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If It’s 729 You Must Decline

1. Israeli Vice-President for American Affairs  (IVPAA), Barrack Hussein Obama (BO)  is in such a bind that even Daniel “Dracula” Pipes (DDP), one of our favorite loons here at Mantiq al-Tayr, has offered him advice. I guess the IVPAA just isn’t getting enough advice from Zionist Jews and Israeli – Firsters like Rahm Israel Emmanuel, David Axelrod and Dennis Ross and . . . . . (insert long list), so in service to his country, Israel, Count Daniel came to his rescue.

BO is indeed in deep shit. His approval ratings are plummeting faster than New York skyscrapers hit by airplanes, his health proposal is deader than a Palestinian child murdered by an Israeli soldier, the US economy is in a complete total shambles from which it will almost certainly never recover, the public is becoming more and more aware of what it needs to do about Ben Shalom Bernanke, Larry Summers and Tim Geitner, the war in Afghanistan is, well, we are getting our asses kicked, Iraq – hell, who needs to mention that disaster, Adam Pearlman remains the only fat person in what the government calls Afpak – quite a feat frankly, wonder how he manages that, but I digress, the United States is hated everywhere in the world – and I mean hated, the Chinese just bitch-slapped Hillary so hard over Taiwan that she had  to go to France to suck (up to) Sarkozy and she then bitch-slapped China back over Iran – not a good idea considering China owns tons of US debt, Climate Gate is the laughing-stock of the entire Internet and there’s still that funny little documentation issue that BO has as a sword of Damocles hanging over his Israeli-operated guest house on Pennsylvania Avenue.

So, while I am not one to offer free advice to the likes of  BO, duty calls and I must answer.

Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama, you owe it to the highly-taxed, increasingly jobless and war-weary citizens of these United States to do something dramatic that will restore American’s prestige in the world, bring an end to International Terrorism, and provide future job opportunities for the American working and middle classes.  Therefore you must bomb Israel’s nuclear facilities at Dimona. In fact, you should go beyond that and destroy Israel’s Airforce completely which should then make Israel even less likely to invade Lebanon and will prevent it from launching an attack on Iran.

Here are some maps you can give to your military planners.

The nuke plant is 13km sout-east of Dimona

Here’s another view, this one is from Google.

Making the Desert Glow

Just think what a devastating schlock and awe strike on Israel would do for the United States.  Al-Qa’ida would disband. Iran would probably agree to almost any deal about its own nuclear facilities – which unlike Israel’s – are legal, the Chinese would probably not cash in the humongous US debt it owns, Europeans will love us again and you will probably prevent Sarah Palin from becoming president in 2012. Hell, they might even give you the Nobel Peace Prize. Oh, wait, never mind on that last thing. You already got it for killing Muslims.

Of course there are some risks to this strategy. For example, Israel would probably set off one or more of its nuclear bombs that it most likely has planted in one or more major US cities (I hope New York is one, but beggars can’t be choosers), Israel would probably also launch one or more of the nuclear missiles it has targeted against European cities (Paris, please, please) and Rahm will probably expose you for not being constitutionally qualified to be president. But there’s an upside to all of this.

First of all, there’s too damn many people on the planet anyway, ask that genius of geniuses Frosty Wooldridge, so what if we lose a few million here and in Europe? Besides think of all the great jobs programs you can set up to rebuild the US and Europe – The Barrack Obama Plan [The BOP] – has a nice ring to it, no?

Also, who says only Muslims get to be invaded, bombed and slaughtered these days? Why not let some of the rest of the world in on the fun? I mean, having your loved-ones killed by crazy followers of a perverted ideology isn’t something that just Palestinians and Lebanese should enjoy, let’s let the Europeans the Americans in on the action.

And you’ll be so popular after you do this that I bet we can get the US Knesset to amend the constitution to say that if you have a Muslim name it doesn’t matter where you were born or what your true citizenship status is. After all, we all know the US legislature is run by Islamofascists anyway.

Also, Rahm Israel Emanuel will probably resign. In fact, I bet lots of the loyalty-challenged people who completely surround you, would resign. Also in  fact, I bet the people of these United States would help you out in “asking” for their resignations.

“Rahm, David, Dennis and all the rest of you . . . . please step down. Thank you.”

2. Now I know what you all are thinking (remember the FBS we invented?). You are thinking, “Mantiq, what the fuck is that picture of a bar-code doing up at the top of today’s post and what the hell does it have to do with Obama declaring Geehad against Israel?”  Frankly, I thought you’d never ask.  Oh, one other thing though before I get to that. I bet you are also thinking “Hey, Mantiq, you are right. How is it that Adam Pearlman is still so fat living up in the wild mountains of Bombistan or whatever the hell the place is called?”

