A Clean Break

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for a clean break.

Here’s a nice little quote from a recent article based on the work of the most excellent Grant Smith of IRmep.

Red highlights are mine:

Material obtained under FOIA by IRmep reveals that during the same time period Jonathan Pollard was active; American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) officials obtained and used stolen classified US confidential business information passed by an Israeli diplomat. Although industry groups such as the US Bromine Alliance filed formal complaints and the FBI investigated, no action was ever taken. Israeli spy-master Rafael Eitan—mentioned in the DIA video— earlier infiltrated the NUMEC facility in Apollo, Pennsylvania at the invitation of its owner Zalman Shapiro. Although FBI investigators obtained eyewitness affidavits of the mass diversion of weapons-grade uranium from the site, presumably into the Israeli nuclear weapons program, a 1978 GAO report concluded no bona fide effort was ever made to properly prosecute Israel’s US based operatives. Victims of NUMEC toxic pollution are currently filing hundreds of millions in health claims as the US Army Corps of Engineers struggles to manage a toxic cleanup that could cost taxpayers up to half a billion dollars.

Israeli espionage against the United States is long-standing, wide-spread, deeply penetrated into both the public and private sector and inimical to the interests of the citizens of the United States. This espionage activity is often discovered and then covered up.  That espionage includes Israel’s getting its hands on nuclear weapons materials to include, but not limited to, uranium – weapons-grade uranium.

Add to that the Lavon Affair and the attack on the USS Liberty and you have not only espionage and theft of nuclear technology but actual military and terrorist attacks.

If Mike Piper is right, you can add to that Israeli participation in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

And lately a very steady and fact-based researcher and writer has been expressing views on at least a couple of interviews he has done recently that Israeli might have had just a bit more than just some foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks.  If this person is starting to go in that direction, well, I just find that quite interesting.

Now let’s also add to this witch’s brew the fact of the Israeli lobby’s virtual death grip on both houses of Congress and both parties and its deep infiltration of the executive branch at the very highest levels.

Fortunately, the major media outlets, Hollywood and the US financial sector are controlled by Salafists. Imagine if the same elements who have done and continue to do all of the things mentioned above – imagine if they exercised overwhelming control of our media, entertainment and financial industries. We’d really be fucked the, wouldn’t we?

Now as many of you are aware, IRmep has just obtained a Defense Intelligence Agency video about the threat Jonathan Pollard represented to the interests of the United States. That video is on youtube and on the IRmep site and you ought to give it a listen.  However, it is 15 minutes long, so I don’t expect most of you to watch it.

But here is that video for you if you want to take the time.

Here is another quote from a recent Smith article that in my view shows you exactly how pernicious Israeli infiltration into the Obama administration is.  Red highlighting is mine.

Less widely known is that Israeli front company Telogy was caught in the summer of 2010 illegally shipping nuclear weapons components out of California to Israel.  When such crimes occurred in the past — such as in the case of MILCO smuggling nuclear triggers out of California to Israel — the US at least criminally investigated Israel’s US operatives even while carefully steering around the true masterminds such as Arnon Milchan and high Israeli intelligence officials.  In the case of Telogy, the Obama administration simply leaked tidbits of the export violations to friendly press, helpfully allowing Telogy to quickly roll up its illegal US operations. 

I find it more than a little interesting that the article that the above quote is taken from is entitled “Why Obama Will Free Jonathan Pollard.”

It’s all about Pollard.

Last November I linked to the Amazon page of this book.

Capturing Jonathan Pollard: How One of the Most Notorious Spies in American History Was Brought to Justice

Here, Keith Johnson, working for AFP, interviews the author of that book, Ronald J. Olive, who describes Pollard as having stolen more secrets than any spy in US history. It’s a good short read and ends with a powerful quote by Mr. Oliver who was a key player in the investigation into Pollard’s crimes. Speaking about the many Republican and Democratic members of the House and Senate who support Pollard, he says:

“They don’t know what the true story is,” said Olive. “I wrote my book to tell the story from the inside. It tells them everything they need to know. It’s the true story—not just what Jonathan Pollard is saying now. It’s who he really is, what he really did and the devastation that he caused.”

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for a clean break.

9 responses to “A Clean Break

  1. I am not just opposed to Zionism. I am also opposed to all forms of Jewish criminality which allows them to take all of our resources and to literally starve us to death.

