Menendez Whores for Israel

All of the links are at the end of the piece below . Links 9-12 cover the four smaller items at the top of the page.

MATR 5 Page 1


Here are 3 links for the main article. If you want to have some fun though, google “menendez melgen prostitutes” .


2. The article below sure does have a lot of people being involved with Menendez and the Dominican Replublic to include even a CIA asset.

3. And here is an article about Menendez sucking up to AIPAC.

4. And here’s an article with the “power of my office” quote that he gave at AIPAC treason conference.

5. And here he is saying it at the end of his treasonous AIPAC speech.

6. And here is the Times of Israel’s transcript of that speech that leaves out the treasonous last line.

7. AIPIC’s transcript is more complete.

8. This article notes that he is keeping his promise to represent Israel.

9. Israeli Jew Muders Arabs, Arabs get blamed

10. Lots of Israelis seem to be in the gun smugling business. Here’s another one.

11. World Supports Palestine, Israel and Canada Do not

12. Cuntor continues working on behalf of Israel as he had pledged to do

2. Okay, it must be video time.  May as well make you sick. Here’s the link to the closing 3.5 minutes of Menendez’s homage to Israel.

And here is Menendez’s asshole buddy Charles Schumer engaging in his own fear mongering on Iran. Oh, note that Schumer mentions Menendez and his friendship for Israel in his very first sentence.   It’s a crime that these people are running the United States.




One response to “Menendez Whores for Israel

  1. Isn’t calling a US Senator a whore for Israel a bit redundant?

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