A Humanitarian Gesture

Just some comments on Gaza coverage.

1. But first, let’s go with a video.  It’s been making the rounds but if you’ve not seen it and if you enjoy good righteous indignation, you may very like this one.

2. Okay, now back to some observations about Gaza coverage.

First let’s start out with the ubiquitous Abigail Hauslohner reporting currently for the Washington Post.  In this article she points out some rather chilling things about Israel’s behavior in Gaza during it’s disgusting, illegal and immoral air and sea assault upon a captive and helpless population. After giving us the usual Zionist-Bullshit based assumption that attacking HAMAS is a perfectly acceptable thing to do:

“For the most part, the targets struck by Israeli warplanes and ships — government complexes, bridges, farms, smuggling tunnels, paramilitary training facilities and residences of suspected militants — had been connected in some way to Gaza’s Hamas-led government.”

She then points to a series of acts, typical Israeli behavior to anyone who has followed Israeli’s stupendously long list of atrocities before, during and after the Jews created their state in 1948, that ought to raise the eyebrows of her editors at the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post.

She notes that during the final 24 hours of this Zionist assault the Israelis were even meaner. Here’s a sample: (red highlighting is mine)

In what were among the final strikes, Israel targeted two bridges, including one that connected northern and southern Gaza over a valley used to funnel sewage into the sea.

Other overnight airstrikes ripped through homes and farmland and reduced a major Interior Ministry complex to a wasteland of rubble the size of a football field.”

She then mentions Israel’s complete destruction of the al-Showa bank whose owner was actually part of the Palestinian Authority government in the past and who she presents as a guy who is not even tied to HAMAS. She notes that the residents of Gaza were astonished that the bank was flattened. But then she offers a theory as to why, the sort of theory one might find in decent alternative media, which is where she’s going to end up if she’s not careful.

The only thing about Showa that might have drawn the Israelis’ attention, Gaza City residents said, was that his bank had recently started granting loans to Palestinians, whereas most other banks had stopped, afraid they would not be paid back.”

Sounds plausible to me since Israel is out to destroy the economy of Gaza.

But then  her Washington Postness comes back to bite the reader (and the Palestinians) in the butt:

“Most of the strip’s 1.7 million people are refugees — the descendants of those who fled ancestral homes on the land that is now Israel during the war over the Jewish state’s creation in 1948.”

“Who fled”?  Bullshit. But I bet she knows this. She may not have written it or her words may have been changed. It happens all the time.

Now this brings me to something else. A few days ago the Angry Arab published something that strikes me as odd. Not that I disagree with what he was getting at – he was making about his 10 millionth observation about the pro-Israel bias in the US press – but it involved Abigail Hauslohner in a rather interesting way.

He called his short piece “A US correspondent on biases US media” and said that a correspondent for a “major” US publication sent him “this”. “This” being a reference to an article by three writers for the Washington Post. The writers of the article are Karin Bruillard, Abigail Hauslohner and Debbi Wilgoren.

The article as cited by the Angry Arab is short and the complaints to him from the US correspondent about it are accurate. However, he did not identify that correspondent because “she” did not wish to be identified.  That would be understandable. Especially if it were someone like Ms. Hauslohner herself. Just wondering. (That would really be cool.)

Now to the dark side. David Ignatious, the most boring commentator on the planet, decided this past week that he’d tell us what has been going on in the Middle East all these years. He starts off by lying to us.

His third paragraph:

“The first time I watched this movie was 1982. Israel invaded Lebanon to stop the rockets that were then harassing northern Israel. The invasion was called “Operation Peace for Galilee,” and the Israeli army rolled all the way to Beirut. With their massive firepower, the Israelis assumed the Palestinians would cut and run, as Arab armies had in previous wars. But the Palestinians stood their ground.”

The Israeli invasion was due to stop Palestinians rockets? What a bunch of fucking bullshit and he knows it, if he does not then he has no fucking business whatsoever pretending to know anything about the Middle East.  Even Wikipedia, filled with Zionist bullshit as it is, makes this clear.

But Ignatious isn’t finished lying:

“Now it’s Hezbollah that poses the deadly rocket threat to northern Israel. Hezbollah suicide bombings forced Israel to invade Lebanon again in 1996 (“Operation Grapes of Wrath”), then to withdraw in frustration from Lebanon in 2000, then to attack Hezbollah once more in 2006 (“Operation Change of Direction”).”

Hizbullah “suicide bombings” had nothing to do with operation “Grapes of Wrath.”  No competent historian would say anything so stupid. Nor was it suicide bombings that forced Israel to withdraw from Lebanon after occupying southern Lebanon for 22 years. Hizbullah had worn them down to the point that Israel said “no mas” and then Hizbullah kicked Israel’s SLA collaborators out.  And I can’t imagine anyone arguing that Hizbullah suicide bombings had anything at all to do with the insane Israeli rampage in Lebanon in 2006 where Israel  re-discovered that there are, after all, some Arabs who can actually put up a fight. As any idiot knows, Hizbullah captured two Israeli soldiers and killed three others in an attack that Israel used as its causus belli.

