres.”

If this video does not affect you, then you must be a neo-con trying to get us into more wars.

Charles Schumer (Likud, New York)

1. Before we get into the exposing of traitors section of today’s post, I want to point you all to one of the most interesting and intriguing podcasts we here at Manitq al-Tayr have heard in a long time.   All the tuyuur here are abuzz about it. Every Friday, RBN-exiles Mark Glenn and Mark Dankof do “The Ugly Truth” radio podcast together and this past Friday they hosted non-other than the great Michael Collins Piper, whom we here at Mantiq al-Tayr think should be either elected as president of the United States, or at least be put in charge of the ADL, which as far as we can discern is pretty much the same thing. Yes, yes, I know, the ADL job is really closer to say being Director of the CIA, but do you all out there really believe that the guy in the White House actually runs the country anyway?  But I digress.

The subject of the podcast is the Oklahoma City bombing of April 19, 1995 and the reasons Piper believes that Israel played an important role in it. The further you listen into the podcast the more interesting it gets.  Download this thing, listen to it and share it with friends. Hell, send a copy to Abe Foxman.

2. Now with that done, let’s take a quick look at Mantiq al-Tayr’s “Traitor of the Week.”  This week’s winner of a Golda Meir inflatable doll is US Knesset Senator Charles Schumer (Likud, NY), who has managed to outdo himself.  Last week this disgrace was sending a letter to Israeli Vice President for American Affairs (IVPFAA) Whatever His Name Is, demanding that he impose “crippling” sanctions on a country that is abiding by international law on issues related to nuclear energy because that’s what Israel wants.  This week though, he has gone even further.

Schumer appeared on the Nachum Segal ‘s radio program “Jewish Music in the AM” and proceeded to inform listeners that Schumer and his fellow Jews in the so-called US Congress are going to dictate US policy on Israel to Israel’s benefit.  Here’s one quote from Schumer.

“So I called up Rahm Emmanuel and I called up the White House and I said ‘If you don’t retract this statement you’re gonna hear me publically just blast you on this’ and of course they did retract it. And now what’s happened, and many of us are pushing back . . .”

We interrupted this quote (quotus interruptus) to highlight something.  What does the red-highlighted word “us” refer to in the quote above? As you shall see immediately below the “us” refers to Jews in Congress working with Schumer on Israel’s behalf.   Let’s resume the quote:

“And now what’s happened, and many of us are pushing back some of the Jewish members will be meeting with the president next week or the week after. We are saying ‘this has to stop, you have to have in terms of the negotiations you have to show Israel that it is not gonna be forced to do anything it doesn’t want to do and can’t do, and at the same time you have to show the Palestinians that they are not going to get their way by just sitting back and not giving it and not recognizing that there is a state of Israel.”

You can hear the short clip from YouTube below.

You can hear the whole interview here.

So Schumer’s Jews will be marching on the White House in a week or two and telling Obama’s Jews – Emmanuel, Axelrod, Ross and the rest, that the charade of there being a difference between the White House and the insane Netanyahu government must now come to a complete stop. And as this article makes clear, it really was a charade.

Oh, Schumer also claims, falsely, that the housing units which were the subject of the dispute were in “Israeli Jerusalem”.  No they were not, no matter what Israeli agents say about the matter, the Ramat Shlomo neighborhood, in its entirety, is illegal and is part of Palestinian land occupied and colonized by Israel. But “Israeli-Jerusalem” is code for “Israel will do whatever the hell it wants, so fuck you. Thank you.”

(Richard Silverstein has an interesting take on Ramat Shlomo.)

The White House fought back with courage that only a mother could love. Part of the Administration’s response was (and no I am not making this up, I wish I were)  “We have an unwavering commitment to the security of Israel and the Israeli people,” [White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs] said “You heard General Jones speak about that earlier in the week. We have said that from the beginning of the administration.”

That’s really standing up the Israelis, isn’t it? Now that ought to scare the shit out of the Israelis, right?

Actually goys and girls, it ought to scare the shit out of you. Hope you enjoy the coming war with Iran.

And here’s a shot of Charlie Schumer’s award.

