The Mantiq al-Tayr Report for November 9

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Yeah, I know the title is a little overstated, but it may not be long until we have a (second?) change in government due to Israel’s gross omnipresence in this nations body politic. I’m sick of it.

Wondering if it would be worthwhile to post a link to the actual text file of the newsletter?  Comments welcome.

2. Okay It’s  video time.

Normally I prefer women who match more the Mediterranean  ideal of beauty – not the skinny stuff foisted on us by US corporations. But I like this video. A lot.  The name seems to be reversed – should be Alexandra Varga and you can see that in later presentations she uses that name and looks bit more full bodied.

5 responses to “The Mantiq al-Tayr Report for November 9

  1. I like slender ladies! This one is a good dancer too. If she were any thinner there might be a problem, but as far as my eyes are concerned; all is well! Hehehe! Nice! We will win in the end. Zionism is Judaism which is BULLSHIT!

  2. And al-Hamdu lillah!

    Thanks for commenting.

  3. ThankYOU Mantique for posting this. I resonate with everything you said!

  4. I suspect Israel’s omnipresence is about to rapidly wain. Here’s a snip from one of my earlier posts:

    “Going back to Israelite genetics, if young geneticist Eran Elhiak is allowed to work unhindered, it is likely the Sephardim and chunks of populations now labelled Arabs will turn into the long lost original tribes of Israel. It is ironic that those who associate with Islam likely have just as much right to the Chosen distinction as the Jews themselves.”

  5. Most refreshing to have you back, even if you can only swoop down once every two weeks, as it gives us all a little more light, hope, and air free of Zionazi BS. Sorry, I did NOT mean any disrespect for bulls, as they are highly valuable parts of the human community, and Zionazis are NOT.

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