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Who is Barry H. Landau?

1. Before getting to the main subject of today’s post which is item number 2 below, part 1 of today’s post is a public service brought to you by all of the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr. New readers may find this especially helpful.  I have argued on this blog for quite some time that the insane hatred of Islam in the United States is almost entirely the creation of the Israeli Lobby, is aided and abetted by Lobby-infiltrated violent Christians  and that this witch’s brew of treason has representatives at all levels of this country’s federal, state and local governments and permeates the military.  One result of this Zionist hemlock has been the mass murder of God  only knows how many thousands or millions of brown people, the vast majority of them Muslims, all over the fucking planet.  This endless slaughter is supported by the Zionist-infested general population as well as by key players throughout the Zionist-dominated political spectrum.

For those of you who are new to this site, or who got here because you did a Google search using the last name of a well-endowed female Republican presidential candidate followed by a colloquial word describing a key element of her anatomy (for months this was the most common Google query that got people to this site, I’m not kidding), I’m going to give you just a few links below that support my thesis. You will find this to be very time saving, to be a very good start if you are new at this, and once you are done you will most  likely say “Oh, shit,  he’s right. Thank God football starts soon.”

The first link is to a superb article by Max Blumenthal about Aubrey Chernick, a Zionist Israeli-firster and former  trustee of the Israeli Lobby’s primary think tank and who helps fund major Islamophobes plus lots of other outfits like the ADL, Ateret Cohenim (about whom I’ve also written), CAMERA, the Central Fund of Israel and Aish Hatorah. Aish Hatorah  just so happens to be co-located with the Clarion Fund – the assholes who put out the fake movie Obsession which is about how all the Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooselims want to eat your grandmother, after killing her according to halal ritual first, of course.

The second link features a well-known  Zionist Jewess, Debbie “Shoot’em up” Schlussel, at her very best as she publicly calls for the murder of 1.8 billion Muslims.  Her thinking is typical, people like her are a dime a dozen.

The third link is all about a major ally of Likud Presidential hopeful, Texas governor Rick Perry. Now we all know that Texas is a state of wackos, misfits, and Zionists (and I’m not just talking about Alex Jones here), but even Texans should be embarrassed by this guy. Perry just loves Israel and will no doubt run on an “I kiss Israel’s ass more than anyone”  platform.  Anyway, that ally is named Bryan Fischer who is a spokesperson for the vile American Family Association. Fischer is a typical example of Zionist-Christian hatred of Islam and Muslims.  He, like his Jewess counterpart, Schlussel, is not an aberration. This is main stream American thinking.  In addition to being a total asshole on virtually any subject whatsoever, Fischer is a graduate of the Dallas Theological Seminary.  Here is a bonus link which shows how evil this Christian is.  One, more thing, he called Breivik’s 1500 page tome “accurate”.

Fox favorite, the living mummy known as Pamella Geller and who is just an uglier version of Schlussel, is the subject of our  fourth link.   Another Muslim-hating Jewess who has never really had a job but who has found fame and fortune writing things that would have made Goebbels blush.  The  link above  is to one of many articles showing how devious this hideous woman is. Another Breivik fan to boot and she may have even posted articles by him on her site.

The fifth link is to a superb piece on the lard-faced Zionist pig Abraham Foxman who for years has worked to screw Muslims in general and Palestinians in particular. In case you are a Shas Party member, let me tell you that he has for decades been the head of the rotton-to-the-core outfit known as the ADL (or “JDL light” as I like to call it). The piece is written by a Palestinian American which makes it even better.

The sixth and last link takes us back to Max Blumenthal who proves my thesis above singlehandedly in this piece.  Many of the people he tackles in this piece have been prominently featured on Mantiq al-Tayr.

2. Now for the fun part. First, enjoy the pictures.

Landau is the crook in the middle

Sporting the Yaser Arafat look (AP photo)

A while back I posted a comment about a dude named Barry H. Landau who had just been nabbed by the FBI for stealing precious documents. I noted, in a mocking way, how it was obvious that this thing was much deeper than it at first appeared.  And it sure as hell is. So who is this guy?

Barry Landau claims that he is “America’s Presidential Historian”. He ought to change the title of his site to “The Bernie Madoff of document stealing and smuggling.”  He was arrested the weekend of July 9th and charged with stealing rare documents from the Maryland Historical Society. Maryland  is famous for being the new home of Solomon Dwek, but I digress.

He and his accomplice, a Shas Party-IQ-level guy named Jason Savedoff, were caught red-handed.

“The items range in value from $100,000 to $500,000, and are just four of the 60 documents police say the men planned to steal, meaning the total value could be in the millions.”

When it happened all th tuyuur here  at Mantiq al-Tayr were of one bird-brain “this is only the tip of  the iceberg”. Oh, we were so right. It’s nice to be right. How about this report? (Note to Shas Party members, red highlighting is mine.)

“Investigators have now identified hundreds of stolen documents, instead of dozens, from at least 11 locations in five states and Washington, Warwick said. Two other people are being subpoenaed in connection with the case, and others are suspected of participating on the periphery of the plot, which went on for “years if not decades,” the prosecutor said.”

And how about  this?

Since then, he said, several hundred other documents have been found in Landau’s apartment belonging to Swarthmore College; Columbia, YaleCambridge and Vermont universities; the Smithsonian Institute and the New York Public Library. It was unclear whether the Cambridge he mentioned was the United Kingdom university.”

The prosecutor also noted that

“”We’re extremely concerned that there might be a warehouse, safe deposit box, other apartment” with a cache of stolen goods, Warwick said, saying that Landau is a flight risk and that he has made “attempts to cover his tracks and destroy evidence.”

