The Summer of Sucking Up (to Israel)

(Skulz’s correction of the original.)

1. Do you all enjoy sitting back and watching Americans kiss Israeli ass as much as I do? What amazes me is that after all these years they find new ways to do it. Of course the tried and true way to show that one has joined the caravan, so to speak, is to make a pilgrimage to Israel and openly support Israeli destruction of Palestinian society, Israeli ethnic cleansing and just about anything else that is immoral that Israel does. It’s a long list. Just ask Chris Christie.

And now the serious Israeli ass-kissing is going to go into high gear to see who gets to be Romney’s partner at the big dance. We are in for a long, hot, Zionist-Bullshit-filled summer. Have fun.

2. Helicopter Chris Christie flirts like a high-school girl with Mitt Romney.

3. Ron Paul on Israel:

“In October, 1981, most of the world and most of the congress voiced outrage over Israel’s attack on Iraq and their nuclear development. I was one of the few who defended her right to make her own decisions on foreign policy and to act in her own self interest.”

We should be their friend and their trading partner. They are a democracy and we share many values with them. But we should not be their master. We should not dictate where their borders will be nor should we have veto power over their foreign policy.”

“And Israel should stop sacrificing their sovereignty as an independent state to us or anybody else, no matter how well intentioned.”

From Jeffrey Goldberg’s article on Paul entitled “Ron Paul, Zionist

“There are good reason (sic) to include Ron Paul. He is, in one sense, a true Zionist, a believer in two core values of the Jewish liberation movement: Jewish independence and Jewish self-reliance.”

Goldberg quotes Paul:

“(W)hy does Israel need our help? We need to get out of their way. I mean, we interfere with them. We interfere with them when they deal with their borders. When they want to have peace treaties, we tell them what they can do because we buy their allegiance and they sacrifice their sovereignty to us.”

More from Doug Wead, ardent pro-Israeli, lover of George H.W. Bush, Christian Zionist and Ron Paul advisor:

“Ron Paul refused to vote to condemn Israel during the 2006 war with Lebanon.”

“As the former vice president of Christian and Jews United for Israel, I would strongly argue that Ron’s position of friendship, free trade, ending support for Israel’s enemies, and a cessation of meddling in Israel’s internal affairs would provide for a stronger U.S.-Israeli relationship and a net advantage for the Israelis.”

4. In the meantime:

“The fact that Pollard’s still in jail is of the biggest scandals in Diaspora Jewry,” Liebler said. “I expect US Jews to shout more and more about this.”

5. Poor evangelical Christians. Most are so Zionist-duped they have no clue. They are human mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed Zionist Bullshit.

They can also easily be scammed by anybody.  Here’s a lady who is actually fighting back against a scam that’s been going on for a long time that seems to have a tendency to target Christians who are grieving. It’s an interesting read and it is also meant as a warning to potential future victims.

6. From 42 years ago. It was quite a different time. We’ve only gotten worse. All of our efforts failed and failed miserably. Somehow I find the video soothing. Not sure why.

24 responses to “The Summer of Sucking Up (to Israel)

  1. Mahmoud El-Yousseph

    Hi there Mantiq, it has been a while. Just wanted to touch on this year event.
    Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israel’s “independence day”)

    Independence: The freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others.

    So I can’t help but wonder….independence from whom? From what?
    America was freed from the British Occupation and Alegier won Independance from France. However, Israel was invented in 1948 , thus was built on stolen Palestinian lands.

    Israel isn’t celebrating independence, it’s celebrating 64 years of dehumanization, crimes against humanity, and systematic genocide against a less equipped group of natives. Some independence. A nation that oppresses another can never be free or independent.

    The media, the White House , the congress and all political candidates are all in part, responsible for Israeli crimes against Palestinians. And as you put it best, by appeasing unregistered for eign lobby and by sucking up Israel’s a$$. I like what you have to say. Keep up the valume my friend!

  2. randa jazairi

    Chinese troops on all borders of USA at present and Russian troops doing military exercises on US soil. I said it 10 years ago. Israel will attack USA and the next “world war” will be on American soil. Israel is famous for shitting in its own nest as it has always been a pawn for the City of London.

    They couldn’t get NATO to attack Iran, so covertly they are in bed with China and Russia to initiate their next war.

