Who’s Laughing?


1. How’s Libya doing?  Guess not so great.  Fortunately, US assistance to international terrorist organizations in Syria made things  a lot better there, oh, wait, guess not.  Well, hell look how great things are in Iraq after 25 years of the US efforts to be bring democracy and apple pie those folks.  Yeah, real great.  God only knows how many people have been killed during that time and now the country is divided up into three different states, just as Bin Laden predicted would happen.  Fortunately, US exceptionalists can point to Afghanistan – uh, no they can’t do that either.  Totally and utterly fucked up and when we leave it’ll be the Taleban yet again.  On the other hand, Israel is safe to practice all kinds of mayhem and murder while we (correctly) get blamed by the world for this.

Forgot to mention Yemen and South Sudan.

Even Shas Party members can figure it out.

“Figure out what Mantiq?”  Sigh.

Oh ye of little “ilm.

Although people like Thomas Friedman and David Ignatious and their ilk are kind of fun to portray as really stupid motherfuckers, the fact is that the US Zionist-Military-Industrial-Security Complex (USZMISC) is not run by a bunch of morons.  Evil rotten sons of bitches, yes.  But not morons.

The absolute disgrace that is the entire Middle East, much of North Africa and a good part of South Asia did not come about by accident.  It was deliberate and the USZMISC benefits from this greatly. You do not.

Here’s a classic example of USZMISC types pretending to be stupid and making fools out of the American people in the process.

As one might expect, it is on the front page of today’s Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post with a cute little title:

“Fighters abandoning al-Qaeda affiliates to join Islamic State, U.S. officials say”

The real crux of the article is whether or not US military intervention against the hideous  Islamic State is a good or bad thing.  Talk about a stupid question.  It is exactly what the Islamic State wants for at least two reasons:

  1. It allows them to brag that of all the Jihadist groups they are the only ones fighting the US.
  2. It also allows them to continue to make sure they don’t do anything Israel wouldn’t want them to do.

And from the USZMISC perspective attacking the IS means more money, more war, more security bullshit, and hence more money, more war and more security bullshit.  They win and yet again stupid moronic Americans will lose.

Let’s look at the article.  Here’s a nice excerpt of what I’m talking about.  Red highlights our by today’s guest editor, Kristen Chick. (Just kidding, it’s really Haifa Wehbe.)

The launching of U.S. airstrikes has raised new questions, including whether the bombings will hurt the Islamic State’s ability to draw recruits or elevate its status among jihadists. “Does that increase the spigot or close it?” said a senior U.S. counterterrorism official, who, like others, spoke on the condition of anonymity and noted that U.S. military operations in Afghanistan and elsewhere have crippled al-Qaeda but also served as rallying cries against the United States.”

Hahahaha.  Of course it will help the IS and the IS is fucking delighted to have us bomb them.

By the way, isn’t it nice that Google allows you to download a free ISIS app from the Google store?  http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2014/06/isis-iraq-twitter-social-media-strategy/372856/

But I digress.

The article then goes on to discuss US “concern” about future IS attacks against the US and notes that Jihadi’s are using US airstrikes as a rallying cry.

As we know, the entire world is a stage.  And Americans are the stooges. Oh, and the article says that about 100 “Americans” have gone off to fight on the side of the IS.  Let me translate this for you:  “Homeland Security, the FBI and all police departments are going to own your ass completely.”  Just what they need.

Now if 100 Americans go off to fight for Israel – well that’s a great thing, just ask Israel’s ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro.  But I digress.

2.  Let me digress for a second.  Here’s Israel-Firster Rep. Steve Israel, tweeting from Israel, that the US must bomb the IS.  If the Zios want it, you know it has to suck.

Asshole Tweets

Oh and here are some responses by others to yet another Steve Israel tweet from Israel.  Responses

3.  More Israeli humor.

Hila Fenlon, a 36-year-old farmer and mother of two, lives in Netiv Hasara, a small Israeli village of 400 residents that caresses the Gaza border. Hila is not religious, but she loves to use the word “miracle.”

Isn’t it nice to know that Zionist towns “caress” things near them, especially when they are near Gaza.

Dennis Prager teaches us about the term “moral idiot.

And this shit is called “heart warming”.

“American comedians Ari Teman and Danny Cohen brought their talents to Israel to cheer up civilians in bomb shelters and neighborhoods in southern Israel.

The comics called their week of stand up shows Rocket Shelter Comedy.

They also performed free shows in Tel Aviv, Modiin and Jerusalem joined by Israeli comedians Benji Lovitt and Yossi Tarablus, though they requested donations for lone soldiers.”

4.  Well it’s video time.

In this lovely little video below, these poor little Israelis don’t seem to be afraid of Palestinian missiles.  Nope, not a bit.

And of course this little video has now become quite famous.  In case you haven’t seen it.  It’s sort of a Zionist version of the “two minutes hate” from 1984.


3 responses to “Who’s Laughing?

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  2. Someone should tell Steve Israel that ISIS is funded by Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and Kuwait.

    It would seem to me just possible that part of the $10Bn per annum the US funds Israel with is laundered through these countries to ISIS so that Israel’s regional agenda is advanced.

    What agenda ? Chaos. Gaza is the model not just for the region, but for the planet.

    This means we are all Gazans.

    What’s happening in northern Iraq/Kurdistan with US bombing of ISIS supply trucks is the result of Israel recklessly embarrassing its best friend in pursuit of its own agenda of perpetual regional chaos, like folding flour dough in on itself repeatedly.

  3. There are also rumours and indications pointing to “ISIS” being an Israeli “psyop” managed by Mossad.

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