AIPAC: American Patriotism Means Lobbying for Israel

I bet readers of this blog think that being patriotic means putting your country and its citizens first and doing stuff like trying to preserve the Constitution. Shas Party members have a different idea, of course, but I’m talking about most normal people.

Well, it turns out that Shas definitely has all of AIPAC on its side on this one.  According to AIPAC the highest form of American patriotism is lobbying the US Congress on behalf of Israel.

Well, when the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr went to the link above and saw the 4th of July video those AIPAC assholes posted, they couldn’t resist and the next thing I knew the video above was up on my youtube site.

If only George Washington could see this.


10 responses to “AIPAC: American Patriotism Means Lobbying for Israel

  1. “Here boy, now sit…Good boy, now roll over, GOOD boy, now kiss my ass…SMOOCH!’

    A bipartisan group of 88 senators signed a letter to President Obama that expresses dismay over Palestinian moves to form a unity government backed by the terrorist group Hamas.

    The letter, which was spearheaded by Sens. Ben Cardin (D-MD) and Susan Collins (R-ME), states that such a government represents a serious blow to peace efforts. Indeed, Hamas continues its refusal to accept international demands to recognize Israel, renounce terror, and accept previous agreements.

    U.S. law is clear: No aid can be provided to any Palestinian government that results from an agreement with Hamas and over which Hamas exercises undue influence, unless that government has met the international conditions.

    The letter also expresses opposition to the Palestinians’ efforts to upgrade their status within international organizations.

  2. what he said…


    and George Washington might in GOOD FAITH
    make a righteous statement about a TARGET RICH ENVIRONMENT

  3. Firstly, George Washington was a Zionist of old.

    Secondly we should all just “get on” and f*ck ’em….


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  6. America Canada need a swift Independence revolution–not from the British but from the Jewish religion masters.
    They did Sept 11 2001 attacks and most americans are aware and don’t do Diddly Squat . Must be the high levels of Fluoride in the water

  7. The bottom line is that the AMERICAN PEOPLE are fully responsible for this mess. They have enough time to watch 6hours of TV daily- yet wont get involved in their own govt. Voters in VA upchucked the resident Zionist
    infil-traitor Eric Cantor- so they CAN (if they want to) toss the rest of these sayanim sleazebags out of positions of control over them. They are hardly powerless victims. They choose to be slaves.

  8. In Washington, White House spokesman Josh Earnest condemned the Hamas rocket attacks and defended Israel’s right to defend itself.

    “We strongly condemn the continuing rocket fire into Israel and the deliberate targeting of civilians by terrorist organizations in Gaza,” Earnest said. “No country can accept rocket fire aimed at civilians, and we support Israel’s right to defend itself against these vicious attacks.”
    Buddy Josh had not word one to say about Israel’s collective punishment of Palestinians nor Israel’s rocket fire on Gaza.

  9. 5 dancing shlomos

    jews are the eternal victim
    the story has to go one way

  10. …the jew cries out in pain as he is beating (bombing) you…

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