3. About a year ago, we talked about the Pope’s visit to Jerusalem in part of his ongoing efforts to make the Roman Catholic Church look bad. He’s very good at this. Anyway, we noted that he had to meet with six “holocaust survivors” one of whom is Edward Mosberg who was then and still is under indictment for bribery and fraud.  Nonetheless, Mosberg was allowed to leave the US for Israel to hold hands with the Pope. Well, it seems he’s back. Still under indictment, but somehow, although three others have long since pleaded guilty to Mosberg-related schemes, Mosberg’s trial continues to be postponed. In a moment, our legal birdies at Mantiq al-Tayr will offer Mosberg some legal advice, but I just have to mention a couple of things.

First of all, Mosberg and his buddies all live in, surprise surprise, New Jersey (Motto “We have more crooks than Maryland). And apparently, in New Jersey, there is so damn much crime that the judges there don’t seem to care anymore.  One of the Mosberg-three is John Montefusco Jr., who plead guilty to not paying taxes on money he made in a house flipping scheme with Mosberg.  He also embezzled 18K worth of expenses.  He got 3 years probation and a 10K fine.  Why such a harsh sentence? Remember, this is New Jersey:

“But U.S. Judge Anne Thompson opted for probation, saying Montefusco and his wife, who both suffer from health problems, have a responsibility to care for their adopted preteen sons.

The judge also said the taxes he failed to pay the IRS on $160,000 of undeclared income was “not a great sum” compared to other offenders who have appeared before her.”

Anyway, Mosberg’s trial is being postponed until three separate Supreme Court rulings come down, one of them involving Conrad Black and another is Enron-related. Mosberg is in good company.

“All sides involved in the upcoming Mosberg trial are waiting for the nation’s highest court to decide on Black v. United States, Weyhrauch v. United States and Skilling v. United States — cases involving fraud that could offer “guidance” in how the Mosberg trial is conducted, lead prosecutor Chris Gramiccioni said today.”

Why would you wait for decisions to come down in other fraud and bribery cases? We aren’t lawyers here, but you’d think that in New Jersey, of all places, they’d know how to investigate cases of bribery and fraud. Well, here’s why.

“U.S. District Court Judge Freda Wolfson said in a court order in January that the three Supreme Court cases could affect several factors in the Mosberg trial, such as the final jury instructions and the arguments from the prosecution and defense.”

We hope that lead prosecutor Chris Gramiccioni is hoping to use the decisions, expected to come this summer, to leave Mosberg no wiggle room at all. But who knows, this is New Jersey after all.

But anyway, I think we have come up with a great defense for Edward Mosberg. You see, Mosberg is a “Holocaust Survivor” (HS) and HS’s are just different from everyone else and should be “judged” by a completely different standard.

What? You all don’t agree? You think Mantiq has become Mantiqinstein?  We have judicial backing for this opinion.

Let’s take the case of Florida’s Jack Barouh, a former “watchmaker” who has been, according to this article, engaged in shady financial dealings going all the way back to 1976. Unlike Montefusco above, who hid an amount of less than 200,000 dollars in income, Barouh has hidden, and no I am not making up this figure, 6 million dollars from the IRS using a Swizz bank.

“Barouh, 65, was sentenced today by U.S. District Judge Adalberto Jordan in Miami. He admitted in February that he skimmed money from his company and didn’t report income on $10 million in assets, including $6 million in offshore accounts at UBS.

His lawyer asked for a sentence of a year’s home detention, saying in court papers Barouh is the son of Holocaust survivors who taught him to “hide and hoard” and compulsively “want to establish a secret nest egg.” Prosecutors today asked for a 15- month prison term.”

There’s your out Mosberg. Hitler made you “hide and hoard.”

Barouh received 10 months in prison. This for over 30 years of committing financial fraud – fraud he admitted to.

I predict that Mosberg will not do any jail-time whatsoever and I suggest that Barouh move to New Jersey.

4. A song for Palestine

Okay, last week we did feature a belly dancer, (much to Roha’s amusement as she expressed on Mondoweiss).  So this week, we are featuring a handsome and apparently Palestinian lad who lives in Barcelona, Spain. His name is Nabil Mansour.  Here he is signing a song for Palestine (and yes I do know that the refrain and other words in the song are in the Egyptian National Anthem).

Here is the link to his YouTube page where he posts a version of  “Helwa ya Baladi”  originally done by the great Dalida but here done by someone else.

