Joint Senate and House Resolution 6969 Supporting Mass Murder in Gaza

Artwork done by the Graphic Visigoth Brigades

As you all know, we here at Mantiq al-Tayr are always happy to serve.   We are from the Internet and we are here to help.

Now since we know that members of Congress are busily engaged in finding out the sexual positions used by US generals with their various liasons while AIPAC is deeply engaged in putting its spokes people on every “American” media channel to tell us what is really going on in Gaza right now – well since all of that shit is going on we here here at Mantiq al-Tayr, tuyuur and all, sat down and drafted Joint Senate and House Resolution 6969 supporting genocide against the Palestinians in order to save both AIPAC sayanim and Congressional sayanim at the same time. See, we really are trying to help.

So here below is the text of our joint resolution. Please send it to your congresspussy and ask him or her to sign it and forward it the White House and to its supervisor, the Israeli embassy.  If you would like to add any extra items, as you all did with Joint Resolution 666 sometime ago, please put them in the comments section and  one of the tuyuur will add them to the post.


With respect to the gross escalation of violence on the part of the Palestine Muslim Jihadist Terrorists (PMJTs) against the Jewish State , we the undersigned members of the United House of Representatives and the Senate support Joint House and Senate Resolution 6969 as written by Mantiq al-Tayr:

Joint Senate and House Resolution 6969:

Whereas Palestinian Muslim Jihadist Terrorists (PMJTs) are spreading Shakira law throughout the US and also throughout our beloved land of Israel;

Whereas we got the message via the forced resignation of retired general and former CIA director Petraeus that you can never do enough in subservience to the Jewish State;

Whereas most of us have slept with anyone and anything we can ever get our hands on and have seen pictures of these events in break-out rooms during AIPAC’s annual convention;

Resolved, that the $enate and the Hou$e –

(1) – Express our deepest regrets that so far the Israeli Genocidal Forces (IGF) have only managed to kill about twenty or so Palestinian sand niggers

(2) – Strongly urge the IGF to escalate its defensive war against Palestinian sand-niggers to include the use of chemical and biological weapons.

(3) – Have set aside 6 million dollars for the construction of gas chambers at crossing points into Israel’s Gaza strip.

(4) –  Demand that the Israeli Vice President for American Affairs, whatever his name may be, create PALCOM, a new U$ Command focused solely on the complete annihilation of the Palestinian people. Hopefully the military can handle that task after fucking up so completely in Afghanistan and Iraq, but we digress.

(5) – Figure that  “that ass-kissing little chicken shit” David Petraeus, who seems to be out of work, should redeem himself by being made the leader of PALCOM.

(6) – Urge the FCC to demand that anti-cat videos be banned from youtube.

(7) – Want to read all the emails between General Allen and Jill Kelley – we figure they might give us some new ideas. At least we hope so. We will set up a special closed session of Congress so the two of them can read them aloud to us while doing an interpretive dance.

6 responses to “Joint Senate and House Resolution 6969 Supporting Mass Murder in Gaza

  1. Circumstances dire, but that was an amusing post MT. However let’s be clear this is all about POWER and nothing to do with the “people”. Look at those spineless Israelis in Tel-Aviv wailing at the expected retribution for the evils they KNOW they’ve done. It’s not just the Budhists that “believe” in kharma. I digress….

    I did click on that “ass kicking little chickenshit” link, well, coz it just asked to be clicked. The great thing is [in the saddest possible circumstances] it sums up what’s going on here. It is all about perpetual power and, in that regard, the END justifies ANY means. Good guys “in the way” are dead guys – sand-nigger or devout Zionists. Get wi’ the game MT.

  2. Perhaps Finkelstein will be inspired to write a sequel to his book on Operation Cast Lead, “This Time We Went to Far.”

    Suggested title to the sequel: This Time We Went to Far Again.

    Ya think zionists can ever go far enough that Finkelstein will renounce zionism?…. Naaaaaah.

  3. you’ve certainly put yourself in the running for a new grant writing position

    there are scores of PACS just drooling over such overt talent…

    don’t discount the offers, we need people on the inside that know the score

    speaking of scores, my guess is the sand niggers are due for a WIN…
    and it will be the ultimate victory dance,

    one many will join in on,

    even the lighter shades of pale

    Khazars make exodus…

  4. Thanks Anthony Clifton for the great insight for anyone seeking to be a successful grant writer:

    For whatever cause a grant is written, dedicate a portion of the funds being sought for a jewish cause.

  5. Mass murderers supporting mass murder. Who would have ever thought?

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