Shuk You

How can you believe anything else this writer says when he says this?

“The shuk (which means open-air market in both Arabic and Hebrew) is now a foodie destination. . . ”

Of course we are talking about the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post, so you know you are often going to be being fed Zionist bullshit from a Nutribullet, but GFG!

Of course, the author of the piece often can’t be believed anyway according to this report.

And according to the report above he was supposed to be punished by not getting the Jerusalem Bureau Chief job. Well, he is now that chief.

You should read up on his new buddy the Post sent to Jerusalem to feed you even more Zionist Bullshit.

It’s no wonder Americans understand nothing about the Middle East.

4 responses to “Shuk You

  1. Well, I read the article, and it’s certainly a far cry from the realities of zioracist politics. I especially liked the quiet little pokes the writer got in as he went. Let’s start w/this jewel:

    “Students of the shuk [sic] date its current gentrification to a daring stroke by Eli Mizrachi, who opened a popular cafe here in 2002, at the height of the second Palestinian uprising and the suicide attacks it brought to the central city.”

    There it is, as we used to say in Vietnam, another war zone now succoured by turistas, many from the former enemy’s homelands. It was all those damned Palestinians’ fault, but now all is well under the watchful eyes of the IDF or the Hebrew Law cops or the useful idiots, and so on.

    Moving right along, we learn that
    “On some Fridays, an hour before sundown, a cadre of ultra-Orthodox Jews dressed in black frocks and hats march through, blowing horns and urging vendors to shutter their shops and go home to honor the Sabbath.
    The market sleeps on Saturdays.”

    ‘On some Fridays’? Why not every Friday? Oy weh, is their zealism slipping? If the shuk [Hebrew] or souk [Arabic] is anything, it should function as well for Palestinians as it does for the Israelis. It’s my understanding that in Islamic nations a Jew’s shop is not discriminated against in that nation’s souks. Someone prove me wrong, please.

    Finally, as bad habits die hard, here’s the source where Booth likely lifted most of what he presents as reality:

    It’s a site he surely approves of, especially as one can subscribe to an email newsletter w/news from the… here it comes… you won’t believe the chutzpah… naw, you’ll never be ready, so here it is anyhow: the Jewniverse!

    YES, Judahism is ALL of everything, don’tcha know it! Welcome to the Jewniverse, or as a swell Internet investigative journalist I follow would have written, “The dial’s fallen off my Zionist Bullshit Meter!”

    So once again, the shuk’s on us, for thinking it was possible that anything of significance was about to change.

    Maybe it’s some kind of new twisted Zionazi New Year greeting, I really don’t know. It’s hard for a simple goyische Quaker mensch such as myself to understand it all.

  2. Firstly, let me be the first to wish all Mantiqians a happy new year. It is the new year, right?

    For me 2013 was the pitz so, logically, 2014 must be an improvement so I am now positive and happy, once again.

    As much as I like the sound of my own voice, I don’t think the ziothugs will be plagiarizing any of my writings.

  3. mantiqaltayr

    Hi Joeseph,

    Your comments are most interesting. I might put them into a future post as a feature if you don’t mind

  4. Mantiq, I don’t know how much of my admiration of your strength & intelligence comes through, but WHATEVER you wish to do w/my stuff I’d deem a great honour. The world needs warriors that are as you are: fearlessly exposing this Zionazi murderous BS w/o regard for one’s own safety. I’m sure we are all targeted, but at nearly 71, if I can take one of them w/me, I’ll be happy.

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