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Rock the Nakba

May be busy until the weekend. These juicy tidbits should keep even the most voracious Mantiqians satisfied until I have time to pick up more seeds and treats.

1. Proof that dogs are superior to cats. The video is short, but watch all of it.

2.  The founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center demonstrates why his organization is listed under hate sites here.  Found this link on the Angry Arab blog. He is indeed angry.

3.  Are you a nakba denier? It’s from a most interesting site that is in both English and Arabic called Palestine Remembered.

4.  “Israeli TV viewers have lately been exposed to a bizarre sight: army officers appearing with their faces hidden, as usual for criminals when the court prohibits their identification. Pedophiles, for example, or attackers of old women.”

5. MEMRI is apparently still upset at the things Palestinian children are exposed to on TV before they are killed by the Israeli military.