It Was Meant To Be

Just a quick post folks so I don’t forget how.  Of course the message is important, it just won’t be dolled up with lots of cool stuff.  Just the bottom line.

The excellent “” website is featuring an article entitled “Heading Toward Failure. . .” which on the surface passes pretty much for common sense among those who think US Middle East policy is incredibly fucked up.

And to think that is to miss the point entirely.  The current situation on the whole, if not in some of the details, is pretty much what has been the plan for some time and Americans are just to stupid to realize it, including pundits with whom we here at Mantiq al-Tayr often agree.

The whole point is for everything to be fucked up while Israel will be a principle beneficiary along with a host of other abominable folks whom we know by position and often by name.

And now the US, and I use the term US loosely, Senate has “unanimously” approved a bill which says that Israel is a “major strategic partner”.  Fortunately in the US, and I use the term US loosely yet again, House of Reprehensibles there was serious opposition and the bill only barely made it through with 410 representatives of the State of Israel voting for it and one representative voting against it.  The bill didn’t include the espionage waiver that Israel wanted, but that will come down the pike soon, don’t worry.

As long as Americans do not understand that the desired status quo is a string of endless wars for Israel and it’s buddies then they will continue to blindly support this insanity, irrespective of an occasional awaking produced by Israeli fits of mass murderso  obvious that even the MSM has to report them – knowing full well that Americans will soon forget while the MSM also does everything it can to color their reports with Zionist paint brushes.

What is happening now is what the elites have intended to happen, not some aberration that is somehow inexplicable.

You can go back to sleep now.

2 responses to “It Was Meant To Be

  1. We can sleep when we’re tired of rounding up the “Jew” worshippers

    and that house of reprehensibles…knee-pad wearing “Israeli”
    psychophants…go into the same fiery furnace as the
    “Synagogue of Satan” so-called “Jews”…who dined with the
    “POPE” on the harvested organs of the braindeadgoy just 2 nights ago
    and caused the “Jew” worshipping “POPE” to utter these words
    of the Synagogue of Satan “Jewish” script writers…in Albania…

    Pope Francis called Sunday for Muslims and all religious leaders to condemn Islamic extremists who “pervert” religion to justify violence,

    “To kill in the name of God is a grave sacrilege. To discriminate in the name of God is inhuman,” …..failing to mention the recent slaughter
    of thousands of {real Semites} Palestinians in the largest
    concentration camp outside of the ZOG US {CONUS}…

    is the Creator [Almighty] who formed the eye unable to see


  2. MT

    The US is the new Promised Land as defined by Elizabeth I of England, which was constituted by the merge of England and Scotland in 1601 when James VI of Scotland became James I of England. 1603 (planned and blueprinted by dead Elizabeth I) formed the Virginia Company. The US was the first country CORPORATION and that set the new standard of commerce.

    Your president Obama is a Calvinist (as was James I/VI). Prior to the fusion of England and Scotland, the Union of Jacob almost collapsed entirely because Henry VIII had opted for Zionist order. As, at that time, the world was controlled by the Rosicrucians via the Catholic “Church” (sic), his progeny opted for order and anti-order. One, “blood” Mary tried to reassert Rosicrucian order. Only her untimely death saved the situation and Elizabeth I, whilst furthering the objectives of the Order of Zion, tried to engineer a compromise. Calvinism, though James I/VI, is a fusion of order and disorder as a collective Rosicrucian Order of Zion. I believe that is why Obama is president.

    A boring tabloid article came our recently where Peres has stated Netanyahu has “failed the peace process” and should “be removed”. This, in my opinion, really means he has not created enough havoc. A new Israeli CEO will ratchet the US war machine up to “full throttle”, in my opinion. That is why they need to give Israel “new” special powers.


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