You can tell the prosecutor wants this guy’s ass. (Want to bet the prosecutor gets replaced?). Anyway, he stated in court  that Landau had  claimed he had “30 times” as many documents stashed someplace in Washington saying that Landau’s “capacity to engage in fraud and deceit” is endless.

But it gets even better. The latest report  about  the three days of pretrial proceedings is very informative. Landau lives in an apartment in Manhattan that rents for  $2,700 a month and his much younger accomplice, Savedoff, lived there with him.

Landau’s tax returns show an income of only $11,000 per YEAR.

This quote is also interesting:

“Prosecutors are using conversations with Savedoff, who was interviewed by investigators last weekend, as a road map for the investigation. The younger man told them that he and Landau stole wallets from patrons at a Manhattan gym in search of fake identities to use when visiting museums, and that Landau kept the better part of his collection in a storage facility and safe deposit box.”

Landau also really got around. Mike Wallace noted that Landau made sure he knew everybody and a curator at the Smithsonian called Landau a “master broker.”

Oh, and take this into account as well:

Thousands of documents have already been removed from Landau’s apartment, which he shared with Savedoff, since his arrest in Baltimore on July 9, and investigators have traced roughly 200 of them back to institutions in five states, Washington, and possibly Cambridge University in the United Kingdom.”

Okay, so you be the judge.

Landau is charged with stealing about 1 million dollars worth of documents, investigations are continuing to find the true scope of the crimes but already the crimes cross state lines and the Atlantic Ocean and it appears this has been going on for decades.

His accomplice says he has a huge stash of documents hidden away and Landau is quoted  by the prosecution as bragging about this.

Landau’s 2010 tax return shows him making only $11,000 dollar last year.

The annual rent for his Manhattan apartment is over $32,000 a year.

Landau has tons  of contacts in the media and in Washington political circles.

Landau probably is not an Islamofascist or a Christian. In fact, he is very likely to belong to the sacred tribe.

So it’ up to you judge. Is this guy a flight risk?

Judge Catherine C. Blake ruled, surprise, surprise, that he is not. He’s going on a train from Baltimore back to his Manhattan apartment that he cannot afford on August 8th.  I’m sure you are all as comforted to as I am to know that he will be strictly monitored.  He’ll have a gps attached to him, no internet, no contact with Museums and no passport.

If this guy were a Muslim he’d be being waterboarded and there’d be tons of articles all over the MSM about his ties to terrorism, the Nazis, Gengis Khan and the Dallas Cowboys.

I’ve assigned some of the tuyuur to follow this story closely. Stay tuned.

3. Did I note that Landau gets around? Here he is speaking to Google employees on the Google campus.

4. Not to worry folks, I would not leave you with just a video like the one above. So here is something even worse.  It’s like watching a train wreck. Warning, if you watch the video below and suddenly go into a permanent state of depression, bow out of all political discourse and find solace only in booze, sex and drugs for the rest of your life, don’t say I didn’t warn you. In just over three minutes your life could be totally ruined if you watch this.

5. Okay, I’ll be a good boy now, I promise.  Rim al-Banna is a well-known Palestinian singer who lives in Nazereth. Well-known for her  revival of Palestinian children’s songs, Ms. Banna is also dedicated to preserving  Palestinian culture. Below are two videos. Thanks go to Hesham Tillawi who pointed out the first video below on facebook.

The one below may have the same  impact on you as it clearly did on the host of the program.

6. Somebody tell Freeman to check back in.

Frequent Flyers

1. Something else bothered Orlich. Yee mentioned he had studied in Damascus. Orlich wondered about a man who would go to Syria — a state sponsor of terrorism — to find God.

What do you do after you help destroy a man’s military career and then help create a system of prisoner abuse that is then used against hundreds of prisoners?  I mean that’s a pretty good track record right there. What would you do for an encore? (See here for a complete expose. Also, take a look here and here and here and see Orlich suck up to Steve Emerson here.)

Why not put together a huge bullshit-filled KKK-like anti-Muslim briefing up on the internet? Oh, and make sure to put your name and military rank on it so that the whole world will know, as I demonstrated last week in my most recent post, that the US government is rife with anti-Muslim bigots.

Here’s a screen shot of the first slide:

Orlich is an Asshole

You can read about this guy’s antics in the links below, but for your amusement, I have also drawn a few quotes from the relevant articles:

Of course the quality of language work at Guantamo was always superb as we can see from this article on how totally fucked up the government’s case was:

Another accusation, that he distributed radical literature to the detainees, was based on an erroneous translation of an Islamic symbol in Ottoman-style calligraphy.

Later on in the same expose of government malfeasance we read of more great language work being done:

(Note to Shas Party members: red highlighting is done by today’s guest editor Mulaika al-Alamania)

Airman Al Halabi’s lawyers also made a charge of misconduct after a government translator contacted them to say that one of the prosecutors, Capt. Dennis Kaw, had discouraged her from alerting the court when she found a mistake in her translation of the Syrian government’s letter. Captain Kaw had insisted, rather improbably, that the Syrian government had given Airman Al Halabi permission in the letter to travel not only to Syria but also to Qatar; instead, the relevant word meant ”the homeland.”

No shit.  They don’t know the difference between قطر and القطر because they are completely totally and utterly unqualified to do this shit. But it’s just a bunch of fucking Muslims, so who cares?

