The (Very) Ugly Truth

All of the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr ask for permission, in advance, from Mark Glenn for their borrowing of  his website’s moniker.  They just thought it would be a great title for this video.

A Walk In Arlington Cemetery

47 years ago on June 8, 1967, Israel deliberately attacked the USS LIBERTY in international waters killing 34 men and wounding over 170 others.

The music is from the link below.

Roger Staubach and the USS LIBERTY



Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 12.03.44 PM

1. Disgusting isn’t it?  But it gets worse, with Zionism it always does.

Here’s a link to a a video where former Dallas Cowboy’s quarterback Roger Staubach pitches the the summit mentioned in the photo above.  Turns out that Staubach is an honorary co-chair of the event.  He is real proud of his role, but I guess just not proud enough to put this disgusting video on youtube.

2. An injured sailor on a table in the mess deck below turned to Seaman George Wilson and told him he was scared. The sailor asked Wilson, injured and stretched out on a table beside him, to pray for them. “Praise be God,” Wilson began as sailors on nearby tables joined him. “All are his servants, and all abide by his bidding!” (“Attack on the LIBERTY”, page 70)

As readers of this blog are well aware, the issue of the USS LIBERTY is one that is near and dear.  If you were to just read one of my posts about it, read this one.   This is a good link too.

June 8th, 2014 is the 47th anniversary of  the story of the USS LIBERTY;  an utterly Byzantine tale of war crimes, murder, lies, deceit, treachery and treason.  Yes, treason.

Did I mention treason?

I think I did mention treason, but just in case I didn’t,  treason.

And why did 34 men on board the USS LIBERTY have to die that day?

Here’s why.

Oh and here’s why too.  Oh, and here’s why as well. And here and here and here and here and here.

And uh, oh right here:

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 12.27.08 PM


Damn, did I mention treason?

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 12.03.20 PM

3. Well it’s video time again. The video below is quite well done.  Haunting. . . as it should be.

“. . . all US-selected frequencies were jammed.”  Not doubt just a coincidence.




Israel and Pope To Celebrate June 8, 1967

1. Israel and Pope Celebrate June 8th, 1967.
(I can hear you all now: “Now Mantiq, you are being unfair.” )

Fuck all y’all. That date is sacred. . . and the fucking Israeli government knows it.

This is a clear fuck you to America.

I can hear you all asking “WTF Mantiq?”

If you don’t know, well, never mind.  I’ll tell you.

On June 8th, 1967 Israel deliberately attacked the USS Liberty and killed 34 Americans.

And if you read up on it, you’ll find that they enjoyed it.

2. An important poetic voice for civil rights has died.

In the link above she reads aloud a letter by Rachel Corrie.  Please send this to the Pope.

The main $tream goes one way See More

Maya Angelou, Rachel Corrie and the struggle for justice

Let’s Learn Arabic with Ergun Caner


Ergun Pinocchio Caner

Ergun Pinocchio Caner

1. Brewton-Parker College is a college pretty much for poor young men and women in Georgia.  It has had its scandals in the past as you can see from the links.  But today it faces a truly major scandal.  Its president, Ergun Michael Caner, is a bigoted fraud of absolutely monumental proportions.  However, since his fanatical bigotry is directed against Islam he is not only able, but apparently therefore qualified, to head Christian colleges – in this case Brewton-Parker College in particular.

To their credit, some Christians have tried to show what a freaking lying son of a bitch this man is, but Zionist Christianity is too deeply rooted now in “American’ (and I use that term loosely) culture, a culture so mired in stupendous ignorance combined with breath-taking self-importance that it is literally deaf, dumb and blind to truth.

The college is having accreditation problems, and once the powers that be fully realize how completely and thoroughly incompetent are those who run this little school, so incompetent that they could not find anyone better than this lying scumbag who pretends to know languages he does not know,  to hold a Phd that he does not hold, and to have a biography that he does not have.  Surely there must be other Christian educators who are not lying, bigoted, buffoonish clowns?  Well, if Brewton-Parker continues to have this guy in place, then maybe the answer to that question is indeed no. The fact that US marines had this guy come in to lecture to their troops (as you can see from some of the links I’ve included), tells you everything you need to know about what what is wrong with your government, but I digress.

This particular site has all you’ll ever need to know about his scumbag, so go there and enjoy yourselves.

Here at Mantiq al-Tayr we have decided to stress the positive and to take advantage of Ergun Michael Caner’s “skills” and use them to help teach Arabic to students at Brewton-Parker since that school does not seem to have an Arabic department.  But once students become aware that they have such a distinguished Arabist in their midst,  they will no doubt demand that Caner add Arabic instruction to his no doubt many duties – to include debating – well actually lying about debating – Muslims.

