“Casinos and Adult Entertainment Establishments”

1. Now that I have your attention, get a load of this.

DoD Officials Did Not Take Appropriate Action When Notified of Potential Travel Card Misuse at Casinos and Adult Entertainment Establishments”

The title above is the title of a very recently released DoD OIG report on how your taxes are being used by people with security clearances working for DoD.

The aforementioned report was issued as a follow to up to this report.  Read the title carefully:

“DoD Cardholders Used Their Government Travel Cards for Personal Use at Casinos and Adult Entertainment Establishments

You can’t make this shit up.  Strippers and gambling.  Well I guess the silver lining is that they weren’t killing Muslims in support of Israel.  Actually, maybe some of them were doing that too in their spare time when they weren’t hanging out with strippers and gamblers. 

Let’s think for a minute: Okay, you are a DoD employee with a security clearance.  You may be an officer in the military or a civilian professional.  The point is you can read and write and you know you don’t misuse your government issued credit card.  Now I can hear you all bitching and moaning “Mantiq, surely $DoD audits the use of these cards in this day and age and it aught to be really easy to spot misuse with all the fancy dancy computers the goverment has bought or built at our expense?”  

Point well taken.  But the fact is that basically nobody really gives a shit.  If you read this report to your child at bedtime she’d have nightmares and could easily be justified in reporting you to Child Protective Services.  

Here’s a couple of nice quotes from the report.  Note the dollar figures: (Note to $has party members, red highlighting is done by today’s guest editor, Bernie Madoff.)  Please make sure no children are in the room when you read this. 

We issued Report No. DODIG-2015-125, “DoD Cardholders Used Their Government Travel Cards for Personal Use at Casinos and Adult Entertainment Establishments,” May 19, 2015. This report found that from July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2014, DoD cardholders had 4,437 transactions totaling $952,258, where they likely used their travel cards at casinos for personal use and had 900 transactions totaling $96,576 at adult entertainment establishments.

About 100K on strippers and almost a million gambling.  So, and frankly I am rather pleasantly surprised by this, the OIG then followed up on the above report by taking the cases of 30 individuals from that report and seeing what happened to them during the next 12 months.  And guess what, not much.

We determined that DoD management (cardholder’s commander or supervisor) and travel card officials did not take appropriate action when notified by the DoD OIG, during the previous audit, that cardholders had potentially misused their travel card.

In this follow-up audit, we reviewed management’s actions for 30 nonstatistically selected cardholders with the highest dollar amount of high-risk transactions that had been referred to management in the prior audit. During this audit, we found that:

the travel card program remained vulnerable to continued misuse;

DoD management and travel card officials did not perform adequate reviews for the sampled cardholders;

 DoD management did not initiate travel voucher reviews for cardholders with travel card personal use to determine whether there were improper payments; specifically, 22 of 29 cardholders (1 cardholder did not have travel vouchers during the period of review) sought and received reimbursements on 131 vouchers totaling $8,544 that directly reimbursed or indirectly may have reimbursed the cardholder’s personal use of the travel card (see Appendix D for DoD

DoD management did not consistently consider the security implications of improper personal use of the travel card; specifically, only 2 of 30 cardholders (5 cardholders did not have security clearances) were reported to the appropriate adjudicative facility prior to this audit (see Appendix E for D)

Now I highly recommend reading appendix C of the report which is a table showing how the 30 card holders reacted to having been caught in the first audit.  Some of them actually increased their use of the cards for “personal use” after having been reprimanded the first time and little or nothing happened to them.  Hell, here is Appendix C.  

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

2. It’s hard not to wonder if any of these DoD folks, presumably many living near or in Washington, DC have gone to Maryland Live Casino, just a stone’s throw away. Sadly, it does not appear that this casino has strippers, but it does have lots of gambling.  And guess what, the money they lose there goes to a guy who is on AIPAC’s board of directors.  So, at least our DoD friends are supporting Israel, that great ally of America.  Turns out that David Cordish, who is“the third generation CEO and Chairman of The Cordish Companies” and which owns and operates Maryland Live Casino according to Wiki, is also on AIPAC’s board of directors.  He also has two brothers who live in Israel. 

Mondoweiss calls Cordish a “prime figure” in the Israeli lobby.  Nice description. I wonder if any of the folks in the OIG’s reports were at that casino?  Just asking.

3. Okay it’s video time. And believe me all the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr had fun selecting an (in)appropriate video for this post.  We think it kind of fits the bill, so to speak. Your bill. 

2 responses to ““Casinos and Adult Entertainment Establishments”

  1. Remember Jack Abramoff and the ‘al CIA Duh’ 9/11 hijackers visiting his casino the week before the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag hit the WTC?


    Yes, that’s what devout Muslims do, go to casinos, drink copious amounts of alcohol, snort Cocaine and leave ominous warnings about something big and evil about to happen to the USA.

    Devout Muslims with real first names like Shlomo, Ariel and Ehud.

  2. mantiqaltayr

    I am shocked. 🙂
    Thank you for the comment.

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