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Roger Staubach and the USS LIBERTY



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1. Disgusting isn’t it?  But it gets worse, with Zionism it always does.

Here’s a link to a a video where former Dallas Cowboy’s quarterback Roger Staubach pitches the the summit mentioned in the photo above.  Turns out that Staubach is an honorary co-chair of the event.  He is real proud of his role, but I guess just not proud enough to put this disgusting video on youtube.

2. An injured sailor on a table in the mess deck below turned to Seaman George Wilson and told him he was scared. The sailor asked Wilson, injured and stretched out on a table beside him, to pray for them. “Praise be God,” Wilson began as sailors on nearby tables joined him. “All are his servants, and all abide by his bidding!” (“Attack on the LIBERTY”, page 70)

As readers of this blog are well aware, the issue of the USS LIBERTY is one that is near and dear.  If you were to just read one of my posts about it, read this one.   This is a good link too.

June 8th, 2014 is the 47th anniversary of  the story of the USS LIBERTY;  an utterly Byzantine tale of war crimes, murder, lies, deceit, treachery and treason.  Yes, treason.

Did I mention treason?

I think I did mention treason, but just in case I didn’t,  treason.

And why did 34 men on board the USS LIBERTY have to die that day?

Here’s why.

Oh and here’s why too.  Oh, and here’s why as well. And here and here and here and here and here.

And uh, oh right here:

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Damn, did I mention treason?

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3. Well it’s video time again. The video below is quite well done.  Haunting. . . as it should be.

“. . . all US-selected frequencies were jammed.”  Not doubt just a coincidence.





I see my good buddy Mark Glenn has done a great service today by putting up several USS LIBERTY posts. Please take the time to read them.

For the USS Liberty crew I link below to two pieces of music – both full of lamentation. When I used to do this blog regularly I linked to them on occasions such as this.

I often hear these pipes as I look upon the tremendous folly that is going on.

And then there is this stunning performance. They should play it at dusk at every US military base.

One last comment for today. Everything you’ve been told, everything, is bullshit.

The USS LIBERTY: 49 Years of Treason and Lies


Republishing this one 3 years later.  Now it is 49 years of treason and lies, so I changed the headline.  The rest of the post is below.

1. It’s hard to believe that it has been 46 years since I first heard the news that the USS LIBERTY had been attacked. 46 years. 46 years of treason and lies.

And look where we are now after all those years. A shell of a country. At least one in six Americans lives at or below the poverty line. But we have more wars than ever and no end in sight.


The image of that piece of shit, John McCain, snuggling up to terrorists in Syria this past week says it all. He and the entire government care much more about terrorists in Syria than about you. Much more. But I digress.

This post is about the USS LIBERTY.

I have restored a number of my previous commemorative posts about the LIBERTY and you can find them on the left side of this page under “Recent Entries”. I also link to them here, here, here and here. Lots of  information in there if you are new to the issue.

I want to call your attention to a remarkable story I heard the other day narrated by Ray McGovern. You can hear McGovern tell that story by clicking here and going to the 16:28 mark of the interview Ray did with Scott Horton. A great USS LIBERTY story, wish I had been at the scene Ray describes when it happened. Ray also puts the LIBERTY massacre in proper context.

I also want to take a moment to talk about the Captain of the LIBERTY, William Loren McGonagle.

He was the son of a share cropper, a man who earned everything he got. A man who after performing acts of quiet heroism having watched many of his men blown to bits, others die slowly and horribly while help did not arrive, and almost all of the rest of his men wounded – including himself – after all this, he sat down in Malta and wrote to the families of each and every man onboard his ship who was murdered on June 8th, 1967 by Israel.  A leader who actually cared about his men. He stood out then, but after 46 years of treason and lies – and of useless, stupid and evil wars – he stands out even more.

McGonagle did not cozy up to terrorists, he fought them. And he won.