So, here is Arabic lesson number one.  Today, you will learn the Shahadah.  May as well since the obvious goal of this site is to get all all of  you to become Mooooooooooselims and follow Shakira law and all that.

First, it turns out that I’ve been pronouncing the word “Shahadah” incorrectly, as Caner will teach us below.  Please note that from now on you must place the stress on the final syllable of the word.

So please practice the word using the correct stress.  Caner, having been born in Turkey and raised in Beirut and Cairo, oops, I mean having been born in Stockholm and coming to the US when he was four years old or younger – sorry he lies so much I have trouble keeping up – Caner should know how to pronounce it, certainly better than I would.  So play the short video a few times and make sure you get the pronunciation down.

Very good goys and girls.  Now that we know how to say the word “Shahadah”, let’s learn the formula so you can say it correctly.  Caner will lead you through this and he will also give you a concise translation afterwords so that you will understand what you have just said.

Now you have heard the Shahadah four times.  Below I’ll write it out in Roman letters for you.

1. Bismi llah ar-rahman al-rahim

2.  Al-hamdu li llah, ar-rahman ar-rahim

So there you have it, the Shahadah it in its two parts.  Now Caner will translate it for you in the clip below.

There you go.  “There is only one god, Allah, and Muhammad is his final prophet.”

So now let’s match up the Arabic to the English.

1.Bismi          llah              ar-rahman        al-rahim

There is       only                    one                god

2.  Al-hamdu                       li            llah,          ar-rahman     al-rahim

And Muhammad               is           his            final                prophet

Now that you know these words you can use them to form all kinds of new sentences with minimal additional vocabulary.

For example, we  know now that Bismi means “There is”.   So you can say for example:

“Fred, there is Egrun Michael Caner”  In Arabic that would be:

“Fred, bismi   Ergun Michael Caner.”

Since ar-rahman means “one” and “final” (context being critical in understanding Arabic)   and since the word for “god” and a “prophet” is also the same word in Arabic,  How would you say “There is only one final prophet” ?

Bismi          llah        ar-rahman    ar-rahman  al-rahim.

There is      only        one               final            prophet.

See how easy Arabic is?

In our next lesson, we will conjugate the Quran verb “Khesh” which is the verb you need to know in order to beat your wives.

We will also learn that the word “Issa” means “I”, “bin” means “to believe” and “Allah” means Jesus.  So, for example, what does this mean?

Issa bin Ergun Michael Caner

Yup goys and girls, it means “I believe in Ergun Michael Caner.”

You all are so smart.

Now I can hear you all bitching and moaning, “Mantiq, your evil little tuyuur probably edited this video to make Caner look like a lying buffon.”  No, they did not.  Go here and you can see the video in context.

And here it is on youtube:

2.  I wonder how many people will not be able to see the satire in this post and will post comments correcting “my” Arabic and pointing out that the Shahadah is an entirely different formula than the one uttered by Caner and that Caner’s formula was a botched version of the first two verses of Surat al-Fatihah?

But I digress.

3.  In the good Samaritan department, the good folks at Loonwatch (and you can find out about Caner from that site as well) are reporting this.

Good for those two pastors,  Steve Ramp and Eddie Rastor.

4.  It’s video time.  The call to prayer.  It contains the real shahadah, btw.  Mabye Caner can parse it for his students.

It’s a rather nice setting too, as you will see.



La Rosa Blanca

Asshole of Assholes

\What’s in a name?

1. What do you call a district court judge who rules in favor of police surveillance of people living in the United States based solely on their religion?

I’m sure the very erudite readers of Mantiq al-Tayr can come up with some very descriptive terms.  But for the Shas Party members who try to read this blog, we’ll keep it simple.


Judge William J. Martini is a anti-constitutionalist Asshole.  On February 20, 2014, he tossed out a case filed by 8 Muslims in New Jersey filed against the NYPD for its massive warrantless surveillance of people based solely on the suspicion that these people might be Muslims.

“In a summary 10-page opinion, and without oral argument, the case was dismissed for lack of standing and because the court considered plaintiffs’ claims of discrimination from NYPD’s Muslim surveillance program not “plausible.”  

(I love the stuff Haifa chooses to highlight, but I digress.)

Now all the Tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr find the fact that a right-wing Republican former congressman judge with an affinity for criminals ruled in favor of the NYPD’s gross violations of the constitution.  After all, the NYPD is clearly a bunch of criminals too, so why not stand up for them?

Oh, and I can here you all saying “WTF Mantiq, why would you even consider that a judge in New Jersey, New Jersey of all places, would be fond of criminals?”  New Jersey is wonderful state full of loving kind honest politicians like James McGreevey and his boyfriend Golan Cipel, for example.  Or how about another former governor Jon Corzine.  Quite a great fellow that guy was.

