Mildly Happy Christmas, Sort Of

1. It’s been hard to get into the Christmas spirit this year. Not sure why. Maybe it is assholes like Orit Arfa releasing loathsome and disgusting videos celebrating the destruction of the Palestinian people.  Maybe it is the destruction of Bethlehem in particular by the likes of Arfa.

2. On the other hand, I’m glad that more or less main steam media types are coming around to the point that my last post was about regarding the Israel-first actions of  Senator Rob Menendez (Likud, NJ). For examples you can go here, here, and  here.

3. Also, here’s a small piece of good news.

4. The Appalachian character of modern weirdo Judaism can be seen here.

5. Merry Christmas Jonathan Pollard.

6. “My new favorite way to celebrate Chanukah is lighting candles with Barack Obama.”  This year there were two Hanukkah  celebrations at the White House because Obama “needs Jewish support.”

7. It’s video time.

2 responses to “Mildly Happy Christmas, Sort Of

  1. Although until now I’d read of this creature, until now I’d never heard her perform or even seen a video of hers. At first I thought this was some incredibly sick satire or parody, until I realised this is a sincere song from an evil person, one w/o a soul IMO.
    On a Christian blog I’d read something about her lewd acts on stage, and remarks that her tongue was reptilian-like: now ‘I get it.’ As far as my reality goes, I wish I’d never seen or heard this despicable hater perform, but at least now I know just how very bad she is.

  2. I wrote my own Christmas story for my mother, MT.

    Unfortunately she didn’t understand it as it a fusion of exo-political symbolism and Harry Potter. You seem to be slightly more switched on than average.

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