Jerusalem Mayor Dedicates Street to Umm Kulthum

Okay, a reader of this blog has sent me one of the most disgusting videos I’ve ever seen. I can’t quite put it into words, but my skin crawled as I watched this. Maybe it’s just me.   Maybe the reader is just an FBI plant trying to get my goat.

So the mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat (also spelled Barket), has announced the naming of an East Jerusalem street after Umm Kulthum.  Maybe he should name some of the other streets after King Abdallah of Saudi Arabia, the other King Abdallah over in Jordan, the khanzeer of Qatar Hamad something or other, oh and maybe Mohamed Morsi Street would sound good too. And for good measure we must have Tawfiq Ukasha Boulevard.

Please let me know if you can watch this video and without puking.  It’s short, Shas Party members should have no trouble staying awake.

5 responses to “Jerusalem Mayor Dedicates Street to Umm Kulthum

  1. True. one should have a sick bucket handy before watching the video.

  2. My, my such unexpected cultural sensitivity from the jewish apartheid state!

    Now perhaps when Palestinians are ethnically cleansed from other areas of Jerusalem, they pinch tent on Umm Kulthum street, sing Umm Kulthmm songs and survive from offerings from compassionate passersby.

  3. I am writing Mayor Barkat to recommend he waste no time in naming the street Mantiq al-Tayr.

  4. “Please let me know if you can watch this video and without puking.”

    I puke without watching! More distraction and entertainment!

  5. I am Persian and know very little about the problem between the arab singer and the Israelite mayor.
    I watched the video, no puking. Will the blog writer be kind enough to explain why I should hate what the mayor has done?

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