State of the Union With Israel Address

1. I knew it, I just knew it. That stupid State of the Union address that put so many people to sleep recently was a complete total 100% staged sleight of hand that fooled most people. A little birdie told me it would be this way, so before that false flag address, some of the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr decided they’d do a little snooping around. They held a big council on the Tuesday before the address and even gave their operation a code name (they watch too many movies, way too many): they called it operation Fowl Smell.

The expedition was led by a guy you’ve seen pictured here before.


That’s Sam, who was the leader. A few days before the event, Sam and some of his feathered minions flew past all the bullshit anti-terrorism security you morons pay for and went right into the Capitol Building with their little beak-held camcorders in order to capture video and audio of what the president said.

Sadly, beak cameras don’t have a lot of space for video files, so they were only able to capture about 10 minutes of the actual address – and about 8 minutes of that video could not actually be shown on TV during prime time (and it wasn’t, I’m sure you are shocked). However, we did manage to get a about 1 and half minutes of really good family-friendly video and audio of what actually went down that night and we present it here for your edification, amusement, and well, for your edification and amusement. We’ll just leave it at that.

So take a minute or so to hear and see what the IVPFAA actually said. It’s so short even Shas Party members will be able to enjoy it.

[There is a linguistic sleight of beak here (actually more than one, but I digress). Let’s see if you figured it out.  Sadly Shas Party members have a big edge on you in this regard.]

2. Okay, now I wrote a “1” so I guess I should have a “2” here.

I hope this brings back “been dead awhile”.  Only a Shas Party member couldn’t appreciate this.

3.  Since this is a repost and the video I had here has disappeared, I have decided to link you all to our second most favorite youtube video here at Mantiq al-Tayr. It tells you everything you need to know, but I digress.

5 responses to “State of the Union With Israel Address

  1. Oy vey, the secrets are tumbling out like water gushing over the broken zionist levy. thnx for video.

  2. Why does “al-qada’ wal-qadar” or at least the ffirst part, sound and look like al qaeda?

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  4. bin dead awhile

    Salaams Mt, And Skulz and all the other regulars around these here parts, No I didnt fall off the face off the earth, Just been very busy and dumbphone(def not smart) is giving me problems when it comes to replying.

    Operation Fowl smell hahahaha (Skulz give MT a Bells). I wont stop visiting my brothers site. Thanks for the video, I really appreciate it, you know it makes me smile through all this boosheet that is happening around us. I see there is now a guy, fara mansoor, that is claiming he has evidence that khomeni was in ‘bed’ with the cia and bush et al.

    Seeing the Sam, reminds me of Surah Fil. When His help comes, it comes from sources never imagined. Reading it gives me comfort, knowing even though they plot and plan, He is the final planner.

    Keep well

    PS. My Hijabi wants to know how watching these vids can put a smile on my face? They can never ask easy questions that have yes or no as an answer.

  5. BD! What’s shaking my Brother? Okay and please to forgive a mostly ignorant infidel. What’s a “Hijabi?” An Hijabi?
    I ask on account of I’d asked a very nice Muslim lady about her using the term ‘hijabi’ and of course my being an ignorant infidel didn’t help matters much. She took my dang head off. I wasn’t being rude or insensitive or none of that. Nope.
    Anyway, I mean no disrespect.

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