Peres, Pollard, Obama and Freedom

1. “The Presidential Medal of Freedom” is of course a huge joke as I’ve noted  previously on this site. This year however it is an even bigger joke than usual, though it might end up being a sort of poetic joke as well.

Among the winners this year – oh, did I mention that the Presidential Medal of Freedom is the Executive Branch’s analogue to the Congressional Medal of Honor?  You know that award. It is the one that was given to USS LIBERTY captain William L. McGonagle in secret in the depths of the Navy Yard by the Secretary of the Navy so as not to embarrass America’s enemy Israel. Normally the award is given at the White House by the Israeli Vice President for American Affairs (IVPFAA)  himself. But I digress.

Anyway, among the winners this year are Bob Dylan,  who loves Israel to your death, Madeleine Albright, Shimon Peres and Jonathan Pollard.

Now I can hear you all bitching and moaning “Hey Mantiq, we can see giving it to Jonathan Pollard, after all he earned it every bit as much as Madeline “worth it” Albright and Shimon “Qana” Peres whose record as a war criminal is most impressive, but how could Bob Dylan be a part of such an august body?

Oh, and I can see a bunch of you all running to Wiki to see the names of this year’s awardees and saying “Hey, Mantiq, Pollard is not on the list, wtf?”

Let me deal with Dylan first. He earned it because, as this article points out ” he has influenced Israel for the better more than any other American Jew.”

Lenni Brenner has this very revealing comment:

“Bob is one of the most famous people on the planet. But his fame is due to songs he wrote in his leftist period. When he got into Christianity he discredited himself intellectually with 99% of Jews, from Orthodox to atheist. We may disagree on everything else, but we all believe that Christianity is a fairy-tale, and that any Jew who converts to any form of it is sick in the head. The result is that when he got involved with the Lubavichers, most Jews didn’t cheer, not even most Orthodox, except for the Lubavichers, who are ridiculed even by most Orthodox. We all saw his reconversion as another chapter in his mad autobiography.”

So clearly Dylan is a fitting recipient of the award.

Now, war criminal Shimon Peres will get his award in a very special away. Unlike most of the other recipients, he is getting his award presented during a “grandiose” dinner gala at the White House on June 13 in which somewhere between 120 to 140 big shits will be there.

Didn’t get invited? Be glad. Here’s some of those who are coming to dinner:

Mark Zuckerberg. Now you have got to love that. Mark Zuckerberg. That’s reason enough to stay away.

Also attending is Steven Spielberg. And thank Yahweh that Barbara Streisand will be there.

Michael Oren will also be present – he’s a big FAT FUCKING LIAR about the USS LIBERTY – hell just for that he ought to be an award recipient, but I digress. Israel’s ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro will be there, guess he won’t have to ask Peres if he is a Jew.

Joe “I am a Zionist Biden” will be there as will Leon Panetta.

Jimmy “Camp David” Carter is invited.

Who the hell would want to be anywhere near that crowd?

Well, I’m sure Jonathan Pollard would.

Grant Smith is pretty suspicious about all this and recently posted on his concerns that this award will culminate in Pollard’s release. He may well be right. (He seems to have the date of the “grandiose” gala incorrect, but I digress.)

So wouldn’t it be cool if the Israeli Vice President for American Affairs were to announce Pollard’s release at this “grandiose” gala? And wouldn’t it be even neater if Bob Dylan then came out on the stage and sang “I Shall be Released”?

I mean it just doesn’t get any better than that, does it?

2. Rechnitz and his twin brother, Steve Rechnitz, were honored with the ICON Award for Visionary Leadership in Business and Philanthropy by the UCLA Longevity Center in May 2012.

3. Shas Party Spiritual Leader Gets the Chair (back).

Yeah, it turns out that Rabbibibibibibi Ovadia Yusef’s special chair with “special powers” disappeared from his synagogue in occupied Palestine.  This sublime mystery was solved, and I am not making this up, when one of the synagogue’s managers confessed to having loaned the chair to a couple to be used as part of ceremony in which they were going to have the end of their baby’s penis cut off.

