Organized Slime


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Am sort of  having fun playing around with this. May as well have fun while documenting the apocalypse.

3 responses to “Organized Slime

  1. Hahah! Very entertaining read! The ‘Godffather’ has nothing on these ‘Rebbes’. They constitute the real mafiya. (sic). Or maybe they are just a small part? The names are a crackup! ‘Abutbul’ and ‘Brunya Zv.oloni’. Hehehe! Brun Hilda and Beavis the Butt Head come to mind! But this is deadly serious business. As in ‘Shoah Bizne$$.’ Note the frequent use of bombs. They really seem to get a ‘blast’ out of using them. Whenever one reads or hears of a car bomb, alleged ‘suicide bomber’ or buildings being blown up as on 9/11, and the AMIA in Argentina, one needn’t look any further than La Kosher Nostra! The big ‘Big Bada BOOM’.

  2. Can I add?

    “On 14th May 1948 David Ben-Gurion announced, in his capacity as Executive Head of the World Zionist Organisation, “the establishment of a Jewish State in Eretz Israel, to be known as the State of Israel”. The main reason Ben-Gurion was able to announce this is, due to the ‘beyond compensation’ loss of six million Jews, Israel Statehood was a small token of support by globalist backers. They decided six million had perished as evidence for their judged “beyond compensation” loss because the figure had been prophetically announced via a Washington Post bulletin back in 1919. Aided by some pointless, but wizened, propaganda by Eisenhower, the small token was delivered. No small token was given to the Palestinian Arabs or ethnic Slavs who so admirably supported the Allied campaign and suffered greatly as a consequence. Indeed new Israel troops were at war with Palestinian Arabs on 15th May 1948 over the prized small token the day after the announcement of Israeli Statehood. Officially, displaced Palestinians had made an act of aggression against Israel as they were expected to “piss off” without compensation, fully displaced. Israel’s ethics and position on human rights was made absolutely clear in its handling of the Gaza Flotilla contingency for human rights. Their deadly spiteful and vicious attack on conscientious human beings using their most elite troops has shown who they are. Their “psy-ops” has failed. Boo-hoo Netanyahu and Peres, your cat is out of the bag.”

    Rest here:

  3. Shall supporters of Palestine Issue surrender and say ” What is done can’t be undone?”

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