Eric Cantor is Anti-American

Cantor the Anti-American

Another bumper sticker for you all courtesy of the tuyuur at Mantiq al-Tayr


Eric Cantor took an axe

And gave this country 40 whacks.

And when he saw what he had done

Off to Israel he did run

1. CNN is such a joke. I only go to their site for sport. And today, as usual, they came through for me.

Get this headline – but put your milk down first:

Government shutdown: GOP moderates huddle as conservatives set agenda

GOP “moderates”?  Fuck you Wolf Blitzer and company. Virtually all of these assholes voted to shut down the government on the pretext of Obama Care. But that isn’t what this is all about, it’s about Israel.

So, who are these moderates?

Well one of them is Mike Grimm (Hitler Youth, New York).  He’s a hardline Israel-Firster and Islamophobe with some pretty serious Israeli-criminal connections. You can check those out here but I digress.

Then there is Scott Rigell (Likud, Virginia) whose district in the Commonplace of Virginia just happens to include Norfolk and all that Navy stuff they got down in those parts. You know, those parts where the USS Liberty returned after being brutally and deliberately attacked by Iran Israel. He’s feeling the pressure and is starting to cry uncle a little tiny bit.  The pressure he is under might mean he’ll have to act like a sane person.

He sure does love Israel though.

Rep. Scott Rigell: 

“I am a very strong supporter of our friend and ally, Israel. It was my understanding that President Obama’s position was more nuanced than that. Whatever agreement is reached must be done so on a negotiated basis that ensures Israel’s right to defend herself.”

Did I mention that Rigell loves Israel?

“May is Jewish Heritage Month, and Scott Rigell is please to join his friends in the Jewish community to celebrate Israel’s 63rd anniversary of their reestablishment as a nation in 1948. Israel, like the United States, share the indispensable values of freedom, individual liberty, and a reverence for human life. Scott Rigell is proud to stand with our strong ally in the Middle East, Israel.”

Anyway, the CNN article is actually worth reading because the further you read into it the more you realize that Eric Cantor is the mother fucker who’s driving this in the House.

“The only way we’re going to get Boehner and Cantor to change course is if we can bring things to a halt,” said the source, who asked to speak anonymously while talks continue.”

Boehner is of course a total wimp. Cantor is the guy running the show.

Cantor has to go ladies and gentlemen. He needs to be replaced in 2014. I don’t care if he’s running against Hillary Clinton for his Virginia seat. She’d get my vote.

2. Oh, and this asshole John Boehner (pronounced “Butthead”) needs to go too. Just read his wiki page to see what a dork this guy is. He such a tool he should have been manufactured by Black and Decker.

But for even more fun, read Zionist radical extremist and just plain wacko Jennifer Rubin who blogs for the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post (JWNYTP).  She loves the guy. In her story on Butthead’s prostrations at a speech to the Jewish National Fund back in 2011 she gives us some great quotes, some about Butthead, some not.

This one is my favorite. Note to Shas Party members, red highlighting is done by today’s guest editor Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. He’s got more free time on his  hands now and I figured doing this blog would be better than having him wandering aimlessly around Narmak talking about the glory days he shared with Mark Glenn in New York. But I digress.

Anyway, back to Rubin and JWNYTP:

“In the nearly three years of the Obama administration — certainly the dreariest time in the history of U.S.-Israel relations — we’ve learned that presidents come and go (some quicker than others, we fervently hope), but the relationship between Congress and the American people, on one hand, and the government and people of Israel, on the other, is enduring. A high point in President Obama’s term was Prime Minister Benjamin’s Netanyahu’s speech to a joint session of Congress. It was, ironically and tragically, a repudiation of the U.S. president’s approach to Israel and exuberantly applauded by both Republicans and Democrats in Congress.”

In other words, presidents come and go, but AIPAC remains forever entrenched in the halls of power.

Among the Butthead quotes she likes:

“Israel does not stand alone – Israel stands above as the one true beacon of freedom and opportunity in the Middle East.