4. In honor of Michael Oren’s false accounting of the USS LIBERTY and on the occasion of Shimon Peres’ handing the IVPFAA a petition calling for the release of Jonathan Pollard on the very day that the IVPFAA is awarding the “Presidential Medal of Freedom” to Peres in the presence of Oren himself (man you just can’t make this shit up) , I present to you the link to the video below by Cat. This is another haunting tribute of hers to the USS LIBERTY.

16 responses to “Peres, Pollard, Obama and Freedom

  1. skulz fontaine

    Kind of seems fitting. You know, war criminals “win” the Nobel Peace Prize and burned out hacks (Zimmerman ain’t penned a decent tune in decades) get a ‘Medal of Freedom’. Oh sorry, I forgot the “Presidential” part. My bad. Gosh, when the Obomba gave Zimmerman his PMoF, old Prezdent didn’t kiss Zimmerman’s ass. I’m willing to bet that the Obomba kisses Peres’ ass all over that “State Dinner.” All slobbery and wet like. I wonder if Peres will tell the Obomba about Iran’s “resurrecting” the Persian Empire? Well you know, right after Peres DEMANDS the release of the treasonous swine Pollard.

  2. SazzyLilSmartAzz

    Bob Dylan Admits He Sold His Soul to the Devil

  3. SazzyLilSmartAzz

    Pollard should have been executed long ago.

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  5. 5 dancing shlomos

    “zimmer man hasnt penned a decent tune in decades”


    as one ages the skill to plagiarize the works of others weakens.

  6. 5 dancing shlomos

    obomber khan is the most subservient to jewry
    mittmo crawls into office

  7. 5 dancing shlomos

    cant hear the video about soul selling
    selling one’s soul to one’s god should at least get originality not plagiarism.
    the god of jewry is jewry
    theft is required for ‘creativity’

  8. bin dead awhile

    Hi Mt, Hope all is well

    ‘Who the hell would want to be anywhere near that crowd?’
    Satan and his minions, you think??? Hell maybe hes even scared of these blokes.

    Oh with regards to the song, nah dylans a wanker, this is more fitting,(sorry dont know how to embed vids, so heres the lyrics, hehe

    It sure is hot out here
    Ya know?
    I don’t mind thought
    Just glad to be free
    Know what I’m saying, uh!

    Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance
    I just wanna praise you
    (What’cha wanna do?)
    I just wanna praise you
    (Yeah, yeah)
    You broke the chains now I can lift my hands
    (Uh feel me?)
    And I’m gonna praise you
    (What’cha gon do?)
    I’m gonna praise you

    In the corners of mind
    I just can’t seem to find a reason to believe
    That I can break free
    Cause you see I have been down for so long
    Feel like the hope is gone
    But as I lift my hands, I understand
    That I should praise you through my circumstance

    Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance
    I just wanna praise you
    I just wanna praise you
    You broke the chains now I can lift my hands
    And I’m gonna praise you
    I’m gonna praise you

    Everything that could go wrong
    All went wrong at one time
    So much pressure fell on me
    I thought I was gon lose my mind
    But I know you wanna see
    If I will hold on through these trials
    But I need you to lift this load
    Cause I can’t take it anymore

    Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance
    I just wanna praise you
    I just wanna praise you
    You broke the chains now I can lift my hands
    And I’m gonna praise you
    I’m gonna praise you

    Been through the fire and the rain
    Bound in every kind of way
    But God has broken every chain
    So let me go right now

    Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance
    I just wanna praise you
    I just wanna praise you
    You broke the chains now I can lift my hands
    And I’m gonna praise you
    I’m gonna praise you
    [repeat x3]

    Take them off
    What’cha gonna do, yeah

    Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance
    I just wanna praise you
    I just wanna praise you
    You broke the chains now I can lift my hands
    And I’m gonna praise you
    I’m gonna praise you

    Hmm insert name after praise… (im thinking yahweh, bama, nitsandyahoo, rabbi ma baby daddy rambam, the list is endless)

    oh and skulls give that man(m.t.) a Bells.