And read this:

As recently as a week ago, reports suggested that at least 17 prisoners at Guantánamo Bay have been subjected to the program. But Maj. Jason Orlich, a creator of Guantánamo Bay’s “incentives” program that uses long-term sleep deprivation as a punishment for those who misbehave or fail to cooperate, testified that nearly all of the 350 to 400 prisoners held in two Guantánamo Bay prison camps were subject to the program, which entails waking the prisoners, shackling them, and moving them to a different cell along with all their belongings. Maj. Orlich was reluctant to specify the frequency of the moves, but testified that three-hour intervals “would not be abnormal.”

Maj. Orlich also revealed that the Frequent Flyer Program was Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), although it did not appear in writing in the SOPs of that time—begging the question of what other detainee treatment policies were omitted from the written records. According to Maj. Orlich, Guantánamo Bay leadership was aware that the Frequent Flyer Program was in use, and the program was a routine included in what the military calls its “daily synchronization matrix.” Maj. Orlich also said that the Frequent Flyer Program was ongoing at the time of his departure from Guantánamo Bay in April 2005, and he had never heard of any order to stop the program. This is despite previous government claims that the program had been discontinued in March 2004.

And here are some excerpts from the extremely bigoted and ignorant slide show this guy has put up on the web apparently subsequent to his tour in Guantanomo.  I wonder if he gives this briefing to other people in the military and the US government.  On the first slide of his presentation he mentions his PACOM affiliation. Maybe you investigative journalists out there could ask PACOM if this means that they endorse his presentation.

You know it’s gonna be good when it starts off with a quote from the fraud Walid Shoebat which I will spare you. Note to Shas Party members: the  headlines in bold are mine, not from the presentation by Maj. Jason Orlich – though I can understand why people could get that confused. The quotes from the slide show are in italics.

Also, the author of the presentation states:

This  brief is based upon Extensive Research, Islamic texts, history, and lessons learned at JTF GTMO

So let’s take a look at some of the fruits of this extensive foray into Islamic texts.

Yahweh be good, Allah be bad:

Yahweh = Allah

* Yahweh is a loving Father, who, along with the Son and the Holy Spirit, is One God.

* To Muslims, the concept of a triune God is a blasphemy.

“They do blaspheme who say God is one of three…,for there is no God except one God.” Surah 5:73

.  .  .

God.” Surah 8:30 * Allah of Islam is frightening.

“It is God whom ye should more justly fear, if you believe.” Surah 9:13

Muslims are Moonies:

2 Different Spiritual Worlds

Yahweh and Allah

* Before Islam came into existence, the Sabbeans in Arabia worshipped the moon-god Allah who was married to the sun-goddess.

* Common practice to use the name of the moon-god in personal names in Muhammad’s tribe.

* Allah was a pagan deity in pre-Islamic times.

* An Allah idol was set up at the Kabah along with all the other idols of the time.

* The pagans prayed towards Mecca and the Kabah because that is where their gods were stationed.

* The idol of their moon god, Allah, was at Mecca, they prayed towards Mecca.

* The worship of the moon-god extended far beyond Allah-worship in Arabia. The entire fertile crescent was involved in moon-worship.

* The early success Islam had amongst Arab groups that had traditionally worshipped Allah, the moon-god.

* The use of the crescent moon as the symbol of Islam, and which appears on dozens of flags of Islamic nations in Asia and Africa, and surmounts minerets and mosque roofs, is a throwback to the days when Allah was worshipped as the moon-god in Mecca.

Moohammad he a bad man and Khadijah, she be a bad girl getting her daddy drunk and all.

Genesis of the Islamic Faith

570 C.E. Muhammad born in Mecca

– Both parents died before Muhammad was 6

Abandoned by Mother, Amina, and passed around, rejected and possibly abused by 2 men (Ishaq 71, 72)

– Muhammad was raised by his Grandfather Abd al-Muttalib who almost

Sacrificed Muhammad’s Father Abd-Allah in the Ka’aba while praying to Allah and

Practicing divination. (Tab VI 2,5)

– He also liked to constantly stroke/pet Muhammad. After his Grandfather’s death, his Uncle Abu Talib raised him. (Ishaq 73)

-Muhammad became a trade agent for a rich female merchant named Khadijah who was 40 years old.

Khadijah who was 15 years his senior invited Muhammad and his uncles to her home. She got her father so drunk that he married them. Her Father later regretted marrying them. His sons, Al-Qasim, Al-Tayyib and Al-Tahir died in infancy; He had Fatima (wife of Ali) and 2 other daughters. (Tab VI 49)

Mongol invaders good, resistance to them very very bad and Ibn Taymiyya is a hadith.

Ibn  Taymiya and NO TOLERANCE



1263 A.D. – Born  in Syrian town of Haran

Fought Mongolian invaders  of Syria  (1299-1303) and taught that Mongolians were not true Muslims and that fellow  countrymen should not submit to their  authority.

Declared that anyone who  submitted to Mongolians, helped them or  dealt with
them was an infidel.

Taymiya acted as if he were a military leader, declaring the Muslims to be
infidels and attacking them.

Taymiya established the mind-set of NO TOLERANCE and refinforced principles that were practiced centuries earlier in the times of Muhammad.

REMEMBER: Today’s terrorism is a result of this mindset and Taymiya is one of most widely read Hadiths.

2. Yes, it’s already video time. Now the first video below is one that I found on Rick B’s site http://ww3zionism.blogspot.com/ Check his site out.