His article just gets worse and worse the more you read on. Don’t do it!  This is not just a warning, it is a humanitarian gesture. I should set up my own 501(c)(3). But I digress.

If Ignatious is the best the Washington Post has, Ms. Hauslohner should end up doing pretty well.

13 responses to “A Humanitarian Gesture

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  2. I have a Chilean friend, and she told me of a saying they have in Chile : a thief might get away with his/her crime, since the object of the crime is visible, and can be hidden, but a liar will always be caught out, because he/she will forget exactly what he/she said, and will, sooner or later, trip over his/her own words..

  3. Believe me, the Zionist Lie Factory, aka Hasbara, is in full-swing. In each article I could tolerate this week, regarding the inhumane bombing of civilians in Gaza, I read that Hezbollah (Hizbollah) got their rear-ends handed to them. Yet, if you read anything in youtube, from Zionists and Zio-sympathizers, you know that “Op Change of Direction” had to do with the IOF cutting and running, and not the other way around.

    In fact, I just received one of the most ridiculous comments from a Zionist puppet (I like to call them Zuppets). He said to me, “so in the count of dead Hamas (because Palestinians, particularly Gazans, are ALL Hamas, don’t you know?), are you counting the six that the ‘terrorist organization’ killed of their own, on the 20th?”. Without looking it up, I am sure it is garbage, just by considering the source. Before we know it, Izrahell will have discounted each and ever murder in Gaza as, “Hamas did it”. After all, when these horrors happen, if a death is investigated at all, it is, “investigated”, by the Bastard-State.

    So what else is new?
    I hope this ceasefire will remain in place. But, I trust the evil Zionists to not murder more civilians in Gaza about as much as I’ll trust my bunny rabbits to always pee on their wee-pads. Each time I step into a wet-spot on the floor, I know better.

    Even IF this ceasefire holds, Gaza is under siege, as is the West-Bank. There are murders in all of Palestine and we already know who the murderers are. In the year leading up to this recent horror, sixty-four Gazans and five Palestinians in the West Bank were murdered by Izrahell. Not one Israeli was murdered by Palestinians. Regarding Palestinian deaths, no investigation is necessary. Until Gaza and all of Palestine, including the West Bank, and the ever-shrinking Palestinian East Jerusalem is free, there is not a bit of trust to be broken.

    As, “good old Helen”, said: Israhell just needs to get the hell out of Palestine.

  4. Wow. And then, I watched the video; no further discussion necessary.

  5. murderers [JEWISH} cannot be murdererd, at law it is justifiable homicide…

    self defense is not Murder…


    every zionist psychophant on talmudvision trying to justify mass murder of concentration camp refugees in Gaza would in NO WAY address let alone establish the facts of the case….only the “JEWS” are the Terrorists.

    for Americans to continue to allow these terrorists to not only print the currency..OWN the Media, and operate a Kosher crackhouse/brothel called Congress is a testament to the mental/spiritual/physical castration of American Manhood….

    as most American Men are chemically catrated and generally tend to think with the smallest head on a shrivelling appendage

    joe bob sez…


    now about that four hour erection

    seriously…who would you call

  6. @Anne,

    Thank you for your comments. Yous should see the piece of trash by Paul Farhi today in the Washington Post. Hussein Ibish can go to hell as far as I’m concerned.


  7. Everything jewish is fake. What’s new?

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  9. RAFEEF ZIADAH is magnificent. I wonder what a “word off” with her and Jonathan Azaziah would be like! Probably amazing…..

  10. To Ingrid up top. About your comment on lies. My favourite is… Give them enough rope and they shall surely hang themselves. Your friend is right, they eventually get caught in their own devices… that is why I, personally, have only perfected lying to authorities!

  11. @Noor
    That would be amazing. I’ll pass on the recommendation!

  12. How about we try these lying disgusting criminal pieces of s***, the presstitutes for war crimes?

    Knowingly printing lies, preventing the public from knowing what’s going on, is not only against the charter of journalism, but is one of the most evil acts in the human sphere of activity.

    Make a note of all these so-called journalists… after the collapse of the JWO, make it a point to round them all up and try them for genocide.

  13. It’s amazing the resilience shown by Palestinians, considering they’re fighting the M$M, which puts out hasbara 24/7 and two of the world’s most powerful military’s, Israel and her lackey, the USSA.

    It’s time for the rest of the world to get on-board and support Palestine, because if they lose, we ALL lose.

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