Nabil  says on his site: “Music about Palestine from my heart to the hearts of people all around the globe.” So maybe this post will help him reach a few more.  If you don’t like this, man you are at the wrong blog.

5. Speaking of “Helwa ya Baladi,”  Chantal Chamandy does a very nice rendition of it here at the Pyramids. She’s pretty helwa, herself, in our humble opinion. (Freeman gets the last word on this). She’s Egyptian-born and Canadian-raised. [Good news for Nabil, btw, I hear she’s studying Spanish :-)]

It’s a song written about love and appreciation for one’s country, not something Americans would understand, apparently.

Anyway, give this one about one minute to get going and you’ll enjoy it.

وا أمريكاه

The Zionist Bullshit Filter

1. The past months  have seen incredible storms all over the United States, a Wolf Blitzerkrieg that has brutally hit the northeast, the entire east coast the midwest the northwest and even all the way south as far as Austin, Texas. Yes, basically since the time Baruch Obama muffed taking the Oaf of Office, the lower 48 states, plus Alaska and Hawai, have been hit hard by and buried deep in tons and tons of Zionist Bullshit.   The Main Stein Media’s vicious assault is ubiquitous, inescapable. The New York Times, The Washington Post,  and all the Zell-owned Zionist hasbara tools like the Baltimore Sun, the Chicago Tribune and the LA Times, all the major magazines, Time, Newsweek, US News and World Report, Commentary, the New Republic, The Atlantic Monthly, you name em, all the alphabet television networks – all of them – and radio airwaves are bombarding us constantly with the likes of Wolf Sheister, Glenn Beckstein, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage,  female impersonator Ann Coulter, Laura Ingrate, Alan Derwoshitz and on and on and on. Oh, and let’s not forget two my very own favorites, Ethan Bonner and Howard Schneider. Sorry, I forgot to mention National Purim Radio’s Linda Gradstein, married to a former Israeli sniper.  (NPR refuses, according to Allison Weir, to say whether or not Linda Gradstein is an Israeli citizen. Her husband and children are.)  It is an unending, relentless, merciless assault covering the entire nation feet deep in Zionist Bullshit.  Even Hawaii is lathered in it, despite the best efforts of Mike Rivero, may he live long, prosper and found his own network.

2. But we here at Mantiq al-Tayr have a solution. All the various tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr have been hard at work to produce a device that will help you crawl out of the sink hole of Zionist Bullshit into which at this point you are going down faster and faster.  Yes indeed goys and girls, now you can, if you use our new device twice a day, see results in just days and in a matter of weeks you will find that you suddenly have more time to do things you like, your mental energy will be that of a person years younger, your insight will be like that of Michael Collins Piper, and your outlook on life will be forever changed.  What you need is the one and only  Mantiq al-Tayr-certified Zionist Bullshit Filtertm pictured below.

The Zionist Bullshit Filter Lite

This easy-to- use device is guaranteed to remove hundreds of newspaper column inches of Zionist Bullshit from your newspapers each day. Plus, if cleaned properly,  it will remove up to 500 megabytes of Zionist audio and video bullshit from radio and television programs you “enjoy” on your computer, DVR, or on DVD.  Once your newspapers and radio and tv programs have been purged of all the Zionist Bullshit that is in them, you’ll won’t have to spend so much time reading and listening to crap you know is bullshit and waste all that time filtering it out yourself.

Here’s proof.

Back in early February we exposed some of the nefarious work of groups like Ateret Cohanim, which is nothing short of a human trafficking organization which gets the majority of its funding from US tax-deductible contributions, and which also has a very special relationship with Israeli spy and American traitor Jonathan Pollard.  We pointed out that Ateret Cohanim illegally has built and populated a seven-story a house on Palestinian land in Jerusalem and dedicated it to Jonathan Pollard even naming it after him: Beit Yehonatan – Hebrew for “Jonathan’s House.”

Shortly after we did this, Howard Schneider, the current Jerusalem based Zionist propagandist for the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post [JWNYTP], wrote a piece that in-part featured Beit Yehonatan – giving it quite the sympathetic portrayal – I’m sure you are shocked.  The piece is so full of Zionist Bullshit you’d need a whole bottle of Bronfman-owned scotch to swallow it all.

