CIA Chief Enters Lesser Occultation

1. “Does it help if folks know that I hosted Elie Wiesel and his wife at our quarters last Sun night?!  And that I will be the speaker at the 65th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps in mid-Apr at the Capitol Dome…” (David Petraeus)

Frankly, I think Petraeus deserves what he got just for sucking up to the Zionist lobby by “hosting” Elie “what is my real name?” Wiesel. By the way, Wiesel’s name is pronounced “Zionist Asshole” just in case you weren’t aware.

A while back I linked to a Mondoweiss article showing some of Petraeus’s machinations.  The quote at the top is from that article.  It makes good reading. The source is James Morris who had been in some email contact with Petraeus.

So here’s a guy who really really wants to do all he can to be THE man. And he resigns over screwing a West Point graduate over achiever after an investigation by the FBI which concluded that there would be no charges against him or  her and that national security had not been violated? So he resigns.  Excuse me, but something is just not right.

The Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post (JEWNYPT), reports:

One of them said Justice Department officials were unclear on what steps to take after they concluded that there would be no charges against the CIA director or Broadwell and that there had been no breach of national security.
But then the same report states that ODNI director Clapper told Petraeus to resign which he then did and outed himself and Broadwell in the process. I find that very interesting.

The same JWNYPT article claims that JWNYPT tried to contact Paula (Kranz) Broadwell but that she was unavailable. It also mentions, in passing, that JWNYPT editor Vernon Loeb co-wrote her bio of Petraeus, however, and I’m shocked, of course, JWNYPT does seem to have tried to contact Loeb to see what he had to say and his name never appears again in this rather long and detailed article.

Now, JWNYPT also ran an article focusing on Broadwell, but without actually talking to her.  She actually seems kind of likeable, despite her cultural chauvinism – like dressing like a whore by local standards in Afghanistan. I did find this curious:

“Officers close to Petraeus grew concerned about her posts on Facebook, which they believed sometimes divulged sensitive operational details.”

And “Some senior officers thought Broadwell, who held a security clearance and had served as an Army intelligence officer, should have known better.”

Hold on a second. She’s in Afghanistan, for some reason still has a security clearance but does not have an official position and wears revealing civilian clothing, and she’s posting operational details on Facebook and nobody did anything. What the fuck is that all about? Even a Shas Party member knows that that is a major no no

Ladies and gentlemen, I submit to you that there’s more than meets the eye to this story. It stinks to high heaven.   It reeks of the smell of Zionist bullshit.  It may just be regular good old all American bullshit – it will be interesting to see just what kind of shit we are dealing with.

I think he plans to return to the scene down the road. The greater occultation won’t be for a while.

2. In the meantime, Israel has gone on an insane binge of violence in Gaza, killing seven people so far.

Last week, Israel ” conducted at least 92 military incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank and Gaza. During these incursions, Israeli soldiers arrested at least 60 Palestinians, including 5 children one man was shot dead by Israeli troops near the Gaza borders this week as well.”

You don’t read this shit in the M$M and you never will. Kind of puts things in context doesn’t it?

3. I think I might have posted this video once before, but it is sort of fitting here, somehow. I had found another great Mercedes Nieto video, but I’m going to make you wait.  I do think you might like the song.

And remember, if you laugh at this video you are a bad person.

10 responses to “CIA Chief Enters Lesser Occultation

  1. skulz fontaine

    I have a comment. Well, there’s hardly no surprise in that now is there.
    How about “we” call the JerusalemWashingtonPostNewYorkTimes (jeepers, insert a breath right about here) a simple and short, the Whorington Times? Brevity I say.
    Okay Mantiqyans hither and yon – what say ye? We could bring the matter up for a vote at the annual Mantiq al-Tayr Central Steering Committee meeting later on when that happens. Say, I missed the memo and when does that happen?
    As for the Petraeus bullshit, I think we gots us an internecine feud brewing twixt the FBI and CIA. They’ll never oh no EVER tell us where the bodies are buried.
    Completely off topic, Herr Generalissimo gots to set things okie-dokie with the Mrs. Petraeus. Yikes, that’s gonna cost Herr Generalissimo a bundle.

