Israel and Pope To Celebrate June 8, 1967

1. Israel and Pope Celebrate June 8th, 1967.
(I can hear you all now: “Now Mantiq, you are being unfair.” )

Fuck all y’all. That date is sacred. . . and the fucking Israeli government knows it.

This is a clear fuck you to America.

I can hear you all asking “WTF Mantiq?”

If you don’t know, well, never mind.  I’ll tell you.

On June 8th, 1967 Israel deliberately attacked the USS Liberty and killed 34 Americans.

And if you read up on it, you’ll find that they enjoyed it.

2. An important poetic voice for civil rights has died.

In the link above she reads aloud a letter by Rachel Corrie.  Please send this to the Pope.

The main $tream goes one way See More

Maya Angelou, Rachel Corrie and the struggle for justice

3 responses to “Israel and Pope To Celebrate June 8, 1967

  1. the buzzard co-religionists…

    it’s all about the stinking carcass
    in Jew York city the rats will celebrate
    the Khazar infested asylum called “Israel”,
    defined as a “Jewish” state that produces ZERO blessings
    for the braindeadgoy…who “JEW” worship
    as state sponsored terrorism is official policy
    thanks to the LIES from the stool sculpture deity cult


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