“Let Them Leave!”

1. If an American Muslim organization actively recruited young American Muslims to join the military of foreign powers – legitimate countries such as Pakistan and Iran for example – that organization and its recruits would probably never see the light of day again.

But Zionist Jewish organizations not only do not have this problem, their evil machinations with respect to radicalizing young Jews and then encouraging them to join the IDF are actually fiscally encouraged through US government tax breaks and are enthusiastically supported by the actions and words of US government officials in both the executive and legislative branches. Any reader of this website knows this and now, and  only now, are others starting to point out the radicalization process regarding Jews in the United States.

Earlier this month, Nefesh B’Nefesh, an outfit I’ve written about for years, was yet again bragging about the success of its recruitment of turncoats who will be working for the terrorist IDF in the immediate future.

The article opens with this: (Note to Shas Party members, all red highlighting in this post is by today’s very special guest editor, Haifa Wehbe).

A flight of 338 new immigrants from north American arrived in Israel Tuesday morning, including over 100 young men and women who will head almost immediately into army service.


The flight was one of several flown by Nefesh B’Nefesh each year bringing several thousand immigrants to Israel, including hundreds of people in the Garin Tzabar program, which places them in army units.

The video above shows pictures of the turncoats on the plane. Mercifully, this video seems to have no sound track.

2,  How’s this for absolute total complete 1000% unadulterated Zionist Bullshit?

Delegitimizing Israel has become more fashionable and more widespread during this war – and that’s worrisome. It has also become clearer (at least to Israelis) that delegitimizing Israel’s actions of self-defense is dangerously close to antisemitism.

3. Back to item 1.   How’s this for a quote? (Did I mention that red highlighting is by today’s very special guest editor, Haifa Wehbe?)

The event that attracted about 850 people reinforced how Steinberg — who died July 20 at the age of 24 while fighting in Israel’s war with Gaza — has become an icon for a Diaspora Jewish community that often struggles with finding ways to express its love for Israel.

Struggles?  What the fuck are you talking about?  There’s a ton of “charities” supporting all kinds of horrid things that Israel does and LA is one of the mainstays of these places.  Hell, the event in question – a gathering of Israel firsters – was held at the Saban theatre for God’s sake.  What is the Saban theatre?

In March 2009, owners announced that the Wilshire would be renamed the Saban Theatre in recognition of a $5 million grant from Haim and Cheryl Saban. The funds will be used to further restoration efforts on the orchestra, proscenium and marquee.[7] It also houses programs by the Temple of the Arts, an effort to integrate the arts and Judaism.

And if you don’t know who Haim Saban is, well, then you really need an education.

Oh, and this fifth-column gathering had, as a very special treat:

The Saban stage’s decorations included Israeli and American flags and a large green tree, the symbol of the Golani Brigade. A video screen hung from the ceiling, allowing Saban himself to deliver a video message from Israel.

4. So this arrogant Zionist is moving close to Gaza – and admits it is at least in part due to financial considerations – and he writes about what a great decision this is.  He closes with this:

Nothing stopped our grandparents or parents from living in the periphery and raising children there. Let Hamas be afraid. We should be the ones to leave? Let them leave!

And Israelis wonder why people all over the world are really starting to hate them?

5. “AJIRI has developed a strategy to persuade this “silent majority” to shift their votes at the UN. With information provided by AJIRI, a bipartisan group of more than 40 Members of the U.S. Congress is actively reaching out to heads of government of friendly nations, urging them to support UN reforms which will shut down destructive anti-Israel activities, which are contrary to the principles of the UN Charter.”

So I was just surfing the Internet and came across yet another Zionist and Congress-infiltrating 501(c)(3) organization called AJIRI (The American-Jewish International Relations Institute) from whose “About” page the quote above is taken. Odly, AJIRI doesn’t list the names of the 40 congressmen who are doing AJIRI’s work.  Hmmm. Wouldn’t you want to know if your congress thingy is involved in this project that is subsidized by the Feds?

You can find their board of directors here.

But the fab 40 just don’t seem to get the name recognition they deserve here.