  9. OzzieThinker

    Very good post this time MT.

    There are some believe that all women should dress modestly else men’s passions become aroused as paternal rapists. Whereas I don’t agree with that philosophy as I will explain later, there is no doubt a “session” with sessy “Maddie” Albright is a close second worst nightmare (my worst nightmare would be in a 3some with her and Janet Reno). And no, I don’t do that sort of thing!

    Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan. I did buy one of his classic albums and he did put up some great songs, but nothing to compare with Queen, Led Zeppelen or Pink Floyd. Dylan, sadly for his Jewish fanbase, is “nothing special” in the lofty halls. If Dylan’s got a place at Perry’s party, is Barenboim going too? Daniel Barenboim is one Jew who does hold super-human status being the best interpretor of Beethoven piano music EVER, in my opinion. Obviously my judgement is clouded by the availability of recordings and one might give Beethoven himself the akolade of “best performer” postumously though no one living has ever heard him perform. In 2004 when picking an award up from the Likkud Barenboim was kindly described as “a real Jew hater” by a foul mouthed politician. Why so? Ah because he has presented gloriously refined arguments publicly detailing his views as to why he feels Palestinians and Israelites are precise equals – whether muslim or jew, and no one can find the words to defy him.

    I am also engaging a recording cycle of the complete piano sonatas of Beethoven, as no.29 “hammerklavier’ is the final one to do do, happy to give all a listen if any one is interested….let me know.

    Back to the article, I am drawn to your Lenni Brenner quote MT. I have had a chance to let it simmer a while. Well we are back to the two unmentionables – the nasty “C” and the nasty “F” words. What Lenni fails to explain (in the quote) is why is Christianity is So undesirable. Taking away the differences between small and big “C” Cristianity, the reason any Jews who convert to any form of it is “sick in the head” is all to do with that naughty “F” word. Taking aside partisan arguments that Jesus was the anti-Christ and therefore any blood Jew would be betraying their creed by siding with a “tyrant”, Jesus didn’t present Faith as an option. Without the dreaded F-word FAITH you would not make the grade as a REAL Christian. The antipathy of faith is the C-word CONTROL. That is why Jews opt for orthodoxy or atheism. The Mitzvah are already ingrained in civil law of all societies. What you “believe” is irrelevant. Civil law will always trump religious expression.

    Remember I was talking earlier of pretty Maddie and modesty. Recently a very, very pretty girl won the Miss Lithuania title…or was that Latvia. A group of Muslim youths, her brothers (and may they rot in hell), decided they had been directly commanded by their God, Mohammed to effect an executive order (as Mohammed was too cowardly himself – by their definition). That was they stoned her to death for being “immodest”. “Religious conviction” has not impressed the civil authorities. It seems that the Jews were so moved by Jesus’ message on the abhorent practice of stoning, no one has since suffered the punishment (even though it is still condoned in Scripture). So perhaps all Jews are a little Christian & they just don’t realise it. Those muslim youths, who are etched in my memory as the most despicable things on the planet, demonstrate how “C” manifests.

    I want to give my friend Roy Tov another plug because he has come up with another corking post even better than the last one and ideally partner’s with this article’s theme. Not wishing to spoil things the general gist is 1492, Luther and corrupt/greedy/most foul Rabbi’s….a fun read!

  10. I’m surprised there was no mention of Dylans horrific but little known song-“Neighborhood Bully”. The gist of the song is “poor little victim Israel”. Fitting indeed that he would get the “award” along with Peres.