And no doubt many of you have seen it. But I’m linking to it because:

A. It is very well done. I take my hat off to the people at the Onion. They are superb.

B. Listen to the little girl’s Arabic at near the end of the video. Shows you what happens when David  Gaubatz types are teaching people Arabic. 🙂

C. It is short, so Shas Party and Tea Party members can follow it.



3. Shakira Law comes to New York (about time frankly)

And now for some serious study of the gifts that Yahweh er, Allah, has bestowed upon us. Kind of makes you all want to shout out in unison الحمد لله doesn’t it?


نشكر الله

The Story of the Good Mooselim

1. It was a dark but not a stormy night 🙂 probably around 12:30 in the morning on a very heavily traveled road outside of a major metropolitan center.   Mark was driving and he was exhausted having just finished a challenging take-home engineering examination that was more math than English.  He and his older brother, Jason, already out of college and working in a similar field were driving home to spend the holiday with their parents, two hopeless romantics with useless degrees in liberal arts, but I digress.  Suddenly up ahead Mark saw a car spin completely out of control, he had no idea what had happened, all he could see was the headlights of a car as it spun around and landed in the median strip.  As the brothers came closer they could see that two cars had collided and that the damage was severe.  Mark pulled over to the side of the road and the brothers called 911 and exited their car to see if they could offer assistance to the victims.

Abdul was driving about a full minute behind the engineering brothers.  In his mid forties, Abdul spoke English with a very heavy accent.  We don’t know what he was doing out driving at such an ungodly hour, maybe he worked in a local restaurant and had just gotten off his shift?  He never said, the brothers never asked.

Abdul didn’t see the accident happen, but as the silhouettes of the cars and the brothers standing near at scene came into focus he could see that this accident could very well  have fatalities. Abdul pulled over, phoned the police and got out of his car to lend a helping hand.

One car, badly damaged on one side, held a couple with a very small child.  The mother got out of the car carrying her little one. Both seemed okay and those who had stopped, the two brothers, Abdul, and a fourth person, checked them out.  The husband managed to get out of the car, told the fourth person that he was okay, and then lost consciousness.  At least he had someone who was with him until professional help arrived.

The other car posed a more serious problem.  The front end was shattered, glass was everywhere, twisted steel from the car looked like someone’s idea of a metal sculpture you find in front of government buildings sometimes.  The engine was still running, the brothers and Abdul could smell what seemed to be leaking fuel, possible leaking oil as well.  There was no light in the car, no one was getting out.  Mark was torn between his real fear that the car could go up in flames at any moment and his feeling of responsibility to help whomever was inside. From a distance none of them could tell who or how many were in the car.

Abdul led the way, followed by the older of the two brothers, Mark was behind them.  Abdul went right up the driver’s side door and tapped on the window. The older brother held a light to the window, using his cell phone as a flashlight.  The door opened slightly, inside was a young woman,  barely conscious. Abdul whisked her away immediately taking  her to the safety of his vehicle where she sat until help arrived.

Once he was satisfied the woman was okay and safe inside his car, Abdul went back out and talked to the brothers.  They exchanged first names and chatted.  The older brother asked Abdul how the young lady was. Abdul told him that she appeared to be okay, but that as he had half-carried her to his car he could smell the alcohol.  “That’s was probably what caused the accident,” he said.  The older brother nodded.

Helped arrived.  The handful of people who had stopped to offer help spoke with the police about what they saw.  No one can count the number of cars that had driven by right when the accident happened and which did not stop of offer assistance or to bear witness.

When they were done and all of the victims were in good hands, Abdul returned quietly to his car, started it up, and drove off alone  into the darkness.

This is a true story. The two brothers, whose names I have changed, are my sons.  Abdul was the name the al-Khidr like stranger gave them. He was a hero that night, and we don’t even know his real name.

2. My favorite line of poetry is the opening couplet from the Masnavi.

Listen to the reed, how it tales its tale

Complaining of separations

The scene at the airport was riveting, though I was the only outsider who knew what was going on. Nobody else noticed a thing.  In fact, I knew more than at least one of the people who were actually involved.

There was a family there, a husband, a wife, and a daughter in her very early teens.  The father and daughter had come to the airport to pick up the wife and the three stood at the luggage carousel waiting for what seemed to all of us who had been on the plane like an eternity.

The wife hugged her daughter for quite some time as the three waited. The separation had not been a long one, she had been away on business for just a few days. But mother and daughter are very close, so close that the youngin is never embarrassed at having her mom with her, never.  And the mom never ever tires of talking about this daughter, a lovely young lady whose facial features reflected the best of her mom’s.

But this was a special hug, a special return and the mom knew it as she held on to her dear one. The youngster did not know what was about to happen, though I suspect that she did have some suspicions.

The dad knew.  The mom knew. I knew. Thank God some friends of mine who were also on the plane were waiting – did I mention it seemed like forever? – at the carousel too and I was able to distract myself from the portrait of a soon to be broken family that was standing just a few feet away.  It really was a portrait-like scene, a handsome man married to a beautiful woman and their gorgeous and precocious child with a refined ability to drive her older sister nuts.

The marriage, in any real sense, had ended years earlier. He, for whatever reasons, and the mom has postulated many – all of them plausible, lost his ability to show, to offer, to give – love. She could not  live without it, at least not for the rest of her life.  A lifeless and loveless marriage had become more than she could bear. Nonetheless she always remained faithful.  It’s just the way she is.

After years of trying to help  her husband and to get him to be something resembling the man she had once married, she gave up and told him a few days before this trip that she was leaving.  He was okay with it.  They’ll share the kids.

The children did not know.  Not yet.  But that knowledge was just a few days away.

As I stood at the carousel looking at these three souls, I was ever so thankful that I was going home to my wife and that the two brothers in the first story above were going to be with us.