AJIRI seems to be real keen on the concept of “Israel Under Siege” and you can watch their Zionist Bullshit videos on the topic here. (Along with other stand up comedy routines).

6. Back when J-Street first began I wrote that it was nothing more than  yet another Zionist front.

Here they go again:


The US-Israeli Strategic Partnership Act of 2014 was sponsored by Boxer and Blunt and has passed the whore House.  Next it comes up in the Senate.

7. Okay it’s video time.  Here’s Blunt (Likud, Missouri) sucking up to Israel.  You’d think he have better things to do. But instead he’s really concerned about automatically giving Israelis visas to come here and spy on us.

And for you long suffering fans of Haifa Wehbe, here’s your treat for having had tho read all the Zionist-Bullshit-related items above.


Who’s Laughing?


1. How’s Libya doing?  Guess not so great.  Fortunately, US assistance to international terrorist organizations in Syria made things  a lot better there, oh, wait, guess not.  Well, hell look how great things are in Iraq after 25 years of the US efforts to be bring democracy and apple pie those folks.  Yeah, real great.  God only knows how many people have been killed during that time and now the country is divided up into three different states, just as Bin Laden predicted would happen.  Fortunately, US exceptionalists can point to Afghanistan – uh, no they can’t do that either.  Totally and utterly fucked up and when we leave it’ll be the Taleban yet again.  On the other hand, Israel is safe to practice all kinds of mayhem and murder while we (correctly) get blamed by the world for this.

Forgot to mention Yemen and South Sudan.

Even Shas Party members can figure it out.

“Figure out what Mantiq?”  Sigh.

Oh ye of little “ilm.

Although people like Thomas Friedman and David Ignatious and their ilk are kind of fun to portray as really stupid motherfuckers, the fact is that the US Zionist-Military-Industrial-Security Complex (USZMISC) is not run by a bunch of morons.  Evil rotten sons of bitches, yes.  But not morons.

The absolute disgrace that is the entire Middle East, much of North Africa and a good part of South Asia did not come about by accident.  It was deliberate and the USZMISC benefits from this greatly. You do not.

Here’s a classic example of USZMISC types pretending to be stupid and making fools out of the American people in the process.

As one might expect, it is on the front page of today’s Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post with a cute little title:

“Fighters abandoning al-Qaeda affiliates to join Islamic State, U.S. officials say”

The real crux of the article is whether or not US military intervention against the hideous  Islamic State is a good or bad thing.  Talk about a stupid question.  It is exactly what the Islamic State wants for at least two reasons:

  1. It allows them to brag that of all the Jihadist groups they are the only ones fighting the US.
  2. It also allows them to continue to make sure they don’t do anything Israel wouldn’t want them to do.

And from the USZMISC perspective attacking the IS means more money, more war, more security bullshit, and hence more money, more war and more security bullshit.  They win and yet again stupid moronic Americans will lose.

Let’s look at the article.  Here’s a nice excerpt of what I’m talking about.  Red highlights our by today’s guest editor, Kristen Chick. (Just kidding, it’s really Haifa Wehbe.)

The launching of U.S. airstrikes has raised new questions, including whether the bombings will hurt the Islamic State’s ability to draw recruits or elevate its status among jihadists. “Does that increase the spigot or close it?” said a senior U.S. counterterrorism official, who, like others, spoke on the condition of anonymity and noted that U.S. military operations in Afghanistan and elsewhere have crippled al-Qaeda but also served as rallying cries against the United States.”

Hahahaha.  Of course it will help the IS and the IS is fucking delighted to have us bomb them.

By the way, isn’t it nice that Google allows you to download a free ISIS app from the Google store?  http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2014/06/isis-iraq-twitter-social-media-strategy/372856/

But I digress.

The article then goes on to discuss US “concern” about future IS attacks against the US and notes that Jihadi’s are using US airstrikes as a rallying cry.

As we know, the entire world is a stage.  And Americans are the stooges. Oh, and the article says that about 100 “Americans” have gone off to fight on the side of the IS.  Let me translate this for you:  “Homeland Security, the FBI and all police departments are going to own your ass completely.”  Just what they need.

