Hey Israel, Take a Slow Boat to Israel

And a slower one back.

1. Has Israel become a four-letter word in the US?  Israel Firster, Rep. Steve Israel (Likud, NY), has run off to Israel with a “bi-partisan” (“bi-partisan” means that the members are from “both” sides of the aisle and both just love Israel to death), but he won’t name who the other reps are.  Nor will AIPAC, whose arm, the American Israel Education Foundation, is paying for the trip.  Since AIEF is a 501(c)3 that means dumb shit Americans are actually helping foot the bill.

He did, however, tweet this picture.  Maybe your rep is in it?

Steve the Leader


Funny how the cockroaches who went with him don’t seem to want their names revealed.  This seems to be getting increasingly common.  Even a Shas Party member should be able to notice this.  But I digress.

2. Ooops, it’s video time already.  All the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr wish to dedicate this to Steve Israel and his beloved Israel.


One response to “Hey Israel, Take a Slow Boat to Israel

  1. Gadzooks, I first read that headline as “Honored to lead my colleagues in wealth ceremony”! Jeez, if they have a ceremony to create it, no wonder they own so much!

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