Leader of “Jews for Muhammad”

You know, it must suck to be a young out of work hopeless  male living under Israeli occupation who then joins some radical group only to discover that an American Jew is part of the leadership of that group that is asking him to go die in some stupid war.  But I digress.

Oh, did I mention my Palestinian immigrant friend? He told me last week that he was completely fed up living in a country that is totally dominated by Zionist Jews and various Christian morons who think Israel is Jesus.  So he went back to Israel.

Okay, back to that bar code.  It’s time to boycott Israel folks. Completely. That bar code in the picture begins with 729 – the 729 means the product is from Israel. Do not buy anything made in Israel (to include most US politicians.)

Boycott Israel

This website is one I hope all readers of Mantiq al-Tayr will visit and will learn as much about the boycott as possible.  The boycott is known as Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions for Palestine (BDS) It covers not just goods, but also academic and cultural things as well. Read that site and learn and follow through. We are on the verge of a new war folks – against Iran and you are going to be fed lots of Zionist bullshit to make you swallow that war. Stop buying Zionist bullshit – whether that bullshit is Zionist dairy products, movies, academics, or politicians.

Did you know that BO recently signed a memo that allows Israelis to import dairy products into the US without paying any sort of tarif – unlike most of the rest of the world?  So look at those milk containers folks – if you see 729 you must decline.

“My American colleague was under a lot of pressure and almost gave up, saying that if the American system imposed a protection levy it would last forever. I told him that we Israelis can think differently. I turned to the Agriculture Ministry’s representative at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, and the matter was dealt with quickly.”

If it’s 729 you must decline.

3.  The Cardin State, as I call it, continues its leadership role in being a nest for Israeli spies and propagandists. Got to admire their tenacity.  The latest sign of infection is manifested by the malevolent presence of Israeli propagandist film maker Dan Geva who is showing films at the Maryland Institute College of Art [warning – if you click on the MICA link make sure you have a barf-bag handy] this week and later on he’ll be at Johns Hopkins and also Goucher college.  He is showing two films about Israel and how wonderful it is and how deep and lovely it is even though it has a few warts.  [You know, little things, like being run by a bunch of war criminals.] One is called “No. 17” [it ought to be called “N o. 729”) and the other is “Description of a Memory.”

Geva is doing his hasbara work courtesy of the Schusterman Program which this year is sending 8 “Israeli Artists” to do hasbarah in the US.

With funding from the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation and others, the Schusterman Visiting Artist Program is one of the largest organized residency programs of Israeli artists ever to launch in the U.S. It awards Israeli artists—including filmmakers, choreographers, musicians, writers and visual artists—two- to four-month residencies at North American universities, museums, Jewish community centers and other cultural organizations, with a focus on fostering interaction between the artists and the communities where they are based.

Here are the eight wonderful Israelis coming to bring you joy this spring. Each one is clearly an Islamofascist.

The Schusterman Visiting Artist Program spring 2010 cohort will include:

  • Filmmaker Ayelet Bargur, director of The House on August Street. She will be in residence at the Pittsburgh Jewish and Israeli Film Festival.
  • Documentary filmmakers Dan and Noit Geva. They will be in residence at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, and Dan will also teach a class on Israeli film at Johns Hopkins University.
  • Performance artists Judah (Gilor Yehuda) and Tedross (Reuben Aragai) who together comprise AXUM, which adds unique Middle Eastern and Ethiopian sounds to Israeli hip-hop and reggae. They will be hosted by the Emory University Hillel.
  • Choreographer Idan Cohen, whose recent Swan Lake production has had enormous success in Israel and Europe. He will be hosted by the Amherst and Smith College Hillels and the Five College Dance Department (Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, Smith and UMass Amherst). At the end of his residency, the dancers in his company will join him for the U.S. premiere of his full-length version of Swan Lake in Amherst and performances at CPR—Center for Performance Research in New York City.
  • Author Alex Epstein, one of Israel’s rising stars in the literary world. He will be teaching at Denver University, and his collection of stories, “Blue Has No South,” will be released in the U.S. this spring.
  • Musician Amir Gwirtzman, a veritable Pied Piper, who has performed at the White House and in festivals all over the world. Under the sponsorship of the Institute for Southern Jewish Life, which is based in Jackson, Mississippi, Gwirtzman will take his 20 instruments on the road to perform in communities across the Southeast.

From the Schusterman web page:

We believe that the best way to ensure that the Jewish people thrive, not merely survive, in the 21st century and beyond is for the worldwide Jewish community to work cooperatively to strengthen the Jewish identity of those for whom a link to the past—including the horrors of the Holocaust and the miraculous development of the State of Israelis an increasingly insufficient reason to remain or choose to be Jewish in the future.



