40 Seconds That Tell You Everything You Need to Know

UNRWA spokesperson Christopher Gunness, who is in Gaza and has seen the tender mercies of Israel,  says it all right here.  Please watch the whole 40 seconds of this thing.

The mass murder of Palestinians in Gaza that has been going on for weeks now – to the cheers and applause of the US government’s legislative branch and with the support – grudgingly or otherwise from the executive branch – has shown yet again to the world the nature of Israel.  Most of the world is horrified.  Americans haven’t a fucking clue about what’s going on and they never will.  Thank you Jodi Rudoren, William Booth and all of your cohorts.  Oh, and thank you CNN, FOX and all the rest of you assholes in the main stream media.

And in the meantime, the most powerful military and government in the world not only does nothing, but actually supports this.


12 responses to “40 Seconds That Tell You Everything You Need to Know

  1. Dear God, Mantiq, but you do know how to run my BP up 40 points, no problem!

    I’m stifling a major flood of curses on IsraHell and all its demon spawn, as I hear the body count on CBC, and I grow more and more ill.

    WtF is wrong w/the world community that it hasn’t organised a REALLY effective boycott of all things out of IsraHell?

    That’s all they understand: Geld, money, moola, bucks, baksheesh, whatever, to get their blood stirring. And if there’s money to be made by killing innocents, they’ll stand in line for hours in 35’C to get their hands on it.

    Nuff said!

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  4. Mr. al-Tayr, this is information that everyone needs to know, and they need to share it anywhere and everywhere that they are able:


    Here is more proof of what is happening, and even though I am sure that you are aware of this, this is the kind of information that needs to be shown to the masses, immediately:



    This was an article in The New York Times from 1940, wherein it said that after the then current world war was finished, and Germany defeated, then a New World Order would be pledged to/by the jews, and the beginning of a new world would begin. The point is that when coupled with what is contained in the book written by the rabbi BRAGGING ABOUT THEIR INTENTION FOR THE WORLD, entitled, “The jewish Utopia”, this is very solid evidence that even the most dumbed-down of the masses would understand and appreciate.

    I very strongly encourage you people on “social-media’ to share the information that I have just shared with all you are able, because what is happening to and in Gaza is going to be happening to the world at-large if the cabal gets their way, and there is no sugar-coating this reality.


  5. Mr Gunness is a fine example of a human being, as he can “feel” the helplessness of the Palestinians in Gaza, their despair and pain. Many people, including the US that supplies the arms which kill innocent women and children in shelters, have lost their sense of humanity and have lost their soul to the devil – Israeli lobby groups. They earn their money by their prostituting their government positions and presstituting lies in the media for these demonic, child-killing Talmudic vultures.

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    The US Congress and Obama are owned and operated by their Jewish masters with campaign contributions and blackmail that if they stray, they can be framed, with fake “scandals” as the Judiasts control the Jewdiciary too.

    But Saudi Arabia and OPEC can put an oil embargo on USA.

    Pakistan can donate its missiles and nukes to Iran and Gaza and Syria and Lebanon and Egypt and together they can have a feast on Israel. Nuke Israel and finish this problem once and for all.

  8. Why is my comment still “in-moderation”?


  9. mantiqaltayr

    Because I am working day and night and sometimes over look stuff. Looking at the comment now, I decided to leave in all of your links, but I took out Maknow’s actual text. I get lots of comments where the comment is much longer than the original post (and often has nothing to do with the subject at hand) and I used to post them. But I’ve changed my mind on about that policy. However, I’m fine with people posting links to what they believe is relevant material.

  10. David makes some good emotional points, BUT the Islamic world is badly divided and the West deliberately keeps it that way. And Saudi Arabia is a BIG part of the problem, as it often supports IsraHell in ways few are aware of, thanks to the Zionist MSM.

  11. Joseph, it is an open-secret that the “house of saud” are crypto-jews installed by The British after WWI, and that explains why they and the other nations taken-over by the cabal in The Middle-East do what they do against their people and Islam, in-general:



  12. I’m 71, and attended Louisa May Alcott PS in Chicago, 1948-1956. When we were taught World History the maps showed ‘Arabia Deserta’ or just ‘Arabia’, NOT Saudi Arabia. I don’t recall our licking their butts until later, maybe the rigged oil shortages of the 1970s, to jack up prices for the long-term.

    And I understand about the Sauds being the Islamic equivalent of the Mafia: they were meaner & more murderous than any of the other tribes, so they won. And of course that was an incredibly stupid long-term arrangement signed by FDR & ratified by Truman, an early sell-out to the forerunner of AIPAC.

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