Now if 100 Americans go off to fight for Israel – well that’s a great thing, just ask Israel’s ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro.  But I digress.

2.  Let me digress for a second.  Here’s Israel-Firster Rep. Steve Israel, tweeting from Israel, that the US must bomb the IS.  If the Zios want it, you know it has to suck.

Asshole Tweets

Oh and here are some responses by others to yet another Steve Israel tweet from Israel.  Responses

3.  More Israeli humor.

Hila Fenlon, a 36-year-old farmer and mother of two, lives in Netiv Hasara, a small Israeli village of 400 residents that caresses the Gaza border. Hila is not religious, but she loves to use the word “miracle.”

Isn’t it nice to know that Zionist towns “caress” things near them, especially when they are near Gaza.

Dennis Prager teaches us about the term “moral idiot.

And this shit is called “heart warming”.

“American comedians Ari Teman and Danny Cohen brought their talents to Israel to cheer up civilians in bomb shelters and neighborhoods in southern Israel.

The comics called their week of stand up shows Rocket Shelter Comedy.

They also performed free shows in Tel Aviv, Modiin and Jerusalem joined by Israeli comedians Benji Lovitt and Yossi Tarablus, though they requested donations for lone soldiers.”

4.  Well it’s video time.

In this lovely little video below, these poor little Israelis don’t seem to be afraid of Palestinian missiles.  Nope, not a bit.

And of course this little video has now become quite famous.  In case you haven’t seen it.  It’s sort of a Zionist version of the “two minutes hate” from 1984.


Have You Killed A Palestinian Today?

I first posted this is 2009.  Even more true today.


1. In the good old days when the Summer and Winter Olympics were hosted in some really odd country, Canada for some reason comes to mind, the hosts used to be able to introduce their own sport to the smorgasbord of increasingly ridiculous sporting events that are the fruit of the “Olympic Movement” as the rich like to call it. So, maybe the Canadians would have introduced curling but they were beaten to this by the French in 1924. Anyway, a host country could push to have one of its sports as a “demonstration sport” to further the sport’s popularity.

Embracing the universalist elitism of the “Olympic Movement” and keeping in step with the mores of globalism, the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr very much hope that the Olympics will soon be hosted by Israel or by its satellite country, The United States of America. If the games are hosted in the US, then we recommend that waterboarding be introduced as a demonstration sport.  In fact, recent events have provided excellent victims to be publically waterboarded by Israeli-trained CIA contractors and the winner would be the one who gets the most outrageous confession from these four morons who were set up by the FBI. (While Rosen and Weissman get off. Oh, and where the hell is Edward Mosberg? An email from Mantiq al-Tayr to the author of the article sent two days ago asking if Mosberg has come back to the US or not remains unanswered.)

However, in the interests of providing a really entertaining demonstration sport that will stimulate the loins of everyone from AIPAC to Judith Miller, we here at Mantiq al-Tayr held a minyan and bobbed our heads up and down begging Shadai to have the Olympics held in Israel’s eternal capital (no, not New York you smart asses), Jerusalem.

The Israeli national pass time is finding creative ways to murder Palestinian men, women and children. They are very good at it and probably would take the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. Still, it’s great fun and I’m sure that the US and the UK would at least give the Izzies a run for their money that they took from us.

So, for example, let’s take the case of Israeli Border patrolmen Shachar Butbika and Dennis al-Hazub. They won a gold medal in 2002 for abducting a 17 year old Palestinian boy, beating the shit out of him, and then kicking him off the top of their patrol car as it roared down the road at 80 kph.  His head smashed into the pavement and the impact killed him. What made this one even more fun was that the boy violated Israeli law by resisting their efforts to toss him off the patrol car – kind of like a battle you have when you catch a big fish and real it in. Hahaha-Aretz reports:

He was beaten by Butbika and then forced to jump from the moving vehicle. He resisted, holding onto the jeep’s roof, but was eventually forced out. One of the officers shouted “he’s dead.” They drove away, without offering medical assistance, and tried to eliminate the evidence.

The 17 year old boy’s name is: ‘Imran Abu Hamdiya

Here is a photo of him.

