“All We Care About is Being Good Zionists”

Map restoration courtesy of Skulz

This country is so filled with crooks and criminals – a significant number of them being Yahweh’s “chosen people” that it is impossible to tip toe around it anymore.

(The quote in the title is at 1:35 of the video at the bottom of this post. Watch it and wave goodbye to the USA.)

1. So after ripping off Shiva knows how many Americans in one scandal after another and destroying Greece’s economy, Goldman Sachs is raking in billions and is a “stock to watch.” In the mean time, some woman named Marissa Mayer who has never run any company ever, somehow, someway, just became the head of Yahoo. Wonder why? Well here’s quote from this article about Mayer.

Hat tip to our friend David who points out, “I find it interesting that Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and as of Monday, Yahoo!, are all run by Jews.”

2. Why is Jonathan Pollard still in jail? My answer is that jail is the safest place he can be. However, the Forward has this article with the usual bitching and moaning about this traitor. It has some pretty funny quotes too.

Look at this howler. After the article points out that lots of people in the intelligence community might get super pissed if Pollard is released early – a very reasonable assumption – an unnamed source in this hasbara piece turns this upside down.

“[The agencies] are afraid that Pollard will become a hero in Israel if released,” one person said. “It would be humiliating for them.”

Shameless bastard. No doubt Pollard would be a hero in Israel if released. That should be an embarrassment for Jews, not the US government.

3. This is great. Israel is finding out that its media is controlled by Jews with an agenda! Just like in the US. You can’t make this shit up.

4. Sheldon Adelson wants the chosen people to continue running much of the country using Mormons as a front. Imagine the outcry if Romney were a Mooooooooselim. Oh, and if you want to have some fun, look into the history of the Mormon church. It should scare the shit out of you. But it won’t; you all are be too worried about them thar Mooselims.

5. It is entirely possible that the cretin featured in the video below will become the next Israeli Vice-President for American Affairs (IVPFAA). If you think things are bad now, and they are horrible, wait to you see what’s in store for you.

And that’s why in 2016 you will be ready to vote for Mark Dankof.

28 responses to ““All We Care About is Being Good Zionists”

  1. ruby22-kate

    Mantiq, that last link you posted from Haaretz can only be read if you’re an ha’aretz subscriber.
    Keeping Pollard imprisoned is one of the few & far between examples of USA’s remaining autonomy. I worry that Obama will release him as an October surprise, to bolster waning Jewish political support.

    IMHO, being a good zionist is an oxymoron. People cannot be both good and zionist.

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  3. “…the cretin featured in the video below”?… what video?… below what?

    Regarding the howler mentioned in point 2, he has things right. He opines, and anybody of consequence, anyone that will have a microphone put their face for our jewish MSM will say the same. What’s good for Israel, our best friend in the world, is good for America and Americans, even if it kills us.

  4. That’s “anyone that will have a microphone put in their face for our jewish MSM will say the same thing.” Anything else would be “anti-Semitic.”

  5. SazzyLilSmartAzz

    Hi Mantiq al-Tayr
    I studied with the Mormons once and do not consider them Christians. In my humble opinion, they’re a strange cult of people who worship angels.

    I can’t find the video?

    I’m ready to vote for Pastor Mark Dankoff NOW!

  6. Calling Romney a “Christian” is a very clever way to insult Christians and distill, mock, and muddy the waters on what Christianity is.

    Doncha know that real Christians & real Muslims couldn’t be “anti-Semitic”?

  7. jilltheobscure

    Mark Dankof for President!!

  8. Zionist and Good are mutually exclusive.
    It is an oxymoron.

  9. ruby22-kate

    Now I begin to understand Saeb Erekat. Remember that wikileak where S.E. whined ‘what more can I give them?’

    If Obama is the worst president to deal with clever, cunning zionist ‘israelis’, I’d like to hear what they would call a serious opponent of imperial colonization.

    Surprise, surprise it’s all about the money, Sheldon Adelson take your filthy money and your disloyalty off to that place Russia gave you. Let Palestine be for Palestinians.

    Mitt Romney is a lackluster presidential candidate, and that is the kindest thing I can say about this corporate raiding job killer.

  10. Pro-Gentile

    I was raised Mormon (LDS) and your bias and bigotry is astounding, in both article and comments, when you trying to “fight” for the “truth” movement.

    How many wars have the LDS people caused? How many people have they gone after to murder or destroy? And if you bring up the past, then perhaps you need to look at the entire history of the CHRISTIAN CHURCHES and FAITHS there “Rick B” – hypocrite! Or how about all those “CHRISTIAN” people who started a campaign to slaughter the Mormons, how about the STATE LAW in MISSOURI that granted the RIGHT to kill a MORMON just for being a MORMON!?!

    Christians are real Christians? Your out of your mind!

  11. SazzyLilSmartAzz

    This entire election is all about Israel and the hell with the American people. We’re in big trouble people because America is doomed to become the new Palestine.

  12. mantiqaltayr


    I’ll try to find a better link.

  13. mantiqaltayr


    I fixed the link to the Hahahahaaretz article. It takes you to a print version of the page, click cancel and you’ll see it as a full-size page.

    It is also here. http://www.haaretz.com/misc/article-print-page/tycoons-turning-israeli-media-into-hasbara-tools.premium-1.451335?trailingPath=2.169%2C2.216%2C

  14. One of the two Laws of Christianity is the Golden Rule, and 80% of US citizens claim to be Christian, yet most of them feel it is great that the US murders, rapes and pillages around the World. Have lived in the US for enough years to know everyone is full of s%@t and has lost sight of the Infinite Creator. Syria is in near chaos now, and will be under direct attack any day now.