3. As long-time readers of this blog know, one of my favorite blogs is the Mermaid’s Sea, a blog by a young Egyptian woman with an artistic and spiritual bent.  For those of you who may read my blog but are not very family with Middle Eastern or Muslim culture, her blog would be a interesting place to start as it reflects the very obvious (except to Americans) fact that our Arab and Muslim brothers and sisters are real multi-dimensional human beings who would much much rather be friends with us and that having friendships with them is a great thing.  But in a “culture” and I am using that term very loosely, that raises charlatans like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin to iconic status and that in opposition to such cretins is only able to idolize the likes of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert,  things that are obvious to everyone else on the planet remain as mysteries wrapped in an enigma. Anyway, she writes in both English and Arabic so don’t let not knowing Arabic be a barrier.

The Mermaid’s most recent post ties in closely with the couplet from Rumi I mentioned above. It is a story about separation, longing and love.  It’s a true story.  It is her story. With her permission, I have translated it into English here.  Note to Shas Party members, it is very short, so your attention span won’t be stretched and I bet even you Shas Party guys can see some of the connections in these three stories.

Here is her story.

An Empty Place in My Memory

Photo by the Mermaid

You have not yet arrived, but I am preparing myself well for your coming.  I always write down whatever happens to me compiling the memories and precious things that happen so that I can share them all with you when you come.  I even store within myself the very flavor of my morning coffee so I can give you a taste of it. I am storing up the scent of the vanilla and berry flavored candles that I am always lighting so that you will know what comforts me on cold winter nights.  I will take hold of your fingers so you can trace the tracks of my tears on my cheeks, tears shed over many years. My conversations with my closest friends, these I commit in their entirety to memory so that I can recount them to you. My graduation photos with me smiling, somewhat confused, the many months, winters, and tales that have taken place between me my friends – all of these await you. I have left my footprints along the streets of my beloved hometown so that we can follow them together.  I  am saving my favorite dress from when I was a child so you can see my innocence. And I am keeping my warmth wrapped up in my shawl so you will be able to feel it.

I know that when you do come, you will come longingly to me and that we will build our memories together.  But, my dear, you must know what has happened in my life so that you can help create our reality.  I need you to taste my past, to breath in the fragrances of bitterness and joy in my life.  I need you to experience the tenderness as well as the harshness of the nights I have spent. I need you to embrace within yourself my past so that it can illuminate for you the winding roads my soul has taken.  I am a woman in whose heart the scents of coffee and dark chocolate are mixed with the sound of joyous laughter tinged with bitter tears .

And that is why in the reaches of my memory, I leave an empty place just for you, empty until you come both to share in my life and to make it new.

4. I was hesitant at first to post the video below, but it really is worth watching as well as listening to. If your heart is cold, it will warm it up, if your spirit is dark, it may lighten it for at least a while. It takes a  minute or two to get going, but the scenes and imagas are great and I love the song and the music.

Please note, the video contains an advertisement for the album of which it is a part. I have nothing to do with this album and do not know anyone involved in making it. In addition, the video at the end gives a tribute to two shaykhs. While I know of them, I do not know them and am not in any way affiliated with them and their organization. Though quite frankly, if I were ever to have the chance to meet either of them, I’m sure it would be an enriching experience for me if not for them.  And I’m thinking about buying the DVD too.

I hope you will enjoy the very well known Madad Madad, done here by the Burdah Ensemble,  as much as I did. (It even has a pretty good English subtitles so linguistically challenged British puppet monarchs can follow along.)

The Mooselims are Coming, the Mooselims are Coming!

1. These United States are engaged in illegal wars in two Muslim lands at the behest of Israel, completely support Israel in its continued genocide against the Palestinian people, and may well be getting set up for yet another war against yet another Muslim people who have done nothing to us. And we here at Mantiq al-Tayr are here to announce to you know that the punishment of the almighty Zeus is about to come down hard upon these United States for these crimes.  The news of that punishment is coming from the Cassandra of the Constitution, the Nostradumass of the New World, the wicked bitch of the West, the one, the only, the founder of Atlas Shrugs, the great protector of all things Zionist, Pamela Geller. Here she is and boy does she have a message for you.

This is why Atlas has become a homosexual

This is why Atlas has become a homosexual

That message is that Islam is taking over these United States and soon you will all be forced to follow the Shari’ah.

Actually, that would be pretty f’ing funny if you asked me, after all we have done to the Muslims the past 60 years or so, but I digress.

Anyway, here’s what you can do to prevent your teenage daughters from not getting pregnant and from learning how to dress in any fashion other than that of crack whores in Washington, D.C.

Goys and girls, you must join  “Stop Islamization of America” (SIOA) and you can go to their rally that they are having on September 25, in our nation’s capital. Wait, before you buy a plane ticket to attend this event in Jerusalem, please remember that our official capital is still Washington, D.C. which is where SIOA is holding its rally to save you from having to learn Arabic. (Congress each year tries to pass a resolution to move the capital of these United States to Jerusalem, but Usama bin Laden’s influence peddling in the US Congress has prevented the resolution from gaining a majority. Those damn Moooselims.)

Anyway, SIOA has arisen and warns you “about the threat that Islamic doctrine and those who support it present to our freedoms, and the future of our democracy and country.” For soon the Mooooselims will take over all of these United States completely without firing a shot. (They being right smart Moooooselims after all).  SIOA just loves the film called “The Third Jihad”  which “warns that radical Islam is working on a non-violent, cultural takeover of the United States.”