    Goyim who get cancer enrich Jewish controlled medicine by an average of more than $500,000. Most people do not know that the oncologist who sells you chemotherapy bought those chemicals he poisons you with for one fourth to one tenth the price he charges you. No wonder doctors have used insurance rules and even courts in the case of juveniles to force you to take chemo even though there is no evidence that their treatments are better than doing nothing.
    Thanks from Vidrebel

  2. ruby22-kate

    Hello to all, It is ludicrous that our government representatives call for Pollard’s release without knowing the full extent of the harm he caused.

    You’re right about lengthy videos Mantiq, not because I’m uninterested but either my old computer or the cable box can only handle about 10 minutes before shutting down, with the cable box emitting ear-piercing sirens.

    I did manage to watch the video without problems today. I’d wager that the woman who wished to remain anonymous thought ahead about the zionist Jewish repercussions. They’ve assassinated people for less than exposing Pollard.

    I loath the idea of Pollard’s release, especially considering the heroes welcome he’ll receive.

    A clean break is definitely long overdue. How are we to achieve it when all avenues of dissention have been criminalized?

    Illegally shipping nuclear weapons components in 2010, this escaped my attention. It is hard to reconcile these clandestine acts of Izraeli espionage
    with our security permeated government.

    Since it seems that the entity gets whatever it wants from US, was this just an effort to avoid paying for the parts?

  3. skulz fontaine

    Spy is a spy. In Pollard’s case, there’s also capital treason. DISCLAIMER –
    I’m gonna swear up a storm here. FUCK THAT DUAL-CITIZENSHIP BULLSHIT! Pollard’s ‘dual-citizenship’ with unholy Y’Israel is fucking straight up RANCID bullshit.
    You know, cause Pollard is a “Jew” so he gits that Y’Israel citizenship. What screaming nonsense.
    Pollard, gutless traitorous swine that he is, DESERVES to be stood in front of a military firing squad and have his brains sprayed for distance. Crimes of Pollard’s magnitude are executable offenses.
    Obama should not now or ever ‘pardon’ that slimey son-of-a-bitch. It’s not to late to shoot the fuck and be done with it.

  4. OzzieThinker

    It might seem ironic but I believe that AIPAC provides some transparency in the issuance of Israeli propaganda. It also comes as no surprise that Israeli spies would have an association with AIPAC.

    The way I see it, it is game over as all the decision makers are in place to ensure “loaded dice” in favour of Israel on just about all fronts. Take away AIPAC and you will simply see all transparency removed, but the problem will remain.

    Options for change?

    Either total rejection of the political system, civil war. or both.

  5. It’s past time for a clean break, a real clean break.

    “I am not just opposed to Zionism. I am also opposed to all forms of Jewish criminality which allows them to take all of our resources and to literally starve us to death.”

    I agree 100%. What we’re up against is bigger than Zionism… Zionism is simply another branch of Jewish supremacist ideology, in addition to plutocratic capitalism, communism, and multiculturalism (except in Israel).

  6. “Thanks to the terrible power of our International Banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for Jews, since Christians massacre each other and make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest: The Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over 100-million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars, and the end is not yet.” — Rabbi Reichorn, speaking at the funeral of Grand Rabbi Simeon Ben-Iudah, 1869

    i have come to realise that in the western world even if the zionist jew was to fuck a christians mother or sister as they do,in open sight of her son ,he would only be practicing his democratic rights according to the christian!

    how is that you are so blind to your faithlessness,security,perversity and utter stupidity?
    you christians claim to be highly intelligent and yet are being led by the nose like cattle to wherever the zionist jew wants you to go. “deaf,dumb and blind ,they will not return to the path” says the koran about you, will you not wake up and come back to your lord most noble?
    will you not recognise your enemies who are not muslims?

  7. Fortunately, the major media outlets, Hollywood and the US financial sector are controlled by Salafists. WHAT?!? That might almost be worse than Zionists!

    Could the govt. of the USA please show all fundos the door and keep the entertainment and finance industries free of all these self serving and biased groups? WHOS a Salafist or Zionist in Hollywood and the finance sector? Get rid of all these extraneous and agenda idiots out of the neutral spaces of the public sector! Proliferation and proselytization or infiltration by religionists is detestable and polluting!

    Neutral spaces can only be preserved by neutral workers. Identify all so called persons who are not dedicated to the job per se for their religion or belief system and kick them out. This is public sphere not their backyard or at least demand they make clear that the bank or production house is Salafist or Zionist. Little wonder USA is bankrupt and the films are so propaganda like and manipulative. We want agenda free banks and films!

  8. How about a “Clean beak”?

    You should have at least something about birds every now and then…

  9. bin dead awhile

    yes like that bird haifa whebenalis. this Mantiq refusese to show that rare bird around these here parts. come on lets make a clean break.

    keep well mt.

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