Let’s Send Woody Allen to Israel

(Poster done by Skulz. Please email it to all of your friends. Post it on your blogs. Put it on your metro buses.)

1. By now you are all no doubt aware of Pam Geller’s racist advertisements that are appearing and/or have already appeared in New York and now San Francisco. This was courtesy of a Mooselim radical judge with a radical agenda who somehow deceived Charles Schumer (Likud, New York) into nominating him for a federal judgeship and then totally suckered the committee Schumer was running which then approved the nomination. Where is that idiot Michele Bachmann (Shas, Minnesota) when you really need her? But I digress.

Anyway, we here at Mantiq al-Tayr feel that everyone should take Skulz’s improved poster and display it everywhere, so feel free to download it and spread it all over the place.

2. The Jewish Journal, which is in no way whatsoever completely, totally, utterly, nor fanatically obsessed with the Jewish State (Note to Shas Party members, “The Jewish State” is not New York, nor New Jersey, nor Parsippany, it is actually Israel, though frankly not even the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr could really not fault you for being confused on this point), anyway, the Jewish Journal is leading a campaign to force Muslim Brotherhood filmmaker Woody Allen to make a movie in Israel. The campaign even says it will finance the film. Noa Tishby, born in Tel Aviv but somehow is able to speak English with an American accent, is trying to dom him into it as you can see in the video below.

Please do read the youtube comments, they are quite good, but I digress.

Well, we here at Mantiq al-Tayr have a stunning announcement to make, an announcement so breathtaking, so unique, so utterly Shas-Party-like that even the morons who think that Paul Ryan is actually Ron Paul would be shocked. We completely and totally support this initiative. Now admittedly we do so in part because Ms. Tishby is, well, hell just look at the video, but I digress. But secondly, and more importantly, because we think Mr. Allen should take the money and go to Israel and do a movie about a poor Palestinian family who has had its land stolen and some of its members killed by murderous Israeli terrorists working in the IDF. Now that would be a hell of a movie. Of course, we’d much rather have Mel Gibson do it, and even lots of Israelis find Allen disgusting for good reasons (as you’ll see in the comments section on youtube), but still it would be a tremendous irony.

Note to Woody: I can put you in touch with Hesham Tillawi if you want some good contacts among the Palestinians living under Israel’s ruthless occupation. I’ll even teach you how to pronounce his name properly which will no doubt make Mark Glenn and Michael Collins Piper go insane with envy. But I digress.

Oh, one other thing just to show you what lowlifes are involved in this campaign. The group co-sponsoring this is a really wacko bunch of Israelis and Israel-Firsters called Act for Israel. A former advisory board member of Act (like an  asshole) for Israel is featured right now on the Electronic Intifada because he has just been hired by the Guardian. Yep. His name is Josh Trevino and he has called for the killing of Americans who go on flotillas to Gaza. Yes indeed – he has called for the murder of non-violent actors against Israel’s racist policies. Way to go Guardian.

These are the kinds of people we are dealing with.

3. “There are no suspicions of impropriety tied to the organizations with which he has been associated.” Now that goys and girls is pure-unadultered Zionist Bullshit. However, the article is well worth reading since it’s about an arrest warrant issued against the head of Nefesh B’Nefesh in Canada by Judge Irma Gonzalez in the southern district of New York. Clearly Ms. Gonzalez must be brave as hell, independently wealthy, or both. We’ve shed a lot of light on that shitty organization here at Mantiq al-Tayr (no, not the Southern District of New York – though we should – but we mean here Nefetish B-Nefetish) and it’s nice to see that others are also looking into them a bit.

4. Isn’t the guy in the video below the luckiest man on the planet?

8 responses to “Let’s Send Woody Allen to Israel

  1. She’s like Marlene Dietrich: she just gets better and better as she ages! Superb in every way!! And you know that this is a truth, as I’m a forty-five years member of the Religious Society of Friends, and we support Palestine.

  2. Good Grief! Maybe she can bat her steely eyes at “Mittens” and he’ll share some of his illegal campaign funds from her litter mates. They may be on to something here. First we send “Woody the Perv” and maybe, oh I don’t know, how ’bout Congress? Then we can “expand” the wall project. You know, build it to enclose the whole thing and declare it a prison.
    They can frolic and steal from each other day after day in there. Should last about ten years until the last extremely fat “Zionist” is left picking his teeth with a rib. Maybe Woody can film that. She looks like a poster girl for the IDF.

  3. robbiew@hushmail.com

    Thought Woody Allen was dead. O’well, some sh*t never dies. A suggestion for the most talented Skulz. A poster with Mittens and B’wack, both with their beanies on, caption reading “Which whore should we choose for israel?” Bottom line “US presidential farce 2012”. It would make a nice poster, and one I would post around town. Be well, thanks for your blog, Rob P.S Skulz; try propellers on the beanies, be cute.

  4. You’re against Israel?

    Yet y’ wan’o give Israel a woody?

  5. And before you can get it in…

    Ye’ we all know…Noa Tishby gives YOU a woody!

    I was go’n’o work in him starting to board Noa’s Arse before deciding it was too old for his tastes but you know me I’m too classy to descend to such levels.

  6. Great comments to the vid. I hope that’s a sign of rising consciousness.

  7. Woody Allen’s material is distinctly anti-establishment. Isn’t “Sleepers” an attack on the New World Order? [note even the ‘goyim’ turn up in the script].

    However as he f*cked his own “daughter” right under Mia MissgoodyJewshoes’ nose, as evidenced in the sprog they produced, he is not the “flavour of the perpetuum” amongst harmonised “New Age” society. How ironic all of modern “social values” are to be found in the Torah.

  8. Is it true – did someone really say sending Woody Allen to any country uninvited means a declaration of war? Hopefully it is just a rumour.

    Beware! Noa Tishby has scary eyes for good reason because she like the woman in the music video below are both reptilian shapeshifters.

    Those with an open mind and wanting to know about the true reality
    Look up YouTube channels ‘FrequencyFence’, ‘Hollywood Reptoidz’ or ‘Pocholo986’ on YouTube and don’t take action against reptilians (too risky for mere humans). See ‘rense summary of teachings chiappalone’ for more information.

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