Yes indeed, right before your eyes, cute little Johnny:

Johnny Before Shari'ah (BS)

Johnny Before Shari’ah (BS)

Will be turned into thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssss!: (Warning: scroll down slowly.)

Johnny After Shari'ah (AS) coming home from a hard day at the Jihad

Johnny After Shari’ah (AS) coming home from a hard day at the Jihad

2. Yes, indeed those Mooooooselims are just getting control over everything. My favorite Moooooooselim is this one:

Ben Shalom Bernanke - Chief Radical Moooooselim of the Obama Administration

Ben Shalom Bernanke – Chief Radical Moooooselim of the Obama Administration

I wonder how many of these 12 Federal Reserve Presidents are Mooooooooselims? I bet a bunch of them are even Islamofacsists.  Oh, wait, here’s the answer. This article roots out all the radical Mooooooooooselim influence that permeates the Obama administration.  Holy f’ing cow!

Oh My Allah! Even the cow's will be Mooooselims!

Oh My Allah! Even the cows will be Mooooselims!

Anyway, let’s get back to SIOA, the 25th of September and the lovely Pam Geller.

So, the SIOA announced it is having this big rally on the 25th of September in Washington D.C. which just happens to be the same day that a Muslim group is having a special day of prayer there. This way they help ruin the Muslims’ day and act like the absolute bigoted Israel-worshipping traitors that they are.

The SIOA website calls for ‘every protest of this takiya-jihad-dawa event… [to] include some component of donkey, dog, and women.’

Pretty classy, eh? Could you imagine if on say Roshwhoreshanna  a group of insane Muslims were to have a protest and encourage people to bring pigs into Jewish prayer services just what the outcry would be. But I digress.

The original speakers at the event were to be Pam Geller, Robert (Fuck Islam) Spencer, Nonie Darwish and Christine Brim. Yes, Pam Geller was going to be right there. But I just had to cancel my plane ticket because, for reasons that remain as vague as what the hell happened to those trillions of dollars Obama gave to Shari’ah-controlled Wall Street, the original speakers don’t seem to be able to make it.

However, SIOA is going to make this up to you by having Rebecca Bynum speak. She’s  formerly of Jihad WatchDaniel Pipes’ own personal hate organization. Now she runs the very deceptively titled “New English Review” which has lots of pure unadulterated Zionist bullshit. Rebecca, showing just the kind of person you would have to be to work for Jihad Watch, has this to say about bringing donkeys and dogs to disrupt a Muslim prayer service. Red highlights are  mine.

“Because the Arutz Sheva article picked up on some of SIOA’s creative brainstorming posts to use humor and a bit of theatrics involving the things that are thought to disrupt prayer for Muslims – dogs, donkeys and women – some are already calling this loving group of people “extreme.” “

ya think?

3. Now before you all go crawling underneath your beds cowering from the prospect that B.S. Bernanke is leading the charge to make you all become Moooooooooooselims against your will, there actually might be some good things about having Shari’ah become the law of the land.

1. It will put lots of lawyers out of business.

2. It will bring an end to the Federal Reserve System since loaning money at interest was banned by Muhammad  who was himself a very good and honest businessman.

3. Prayer will be brought back into the schools.

4. Most of the time Ramadan will take place during the school year. That means for one entire month kids in high school and lots of middle school kids won’t be eating shitty junk food all day. Also, Republicans should love it because it means that the government won’t have to provide meals to poor children for a whole month.

5. We won’t have to fight wars for Israel anymore.

6. AIPAC would have to register as an operational intelligence service for a foreign government. They would then all be arrested and executed for treason.

7. The rest of the world won’t hate our guts because of all the wars we are fighting for Israel.

8. The hummus in the grocery stores will probably be made by Arabs instead of by Israelis masquerading as Arabs. (al-Jazeera Arabic had a nice documentary that I saw yesterday which has a short section during which a Palestinian woman talks about Israeli efforts to pretend that beautiful hand-made Palestinian dresses are actually Israeli. She notes that they come and steal Palestinian land and even their food and their clothing.)

9. The chances of a woman being elected president will greatly increase. We might rise up to the level of the peoples of Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey and Indonesia – all Muslim countries and all of which have at some point elected – yes elected – a woman a head of state. Bangladesh did it twice. (Hey Hillary, you can be a carpet bagger in Bangladesh just like you were New York. Convert to Islam and move there and maybe you’ll become a head of state after all. )

10. Perhaps, best of all, the Kosher Nostra will come to an end. By this I mean that those kosher symbols that companies have to pay for (and hence you have to pay for) that are on damn near anything in your grocery store (I wonder if there is one on US currency too?), will be replaced by the Sacred Islamic Halal Marker (The SIHM) Actually, the SIHM comes in two forms. One is less expensive than the other, so if you are just starting out with your hummus company you can buy the cheaper one. Imagine this being on all your food instead of those stupid looking K’s and U’s that are there now:

The Sacred Islamic Halal Marker Coming to a Grocery Store Near You

The Sacred Islamic Halal Marker Coming to a Grocery Store Near You

There’s a more expensive halal marker too. It is for those people, good Mooooooooooooselims all, who want to piss off Christian Zionists such as the creepy Martin Mawyer who is also speaking at SIOA’s hate rally on the 25th of September. It costs more, but you get what you pay for.

The Sacred Islamic Halal Marker for Zionist Christians (SIHMZC)

The Sacred Islamic Halal Marker for Zionist Christians (SIHMZC)

Yup. You’ll all be as happy as a pig in a poke.

