An Ode to Urim and Thummim?


We have just over two months of left of Obama and then it looks like all Muslims working in government jobs will be forced out and no doubt many will seriously think about leaving the country. A sort of mini 1492 which itself was a pretty shitty year if you were a Muslim or Jew in Spain, or a non-European in the New World.

I suggest this be adopted as our new flag, if Romney wins.

I also suggest that we replace the Star Bungled Banner with an ode to Urim and Thummim.

1. In an otherwise excellent commentary on the Rachel Corrie verdict, Michael Plitnick writes:

But not with Israel. The relationship is not special, nor is it because it is “cherished,” in the ridiculous words of Mitt Romney. This is the relationship of an over-indulgent parent further spoiling an already selfish and harmful child. As we watch an Israeli Prime Minister brazenly interfere with a US presidential race, and try to manipulate the US into a war that is against our (and Israel’s) interests, we might also notice that our government is not fulfilling its most fundamental obligation: protecting its citizens overseas.

Everything that is wrong in understanding our relationship with Israel is in the sentence above that I have highlighted in red.  This is not a parent-child relationship, it is a master-slave one, and we ain’t the master anymore than we are the parent. Until that is understood and acted upon,  we’re fucked.

2. Let’s underscore that point with this meaningless little “confrontation” as was reported in the Israeli press.

US Israeli-shill to Israel, Dan Shapiro, allegedly confronts his good buddy Netanyahu.

“Instead of effectively pressuring Iran, Obama and his people are pressuring us not to attack the nuclear facilities,” he reportedly said. He concluded by saying that the time for diplomacy had run out, the Yedioth report said.

At one point during the meeting, Shapiro grew enraged by Netanyahu’s remarks, broke diplomatic protocol, and snapped at the PM, saying he was misrepresenting Obama’s position on Iran.


3. Former White House Chief of staff reveals how decisions are really made at the White House.

“Bolten also infused the Oval Office with the miracle of Chanukah. “I don’t know if people know, but for Hanukkah every year at the senior staff meeting, I handed out dreidels and gelt and then instructions on how to play,” he said. “And so for the rest of the week, probably dozens of important White House decisions were made based on a spin of the dreidel.”

4. In the weird news department:

Berkland worked at the medical examiner’s office from 1997 until 2003, when he was fired for not completing autopsy reports. Officials said he was also performing private autopsies in the area, but it’s unclear if any of the organs were from autopsies he conducted while working at the medical examiner’s office. The medical examiner’s office is now cross-referencing names in their database during that time period, Martin said.

And this makes it even more interesting:

In the same year Medical Examiner Michael Berkland did the autopsy on the the Joe Scarborough Congressional employee who died alone in the Congressman’s office, Berkland was charged with having, “failed to finalize 95% of autopsy reports for the year of 2001”

In 1998, three years before the Scarborough intern autoptsy, Medical Examiner Michael Berkland had his license revoked by the State of Missouri as Medical Examiner because,”falsified eight autopsy reports”

I guess they already had enough of these guys in New Jersey so he went to Florida.

5. I forgot to digress, but I digress. I also forgot to make fun of Shas Party members, but with all the Americans who are going to vote for Romney I don’t have to.

3 responses to “An Ode to Urim and Thummim?

  1. Do not fear expulsion or war.

    I have a different take on the war threat, The IDF has said No to war as has the US Chief of Staff Martin Dempsey.

    The US will be in receivership before Inauguration day with no war to pull the bankers out of a Depression worse than 1929-1939.

    This is my take on the Obama-Romney race.
    3 Out Of 4 NAZIS Support Obama But 4 Out Of 4 Prefer Vladimir Putin.

  2. bin dead awhile

    Say, if romney does get elected, its a hash up between BARACK(sure im a muslim invoking taqqiya) obama, and mitt(moooooooooormon not moooooooselim)romney, but if he does, dont ya think raybans should do an ode to urim and thummim? it would be fitting(scuse the pun). Put ion a reflective tint etc. Damn that would be a blinged out heavenly object. Im telling you im on to something here. also if one had say cataracts, would it make vision clearer? just a question. why dont these angels visit me????

  3. Some more from “Mohamed and the Pig” from my book goes some way to confirming this in more definite terms. I have sometime described politics like a punch and judy show. The audience looks at the show with different and perhaps oposite characters such as punch and judy. Little do they realise that the puppeteer is both oppression and charitry in the fantasy presentation.

    “Islam, would be fair to say, is decisive in its moral intent because Mohamed’s opinions were often made clear in his verses. This does not make for a doctrine without contradictions, for opinions might vary a number of times for relatively similar scenarios. Whereas the fundamentals never vary, intrinsic interpretation allows for a range of physical outcomes for the supposedly enlightened being – or certainly according to Islam. Here is where the worry foments. If we take modern politics of all “Christian” countries, the “Law” is built on principles ensconced in the Torah on one hand. However there is another side to it. Politicians see key current events as forums for deceit. The mainstream media and its propaganda pamphlets with titles such as “News”, “Current Affair” and politically motivated “documentaries” are the up-to-date holy book. But events, and to a large degree the way they are presented, are the enablers of the deceit presented as political diatribe. Thus there is a uniform conspiracy between the enablers of information, its interpreters and the presenters of deceit. Though it would be unfair to stress that Mohamed was deceitful, there is no debate that he is biased in favour of his opinions because, unlike Jesus, he does not allow his readers to make up their own mind as to what is right and what is wrong. Indeed, in my opinion, where Jesus ministry collapses is when he affirms or confirms Scriptural dogma.”

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