I Am So Tired Of . . .




6 responses to “I Am So Tired Of . . .

  1. That’s one smart bird.

    Wish he were my neighbor rather than the mushheads who reside around me.

  2. Ah, Mantiq, thou art not the only one who bemoans our tawdry state, swamped by immeasurable seas of endless, freshly delivered bull shit, until the mind reels at the horror of it all! Shit to the front, shit to the rear, shit to the right and the left equally, but above all, shit rains down incessantly from the Shit Capitol of the World, Washiton on the Potomac, shit-city of those who shit and eat it as fast as they put it fresh all about themselves!!

    Lord, from the fury of the shit-makers and eaters, deliver us!

  3. brevity is the soul of wit


    all rational beings share the same lamentation


  4. full on Zionist Sicko “Senators” – Dingbats & Douchebags…

    completely DISGUSTING…{as in never mind the Facts}

    LIVE on C-SPAN: Secretary of Defense Nomination Hearing, Part 2


    didn’t mean to be flippant with the RWH song…
    Looks like the whole WWZ campaign is in full swing


    McCain & Graham & Gillibrand…heck all the Zionazi Psychophant
    so-called “Senators” apparently work for the Zionist Terrorists and not “Americans”…

  5. Agreed; it’s never-ending from these whack jobs. BUT we do need to stay strong, even if it’s only to shovel shit away as fast as they throw it at us!

  6. Allow me to chirp in a note of agreement!

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