    Only this time they won’t be able to blame it on us burka babes.

    They have even invented a Sir Shlomo to ease the minds of those with eyes to see.

  3. A massive slap on the face for all those rooting for Ron Paul.. seems there isn`t one single free thinking, independent, politician any more..

  4. Obviously political operatives for American Justice should take some lead pipe to the Ron Paul advisors, maybe some brass knucks 9/11 truth, and some Waco/OKC blows below the belt….so to speak.

    I’ve always been a fan of Jerry the KING Lawler, maybe he could help Ron Paul see the light{s}…at least teach some new moves to those so-called advisors….er um jew worshipping psychophants.

    I always thought Prince Mongo was waaay more honest with the Brutal truth…

    SUUUCK up …..braindeadgoy….TARES !!!

  5. SazzyLilSmartAzz

    Maybe we should start calling him Ron Saul?

  6. bin dead awhile

    well well well i’ll be a goats uncle…… all i can say Mt is keep it flowing, keep it flowing, keep it flowing now. Ron Paul WAS, IS, ALWAYS WILL be a shabbos goy. Americunts…. boy they two types o stoopid.

  7. But wait!!!!! Ron Paul WILL disassemble all the those socialist programs like social security, minimum wage and the 8-hour work day. Whole families will be able to work together in factories without those damned unions intruding into the affairs of good honest business men.

  8. …in the factories producing the zioscum flipdiddle widgets for the mentally disabled braindeadgoy who know every anti-cultural character on Talmudvision…but can’t plant a Victory Garden because “They” {the Braindeadgoy} are the champions at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory….I believe it was Jesus who made the laser beam precise statement, before the braindeadgoy had ever heard of laser beams, that “mammon worship produces mulatto offspring in a talmudic cesspit of jew worshipping moronism”…JEWSA…JEWSA…JEWSA !!! …somewheah in the gospels…look for it….look for the woman at the well and keep reading.

    why look over theah…it’s a full moon !!!

  9. ruby22-kate

    Good afternoon to all commenters & of course MT. Mantiq you could have named your article the ‘summer,,spring,fall & winter of sucking up(2 Iz) Truly, the sucking must never stop or the politicos may just be tempted to spit, clean out their mouths with Ajax cleanser and say Enough!.

    Your post was informative as always, this is a bit off topic:

    My cousin Paul came by this morning for a visit. Paul is a born again evangelical, Fox News & Limbaugh watching devotee. Today he made the grotesque error of saying he supports Israel.

    Quick as a wink I say, “If you support Israel then you support ethnic cleansing,and racism.
    Well the racism insult bothered him not at all, but somehow the ethnic cleansing fact stupified him. He sputtered about the bible – he doesn’t even know what version of the bible he’s been brainwashed with. I asked if it was the Schofield bible but he was clueless.

    I’ll never change his mind, he was saying such as Obama insulted Netanyahu on Netty’s last tour, the “Begging in America, 2012” all star review or maybe it was the “let’s run amok in Iran, 2012 Campaign.”
    My cous will never see what I see, he thinks I’m a cretin (supposing he knows what that means) because all born agains know deep down in the marrow of their bones that the Jews are the apple of God’s eye. Is that the new ‘it is what it is’?

    It isn’t likely that I’ll ever change his mind, just like my mind is made up. How can you deal with a person who trusts FoxNews?

    you & some of the brilliant thinkers you have access to could collaborate on some basic talking points that may possibly open an eye or two. I often feel as if I’m dismissed as just another anti-semite when I come up against the impregnable apartheid wall that is JMSM.

  10. ruby22-kate

    My last sentence above is a word salad, I meant to say something like: My arguments are dismissed as anti-semite when I disagree with those whose only info nourishment is the JMSM & their overt disinformation minions.
    Hopefully this is a bit more comprehensible?
    Onward to Victory

  11. OzzieThinker

    Some interesting comments and a remarkably interesting “uninteresting” article Skullz [et MT].

    There is still some confusion that politics is both “transparent and fair” & “for the people”. The people are largely unimportant incidents that shape politics. There is still more confusion that the Zionist conspiracy is built of religious foundations. It is not. It is built on foundations of conquest and therefore now it is ‘culturally cute’ to pay homage to Zion. Many years ago when it looked like I might become an oligarch [until I realised I detested money], I was invited to dinner by an unknown billionaire. He had had his eye on me for some time and said, simply, “There is a very small room at the top and we ALL KNOW EACH OTHER. If you want to get on, you need to learn the rules”.

