Egyptian Fascists and Facebook

As most of you have not heard, not only has the Egyptian military government banned the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, it is now embarking on a campaign in which it threatens to imprison anyone who puts the Shi’ar Rabia sign on their Facebook Page.

Egyptians being highly creative and with a great sense of humor have been making lots of fun of this and they’ve put up all sorts of alternative Rabia signs on Facebook and elsewhere.

Here is a link to yet another Rabia sign that some might find useful.

Okay, I can hear the Shas Party members now saying “What is Shi’ar Rabia?”  Well, if you can count to four, click here.

Here’s a  video that ought to give you an idea.

And no I am not a supporter of the MB. One of the truly disgusting aspects of the terrible tragedy unfolding in Egypt is that Egypt’s fascist government – in concert with all of the usual suspects – is the making a martyr out of the Muslim Brotherhood organization as a whole.  The ramifications of this are truly terrible to ponder, at least for most ordinary people. But they are a great delight to the one percent and the people behind them.

I wonder what Rabia would say about all this? But I digress.

2 responses to “Egyptian Fascists and Facebook

  1. My new email address is

    Thanks for all your posts.

    Gary Jones

  2. The problems begin with censorship……

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