  11. No wonder Dylan’s lyrics seems mystical deep and meaningful….senor…Lincoln Country Road or Armagedddon ?…..these are thoughts of Satan.
    And he went on to ask us if our love is in vain…..and you know love is a christian theme.
    So that’s how they become successful.
    2% and they rule the world – we are cattle.

  12. bin dead awhile

    hey mt theres someone who comes here that asked me about facts…… sheesh i dont like getting into arguments withs cunts, life is short, during moosa a.s. time they lived till around 800. But coming back to facts… , ‘decided they had been directly commanded by their God, Mohammed to effect an executive order (as Mohammed was too cowardly himself – by their definition).’ top the asswipe that lives downunder and probably plays with sheep, Muhummed S.A.W. is not the mooooselims/muzzies(as you auzzies like to call them) god. Get your facts checked asswipe. You seem to have alot of hate for muslims, please the problem with you is that you think as a dingo that doesnt believe in god you want to shove your belief on others. Cunt, wasnt communism athiesim, didnt they kill 70 plus million christians? fack off sheep banger. get your facts then open your smelly mouth.
    With regards to what those youth did to tell you the truth i didnt read the story, killing anyone is abhorrent, so muslims will never condone those actions.

    ‘who are etched in my memory as the most despicable things on the planet,’I think dropping the atom bomb on people are worse, killing unarmed people on a recon ship is worse..hell the list can go one, but guess what you wont get it. Please refrain from engaging in conversation or topics if you are a fucking ass.

    Thansk you , you know who you are.

    Drops mike moves to left of stage.

  13. OzzieThinker

    BDA you “stunningly” miss the point yet again. This is becoming tedious.

    The young Lithuanian “gentlemen” claimed they DID act in the name and spirit of Islam in their willful and violent murder of their sister who, they claimed, had defied Mohammed by entering and winning the beauty contest as evidence of her immodesty.

    Jughashvili (Stalin) did not just murder Arian [Khoptic] Christians but made no specific claim against the Slavs other than their association with anarchy. His attack was only on elements that threatened the state apparatus. It has become abundantly clear after the fact though there was indeed motive for a veiled conspiracy against the Slavic Arian Christians outside the pretexts offered.

    Had Mohammed never existed it is unlikely the Lithuanian youths would have behaved so, whereas in my opinion Yughashvili – with or without Jesus, would have ploughed on regardless.

  14. OzzieThinker

    I need to add something to my comment above, which is nightly important. The “gentleman” from north west India who beheaded his own daugter for being “promiscuous” may have been Sikh.

    The reason I deliberately select Muslim abuses of the worst kind is because I am trying to demonstrate all religions CAN bring out the worst, most horrific monstrosities out of human beings. Conversely, all religions can foster individuals who champion virtue even if it costs them their own lives. My particular concern with Islam is the reluctance of even “moderate” Muslims to outright reject elements of the Quran. There are many Jews I know, for instance, who absolutely reject some of the Talmud and would probably go as far to say they don’t agree with the Torah in its fullest extent.

    Thus I find the general attack on Judaism is destructive and deceptive, because this goes way beyond Judaism. David Icke talks of a higher conspiracy of unified elements coordinated by the Brotherhood of Babylon and an underground reptilian elite. Some of his arguments are not entirely ludicrous and, in conjunction with a “secret” Zionist conspiracy, could be equally compelling. What is without doubt, AIPAC is more of a broadcasting/marketing organisation that does a job similar to Alex Jones. The point men are in place and the decision makers will make their decisions regardless of AIPAC. Nevertheless as a mechasism to “bark orders at the people” AIPAC is exceptionally effective.

  15. 5 dancing shlomos

    My particular concern with Islam is the reluctance of even “moderate” Muslims to outright reject elements of the Quran.

    muslims can reject, accept what they wish.

    none of your business.

  16. 5 dancing shlomos

    quote in prev comment from ozzie thinker at 3:03

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