Speaking of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, another place where Arabs are losing their homes to Jewish fanatics, Schneider makes it sound like it is no big deal at all:

“On a citywide scale, the stakes do not seem so momentous, involving just a few acres of land and a few dozen families. Jerusalem’s Arab population as a percentage of the city’s total is about 35 percent and climbing — in seeming contradiction to charges that Israeli policies are “Judaizing” the city.”

Those fucking Arabs, what are they bitching about? They are 35% of the population of their own city that Jews stole from them. Ungrateful bastards.

Then we get a section of the piece called “Jewish Attachment” and we learn all about, well, not quite all about, Beit Yehonatan, which Schneider spells slightly differently.  Red highlights are mine.

Jewish attachment

It is in other neighborhoods — from Sheikh Jarrah, north of the Old City, to the hillside neighborhood of Silwan and beyond to the south — where the tension with Jewish attachment to the area becomes more acute, playing out on a house-by-house basis.

On Silwan’s northern ridge, for example, a community that began as a haven for Yemenite Jews in the late 1800s is now virtually all Arab — except for the seven-story Beit Yonatan building, marked by a Star of David flag hanging down its length. To Luria, Beit Yonatan’s presence in Silwan simply marks the return of Jews to a neighborhood where they had lived until the ethnic strife that preceded Israel’s founding forced them out.

He adds more blathering by Luria about the situation in Silwan and of course tosses in a quote or two of people critical of what’s going on – most of it, but not all, just diluted forms of Zionist Bullshit.

But what Schneider does not mention, and I cannot believe he does not know this, though it is also possible that his editors at the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post just wouldn’t include it, is that  Beit Yohanatan is literally dedicated to the notorious Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard. Leaving this information out is another example of disgraceful Zionist Bullshit.

Oh, let me sort of digress for second. Did you know that Pollard is actually involved with Beit Yehonatan from his jail cell in these United States? Did you know he gets visited by fanatical Israeli Rabbis and they pass messages back to Israel for him?  Red highlights are mine.

A meeting last month between the Dean of Yeshivat Merkaz HaRav, Rabbi Yaakov Shapira, and Jonathan Pollard in the latter’s US Federal prison cell may have consequences for Jewish – and Arab – construction in eastern Jerusalem.

Rabbi Shapira visited Pollard in his jail cell five weeks ago, together with Rabbi Pesach Lerner, who is Executive Vice President of the National Council of Young Israel. At one point, when Rabbi Shapira asked him what specifically he can do for Pollard back in Israel, Pollard answered, “I am very concerned for Beit Yehonatan. It needs to be looked after and made sure that not only is it not destroyed or evacuated, but that it becomes a center of Torah and prayer.”

Shapira is the son of an insane Rabbi who “During the days of the Oslo Accords, Shapira was one of the founders of an organization that declared that handing over parts of the land of Israel to gentiles, even with a peace agreement, contradicted halacha and was therefore forbidden.”

The Yeshiva Shapira heads is very influential in Israel. So Jonathan Pollard, from his prison cell, is helping to create more ethnic tension in Jerusalem, against US official policy and in violation of international law. Pollard is being allowed to continue his treasonous behavior right from his prison cell. That, goys and girls, is pure unadalterated 100 percent Zionist Bullshit.  Schneider doesn’t breath a word of it to you. Wonder why?

Now, back to the ZBF.  Here’s how it works. You can take any newspaper article, or even an entire newspaper, magazine or book and feed it directly into the front end. It will scan every word of every page and will delete all the Zionist Bullshit and then will print out what’s left.

So we took Schneider’s entire article and ran it through the ZBF.  We set the ZBF’s adustable filter to “high” meaning “any sentence that has any Zionist Bullshit is to be removed.” Out of the entire article, the only thing the ZBF put out was the following quote by one of the Palestinians being screwed by the evictions in the Sheikh Jarrah area.

“We don’t want to let them stay here,” he said, nodding toward his former home, where a large menorah now adorns the roof. At the opposite end of the building, Ramadan lights were still on display, put up by a Palestinian family whose case is pending in the courts.

“We don’t want them to rest in peace and quiet,” Ghawi said of the new occupants. “We want to show the world they are sleeping in our homes.”

