Top 10 Reasons Maryland Mall Shooting is a Mossad Operation


1. First of all, Stew Webb says so. Webb is closely affiliated with Veterans Today and is endorsed by Gordon Duff.  He also appears in interviews with Doctor Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer. Toss in Sofia Smallstorm and you have quite a chain of transmitters.  Any hadith with an Isnad that strong would have to be classified as 100% Sahih khara’.

2. Second, Maryland’s population is almost 10% Jewish.

3. Third, as the pictures below show, NSA is present at the scene of the crime and intercepting and transmitting all kinds of data.

NSA Truck



4. NSA  is also very close to the site of the shooting.

NSA and Sears

5. The police have yet to identify the shooter. You’d think they’d know by now. No doubt they are working on creating a legend for this person as I write these words.

6. In fact, they’ve just announced the name of the “gunman”.  His name is Darion Marcus Aguilar.  His ethnic identity is being used by Mossad to turn Hispanic blacks against whites.

7. No pictures of the dead victims, presumably killed by shotgun blasts, have been published for us to look at.

8. No pictures of the alleged shooter, who’s birth certificate has yet to be located, have been posted yet showing him lying dead in the Mall after blowing his own brains out.

9. There are conflicting reports about the type of weaponry involved. How did this guy get six to eight shots off if he was using a shotgun?

10. The alleged shooter, who probably doesn’t even exist, took a cab to the mall while carrying tons of ammo, a shotgun, G-d only knows what other weapons plus two “crude” bombs and the cabbie didn’t notice? Not even a Shas Party member could buy that. Sounds to me like the cabbie was in on it. Everyone knows that Jews own all the cab companies.

11. Zumiez is a funny name for a store.  Most likely it’s owned by Jews.

12. Zumiez’s cofounder, Tom Campion, is a supporter of Barrack Barry Obama Sotero.

Okay, I can hear you bitching and moaning: “Mantiq, that’s 12 reasons not 10.”  Well who is counting?

I hereby challenge KingTuT and company to debate me, that is, if they have the heart for it.

Okay, it’s video time.  First a tribute to the TuTians and their leader, KingTuT.

Wonder who owns this cat?



15 responses to “Top 10 Reasons Maryland Mall Shooting is a Mossad Operation

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  2. You forgot one thing MT–Maryland DOES NOT exist, therefore the shooting COULD NOT have taken place.

  3. Oops,, I made a mistake before. Turns out Maryland DOES exist. Was one of the original 13 colonies. But wait, aren’t there Jews in Great Britain? Maybe Maryland is a hoax then.

    Anyway, you forgot the most important reason WHY the shooting in Maryland (which may or may not REALLY exist, we don’t know yet) is a hoax–


  4. Oy, weh, dat cat ist killink mine eyes! OK, now that we’ve dealt w/the only fat cat ever put up here by Mantiq [certain Israeli politicians excepted], it just occurred to me that Steve Martin may be the only [to my memory, at least] living comedian who’s never used vulgar obscenities in his act[s]. Red Skelton was also good that way. Not that I don’t enjoy coarse buffonery as much as the next oaf, I’m just saying that it CAN be done.

  5. Sure they do Mark. Ever heard of Baruch Goldstein?

  6. Toss in Sofia Smallstorm and you have quite a chain of transmitters. Any hadith with an Isnad that strong would have to be classified as 100% Sahih khara’.

    lol….the birth certificate got stuck in mid air to be found at a later date as per their request.

  7. Joseph, another comedian who never used obscenities was Ellen Degeneres. That was why I noticed her when she first began in comedy, her humour was modest and very very funny but not personal attacks or dirty language. Of course I have no idea what she is like now just know the damage she has done, but she began with a clean set of skits.

    BTW I live in Canada. We don’t need crisis actors, the media tells us everything. There is no United States. So none of this stuff ever happened. In fact, since there is no God, perhaps nothing ever happened and this is all just a manifestation of our nightmares?

  8. Hold on. The cat.
    Cat’s name is, “Derpstep”? Or, is it, “DoorStop”?
    It could be my eyes have been fetzered. Or, the cat has been. Poor Kitty.

    Noor; you;re right. USA is a figment of Canada’s imagination. I’ve stepped out of your dreams and entered the twilight zone. Best get back to Veterans Today.

  9. Is the first paragraph a silly joke? Because if Smallstorm, Fetzer and Duff think that there was another false flag, they may be right. After all, they correctly affirm the terrorist controlled demolition of the twin towers during their evacuation.


  10. If all these shootings are Israel’s fault, then it’s ‘game, set. match,’ and we might as well go home and turn out the lights.

    There’s plenty of nut cases in the USA capable of shooting up the place, who wouldn’t be crazy after living in this nation of numbed out Hollywood worshipers, mammon lovers and Bible Thumpers who are thicker than fleas and don’t take ‘NO’ for an answer when you politely say ‘No Thanks,’ and the gratefully ignorant, who wear their stupidity like it was an Olympic gold medal.

    If it was the MOSSAD, they need to start giving their ‘Manchurian Candidates’ target practice, since someone with a shotgun should be able to take out more than two people.

  11. Sounds like Sandy Hook “with knobs on”

  12. until a few days ago, I`d never heard of Stew Webb, now he`s all over the place, just heard him on Press TV..

  13. Press TV and RT are both filled with bozo’s that few people in their right minds would take seriously. It’s a damn shame because the main stream media is simply the other end of bozo spectrum.

  14. Mainstream = Illuminati Plan A

    Alternative mainstream = Illuminati Plan B


  15. It’s getting old all these false flags. All of them for one purpose. Take your guns. Load you in trucks and for about one third of you shot in the head. I want to tell all you teachers, doctors, lawyers, judges, dentists and professors. When they took control of Russia and Ukraine they killed all the intelligentsia. So you educated people had better realize you could be in a truck heading for a FEMA camp in short order. The Russians didn’t have a clue what was to happen. One day it was great and the next day they dropped the Iron Curtain. Now I am going to tell you how they did it so fast. All the Jews worked together. You get it? It will be no different here. How about when they walked out of the trade towers. Did they warn the goyim?

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