Oh wait, let me digress.  Superior Court Judge Deanne Wilson in New Jersey seems kinda cool to me.  Hope I’m right. Seems she had a court case last summer involving the real estate dealings of an obvious Muslim terrorist suspect named Zygi Wilf.  Zygi owns the Minnesota Vikings, btw.  Note to Shas Party members, both those in New Jersey and outside of the Garden State, red highlighting is by Haifa Wehbe, our guest editor.

The judge said she found that the Wilf family committed fraud, breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty and had also violated New Jersey’s civil racketeering statute. 

“I do not believe I have seen one single financial statement that is true and accurate,” the judge said in court. The plaintiffs, Reichmann and her brother Josef Halpern, claimed in court that they were owed $51 million. The plaintiffs had earlier argued that the Wilfs had used “organized crime-type activities” in their bookkeeping practices.

Back to the Asshole.

“On April 16, 2008, Sharpe James was convicted on five counts of fraud by a federal jury for conspiring to rig the sale of nine city lots to his mistress, who quickly resold them for hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit. James (federal inmate number 28791-050) served his 2-year prison sentence in a federal prison camp in Petersburg, Virginia.[9]”

Thanks to Martini, former Newark Mayor James Sharpe spent only 18 months in prison.  But it gets even better. Oh yes.

“Paul W. Bergrin, the once-prominent defense lawyer and former federal prosecutor who was convicted of murder, cocaine trafficking, racketeering and other crimes, was sentenced early this afternoon to six life sentences.”

Here’s a bit more:

“After two days of deliberations in March, the jury convicted Bergrin of using his former law office in Newark as a front for a racketeering enterprise. That enterprise, prosecutors argued, was marked by Bergrin plotting the murders of witnesses against his legal clients, other instances of witness tampering, promoting prostitution and trafficking in kilogram quantities of cocaine.”

No thanks to Martini who did everything in his power to help Begrin and as a result we read the following about an appellate court’s decision:

In the Bergrin opinion, Judge Jordan noted that reassigning a case to a different judge on remand “is an extraordinary remedy that should seldom be employed” — and then proceeded to do just that.

So the appellate court took Martini off of the case. Bergrin was then convicted and sentenced to six life sentences.

On the same day that he got to boot on the Bergrin case, he got kicked off another case as well.

But I guess since NONE of the Muslims surveilled by the NYPD had been guilty of any crimes whatsoever, nothing, nada, not one fucking thing, it is still okay to violate their constitutional rights because, after all, they are Muslims.

Note the following about the case:

The Center for Constitutional Rights represented multiple plaintiffs in the lawsuit. Syed Farhaj Hassan, a New Jersey resident and US soldier who served in Iraq, worships at the Masjid-e-Ali mosque, Mehfile Shahe Khorasan mosque and the Imam-e-Zamana Foundation of North America mosque.

 Each of the mosques are in New Jersey and became targets of the NYPD’s surveillance program. And, as a result, Hassan alleged that he had “decreased his mosque attendance significantly since learning that the mosques he attends have been under surveillance by the NYPD” because of the “reasonable and well-founded fear that his security clearance would be jeopardized by being closely affiliated with mosques under surveillance by enforcement.

Ignoring this completely, well after all the plaintiffs are Muslims, Martini wrote:

“Nowhere in the Complaint do Plaintiffs allege that they suffered harm prior to the unauthorized release of the documents by the Associated Press. This confirms that Plaintiffs’ alleged injuries flow from the Associated Press’s unauthorized disclosure of the documents. The harms are not ‘fairly traceable’ to any act of surveillance.”

Yeah, AP is to blame for outing the NYPD’s illegal surveillance.  Of course the plaintiff’s never complained that the AP’s stories harmed them, that connection was concocted whole cloth by the guy who defended Paul Bergrin, one of whose supporters seems to blame Bergrin’s plight for his record of defending US soldiers in Iraq charged with war crimes.

Now given the long and well-documented record of Jews committing all sorts of crimes in New Jersey and of engaging in outright espionage in the United States, what do you think folks would make of an outfit like the NYPD mapping out where all the Jews live, identifying their hangouts, synagogues, organizations and student associations, and then engaging in warrantless surveillance and actual infiltration off these groups without any prior evidence that these individuals had engaged in wrongdoing of any sort?  Just asking.

Your fourth amendment protects are gone ladies and gentelman.  Please let Martini know how much you appreciate this.

2. Wow it is video time already.  But wait, I can hear you all bitching and moaning: “Mantiq, what the hell does this have to do with “La Rosa Blanca?”  thought you’d never ask.

