Is Cantor Leading an Israeli Coup Against the United States?


(The above pic should be bumper-sticker usable. Feel free to print it and put it up everywhere.)

Isn’t it just one hell of a coincidence that Israel-Firster Eric Cantor (Likud, Virginia), is engineering a campaign to shut down the US government over the issue of Obama Care while at the same time he runs off to Israel every fifteen minutes?  Yes, and Israel has truly socialized medicine. But he’s got no problem with that, nor does he have a problem with Americans dying in wars for Israel.

Remember this little gem from Cantor’s office? It’s not even a full year old yet

(Update: turns out the citaton below is from late 2010. So Cantor has been actively working, by his own admission, for a foreign power against the US executive branch for three full years. More on this criminal piece of shit is coming.)

Eric stressed that the new Republican majority will serve as a check on the Administration and what has been, up until this point, one party rule in Washington,” read a statement from Cantor’s office on the one-on-one meeting. “He made clear that the Republican majority understands the special relationship between Israel and the United States, and that the security of each nation is reliant upon the other.”

Then  less than a year after promising to commit the Republican Party to working for Israel against a twice-democratically elected president, Cantor then runs of to Israel with over 30 other Republicans willing to sell out to Israel.

Against a backdrop of Obama’s clearly not wanting a war with Iran and instead trying  (meekly) to establish some sort of normal communication with that country, combined with Obama’s (rather ridiculous and meagre) attempts to get Netanyahu to pretend to be interested in peace with the Palestinians  while at the same time the Syrian situation is something AIPAC and the loonies like Cantor want the US to escalate into something that could lead to world war, against all of this, Israel-Firster Cantor goes to Israel and does everything he can to pretty much fuck up everything on Israel’s behalf.

Meeting with Peres:

“Cantor opened the meeting by telling President Peres that the delegation had come to Israel to show the strength of American support for Israel and express the support of congress for Israel’s position.”

On the Palestinians we get overt racism and contempt:

“US Rep. Eric Cantor, the House Majority Leader, said while leading a trip of 28 congressmen to Israel that he doesn’t envision progress in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict until there is a Palestinian “cultural mind-shift.”

And just to make sure that Cantor’s racism is clear he added:

“Regarding Secretary of State John Kerry’s statement on Monday that the US views all Israeli communities located beyond the pre-1967 lines as “illegitimate,” Cantor said the “discussion of territory, lines, towns and settlements is predicated upon the Palestinians first agreeing” to Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state.”

And of course Cantor went ape-shit over Obama’s phone call with Rouhani. Read this shit and laugh.

““I am concerned that President Obama did not press Iranian President Rouhani to halt Iran’s ongoing support for radical Islamic terrorism, its repeated violations of U.N. and IAEA resolutions, and its support of Bashar Assad’s war against the Syrian people. These topics were not publicly addressed by the President today, but require his urgent attention. Iran’s government remains — in spite of President Rouhani’s rhetoric — a brutal, repressive theocracy.”

So Cantor wants Obama to support al-Qa’ida crazies in Syria, but Iran is a bad boy for supporting “radical Islamic terrorism”?  What bullshit. What he means is “Iran must stop supporting Hizbullah because they have shown that they can kick Israeli ass.”

And Israeli ass is all he cares about. If you are an American, he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about yours.

What’s going on is no coincidence folks. It’s an Israeli coup against the United States.

16 responses to “Is Cantor Leading an Israeli Coup Against the United States?

  1. Ummm, isn’t “al-Qa’ida” properly spelled ‘al-CIAda’? Seems somebody pointed that out to me some time back. However and I concede, I don’t know squat about the Arabic and am therefore more than a mite naive on the subject.
    Ummm isn’t Eric Cantor in actual fact, a cross-dressing lickspittle clown in open treason to these United States of Amerika? Of course and it is a given, the place is “closed” for the time being.
    It is damn fine to have you back at the controls MT.

  2. Spot On! all these Israhell Firsters are interchangeable ~ as well interchangeable with all Repugs because it’s a Genetic issue, mutation in this case, hopefully a declining state of a Spike in the Evolution threads. There’s not much difference between my dad, o’reilly, Crud, or Cantor ~ zero sense of empathy.

  3. What Israel does Cantor want Palestinians to recognize?

    The one illegally formed in 1948 by the UN?

    The one that expanded after the illegal 1967 Israeli war of aggression?

    Or the Israel that has stolen vast pieces of Palestinian land since then?

    And since Israel does not mark its borders, how is anyone expected to recognize a state that doesn’t mark where it stops?

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  6. Yes, Skullz; it IS: Al-CIA-duh (or that is how I’ve always seen it.)
    Cantor is just like every other scumbag for Israhell. Cutting off his own people doesn’t affect him. It only hurts those in his district, but they are too stupid to realize it’s him and his cohorts doing this, while paying thousands of dollars per man, woman, and child, on the stolen land of Palestine.
    Too many Americans do not get that this is to their detriment; if they wish to givt to the lunatic-state, let them take it directly out of their own pocketbooks, and not out of MINE. For I have nothing but comtempt for them and those who would steal from US to take care of themselves and the bastards of the Mid-East.

    I also wish someone would explain WHY we are donating munitions to Israhell while they sell it off to our enemies. How does that work for US?

  7. Lee Luttrell

    There is this guy in Cantors District that has gone after Canter. I saw him once and this guy is PISSED. He calls Cantor a traitor and should be thrown in prison for treason. The basis for his remarks are Cantors investments of how he bets against America on Wall Street. I sure would like to see these two alone in the same room together!

  8. ((As usual, ignore my typos..))

  9. Hey guys I am in Cantors district and I know many that want him gone. We have a great candidate, but we need funds. Anyone interested? Sadly most here go by name recognition and it takes money to get the NAME recognized. We have tried twice before under 2 parties. HELP !

  10. The first step in taking our country back is to stop electing the jew to congress. There has to be an awakening in this country to the jew and the harm that he has done and is doing to this great nation and its people. They should not be in positions of authority and power in our nation. Every country the jew has lived in, he has destroyed from within and ours will be no exception unless we wake up and begin changing the make up of our government.

  11. Eric Cuntor is always hiding behind the scene when Boehner is at the podium – his weasel-like eyes are not far from the microphone and he is a slime ball. This guy has got to go.

  12. Ha!
    Edward; Eric Cuntor..
    I try very hard (well,I don’t have to try so much anymore) to not cuss, online.. and that, “c-word”, always makes me crings- except when you guys use it. Then it makes me laugh!

    I will always have to remember and never forget: put the soda-water and.or coffee DOWN before turning to read, Mantiq Al Tayr. haha!
    Makes my day!!

  13. not just Cantor but the whole lot of them: Feinstein, Boxer, Schumer, Graham, Bernanke, Greenspan, Summers, Geithner, Volcker, Rubin, Dimon, Iger, Moonves, Sunstein,,,, it just goes on and on and on and they must GO!

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  15. Well, that’s what happens when you let your country get turned into a Jewish colony.

  16. Interesting article, Mantiq. However, might Obama be feigning at “attempting peace” with Iran for a wider psyop?

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