Let’s Go Beat Up Some Arabs


1.  Today’s featured picture, done by the usual suspect, is in honor of the Guardian’s dishonesty and just plain shit-headedness vis-a-vis its hiring of an extremist right wing wacko name Joshua Trevino.  Read this latest piece by Ali Abunima in which he documents the Guardian’s sleight of hand.  What jerks.

2. Now let’s get onto the cool stuff. First of all the one and only, the great, the magnificent, the most holy Ovadia Yosef  has once again come out and exposed Jewish extremism for being the insanely bigoted ideology that it is. By the way, we here at Mantiq al-Tayr deny any and all allegations to the effect that Ovadia is a secret-agent on the Mantiq al-Tayr payroll whose job it is to unmask before the world what a crazy bunch of wackos run the Jewish State. We had nothing to do with it, nothing.

[Note to Shas Party members, red highlighting is by our imaginary guest editor Haifa Wehbe.]

How’s this for a great quote?

During his weekly lesson on Saturday night, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Shas Party spiritual leader, harshly criticized the Israeli justice system, labeling it a “court of gentiles,” using a Talmudic term. Rabbi Yosef stated that according to Jewish law, judges presiding over Israeli courts should not be allowed to be witnesses at Jewish marriage ceremonies, implicating religiously observant judges as well.

The rest of the article is a scream as well including a quote from Yusef noting that women’s testimony in court is against Jewish law. However you’ll need to register with HahahaAretz in order to read the whole thing.  But the following should suffice:

“Whoever presides over a court of gentiles, and judges using the laws of gentiles, gives up the Torah of Moses, and is called wicked,” said Rabbi Yosef on Saturday night. “They judge according to the laws of the nations, not the Torah. They accept testimony from women. This is against the Torah,” continued Rabbi Yosef.

3. NitWitt Romney’s asshole buddy, Benjamin Netanyahu, appoints a war criminal as the head of “Home Front” security. You can’t make this shit up. Oh, and the NYT fails to point out that minor problem.

4. Meanwhile:

A 19-year-old man has been arrested in connection with a brutal and apparently unprovoked attack against four young Palestinians in downtown Jerusalem early Friday morning. The attack was allegedly perpetrated by dozens of Jewish teens, whom eyewitnesses say were wandering around the areasearching” for Arabs to beat up.

And where is the surprise in a country where war criminals are role models?

Jamal Julani, one of the victims of the attack, remains in serious condition, according to authorities. Julani, 17, from Jerusalem’s Ras al Amud neighborhood, was admitted to the intensive care unit at Hadassah University Hospital, Ein Karem, in critical condition and is on a respirator. His mother told Haaretz that he has woken from his coma but is very confused, did not remember the assault and did not understand why he was in the hospital.

5. Anotherartist” comes out with a song for Jonathan  Pollard. I wonder if Adelson plays it in his car.

6. “I’m a Zionist, I’m coming from Texas . . .”

Enjoy the video. It is quite revealing.  Quite.

12 responses to “Let’s Go Beat Up Some Arabs

  1. I have concluded that the Israeli and American empires reached their limits. If ordered to attack Iran, Syria and Lebanon, I think the Israeli and US military will refuse the orders.
    I wrote about it here.
    Let’s Game Play An Attack on Iran, Syria and Lebanon.


  2. bin dead awhile

    salaam, hi mt i have been busy making up for the fast you made me break. Eid mubaruk( not hosni) to you and all the regulars, hope alls well. Now that fasting is over will be here more often. Saw u posted one vid(u know of who), good man, i feel a spirit comin on. Jeez i just wanted to tell skulz we dont thank you enough, for all your wonderful artwork.

  3. Oh my. Want some bigotry? Get ya some Arutz Sheva.

  4. Fix'n to die rag

    If you really love Israel, then burn your American passports.

    Wait until Illusion will hit reality.

  5. mantiqaltayr

    Hi BDA,

    Nice of you to compliment Skulz’s work. He does a lot of great stuff. Sadly, this is the age of the likes of Sarah Silverman but at least her ilk gives guys like Skulz plenty to work with.

  6. mantiqaltayr


    You are correct.

    Did you notice how horrible the comments to the Olim video are? Maybe some readers could add a little spice to that one.

  7. Mantiq… will check them out but I think I should stop with this nice one responding to all jews longing to go to Israhell:

    Don’t worry, if you’re in the United States, Israel’s near future will be yours also, Inshallah. Karmic debt, divine judgment, whatever you call it both states are overdue for a balancing dose of it. 🙂

  8. We didn’t invite you filthy arabs . We don’t need you in Europe or america. Pack your stuff and get the hell out of europe and america. You filthy arab muslim swines burn christians a live in egypt,Iraq, Syria , burn the churches and you writing here a BS. Anyone who stay in US or Europe , any arab muslim filthy swine will die like RATS and take yours genetic brothers the jew swines with you.


  9. Hey adolf you need to go back to school you retard. You can rant all you want retard no arabs are gonna leave. You see retard, the leavers should be the imperialists from arab lands, iraq,afghanistan,syria,palestine,
    Retard when you go back to school you will be able to see things in their proper perspective

  10. Smarter than you

    This is one of the best places to come see the khazar lies ripped to shreds.

  11. skulz fontaine

    Today’s ‘Henny Youngman’ moment –
    question – what do you call a gang of fifty Israeli punks rampaging around downtown Jerusalem?
    answer – a lynch mob.
    rim shot!
    So it seems that Jerusalem and most of “Greater” Israel has turned into an Israeli version of the “Jim Crow South.” So to extrapolate the metaphor, what we’ve got here is “Ovadia Yosef Israel.”
    Extrapolate those metaphors for a brighter tomorrow.
    Brother Mohamed? You can lead a fool to enlightment but, you can’t get the freak to turn the lights on.
    no rimshot here. mostly just a sigh and that sinking feeling of hopeless despair.
    Peace be unto thee Brother Mohamed.
    peace and respect,

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