Of course, the US government then, as now, was ashamed of Captain McGonagle. Cowering before its master, the government didn’t want anything to do with a hero who guided his broken, battered and bloodied ship to safety using the North Star.

When he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroism in the face of an implacable enemy the US government was afraid to have him come in the front door to accept the award. Instead he was smuggled in through the back door, as if his open presence would shame the sterling reputations of those who had actually contemplated letting his ship sink forever into the Mediterranean.

The back door of the White House? Nope. Normally the medal is presented at the White House, but this time it was presented in the dump known as the Naval Yard. Quite the insult.  Oh, and the President usually is the one who gives the award. Not this time. Linden Baines Johnson was too fucking busy – really he was just too fucking ashamed.

But this wasn’t to be the only time that the President of the United States would in-person snub the USS LIBERTY.  Turns out that George Herbert Walker Bush was too fucking busy too.

Yes, former CIA director, oil company executive, possible JFK conspirator and the architect of the slaughter of God only knows how many Iraqis somehow granted an audience to Captain McGonagle and some of the crew members.

Phil Tourney was there and recounts what happened after close to 50 members of the LIBERTY crew had waited at the White House for over two hours.

“Finally we saw the presidential limousine pull up to the White House. Bush had been at a parade of veterans returning from the First Gulf War which was why he had been late. As the limousine drove by, he waved at us through an open window.

“Our spirits were a mile high. We were on cloud nine and in seventh heaven. This was it, we were sure – or at least our stomachs were, because they were a flurry of butterflies.

“Shortly afterwards, the door from the White House leading out to the Rose-Garden opened and we waited with bated breath for the President to come walking out. Instead, it was Brent Scowcroft, his National Security Advisor and Chief of Staff, John Sununu. both of them were smiling like two cats who had just eat a bowl of mouse soup. . .

“Scowcroft and Sununu, like a duet doing a vaudeville number, informed us the President was “too busy” to meet with us. then, they started “making nice”, shaking our hands, apologizing for the fact that we had been left waiting for two hours – the exact amount of time we were left out there when we were attacked by Israel.

“The disappointment on McGonagle’s face was as unmistakable as if he had been kicked in groin. H was dying inside, we all knew it, although he tried his best to hide it from us. I was sure he would break down in tears, but he did not.”

George Herbert Walker Bush had no problem meeting with sports teams in the White House, but no time for a group of heroes led by a man who earned the Congressional Medal of Honor. It’s not honorable to meet a man who stood up to Israel. It’s a source of shame.

Captain McGonagle was able to hold back the tears on that day, over twenty years after the terrible events of June 8, 1967. Maybe James Scott, the son of one of those heroes, has told us why. Over twenty years earlier:

“Ignatious turned to McGonagle afterward. The secretary of the Navy, against a backdrop of whirring cameras, placed the Medal of Honor around the skipper’s neck. The five-pointed gold star, suspended from a blue ribbon, rested just beneath McGonagle’s chin. The son of a sharecropper-turned-janitor, the man who had guided his ship to safety by the North Star, lowered his head and wept.”

May God bless Captain McGonagle, his men, and all of those who will not forget what LIBERTY is all about.

2. Somehow this video seems appropriate right now.  Shas Party members would never understand.

3. And I want to give credit for the great pic at the top of the page to Skulz.

Peres, Pollard, Obama and Freedom

1. “The Presidential Medal of Freedom” is of course a huge joke as I’ve noted  previously on this site. This year however it is an even bigger joke than usual, though it might end up being a sort of poetic joke as well.

Among the winners this year – oh, did I mention that the Presidential Medal of Freedom is the Executive Branch’s analogue to the Congressional Medal of Honor?  You know that award. It is the one that was given to USS LIBERTY captain William L. McGonagle in secret in the depths of the Navy Yard by the Secretary of the Navy so as not to embarrass America’s enemy Israel. Normally the award is given at the White House by the Israeli Vice President for American Affairs (IVPFAA)  himself. But I digress.