Just fucking wait a minute.

First of all, this video is just wonderful.  This site is a big fan of Navil Mansour as you all know.  Here’s a beautiful video we linked to some time ago with the soothing and charming Ronza Ismael.  If you love Palestine, you’ve got to love this  song and these two vibrant musicians.


La Rosa Blanca

It’s very hard to turn the other cheek.  I’m not sure I believe in it as much as I once did.  Still, the late Pete Seeger and his grandson give us reason to pause.

If you wish to skip the intro go to the 49 second mark.

Only a Shas Party member cannot be affected by this – that’s what the tuyuur tell me, and as is always the case, they are quite correct.



No Justice, No Justice

1. Okay, so I am minding my business yesterday and catching up on the Angry Arab’s blog (blog motto:  “I read Anne Barnard and Liz Sly so you don’t have to.”) and I come across this gem of a quote the Angry one has taken from Barnhard’s latest folly.

Here’s the quote:

“In a poll taken by a Facebook group for civilian opposition activists called Tahrir Souri, or Syrian Editors, more than half agreed with this description of Geneva 2: “It’s better than expected, and maybe we will get something out of it.”

Why is it that people like Barnyard and William Booth try to fake their credentials by using Arabic that they don’t know? (And no I’m not going to tell you what it means. Try this. Barnhand and Boof could sure benefit from that link.)

2. Speaking of Booth, he continues his masquerading as a journalist today in the Washington New York Times Post.

The article is revealing when it comes to how down right scared the Israelis are of BDS.  Good.

Booth mentions the Sodastream issue in the article.  Here’s all that he says about it.

“Talk of an Israeli boycott is in the mainstream because actress Scarlett Johansson resigned her post as global ambassador for the anti-poverty group Oxfam last week in order to appear in a Super Bowl commercial Sunday night for the Israeli company SodaStream, which has a factory in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.”

Uh, excuse me.  Can we be just a bit more precise here?  How about these excerpts from Soda$tream’s wiki page: Note to Shas Party members, red highlighting is done by today’s guest editor, Noor al-Haqiqah.

(See, it isn’t always Haifa Wehbe.)

Sodastream is currently headquartered in Israel[7] and has 13 production plants; its principal manufacturing facility is located in the West Bank settlement of Ma’ale Adumim.[8][9][10]

SodaStream has 13 production facilities worldwide. Two are in Israel, while one is in the West Bank, and employs 1,100 people as of 2012. Sodastream’s principal manufacturing facility in Mishor Adumim, the industrial area of the West Bank settlement of Ma’ale Adumim, employs 900 Palestinians. An additional plant began operating in 2011 in the Alon Tavor industrial zone near the Israeli city of Afula. A third plant, which began operating in 2011 in Ashqelon, produces Sodastream syrups and flavours. The cornerstone for a fourth plant was laid at the Idan HaNegev Industrial Park north of Beersheba in 2011.[8][91][92] In 2012, Sodastream said that it will invest NIS 130 million in the construction of the plant, which it said would provide employment for around 1,000 workers, many of them Negev Bedouins.[93]”

So let’s be clear. The fucking company is headquartered in Israel.  It has two plants in the part of Palestine that was occupied in 1948 and is building a third one there.  It also has a plant in an insane settlement built in the part of Palestine that Israel occupied in 1967 and that plant is “its principal manufacturing facility”. The boycott is up in arms about the plant in the West Bank and for good reason, but the fact is SodaStream should be boycotted because all Israeli products need to be boycotted. All of them.  And Soda$tream should be pretty easy to do since there are comparable products and who needs that shit anyway?

3. And note that the Christian Zioinist Monitor also seems to be against BDS.  It has its sarcastic article on the story here:

And you’ll note that the each of the “10” things you have to do without is on a separate page in order to make it hard for the CZM’s readers to actually read the thing.

My favorite is item number 5 because it is a big fucking lie.

It claims you have to give up hummus.  Like hummus is Israeli.  Of course Israelis love to claim that hummus is Israeli and the CZM is just supporting that claim.  Make your own fucking hummus.

I feel better now.  But I digress.

4.  Oh, and here are links to two older articles I wrote on hummus and boycotting Israel.  The first one has a picture at the very end.  Click on it and you’ll get a very nice hummus recipe.  I use it all the time.

5. And now it’s video time. Yes, I know, I started this post off with a video. It’s also at the bottom of this list. I kind of like it.

Nothing like the sound of music.

Here’s a shorter version of the message so that Shas Party members can follow along.

You know, these videos can sort of restore your faith in American young people.

I like this video too.

And for Shas Party members’ kids, here’s a cute video too.