Imran Abu Hamdiya

Imran Abu Hamdiya

Butbika and al-Hazub also won the silver medal that day as well. For earlier in the day they picked up another Palestinian youth, 20 year old Alaa Sankrut.  Sankrut

was hauled onto the jeep, driven to a discreet location and kicked and beaten with a pickaxe handle, sustaining skull fractures

Unfortunately, Butbika and al-Hazub fucked up and the guy lived, much to the dismay of Rabbis throughout the land.

You anti-Semites might be pleased to know that Butbika, al-Hazub and two more of their cohorts were sentenced to several years in jail recently – having somehow been convicted of manslaughter, yes, manslaughter, not premeditated murder, manslaughter.  They’ll spend about as much time in jail as Michael Vick.

Hunting Palestinians is a game that goes on every day and each day more and more interesting ways of scoring are being invented. This past week two IDF dudes used an ice cream truck to drive around the West Bank. No doubt the truck could be counted on to bring children within point blank range and if you get a clean shot, you get a t-shirtUnfortunately for these two clowns, they didn’t coordinate their activity with their partners in crime, the Palestinian police, so when the Good Humor Izzies opened fire, the Palestinians fired back – clearly in violation of the Torah.

Yes indeed, Palestinian Plugging can sometimes be a dangerous sport, sort of like automobile racing and sometimes the driver gets killed. Then everyone can mourn and cry and glory in self-sacrifice and in general be a complete total sanctimonious asshole.

For example, in this case, the hunter ended up getting killed by his prey. We learn all about what a wonderful hunter he was, coming to Israel from that great bastion of virulent anti-Semitism known as Canada at the tender age of eight. But 10 years later he was a professional Palestinian Plugger.  He even once tried (in vain) to save the life of a “terrorist” (“terrorist” is the Hebrew term for “Palestinian”) who had been shot by IDF hunters. He was a “big hearted” Palestinian plugger.

Cry me a river.

2. Now that the US economy has gone down the sewer and the banks, all owned by Islamofacists, have gotten about 12 trillion dollars, some of you out there in Mantiq land may be looking for jobs. Well, how about going to Israel to teach English?  Judy Steiner wants you.

“There is always a shortage of English teachers and you have to ask, where are you going to find new ones?” Dr. Judy Steiner, Chief Inspector for English Language Education in Israel told Haaretz.

Given the current financial problems in the United States, the Ministry of Education and the Jewish Agency hope to find more Anglos willing to consider an exciting future in teaching English to Israeli youth.

Just think of what a great challenge this would be. Hebrew only has two tenses, basically past and present. But English has trillions, so teaching the complex and subtle English tenses to semites can be difficult. You’ll have to teach them all sorts of conditional clauses and how to use them properly in English. Examples:

“If I had known he was a Palestinian, I would have thrown him off of the roof of the patrol car.”

How about this real quote:

“We have to make sure that no Palestinian individual remains under our occupation. If they (Palestinians) escape then it is good; but if anyone of them remains, then he should be exterminated”.

Or this real quote:

“behind the Kotel we have a mosque. But when they pray even though they are in our holiest place, they face Mecca. Their back is to Jerusalem. So you can see from only one sign that it does not belong to them. They have nothing – no connection.”

So are you up to the challenge? Your job will be to teach the Hebrew speaking children of Russian immigrants (many of them criminals) to Israel to speak English like Meir Kahane. It’s going to be tough and you need to have the right qualifications.

“Very often when there is a shortage, we put in people who are not completely qualified. But we don’t take in anybody.” Steiner said.

No, they do not just take anybody. It turns out that you have to be a Jew.

Imagine seeing an add in the Chronicle of Higher Education:

Seeking Professor of Middle Eastern History at (blah blah) University. Only Muslims may apply.

So, put on your Yarmulka and get that job. Then you can teach the kids to read the Geneva conventions.

Hey Israel, Take a Slow Boat to Israel

And a slower one back.

