Turkey, Syria and Xymphora

1. So let me get this straight. Turkey, which is aiding the wacko-dominated Syrian National Council in its efforts to violently overthrow the government of Syria, is pissed off because Syria shot down a Turkish war plane (American made, but I digress) that appears quite likely to have violated Syrian air space. So pissed of in fact that it has called for a big NATO meeting to discuss the issue. Turkey isn’t quite at the point of invoking article five of NATO’s charter, but it is very close. Furthermore, Turkish PM Erdogan has just stated:

“Every military element from Syria at the Turkish border that forms a security risk and danger will be assessed as a threat and be treated as a military target.”

Let me digress for a second. With all of this war-mongering going on, why the hell are the Palestinians expected to act like a bunch of pussies? End of digression.

As he said this the Turkish press reported that Turkey had just sent a military convoy to its border with Syria.

I’m confused.

When Israel attacked the Mavi Marmara and killed nine Turkish citizens (one of whom was also an American citizen, but who gives a shit about that, certainly not the Israeli Vice President for American Affairs, Barry Sotero) Turkey did not call a NATO meeting (that would have been really cool, but I digress), nor is Turkey, as far as I am aware, supporting HAMAS and other Islamist elements in Gaza in their violent efforts to throw off Israeli occupation by providing the kind of assistance it is providing the Muslim Brothers and associated wackos in the Free Syrian Army’s efforts to violently overthrow the Syrian government. (See this excellent article on the crisis by Pepe Escobar.) (And please don’t tell me about Erdogan’s posturing about Israel – I am well aware of it and I do wish Americans could at least talk that talk, but it’s more for show than anything else.)

Erodgan may be posturing, but he is bringing his country very, very close into participating in an all-out NATO war in Syria.

I’m no fan of the evil Bathist government in Syria, but perhaps NATO should consider invading a different state in the Middle East, one that actually is a serious threat to world peace. Bull-fighting will return to Barcelona before that happens.

2. Here’s something else we don’t understand here at Mantiq al-Tayr.

If you are Muslim in the US you are subject to all sorts of illegal surveillance by local, state and federal authorities simply because you are Muslim. If you are Muslim and stupid enough to get on the net and express some sort of sympathy for Muslim wackos you are run a real risk of having the FBI or the NYPD and Yahweh knows who else trying to entrap you into a stupid illegal plan only a Shas Party or al-Qa’ida member could possibly think would be a good idea.

However, the Free Syrian Army has just opened up an office in Israel’s second capital, Washington, DC and has named the office the Syrian Support Group, despite the fact that the Obama administration, according to this article, is quite suspicious of the Syrian opposition’s ties to real al-Qa’ida extremist types. I bet the FBI doesn’t do a sting to bring these assholes down because it might find real terrorists.

I wonder how relations will be between the Syrian Support Group and AIPAC? Maybe Grant Smith could have someone take photo graphs of who goes in and out of this office?

3. The intriguing and mysterious and excellent blogger Xymphora has been quite ill for most of this month. Please go here and wish him well.

4. Have to close, still on the road and probably won’t be blogging regularly until mid-July. However, here’s a little bit more on Barcelona.

A very politicized city and culture. People are extremely aware and politically active in the city and in other parts of Catalonia. I hadn’t been here for a full day before I saw my first protest march. It was against the Bankers and was well organized.

They also like to have fun and at any time you might see some really cool stuff. While we were sitting in the El Born neighborhood at one of the 12 million cafes nestled in the wonderful narrow and beautiful side streets of the city, suddenly the sound of a well-played drums began to come closer and closer.

They were coming right down the street to the intersection where we were sitting and then stopped and performed in the square. The dancers included a couple of appropriately clad women, not that I expect Shas Party members to understand what I mean. In addition, locals and tourists joined in the dancing.

Here’s a couple of photos I took and then a link to a video by the group on youtube. They call themselves Barakumbe – they have a definitely Brazilian flavor which blends in quite nicely in Barcelona.

A few of the drummers


Some of the dancers

Oh, and one more.

Contrary to all the rumors I know will ensue, the guy in the purple shirt is not Mantiq al-Tayr. (Kind of wish it was, but no, plus he’s too old.)

And here’s a short clip of Barakumbe on youtube. There are many more, most of them about 8 to 10 minutes. May as well dance, play drums and have a cerveza, cause we are all fucked.

8 responses to “Turkey, Syria and Xymphora

  1. 5 dancing shlomos

    so many questions asked of willful, wanton liars, murderers, aggressors, thieves.
    they are what they are.
    we know.
    explaining the facts makes em laugh – to themselves..
    they dont care.
    they know.
    instead of truth, a palestinian stone.

  2. I would like to warn Muslims that the martial law exercises in St Louis and the plans they are making in Connecticut have one thing in common. The troops are to be called out in case of food riots to protect wealthy whites (meaning Jews). St Louis is a Jewish town. And Connecticut is the center of American (Jewish) Hedge Funds.

    It will be presented to the white Americans as a protecting them against blacks when the nationwide food riots get going.

    But if I were a Muslim I would not want to cross one of those martial law checkpoints to get into a Jewish neighborhood.

    If I were a Muslim, I would open an underground railroad that smuggles Muslims out of America into Mexico. Forget Canada.

    My latest post is here:
    The Myth of The 21st Century: Israel Uber Alles

  3. Sisto Maximo

    You summed it up! I real enjoyed the comical spin Turkey gave to NATO that it (Turkey) was the victim! Then the British and the U.S. in unison screamed Syria the culprit! Talk about propaganda and a bunch of lunatics.
    What the world is seeing is The New Amerika Project for the New Millinium in full swing! Police Dept’s turning into Police Militia’s across the country with total disregard to the U.S. Constitutional rights to citizens. Corporations and Banks only have their Constitutional Rights afforded to them from a corrupt U.S. Supreme Court!
    From 9/11 until now Al-Qa’ida has always been working for the U.S. and NATO. Even as far back as Kosovo in the late 1990’s Al-Qa’ida’s been the hired mercenary under the disguise of None Governmental Organization against Serbia for regime change! Elements of Al-Qa’ida were in Iraq as Bush & Co. lied about the WMD’s that Sadam had but did not! Then the Lybia episode and the CIA inserting Al-Qa’ida into that country to start the rebellion and yet another regime change! The Final Act, Syria and it’s axis to N. Korea and Iran. In essence World War III. Al-Qa’ida is the terrorists for hire and the world got fooled again! Soon there will be mushroom clouds in the sky’s and the world will be alot different. Something I don’t care go see and unfortunately the human race is about to reap what it has sowed greed and corruption equals death and destruction!

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  6. OzzieThinker

    There are scandelous rumours that Erdogan is Jewish and an agent of Israel. Mind you with outcomes like these perhaps the rumours are correct.

    Good post as usual MT!

  7. To Ozzie Thinker:
    Kemal Ataturk was crypto Jewish, in fact all the so-called “Young Turks” were. Just Google “Donmeh” Jews.

  8. I think everyone’s a Jew but me. :-i
    Erdogan is a real disappointment. He is just like the rest of them, too arrogant to put an effort into constructing a decent lie. Do they know no embarrassment? Or maybe they are just drunk…I wonder if they laugh at each other, or if they sound normal to each other…

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