Anyway, among the winners this year are Bob Dylan,  who loves Israel to your death, Madeleine Albright, Shimon Peres and Jonathan Pollard.

Now I can hear you all bitching and moaning “Hey Mantiq, we can see giving it to Jonathan Pollard, after all he earned it every bit as much as Madeline “worth it” Albright and Shimon “Qana” Peres whose record as a war criminal is most impressive, but how could Bob Dylan be a part of such an august body?

Oh, and I can see a bunch of you all running to Wiki to see the names of this year’s awardees and saying “Hey, Mantiq, Pollard is not on the list, wtf?”

Let me deal with Dylan first. He earned it because, as this article points out ” he has influenced Israel for the better more than any other American Jew.”

Lenni Brenner has this very revealing comment:

“Bob is one of the most famous people on the planet. But his fame is due to songs he wrote in his leftist period. When he got into Christianity he discredited himself intellectually with 99% of Jews, from Orthodox to atheist. We may disagree on everything else, but we all believe that Christianity is a fairy-tale, and that any Jew who converts to any form of it is sick in the head. The result is that when he got involved with the Lubavichers, most Jews didn’t cheer, not even most Orthodox, except for the Lubavichers, who are ridiculed even by most Orthodox. We all saw his reconversion as another chapter in his mad autobiography.”

So clearly Dylan is a fitting recipient of the award.

Now, war criminal Shimon Peres will get his award in a very special away. Unlike most of the other recipients, he is getting his award presented during a “grandiose” dinner gala at the White House on June 13 in which somewhere between 120 to 140 big shits will be there.

Didn’t get invited? Be glad. Here’s some of those who are coming to dinner:

Mark Zuckerberg. Now you have got to love that. Mark Zuckerberg. That’s reason enough to stay away.

Also attending is Steven Spielberg. And thank Yahweh that Barbara Streisand will be there.

Michael Oren will also be present – he’s a big FAT FUCKING LIAR about the USS LIBERTY – hell just for that he ought to be an award recipient, but I digress. Israel’s ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro will be there, guess he won’t have to ask Peres if he is a Jew.

Joe “I am a Zionist Biden” will be there as will Leon Panetta.

Jimmy “Camp David” Carter is invited.

Who the hell would want to be anywhere near that crowd?

Well, I’m sure Jonathan Pollard would.

Grant Smith is pretty suspicious about all this and recently posted on his concerns that this award will culminate in Pollard’s release. He may well be right. (He seems to have the date of the “grandiose” gala incorrect, but I digress.)

So wouldn’t it be cool if the Israeli Vice President for American Affairs were to announce Pollard’s release at this “grandiose” gala? And wouldn’t it be even neater if Bob Dylan then came out on the stage and sang “I Shall be Released”?

I mean it just doesn’t get any better than that, does it?

2. Rechnitz and his twin brother, Steve Rechnitz, were honored with the ICON Award for Visionary Leadership in Business and Philanthropy by the UCLA Longevity Center in May 2012.

3. Shas Party Spiritual Leader Gets the Chair (back).

Yeah, it turns out that Rabbibibibibibi Ovadia Yusef’s special chair with “special powers” disappeared from his synagogue in occupied Palestine.  This sublime mystery was solved, and I am not making this up, when one of the synagogue’s managers confessed to having loaned the chair to a couple to be used as part of ceremony in which they were going to have the end of their baby’s penis cut off.

4. In honor of Michael Oren’s false accounting of the USS LIBERTY and on the occasion of Shimon Peres’ handing the IVPFAA a petition calling for the release of Jonathan Pollard on the very day that the IVPFAA is awarding the “Presidential Medal of Freedom” to Peres in the presence of Oren himself (man you just can’t make this shit up) , I present to you the link to the video below by Cat. This is another haunting tribute of hers to the USS LIBERTY.