  2. She certainly did her job for mossad and neutralized Petraeus. Although he sucked up to the zionist masters he refused to fully endorse bombing Iran and going to war with them. So he was targeted by this gorgeous Jewish women who with all her credentials and being married was able to fool Petraeus that she would kept their affair confidential. His lust and here beauty and intelligence and charms (and her pretented idealogy that was projected to him as the same as his) was too great to not see that she, Paula Kranz Bromwell was a spy/blackmail seductress for Israel. FOREMOST keep in mind that Israel would far rather have put him under their complete control than to expose him. But once he refused to endorse attacking Israel they settled for having the Zionist media and internal CIA apparatus neutralize him. Atleast he didn’t sell out completely whatever patriotism he had by fully endorsing the war on Iran, which would (and still probably eventually will) lead to tens of thousands of American soldiers and sailors dying and millions more Iranian civilians dying.

  3. correction: fully endorse attacking Iran

  4. Your last post was plain silly MT as everyone with “power and influence” is a Zionist as far as you are concerned. And indeed you may be right coz to be a “Zionist” is the way “to get places” today. In the past you merely needed to claim you supported Judaism and wear a silly cap at functions – similar to the Arab elite!

    Petraeus has been “reeled in”, but to what end?

    There were rumours back as far as 2004 and maybe the ‘back of beyond’ that he was going to head a military coup to “purify Amerika”. Then he got phantom cancer which seemed to assure he had the “nothing to lose” grit to drive sommat of that magnitude. Counter rumours suggested he would make a legitimate bid for power on the back of a “sudden retirement”.

    The trouble is that the powers know is Amerika is split into three camps. These are:

    a) those who are too mindless to look beyond their noses (and some struggle at that)

    b) those that are aware but believe by “being nice” the whole thing will blow over & they’ll have easy, rewarded lives

    c) those that are aware and could go “either way”. As this is a rapidly growing number – growing by the day, it is no surprise that the powers are “dishevelled”.

    I believe that just as retired Ike – Ike “the mitigated liar” Eissenhower, who so ably reinforced the Auschwitz mythology (so veraciously that the ADL have had to change his “story” in light of confirmable FACTS), the new “Ike”, Ike Petraeus will champion [New World] Order just as Ike did.

    Incidentally Ike’s [that’s Eissenhower] grand daughter is driving the New Age ET movement, so I expect to see “something” happening there as well. The only question is “when” Ike Petraeus will pop up for a future presidential race as, short of him really succuming to cancer, it’s a given. But that’s only an opinion!

  5. skulz fontaine

    Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower was the 34th President of the United States. That Eisenhower?
    Davey Petraeus fell victim to his appetites and the Mossad. Can we say Eric Cantor? Oh yes, Cantor’s in this fucked up mix.

  6. If we attack Iran I would say it’s time for the citizens to attack in this country. IF this country is destroyed it would be good for the world.

  7. Bil Clinton had raped women, used drugs for decades, killed nine personal bodyguards, fathered a child with a black prostitute and had an affair with Lewinsky and exposed himself to Paula Jones, but he did everything the Jews wanted. So people say he was so great. He should have been removed from office. He even admitted to Juanita Broadderick a few years ago that he raped her. That is one dude I wish would cross the Israelis so they would take care of him.

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  9. Given what the US media has been publishing it now seems that Petreaus was brought down by a Lebanese Maronite woman who may have been a Hezbollah supporter.

    And that all those boxes and computer taken from Vernon Loeb’s co writer of a book on Petreaus by the name of Paula Broadwell did not contain one iota of intelligence secrets and that the Lebanese woman in Tampa is the one that needs to be arrested for divulging the extra marital affair of David and Paula by telling the FBI informant to contact Eric Cantor specifically.

    So what we all have here is contest between Hezbollah and Eric Cantor as to who is truly top dog in DC.

  10. Interesting comment Omop and makes sense in the wider “scheme of things”. Thanks for the heads up.

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