“Zionism is Not an American Value”

Artwork courtesy of al-Sayyida Zainab.

1. CNI’s  most excellent Alison Weir is concerned that Mossad Jane Harman will be come the next CIA director. We here at Mantiq al-Tayr thoroughly support Harman’s being put in that post because we believe in complete transparency in government.  We’ve covered Mossad Jane in detail before.

However, and it pains me to inform you that according to the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post (JWNYPT), the front runner for the job is the CIA’s deputy director.  That was in today’s Post and you all can look for the link.

And if you think that Petraeus quit just because he had an affair with a woman whose goal was to write a book to make him look cooler than the other side of the pillow you should join the Shas Party.

In fact, even JWNYTP reports that yet another woman, unnamed woman is involved.

“When Petraeus’s name surfaced, FBI investigators were concerned that the CIA director’s personal e-mail account had been hacked and that national security had been threatened.”

Really? Who could hack the personal email account of the most powerful (and evil) intelligence organization in the world? A fawning Paula Dean Kranz Broadwell having an affair with the head of said organization? (And writing a book about him with Vernon Loeb) Really. Well maybe, especially if she had help.

Maybe someone’s having access to his personal email is why he resigned.  Wonder what they found?

2. “Zionism is Not an American Value”

Sample quote:

5) (Unnamed Zionist asshole) “Because I’m an American. My values- democracy, love of freedom, commitment to education, pursuer of peace, success in a multi-cultural environment, and love for mankind- are synonymous with an Israeli’s.”

(Zainab) “Where were you? Saturn? Israel is NOTHING like America. Here, nobody gets denied the right to housing based on race or religion, there are no permits needed to live in cities, people live where they want, our soldiers don’t shoot our own citizens at will for sport, and education is free to ALL people, regardless of religion, and although we have nuclear weapons, we aren’t itching to use them on our neighbours, and may I ask….what the hell is so “multicultural” about a purely Jewish state!

“Zionism is not an American value”

2 responses to ““Zionism is Not an American Value”

  1. of course zionism isn’t an American value, zionism is a project designed to audaciously usurp a country and round up the indigenous people who are still alive into smaller and smaller reservations, with less and less access to weapons and provisions, accompanied with ruthless persecution, even to the little ones.
    When an US military officer(Chivington, perhaps?) was asked what should happen to the papooses & little ones that get in the way of the US’s ethnic cleansing, he replied, “Nits make lice.

    Wait, I’m confused, maybe zionism is an american value? It’s been reported that Adolf H. was very fond of US westerns and patterned his prison camps after US reservation system.

  2. skulz fontaine

    “American values.” Damn, does that ever open a can of hypocritical worms.
    It is a given that ‘zionism’ is “considered” an Ameriken value. Just ask our resident (evil) authority on the matter and that’d be one John Hagee. You know, THE John Hagee of the Pseudo-Christians United For Insanity. That bunch of shit-for-brains losers can also be construed to be crypto-Zionists. We credit the honorable Brother Jonathan Azaziah for the definitive treatise on the subject.
    Say, has anyone heard from our good Brother Ziah? T’would seem that he has been “silenced.” I do NOT know that for a certainty.
    Values. Right. Amerikens “value” war, illegal rendition, illegal detentions, apartheid, Israeli occupation of Palestine, exploitation of African resources, torture, complicity, bullshit, glaring lack if intellectual curiosity, torture, more war, comatose sheepdom, an unappealing sense of entitlement, torture, more war, a vapid and fawning worship of “celebrity”, political stupidity of a staggering kind, British monarchy, Saudi monarchy, disingenuous histrionics of the diplomockery kind, war, torture, and the illusion of democrazy. Well, and more war.
    With the important part being, as long as it isn’t upper crust Amerikens doing the fighting and losing body parts for war, the notion is jiggy keen for sure.
    Not all Amerikens ‘value’ the ugly aspects of Empire Amerikana. However, the nasty freaks at the controls of Ameriken War Machinery love that shit and what the fuck can out-of-the-loop Americans do about that?
    Vote in the “elections?” Oh holy screaming and jumping Jebus, that is hysterically funny.

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