1. Has Israel become a four-letter word in the US?  Israel Firster, Rep. Steve Israel (Likud, NY), has run off to Israel with a “bi-partisan” (“bi-partisan” means that the members are from “both” sides of the aisle and both just love Israel to death), but he won’t name who the other reps are.  Nor will AIPAC, whose arm, the American Israel Education Foundation, is paying for the trip.  Since AIEF is a 501(c)3 that means dumb shit Americans are actually helping foot the bill.

He did, however, tweet this picture.  Maybe your rep is in it?

Steve the Leader


Funny how the cockroaches who went with him don’t seem to want their names revealed.  This seems to be getting increasingly common.  Even a Shas Party member should be able to notice this.  But I digress.

2. Ooops, it’s video time already.  All the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr wish to dedicate this to Steve Israel and his beloved Israel.


40 Seconds That Tell You Everything You Need to Know

UNRWA spokesperson Christopher Gunness, who is in Gaza and has seen the tender mercies of Israel,  says it all right here.  Please watch the whole 40 seconds of this thing.

The mass murder of Palestinians in Gaza that has been going on for weeks now – to the cheers and applause of the US government’s legislative branch and with the support – grudgingly or otherwise from the executive branch – has shown yet again to the world the nature of Israel.  Most of the world is horrified.  Americans haven’t a fucking clue about what’s going on and they never will.  Thank you Jodi Rudoren, William Booth and all of your cohorts.  Oh, and thank you CNN, FOX and all the rest of you assholes in the main stream media.

And in the meantime, the most powerful military and government in the world not only does nothing, but actually supports this.


Israel Expends “Extraordinary Efforts” To Protect Civilians

For years I’ve been making fun of the outfit that calls itself “The National Jewish Democratic Council” which appears to be nothing more than an Israeli intelligence operation – one of quite a few – operating in the US.

They’ve outdone themselves this time, though with the mass anti-Russian hysteria being promoted in all of the MSM who would notice?

Below is their latest let’s support Israeli mass murder statement.  How can anyone believe these people are loyal Americans? BTW, it is pretty clear that the NJDC thinks Americans are pretty stupid – and on that point I agree with them.

July 17, 2014

NJDC Stands with the Government of Israel

Listed in: IsraelNJDC NewsPress Releases

The National Jewish Democratic Council stands unequivocally with the Government of Israel in its efforts to protect its citizens from terror attacks originating in Gaza.  Air strikes to eliminate rockets, defensive maneuvers to thwart invading terrorists and ground efforts to expose and destroy tunnels across the border are all appropriate and necessary measures.

NJDC expresses its continuing gratitude to President Obama and the United States Congress for the exceptional support for Israel, including the Iron Dome defense system and other military aid.  We join with the President in our hopes that this conflict will come to an end soon with a minimum of human casualties.  We call on all Americans to set aside partisans concerns in support of our critical ally.

Israel continues to expend extraordinary efforts in Gaza to protect non-combatants, especially children, from the impact of this conflict, sometimes at the risk of its own soldiers’ safety.  These efforts are in stark contrast to the aggression by military and paramilitary forces in Gaza who specifically target civilian populations and non-military locales.

The longer-term solution to this current military conflict includes a comprehensive agreement establishing two secure and recognized states, one for Israelis and one for Palestinians.  NJDC expresses the hope that willing partners for such an agreement will be found to respond to initiatives by the Israeli government

Quarterbacking for Satan

As Israel goes off on another killing spree in Gaza the main stein media (MSM) is using the Malaysian air plane downing as an excuse to just ignore this murderous binge as as much as possible while also whipping up a new cold war.  Funny how the same people support both Israel and fucking up relations with Russia, but I digress.

In the meantime, AIPAC, Satan’s Sayanim in Washington, is hosting a feel-good get together in November in Dallas, Texas.  It’s on November 2nd and 3rd, though it really ought to be on November 22nd, but I guess the hotels were booked or something.

And all the tuyur here at Mantiq al-Tayr went beak-shit crazy when they saw that Roger Staubach, a US Naval Academy graduate who should know better, has a video about how he is a true believer in the holy state and is an honorary cosponsor of this ill-begotten event.  So, and I just could not stop them, they decided to put Roger’s performance in context.  Video editing is very hard when all you have is a beak, but if you put your beaks together you’d be surprised at what you can do.