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Concert for Terror in Tel Aviv


Artwork by Skulstudios (you can see the original and lots pics of this monstrosity by clicking on the first link in the article below)

Zionist bullshit runs deep. Very deep.

“One of Jewish music’s brightest stars took to the stage this past Tuesday in an effort to express his gratitude to Israeli soldiers in a record breaking concert held at Tel Aviv’s Nokia Arena.”

Now isn’t that nice?

I want to puke. Note that this supporter of crimes against humanity is an “american“.  Yes, he claims to be american on his facebook page, though this article says he was born in Jerusalem. However he grew up in New York according to all accounts I’ve seen.

“Yaakov Shwekey was raised in Brooklyn where he attended Yeshiva of Brooklyn. He now lives in Deal, New Jersey with his wife Jenine and their four children.[citation needed] Yaakov’s career began when he and his brother Yisroel Meir sang with the Miami Boys Choir for a short period of time.[3] As a young man Shwekey learned in Rabbi Menachem Davidowitz’s yeshiva (TIUNY) in Rochester, NY,[4] and for a short time in Yeshivas Ner Yisroel of Toronto.[citation needed] For a period of time he was an unofficial wedding singer.[4]”

But it gets worse. With Zionism it always does.

“I have seen European newspapers and the way they write everything about Israel is so twisted. They portray our army in a very negative light and I felt we owe it to our soldiers to express our gratitude and show them how much Jews of all types, from all over the world, appreciate them.”

Guess who his rabbi is? (Shas party members get three guesses.)

Ovadia Yusef.

Yep. But I digress.

Looks like it was quite a big shin dig

They didn’t have enough music stand lights in Israel for all the musicians,” reported Shwekey.  “They had to ship more in from China to make sure we had enough.”

I’ve had enough.

I’m sure this part of the concert was very touching.

“In the middle of the concert they played a short, emotional video clip from IDF Reserves Officer Aharon Karov that was filmed specifically for the evening. Karov revealed in his personal frightening story about his difficult injury that he sustained during Operation Cast Lead, only several days after his wedding. Shwekey said that he had already met the couple three years ago during the early stages of the rehabilitation process and had since maintained a relationship with them.”

Yet another example of Jewish people becoming radicalized and then supporting Israel’s terrorist army.  If he had been a young Lebanese Shi’ite kid in Brooklyn and performed in Lebanon honoring Hizbullah’s soldiers he’d been in it deep.

2. Okay, it’s video time.  Here’s some live video at the concert itself. Hope it makes you sick.

Fuck Zionsim

Readers of this blog know that Liam Clancy has a special place here. Here he sings “Children After Rain”. It’s a song of children who have had a lot more things rained down upon them than rain itself. I present here in memory of the children of Gaza murdered in the terrorist operation Caste Lead. BTW, it is a beautiful song, well worth five minutes of your time.

Fuck Zionism