    There is no doubt that all religions foster hatred either by design or by interpretation. There is also no doubt that the Pentateuch has the power to be interpreted as a genocide manifesto. Some may argue evidence of that interpretation is being actioned in the current state of Israel-Palestine relations. This has come at a price as there are rumblings behind the scenes that the whole “justice system” of Israel is beginning to unravel predicting wholly unpleasant outcomes for the regime itself. America is moving towards militias and kangaroo courts. I observe RickB’s comment about Ron Paul “intending” to dismantle the social security system. I am not sure what the evidence for that is or how the social security system in the USA began and has evolved. In the UK it was set up on the back of the Butler reforms. They actually began well before the second attempt at global enslavement [AKA 2nd world war], because experience from the first attempt at global enslavement found the troops malnourished and in a poor state of health BEFORE the war. Ramsay McDonald was “let in” to bring in reforms to improve the fighting force in my opinion. Schikelgruber’s (Hitler) fighting machine was lavishly funded by the Levite Fed Reserve bankers enabling a ‘lean & mean’ allied force against a zealously energised and resource laden Reich. They didn’t care whether Hitler won or lost and the propaganda fomenting how history would “reflect” on events was everything.

    So why was social security enabled? Was it as it was promoted as a consequence of addressing some of the suffering that led to world war two? Certainly there were a number of aggressive “New Age” movements that became increasingly vocal post the “industrial revolution” which formed radical groups such as the suffragettes. But wait, we forget too soon the real reason for the second attempt at global enslavement. The reason for the second war was to retaliate against Jughashvili (Stalin) for daring to usurp his Levite masters. The plan was to impose “Menshevik” communism globally. This would need a populace who capitulated with a “friendly” government who supported “their” interests with a minimum wage and a safety net for those who “fell through the cracks”. The safety net would always be well below what was required for living circumstances that might realise self-esteem. As the 1960’s heralded the collapse of the existing social order, Bultler’s social security model is flawed, as faithless populaces have seen social security as an “accessory”. I know of billionaire “dole bludging” offspring. A shadow workforce has exploited “below minimum wage” workers “off the books”. In Australia they are already moving to “phase two”, which is “reasonable exemptions”. They are attempting to remove the support lifeline from the very people who will NEVER find work, as these are deemed “useless” under the Menshevik system of communism. Social security needs to be scrapped and re-invented.

    I have decided to try to limit the size of my replies, so discussions about Michael Parenti’s excellent book The Assassination of Julius Caesar: A People’s History of Ancient Rome (New Press 2003) which demonstrates the oligarchy’s tyranny is not founded on religious principles. Pertinent, in relation to smoke and mirrors, was the concept of magick. This summarises the concept relatively well within the confines of human comprehension There is also rather more difficult to explain state on ordered-chaos or chaotic-order. 1970-75 were important years whence humanity almost woke up. In 1972 the Raelon “movement” formed and express 4 types of extra-terrestrial visitor to this planet. There is a Nordic-like humanoid [accounts confirm ‘oversized eyes’], reptilian biped, living “drones” that are regularly depicted as the “grey alien” and a grey faced, large nosed species who control the “grey aliens”. It is interesting that the “grey faces” are associated with order and bureaucracy. It is even more interesting that some suppose that the “grey faces” preside over the “synagogue of Satan”. According to Perun’s writings housed in the Vedic texts, those of “grey skin and bestial appearance” were sweet talkers who were only interested in conquest. After a great war with the Atlantans their “dark forces” [who feed off patterns of negativity] were driven onto the remaining earth moon (Mesiats). Did they return and is that having an impact on today’s politics and population control?

  12. OzzieThinker

    Ahem typo…so discussions about Michael Parenti’s excellent book The Assassination of Julius Caesar: A People’s History of Ancient Rome (New Press 2003) which demonstrates the oligarchy’s tyranny is not founded on religious principles….WILL HAVE TO WAIT.

  13. Dismantling Social Security is a goal of the Republican party. Ron Paul shares that goal with his fellow Republicans.

