Some of My Favorite Videos


As Americans get ready to vote for the sitting Israeli Vice President for American Affairs – who will then allow Wall Street to destroy them – or for his opponent, who will allow Wall Street to destroy them even quicker, I thought I’d make an effort to try to cheer at least of few of my fellow-countrymen up as they are led by a plethora of Judas goats to the slaughter.  So below are ten of my favorite videos on youtube. Some are very short, one is really long, but all are worth a look.  Enjoy.

1. This is my all time favorite video. Can’t say why for sure. Maybe it’s because it is so short that even Shas Party members can watch the whole thing without getting bored.

2.  I really enjoyed this fight because of shit like this.  (Note to Shas Party members and Shas Party member wannabees, I know the fight took place before the previous link. But it’s the thinking that counts.)

3.  Long time readers of this site know that I’m a fan of Deek Jackson and his FKN News. Yes, there are times when even we here at Mantiq al-Tayr disagree with Deek, but as one of the tuyuur pointed out during one of our majlis-e-bullshit meetings, Deek doesn’t make his superb videos with an eye to kissing our ass, so to speak, which is yet another reason why we like him.  But I digress.

Also, it’s quite the catchy tune. (Music starts after about 30 seconds into the video.)

4. Now this video is almost five minutes long, but you can always just skip to the good parts. This one is in honor of Bin Dead Awhile, sometimes he needs something to bring him back to life.  Works for me.

5.  Now I just know that the Anonymous Arabista will yet again say that what is good for the goose is good for the gander, so take a gander at this if you are of her persuasion.

6. I’ve not shown a cat video for a long time due to the pernicious efforts of AIPAC, the American-Israeli Protectors of Asshole Cats, but in the past I ran the video below and all the dogs laughed like hell. Warning, if you laugh at this video you are a bad person or a dog.

7.  I have always loved how this family gets off listening to the Israeli National Anthem.

8. Here’s a newer one of Sadie.  May as well enjoy since the apocalypse is coming.

9. Now this one is a long one. It’s Michael Collins Piper presenting the main thesis of his book Final Judgment. Well worth a listen or two or three.

10.  I just love this short video. Sadly, once Obama or Romney is finished with us, we will all be lucky if we can even get Change for a Dollar.

6 responses to “Some of My Favorite Videos

  1. What? No David Bowie? Maybe the phenomenal ‘I’m Afraid Of Amerikans’. That little ditty is a kicker. However, Bowie’s tune might rattle the delicate sensitivies of the Sanctimonious Spud.
    Yeah that was a shot but, not at MT.

  2. Truly a fine collection, w/much to commend it, but I’m puzzled by the one of some guy yelling at what appear to be his own cats. If it’s his idea of humour, I don’t know why he even has cats, as he’d be happier w/o them. Maybe he’s an Israeli practising how to deal w/Palestinians, should he get an opportunity to abuse them….

  3. Nice selection of videos. I have a favorite. 😉

  4. Made me think about this one:

    Security guards being chased out for abusing their power and authority.

    May many employed tazers be shoved up their respective owners’ asses.

  5. But speaking of full blown movies, I see that TCM tonight is playing back to back three of my favorites: The Chosen, The Diary of Anne Frank and Fiddler on the Roof.

    Is this God’s chosen people night?

  6. bin dead awhile

    Mt I really was suffocating here. That was a brea…Damn that dress…..Its a Traditional weapon, breath of fresh air. You know if ever I am in interrogation I will sing like a canary if they Haifa is my interrogator. brrrr shiver me timbers. Hey I see on ynet there was a story of a zionist biaatch taking photos with schwarzes in the wild. And then they why to know why they got kicked out of so many counties towns cities etc. . With regards to anne frank, she is still the unbeaten world hide and seek champ. These jews always winning everything hands down. WHY WHY WHY.

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