3. The Zionsit Bullshit Filtertm can also be hooked up to your computer and it will pull all the Zionist Bullshit out of your radio shows, podcasts, DVD’s  anything.  You will save yourself hours. On average, videos done by Alex Jones are reduced to about 15 minutes. [In a planned upgrade, we will add a “remove bullhorn bullshit” setting which will save you even more time.] RBN  programs come out with almost no commercials in them – some RBN shows, like Michael Collins Piper’s and Hesham Tillawi’s process quite nicely – commercial free and some of the callers are blipped out, especially that drunk asshole from West Virginia who keeps calling in,  but you get all the good stuff from Hesham and Mike. [In yet another planned upgrade, we are going to add to Hesham’s show things Mark Glenn would have said if had not been banned from RBN by Stadmiller.]   Current Issues TV goes through the machine untouched. Frosty Wooldridge’s written and audio material is completely eliminated!  ZBF owners will proudly live in a Frosty-Free Environment (FFE).

In the mornings, I just take the whole newspaper and run it through the ZBF while I’m taking a shower and when I have my breakfast, I can read the whole paper in just five minutes. It gives me more time to listen to (and read) Michael Collins Piper, The Ugly Truth with Mark Glenn and The Liberty Hour with Phil Tourney and Mark Glenn. I’ve lost weight, my prostate has returned to a normal size, my kids love me again, and my wife has an even more pleasant smile on her face all the time.

And there are so many different applications for this G-d-sent product. Looking for a job? And who isn’t thanks to Islamofascist Ben Shalom Bernanke and his friends? Well, run the Want-Ads from the newspapers or any Internet site through your new ZBF and filter out all the outfits run by Zionist controlled corporations . How about a sports team to root for?  Well this will sure as hell narrow that down. Looking for a good restaurant or Deli? You can rely on the Zionist Bullshit Filter.

As for local, state and national representatives? You are fucked. And the ZBF will tell you so. . .

Before moving on to the new theory behind the collapse of WTC7, I want to link to the following excellent article by Alison Weir because it will give new readers some insight into how much Zionist Bullshit is coming your way.

The article is called “All in the Family“.  Read it and order your ZBF as soon as you can. [Note: Ms. Weir and her excellent website “If Americans Knew” do not receive any compensation from sales of the ZBF.]

4.  Now folks, this is the part of the post where I normally include either a video of a stupid cat, in honor of the Anonymous Arabist, or a video of a pleasant looking female vocalist.  Sometimes both.   Now in our last post, we gave you a plethora of cat and vocalist videos but we actually had a hidden agenda. We included within those video files the clue to the real reason behind the collapse of WTC-7. To our great sadness, shock, awe, disappointment, grief, anxiety and just plain horror, not one reader got the clue – or if they did they were afraid to put anything in the comments section for fear of the wrath of the catophile Anonymous Arabist. who, if she had her way, would put Cat Woman in charge of the Washington Redskins. Hmmm, not a bad idea actually.  But I digress.

Anyway, two of the videos clearly explain the real reason for the collapse of the WTC-7.  But first a quick review of the situation so that Shas Party Members (SPMs) will be able to follow.

The National Institute for Story Telling (the NIST) has explained that a new phenomenon in the world of pecuniary-based physics called “thermal expansion” is what’s behind the collapse of the building in just a few seconds falling into its own footprint like the melting wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz.

Other people posit the theory that the building was brought down by controlled demolition.

Now lets take a few seconds and look at the key video from our last post, the one that “let’s the cat out of the bag” so to speak.  The video below was the second video in that series. What we did not explain to you was that this cat was actually inside WTC-7 at the time it was frightened. Now watch the cat and how it hard it hits the wall.

Seconds later this is what happened.

The real cause of the total utter collapse of WTC-7 into its own footprint in a matter of seconds was not “thermal expansion” but rather the cause was, as we say (badly) in Latin: Feles Exitium.  “Cat Destruction.”

The people at the NIST should be ashamed of themselves.

Now, we have to find out how BBC correspondent Jane Standley knew in advance that the pussy cat was going to take down the building?  Was it her cat?


Special Offer!!!  Order now!  Order the Zionsit Bullshit Filtertm and The Tafsirantortm and The Full Brain Scannertm all together and save millons of shekels today! Just call the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC at (202) 364-5500 and tell them that you are fed up with Zionist Bullshit and that you want the package discount and they’ll be pretty pissed off.  It’s not toll-free but it’s worth it.