I see my good buddy Mark Glenn has done a great service today by putting up several USS LIBERTY posts. Please take the time to read them.

For the USS Liberty crew I link below to two pieces of music – both full of lamentation. When I used to do this blog regularly I linked to them on occasions such as this.

I often hear these pipes as I look upon the tremendous folly that is going on.

And then there is this stunning performance. They should play it at dusk at every US military base.

One last comment for today. Everything you’ve been told, everything, is bullshit.

2 responses to “A USS LIBERTY Lament

  1. OzzieThinker

    Good to see you back posting MT

    However, Israel conquering the USA 46 years ago is old news. In view of your special position, it would be good to see a couple of posts on your opinions of what is going on in Syria right now. We both know, contrary to muppet-media output Israel and Syria were “best buddies” until a few years ago. What is your opinion of Israel and little Israel (USA) support of the Islamic nut-jobs (Al-Qaeda) in Syria?

    Would the prophet Mohamed have been against Islamic nut-jobs or just nasty “infidel” funders?


  2. in memory of those who have been murdered by the Zionist Psychopaths

    the Bolsheviks…the Communists…the so-called “Jews”.

    a poignantly somber reminder…


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