  14. ruby22-kate

    Parley vous Orwellese?
    Social Security is an entitlement, translation: Every pay check you earn has a hefty chunk taken out for Social Security, no negotiation – if you’re still alive at 65 they start paying that money back.
    USA social security is not a benefit.(though it suits the politicos to call it a benefit). It was set up after the depression during FDR’s reign, when the elderly couldn’t even afford cat food.
    People who had worked all their lives fell into poverty when they could no longer work. It is also intended for widows & the children if the main bread winner dies before the youngest child reaches 18 – and longer if the child is in school.

    There is also a cap on how much social security can tax a person. So if you’re wealthy you only pay until you reach your limit for the year. The amount of SS you receive is geared to how much you paid into it.

    Social Security needs tweaked. Millionaires & higher, senators, presidents, etc. should not get a monthly(benefit) check, whatever happened to noblesse oblige(sic) where if your blessed with abundance it is your responsibility to ease the burden of the poor?

    IMO the gov. in US is paying back what they owe you – how can that conceivably be akin to charity?

  15. bin dead awhile

    Hi ruby, ask him why does he want to be the bridesmaid and not the bride. Why does he want to play second fiddle. I mean doesnt he want to be gods apple of the eye? Aaaw shucks tell him to become a jew. I wonder does he watch sports? Ask him the team he supports will he be happy if they play a well liked team and ‘help’ them win the league thereby bypassing the win for themselves?? Hmm thought so……. That boy needs an electric current where the sun dont shine hehe

  16. OzzieThinker

    As eloquent as usual, BDA. Sheesh, I forgit…”facts” aren’t your bag.

    Ruby luv, I wasn’t commenting on social “ethics”, I was ascertaining “agendas”. Quite frankly if current American social security is the limit of you social ethics, then you disgust me.

    Once again RickB, if Ron Paul has guaranteed to scrap social security, what has he offered in replacement? For instance in Thailand they have a large low paid “public service” and army. Everyone else ends up a monk or a beggar and they have a tiny “homeless” problem compared with the “socially secure” US. Please flesh out your allegation with some constructive and “fool proof” evidence for those that care and aren’t seeking scandalous “sound bites”.

  17. The agenda of the Republican party to dismantle, do away, with Social Security is common knowledge. I personally heard Ron Paul accidentally blurt out his desire to that effect.

  18. Ron Paul is a Republican.

  19. OzzieThinker

    I do not believe he will “do away” with social security RickB, but he may start moves to change the whole concept. The reason I do not support Ron Paul is I do believe he will latch on to fundamentialism on the home front and launch a number of internal crusades against “perversions” which will be dressed as the agenda corrupting American “values”. There is a high % chance that this will impinge on the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

    As the elite are the rich and infamous, he ain’t gonna happen. As one who believes that Prime Law in the only “moral solution” to social “order” [if one must be imposed], factionalisation and faux crusades against proscribed perversions are abhorations and I think Ron Paul is the devil incarnate. Nevertheless, weighing up the necessary checks and balances, I conclude he is the BEST option by a green mile out of all the options available.

  20. Don’t waste your vote,
    VOTE for Prince Mongo From Zambodia,
    I like the way he talks.

  21. I’m with you Anthony Clifton. Him… or a no vote. Don’t give legitimacy to a totally rigged affair.

    I once thought to go to a professional wresting match only to ridicule the event. Then I would only be perceived as one member in the audience of loonies.

  22. Then I realized that I’d only be perceived as one member in the audience of loonies. I’d only be adding credibility to the event.

  23. I appreciate your cynicism with regard to Ron Paul and your excavation of Paul’s comments and stance re: Israel. It seems that the entire alternative media community is on board with Paul and they react indignantly when anyone suggests that Paul is in fact a politician of the U.S. variety.

    Paul’s 2008 presidential campaign was proof enough for me that his political ambitions and allegiance outweighed his devotion to ‘liberty’. Furthermore, Paul’s face has been emblazoned on precious metal rounds which insures his legacy in the history books and obliterates any claims that he is a modest unassuming man.

  24. Dr.Paul doesn’t seem to recognize that the US isn’t a neutral spectator, but has had a hand in what Israel has done to the Palestinians, therefore suddenly leaving and being 100% uninvolved is no different than continuing to support Israel.

    The damage’s been done.

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