Shlomo the pig. He'll be at the SIOA hate rally too.

Shlomo the pig. He’ll be at the SIOA hate rally too.

“It is enough.”

1. Al-hamdu lillah is an Arabic phrase that students in Arabic 101 classes all over the world learn on the first day of class. It means “Praise belongs to God” and the students learn that it can be used to answer the question “How are you?”. The response of “Praise belongs to God” is sort of a shorthand for “I’m fine, thanks be to God.” In other words, it is pretty much a throw away line said with as little thought as an American would give to answering the same question in English.

But in Islam God is to be praised for all things that happen to you, good or bad. Thus there are expressions in Arabic that mean “Praise belongs to God under all conditions” and then my personal favorite that even rhymes in Arabic “Al-hamdu lillah alladhi la yuhmadu ‘ala makruhin siwah” which in English just doesn’t sound the same at all. “Praise belongs to God who is the only one who can be praised for something bad.”

One thing that many Arabic 101 students are never taught, and this is especially sadly true of students trained in the US  military since they kill more Muslims than the rest of us, is that the Quran actually begins with this very phrase.  For in Islam a truly wise person is one who has faith and one who has faith has the wisdom to know that, as the Quran itself teaches, you may not like something at all but it could turn out that it is what is best for you. I’m sure that many Mantiq readers have their stories of blessings in disguise. Al-hamdu lillah.

2. It was Ramadhan some years ago.  Cold, wet, foggy, typical English weather in the middle of  winter.  It was a Friday. The Shaykh had been invited to England to speak at various mosques in and around London and to lead the tarawih prayers said during Ramadhan at night in mosques throughout the world. He was especially sought after due to his melodious voice and his Egyptian sense of humor which he often used as an effective teaching device in his sermons.

It was late afternoon and the sun would soon begin to set. The Shaykh was sitting on the carpet leaning against the wall reading his Quran and waiting for the call to prayer so he, like the many others gathered at the mosque, could break the fast with some very simple light food, say the sunset prayer and then once again all gather together immediately afterwards for a proper Ramadhan meal and fellowship.

The Shaykh had given a particularly powerful sermon that day at the Friday noon prayer as a sort of guest Imam. His sermon was on the juxtaposition of faith and works in the Quran and it was meant to provoke discussion and reflection – something most sermons never do in any place of worship. But as the worshippers began to gather and chit chat as they too awaited the call to prayer ending the fasting for that day they began to talk about salvation and paradise and how to attain them.  Many of the workers were immigrants from Pakistan and India, a few from various Arab countries and some from more distant Islamic lands. Then there were the white British converts whom everyone else – the real Muslims – liked to lord it over and “teach” about the “true” Islam.

There was lots of talk about Jihad as the only true way to salvation. The whites were listening hearing quotes (and misquotes) from the hadiths of the Prophet about the glories of Jihad and the status of martyrs. Others, less hell-bent on avoiding hell through violence, stressed the Quran’s great emphasis on helping the poor and needy and upon justice and building a just society. These things will earn you paradise.

The Shaykh sat in the corner looking at them. “Somebody reads one book and thinks he is Abu Hanifah” he said to himself. He was just 40, but looked older. Dealing with the Muslim communities in non-Muslim lands for the past few years had taken its toll on his otherwise sunny disposition. His neatly trimmed beard was starting to show serious grayness and up close you could see the lines around his deep almost black eyes.

One particularly annoying young Egyptian man in the crowd arose to speak shouting loudly that Jihad was the way to paradise in an age where all the Muslim lands were under siege. He quoted Surah 61 verses 10 and 11 –  verses often quoted by Aiman al-Zawahiri whom the Shaykh had once known personally and whom he loathed.

O ye who believe! Shall I lead you to a bargain that will save you from a grievous Penalty?-

That ye believe in God and His Messenger, and that ye engage in Jihad in the Cause of God, with your property and your persons: That will be best for you, if ye but knew!

The Shaykh then made a decision within himself that would change his life forever and in ways he could not then have imagined.

He slowly rose and walked to the center of the mosque where so many of the young men had gathered. He stood next to the young Egyptian firebrand and quoted from other verses  in the same Sura:

O ye who believe! Why say ye that which ye do not?

Grievously odious is it in the sight of God that ye say that which ye do not.

The point was not lost on the young man who faded slowly back into the group.

The Shaykh now had the attention of everyone in the mosque. Even the women who had been bringing food for the breaking of the fast had stopped making preparations and stood almost at attention from the women’s section of the prayer area.

The Shaykh, who always kept in mind the Prophet’s exhortation to make one’s prayer long but one’s speeches short, spoke in his British-accented English.

If all you can do is say “al-hamdu lillah” it is enough.

Everyone remained quiet as the Shaykh walked through the crowd to the entrance to the mosque. He went out into the fog and the cold to pray and break his fast alone.

How Does This Sound?

1. “Absolutely. If a Jew who has — who is — a practicing Jew who believes the word of the Hebrew Bible to be the word of Yahweh, who abides by Judaism, who goes to synagogue and prays every Saturday, who prays three times a day — this practicing Jew , who believes in the teachings of the Hebrew Bible, cannot be a loyal citizen to the United States of America.”

“A Jew is allowed to lie under any situation to make Judaism , or for the benefit of Jews in the long run. A Jew sworn to office can lay his hand on the Hebrew Bible and say ‘I swear that I’m telling the truth and nothing but the truth,’ fully knowing that he is lying because the same Hebrew Bible that he is swearing on justifies his lying in order to advance the cause of Judaism . What is worrisome about that is when we are faced with war and a Jewish political official in office has to make a decision either in the interest of the United States, which is considered infidel according to the teachings of Judaism , and our Constitution is uncompatible [sic] with Judaism — not compatible — that Jew in office will always have his loyalty to Judaism.”

