Mantiq’s Predictions for 2013

Well it’s almost Halloween but I thought I’d jump the gun a bit and start making predictions for the year 2013.

Just a few:

1. The US will continue endless wars in largely Muslim lands doing so in part to keep the economy going and to support Israeli interests. The drone wars will escalate – let me digress.

The drones are not so much a tactical toy for people who love to murder as they are a marketing tool. They are marketing hatred for the United States. Hatred for the United States results in more resistance to US aggression – that’s called terrorism in the MSM here – and terrorism drives what little is left of our economy.  If you think that if we just get out of Afghanistan (we won’t, btw) and Iraq (not there either), and that eventually the US will try to be a reasonable country again you are either a Shas Party member or an FBI agent. The powers that be love chaos and war, they profit from it and use it to steal your resources and your rights and you actually encourage them to do this. You are going to lose your (lousy) social security benefits, your health care, your medicare, your jobs, your homes, and sometimes your lives because all of these are targets of the wealthy – it is official policy to completely fuck you over. And that’s gonna continue in 2013 (possibly at a very increased rate if you clowns vote for Romney). Hell, even if you don’t they might rig it anyway.

2. Pro-Palestinian activists will wage wars against anti-semitism, real and imagined, but mostly imagined, while Israel consolidates its strangle hold on all of Palestine in 2013. Eventually, maybe sooner rather than later – say in 2014-2017, Israel will find a way to expel most of the Palestinians in the West Bank and move them into Jordan while at the same time, surprise surprise, an “Arab spring” will take place in Jordan that will topple the government of King Abdullah and put a native Arabic speaker into power. A huge violent civil war, funded on both sides by Zionists and their agents, will ensue between Palestinians and Jordanians on the one hand and Islamists and everybody else on the other.  Wolf Blitzer will actually have an orgasm on live TV as he reports on events in Amman from Jerusalem.

3. Mitt Romney will be inaugurated as the new Israeli-Vice President for American Affairs (IVPFAA) and will immediately put Zionist fanatics in more positions of power throughout the US government. Muslims will be purged from the military, federal, state and local jobs.  Some of them will end up having to hide in the basements of their Jewish neighbors.  Oh, and he will then go to work destroying what’s left of the safety net so he and his Zionist handlers will literally have life and death control over you. You deserve this. You really do. Pam Geller as Secretary of State? Sounds good to me.

4.  My posts in 2013 will generally be shorter. But I digress.

5. Okay, its video time. Making Foxman look like a horse’s ass should be the name of a family table-top game.

6 responses to “Mantiq’s Predictions for 2013

  1. skulz fontaine

    Hi MT:
    I like the new look. Yup. Seems edgy and ominous. Which is NOT a bad thing. Nope.
    Ummm, link to the Visigoth? You know, over there on the sidebar. I’d appreciate it more than you can know.
    Oh. Unless of course I have fallen from favor. In that case I understand perfectly.
    I mean you never call, you never write, and so I’m left to draw my own conclusions which more often than not are wildly off the mark.
    Which of course should not be concluded to be Mark Glenn. Get it? Off the ‘mark’ and not Mark Glenn? Yeah, stupid joke and I admit that. He never calls or writes either.
    Okay, enough whine for this fine day.
    peace and respect,

  2. Hi Skulz

    I will definitely get that link up soon!

  3. Since Bush I, I have noticed that each President is worse than the previous one. So do you think this is part of a sneaky plot to make voters give up on democracy?

  4. skulz fontaine

    You make an excellent point horse237. One might possibly make the argument that ‘demockracy’ is dead in the Amerika and has been for quite a while. The Amerikan sheeple sure as hell aren’t paying much attention to the goings on in Babylon-On-The-Potomac. Ergo –
    The Vast WingDing Pharmaceutically Induced Stupid Conspiracy!
    I’m just saying…

  5. would that the khazars make exodus to khazaria…

    back at the ranch…

    Radical leftist Israeli historian Ilan Pappe, a former lecturer in political science at the University of Haifa, will speak at the conference as well. He has proffered the theory that Israel has engaged in the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and blames the creation of the Jewish state for the lack of peace in the Middle East, arguing that Zionism is more dangerous than Islamic militancy, and has called for an international boycott of Israeli academics.

    Mauro reports that one of the central themes of the conference will be the successful establishment of Islamist interfaith partnerships with such Christian evangelical leaders as the Reverend Donald Wagner of “Evangelicals for Middle East Understanding”, who is also slated to address the conference.

    A campaign to exert pressure on the Oak Brook Hills Marriott Resort to cancel the conference is now underway by the grassroots Jewish community of Chicago. Cheryl Jacobs Lewin, Chicago chapter chairperson of Americans For A Safe Israel (AFSI), has said, “Since the AMP has known ties to Hamas, we are asking of the management of the Oak Brook Hills Marriott how they can justify renting their hotel to a group that has been designated by the US State Department as a terrorist organization.”

    better is the minden, La….undeground explosion of blatant anti-semitsm, that derailed a couple of boxcars….of zionazi bs

    now you gotta axe yoself….did noah have a talmud ?

  6. Wolf Blitzer will actually have an orgasm on live TV as he reports on events in Amman from Jerusalem

    Out of which one of ‘Wolfie’s’ heads will this orgasm gush?

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