4. Okay, our country is going to hell. So how should I end today’s post? Would a video making fun of kitty cats be a good way? Hmmm. I’d love to. But how about another attractive woman who can sing? (I can hear Freeman now.]  I say let’s go for the latter and in this case she’s singing about her home town going to hell – an apt metaphor for the whole country.  Her name is Iris Dement. Now she’s not a Shi’ite, and she doesn’t dance like Haifa Wehbe, but I sure do like her sometimes. Listen, reflect, weep and . .  .

If it’s 729 you must decline

An American Industry On the Rise

1. The ISI:

One major theme that readers have observed on this blog is that the Middle East landscape in general, and the quagmire of Israel and the Palestinians in particular, are usually captured through Israeli lenses and then framed and interpreted largely through an Israeli perspective in what is all too often inaccurately described as the “American” main-stream media.

This blog will also develop another closely related but nonetheless very different theme, a theme that so far has not been directly stated. An “American” industry has prospered in the United States in a sort of symbiotic relationship with the requirement that the Arab world must be viewed through the eyes of largely Ashkenazi Jews from Russia and Europe. This industry pervades American popular culture and helps create the backdrop into which the main-stream media can then drop pictures of unharmed Israeli civilians onto their front pages and their readers can then see why killing Palestinian children is necessary. This industry seeks to portray virtually any aspect of Islam as evil, perverted and ultimately out to destroy all that is good in the world. It has a host of purveyors and pimps in the media, publishing, in Hollywood, and in academia. They range from far-right so-called “patriots” to liberals to former Trotskyite Israeli-firsters imbedded in the US governmental fabric. Leading figures in what I call the ISI, the Islam Sucks Industry, are the likes of Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer, Steve Emerson, and Craig Winn. But there are plenty out there because the industry has an excellent market and by joining it one is much more likely to get published and possibly prosper than by going against the grain which requires much more research and overcoming of obstacles.

2. False-Framing:  Operationus Interruptus is Honor Lost

The book Honor Lost (sold outside the United States as Forbidden Love) by Norma Khouri was marketed as a true story depicting the brutality of the Arabs in Jordan who engage in honor killings and who just can’t help treating their women like shit.Norma, a good Christian girl, and her Muslim female friend, Dalia, opened up a unisex hair Salon in Jordan’s capital, Amman.  Dalia, the oppressed Muslim woman, fell in love with a Christian named Michael and got stabbed to death as a result by her father. Michael helped smuggle poor little Norma out of Jordan, no doubt saving her life in the process.

Sound like a sure-fire formula for success? Sure does and it was as she sold over 250 thousand copies (and possibly more).  She managed to get Random House to publish the book. Predictably, initial reviews were glowing such as this one at the National Review lovingly entitled “Death by Shari’ah.” Seth Mydans of the New York Times gave it a fawning review in an utterly obsequious interview which reveals every bit as much about him as it does her. I tell you, I’m in the wrong business.

Her book was a classic false-framing operation. Make up a story – doesn’t matter how ridiculous it is – and make sure it fits any and every conceivable stereotype about Arabs and Muslims and you’ll get accolades from the left and the right. No one even did any basic fact checking on this book at Random House. How can that be? Because they knew they could make money in the Islam Sucks Industry. Ask Kiefer Sutherland, it works.

As I suspected the first time I saw the book, the book is a complete fake. See here for more. It is not just that book was filled with errors – a women’s organization in Jordan found 73 of them and sent the documentation to Random House – it is rather that everything about her and her book is a lie and could have been easily detected by having anyone who knows anything about Jordan (and who isn’t part of the ISI) read it. Almost everything she was saying about herself,  just about every single thing, was a lie. She did not grow up in Jordan, she grew up in Chicago having moved there from Jordan when she was three years old. She didn’t flee Jordan with her life at stake, she grew up like a very abnormal person in the Windy City. She also has a most interesting criminal background. More on that here. She even tried to cheat her own mother out of her mother’s house. It appears that by 1999 she was in so much trouble with the FBI that she and her likely criminal husband and her two children left the US (see previous links but don’t forget this one too.) Oh, did I mention that she said she had to leave Jordan because there was a fatwa calling for her head? Yes indeed, no Islam Sucks hoax is complete without at least one expression of fatwa-fetishism.But since she was just playing the game of Islam Sucks, no one cared to check.

But a women’s group in Jordan (no doubt mainy made up of Muslims) did. And so did Malcom Knox of the Sidney Morning Herald. He could not figure out why a woman who said she grew up in Jordan spoke English with a mid-western American accent and seemed to know almost no Arabic. So he poked around and found another fraud from Chicago. The links to his stories are in the paragraphs above.

There are plenty of Norma Khouri’s around. Readers of this blog know some of them.

Coming up next: False Framing in Tel Aviv. George Mitchell’s address to the (Israeli) Institute of National Securities Studies.