    Russia and China will absolutely not let Syria and Iran go down, and might start directly confronting the situation during the Syrian siege. It appears that full scale nuclear war is inevitable, as we are headed down the (Albert) Pike. The good news is Judaism and probably Christianity will be wiped out with probably billions of people as well, so there is a Silver lining.

  15. SazzyLilSmartAzz

    Thank you Mantiq al-Tayr

  16. SazzyLilSmartAzz

    More on Pollard from Haaretz:

    Obama’s lost Jewish votes on Pollard
    Are Obama and Clinton taking a risky gamble in betting that mainstream U.S. Jews don’t care about the ongoing detention of convicted spy Jonathan Pollard?
    Jul.17, 2012

  17. The so-called god of talmudic judaism is not Yahweh.

    The stool sculpture deity cult that oozes from the Talmud has nothing whatsoever to do with The Deity of the Children of Israel.


    In the for what it is worth dept…Mormonism is a {nother} “Talmudic” cult likeunto FREEMASONRY, only for heterosexuals.

    Oh yeah, G*D hates fags, that would be sodomites . .

    The name of the Creator – Almioghty…might also be Yeahway.

    See Matthew THIRTEEN…. about where the Tares are going…

    Global Pogrom 2012….The Time is NOW !!


  18. skulz fontaine

    Somebody crapped all over Pro-Gentile’s corn flakes. “Bias and bigotry” defines the ‘mormon’ faith to a tee. Hey Pro-Gentile? Take a walk on the Kolob side. Dumb ass!

  19. nooralhaqiqa

    “Good Zionist”?
    Ariel Sharon. Jonathan Pollard. Moshe Dayan. Netanyahu. Henry Kissinger. Shimon Peres. Menachem Begin. The list is long.
    All good Zionist boys.

  20. Hi Mantiq, Noor & Ruby22,

    Why is Jonathan Pollard still in jail?
    Umm….’cause he ate way too many tasty gefilte bonbons in the prison. On top of that, he likes baby delights (that’s a talmudic thing, you and I wouldn’t understand). If he were let go & he starts walking down the street, he might be tempted grabbing lil yiddish kids by their side locks or whatever. There are too many of them, since they don’t have to serve in the israhelli army. So forever jail time is the best thing ever happened to him!☺

  21. Good zionists: Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Jennifer Lowenstein. The list is long.

  22. 5 dancing shlomos

    inform me if i’m wrong. Lds members, as do jews, avoid going to wars but support them.

  23. 5 dancing shlomos

    they arent good. just have different role to play.

  24. 5 dancing shlomos

    camp butner is jail?

  25. OzzieThinker

    I am leaning towards the conclusion that David Icke is more correct than not in his opinions. Judaism appears to comprise a dual doctrine that vigorously attacks itself. YHWH was code to protect the Babylonian God that the Israelite has been unable to break. It has afforded the worship of Ba’al in all but name and all the assiduous draconian practices supporting the worship of “most foul” are housed within the Jewish doctrine. A number of valient prophet-kings have attempted to stop the rot, but all have been stifled by an order that gradually censors reason in place of the old draconian ways.

    Too few Jews are waking up to this. The problem is not just the fat and lazy American is napping. Most of the Jews are too. Muslims, in my opinion, are all-but-jews in their adherance to Mosaic law and attention to ancient Israelite traditions. Christians are much farther adrift, considering Judaism has been rigged to construct the worship of Ba’al. Many are confused by the Jewish “religion”. In fact it is a universal law and a “standard” that the bloodlines MUST adhere to. Anyone outside the bloodlines should also adhere to it – certainly in respect to punishment for “breaking the law”, The Mormon doctrine is one of the many attempts to bring the gentile into line.

    I believe a deal was done 1000’s of years ago when the Reptile stakeholders disappeared from view, partial out of necessity and part choice. The numerous accounts of interactions,and particularly the Dulce caverns incident as described by Phil Schneider (which ironically is being rewritten by an annon “Colonel” who only confirms large grey “ETs”), suggest the Reptoids live underground and are protected by the fact there are very few access points from the surface. The Reptoid stakeholders engaged the “royal” bloodlines to act as custodians over the law and ensure that they were followed. Their reward was the power of the people. The power appears to have remained under the control of the same bloodlines over the years and this is why “unknows” or “inexperienced” or “unqualified” are given positions of enormous responsibility. It is the bloodlines that will always control and going on accounts of the extraordinary Reptoid technologies, maybe it’s for the best as if the accounts are correct an all out “show down” would not be good for humanity – as tough as we think we are!

    The bloodline henchmen in most cases are unware of the conspiracy, but follow because given the choice of riches or poverty, riches will always win the day. I personally don’t follow the law because as far as I am concerned the Reptoids and their henchmen can get f*cked!

  26. bin dead awhile

    reptiles…..????? earth to dingo earthe to dingo, sheeeet man cant we have discussions without aliens, reptiles and sheet? Geez man, theres two types of people on this earth. Humans and jews. period. these jews are white, hello which they are not supposed to be. they are supposed to be brown, like ayyyyyyyyyrabs. facts…. hope they enough. MT with regards to zion 2012, I hope there wont be any sheeeeeeet. if there is they should take these jews down…..they going down in china town.

  27. OzzieThinker

    I would like to come up with a snappy humorous punchline, but were dealing with croc’s of the worst kind BDA. You need to become a believer;-)

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