“We’re here to see that Israel continues to thrive – and to make clear it is America’s duty to stand by her side. Not just as a broker or observer – but as a strong partner and reliable ally.”

Uh, it is our “duty” to defend Israel? Fuck you Boehner.

But it gets worse, with Zionism it always does.

“That’s why I’m pleased to report that the House has ensured – in this time of fiscal responsibility – that America meets its financial commitments to Israel. We will continue to do so.”

Israel first. They’ll get their money this year too.

He goes on:

“Supporting Israel and her people has been the policy of this nation since Harry Truman sat in the Oval Office.

“Our commitment to Israel should be no less strong today. If anything, it should be stronger than it’s ever been. And, with your help, it will be. It must be.”

The shut down is about Israel folks. It’s not about Obama Care – which has been severely crippled forever already by the Republicans. Israel is showing Obama who is in charge and it ain’t him.

Boehner has enough votes right now in the House to pass a clean bill that doesn’t have the anti-Obama care provisions. But he says he won’t allow it.  He’s afraid of Cantor who will probably soon be his replacement.

3. The State Department – run by Zionists and which has not had to furlough anyone – pretty interesting, but I digress – is warning that US aid to Israel might not come through on time if the shutdown continues.

It’ll be interesting who puts forward the first bill to make an exemption for Israel and to give it the money if there is really any serious delay. Of course if Israel is smart it won’t do this since Israel doesn’t need the money anyway and certainly not right now. The symbolism of its power in getting the money right away might be worse than just letting it slide for now. It’ll be fun to watch.

In The Times of Israel:

“Harf’s singling out of Israel in the briefing may well have been a shrouded battle cry to pro-Israel groups in the US, whom the administration employed last month in lobbying Congress for an authorization for the use of force against Syria.”

The tuyuur plan to be watching this.

4. Video time.

Let’s go back to 2008 and listen to Boehner scare us about Iran’s nookies.  He also thanks AIPAC for enslaving members of Congress. Awesome.

3 years later and he is at it again.

Okay, I can hear you all now “Mantiq, good grief. You used to give us nice videos. You know, videos of Haifa Wehbe dancing and singing,  not that we care about her singing, but we digress, anyway, even a Shas Party member knows that we need those kinds of videos.  How about a new one of Sadie belly dancing?”

Thought you’d never ask.


6 responses to “Eric Cantor is Anti-American

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I never let loose of the Mantiq bookmark!

  2. Are you back for “proper”, Mantiq?

    The problem is, as you should have worked out, your votes don’t count coz’ they do it anyway.

    The answer is not easy as Obama care is another step to validating the “mental state”. The “mental state” is a place where anyone who contradicts standardised perception. They will be branded “mentally ill” and given drugs which will ensure they are mentally impaired as part of the “healing process”. I now have a blog, ahem……


  3. Salaams MT, I really think this shut down has more to do with the fed res contract being expired. They going to make all the shitnators come in to sign the whatyoumacallit and slip in another 100 years of the fed res. either way we still in the gramadoelas.

    Ps, i’m on my knees
    begging you pleaseeeeeees
    bring back haifa whebeeeeeeeeeee.

  4. Remember back in the Spring of 2013, when the Israeli push to bomb the hell out of Syria was going strong, and OBOMBA didn’t go along?
    Israel even tried to show OBOMBA how to do it properly by lobbing a tactical nuke into a Syrian military base.

    Suddenly, the MSM was digging up all sorts of ‘scandals’ on OBOMBA and ran with that 24/7.

    Now that he’s backed off bombing Syria again, the government gets shut down, but those ‘Too Big to Fail’ Zionist owned Wall Street banks will still get their 83 billion.

    Just a coincidence?

  5. Good to see you all in one piece and up and running MT
    Pheww ….got us worried for a while!
    God Bless and Best Regards

  6. Reblogged this on The Murder of Faith.

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