“Those Jews who are coming into the United States, they are immediately going from the border into the major cities where there is a large Jewish concentration in the United States, such as New York Aviv or Bethesda…”

“We need to see more patriotism and less terrorism, and especially on the part of the Jewish community in this country, who are good at nothing but complaining about every single thing instead of standing up and working with us in fighting the enemy in our country.

“I tell them, if you see a synagogue being built in your community, and you are worried about suspicious activities happening in the synagogue, go down to city hall. Find out who owns the deed to that synagogue. Is it an Israeli foundation? Is it (in) names of some Jewish Rabbi outside of the United States of America? Write those names down. It’s public information — for free. Write the information down. Come home. Call the F.B.I. in your local community. Turn the names to the F.B.I. and the F.B.I. can start checking. Are these people on the most wanted list? Do they have links to terrorism? This is how we can help our government as citizens…”

Original text is included in the article here. Please compare.  In the text above, references to Muslims were replaced by references to Jews. Imagine such a bigot being able to speak to US military academies.

An American Industry On the Rise

1. The ISI:

One major theme that readers have observed on this blog is that the Middle East landscape in general, and the quagmire of Israel and the Palestinians in particular, are usually captured through Israeli lenses and then framed and interpreted largely through an Israeli perspective in what is all too often inaccurately described as the “American” main-stream media.

This blog will also develop another closely related but nonetheless very different theme, a theme that so far has not been directly stated. An “American” industry has prospered in the United States in a sort of symbiotic relationship with the requirement that the Arab world must be viewed through the eyes of largely Ashkenazi Jews from Russia and Europe. This industry pervades American popular culture and helps create the backdrop into which the main-stream media can then drop pictures of unharmed Israeli civilians onto their front pages and their readers can then see why killing Palestinian children is necessary. This industry seeks to portray virtually any aspect of Islam as evil, perverted and ultimately out to destroy all that is good in the world. It has a host of purveyors and pimps in the media, publishing, in Hollywood, and in academia. They range from far-right so-called “patriots” to liberals to former Trotskyite Israeli-firsters imbedded in the US governmental fabric. Leading figures in what I call the ISI, the Islam Sucks Industry, are the likes of Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer, Steve Emerson, and Craig Winn. But there are plenty out there because the industry has an excellent market and by joining it one is much more likely to get published and possibly prosper than by going against the grain which requires much more research and overcoming of obstacles.

2. False-Framing:  Operationus Interruptus is Honor Lost

The book Honor Lost (sold outside the United States as Forbidden Love) by Norma Khouri was marketed as a true story depicting the brutality of the Arabs in Jordan who engage in honor killings and who just can’t help treating their women like shit.Norma, a good Christian girl, and her Muslim female friend, Dalia, opened up a unisex hair Salon in Jordan’s capital, Amman.  Dalia, the oppressed Muslim woman, fell in love with a Christian named Michael and got stabbed to death as a result by her father. Michael helped smuggle poor little Norma out of Jordan, no doubt saving her life in the process.

Sound like a sure-fire formula for success? Sure does and it was as she sold over 250 thousand copies (and possibly more).  She managed to get Random House to publish the book. Predictably, initial reviews were glowing such as this one at the National Review lovingly entitled “Death by Shari’ah.” Seth Mydans of the New York Times gave it a fawning review in an utterly obsequious interview which reveals every bit as much about him as it does her. I tell you, I’m in the wrong business.

Her book was a classic false-framing operation. Make up a story – doesn’t matter how ridiculous it is – and make sure it fits any and every conceivable stereotype about Arabs and Muslims and you’ll get accolades from the left and the right. No one even did any basic fact checking on this book at Random House. How can that be? Because they knew they could make money in the Islam Sucks Industry. Ask Kiefer Sutherland, it works.

As I suspected the first time I saw the book, the book is a complete fake. See here for more. It is not just that book was filled with errors – a women’s organization in Jordan found 73 of them and sent the documentation to Random House – it is rather that everything about her and her book is a lie and could have been easily detected by having anyone who knows anything about Jordan (and who isn’t part of the ISI) read it. Almost everything she was saying about herself,  just about every single thing, was a lie. She did not grow up in Jordan, she grew up in Chicago having moved there from Jordan when she was three years old. She didn’t flee Jordan with her life at stake, she grew up like a very abnormal person in the Windy City. She also has a most interesting criminal background. More on that here. She even tried to cheat her own mother out of her mother’s house. It appears that by 1999 she was in so much trouble with the FBI that she and her likely criminal husband and her two children left the US (see previous links but don’t forget this one too.) Oh, did I mention that she said she had to leave Jordan because there was a fatwa calling for her head? Yes indeed, no Islam Sucks hoax is complete without at least one expression of fatwa-fetishism.But since she was just playing the game of Islam Sucks, no one cared to check.

But a women’s group in Jordan (no doubt mainy made up of Muslims) did. And so did Malcom Knox of the Sidney Morning Herald. He could not figure out why a woman who said she grew up in Jordan spoke English with a mid-western American accent and seemed to know almost no Arabic. So he poked around and found another fraud from Chicago. The links to his stories are in the paragraphs above.

There are plenty of Norma Khouri’s around. Readers of this blog know some of them.

Coming up next: False Framing in Tel Aviv. George Mitchell’s address to the (Israeli) Institute of National Securities Studies.