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Chris Christie Middle East Expert

[Art work courtesy of Skulz’s duggery]

1. The race is on to see who Mitt Romney will select to be his number 2 man. (Meaning Netanyahu’s number 3 man.) Going to Israel and disgracing himself seems to have paid off for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie according to this article. Christie has used that trip as a springboard to jump onto the anti-Palestinian bandwagon. He even took the helicopter trip in Israel, which you stupid Americans subsidize since the outfit that usually does the flights is a 501(c)(3) charity, and now he’s an expert on why genocide against Palestinians is an American as well as Israeli national priority. From this article on his trip:

“Everyone who thinks they have an opinion that’s worth something on the Palestinian issue should take that tour,” Christie said. The helicopter ride took “three minutes from West Bank settlements to the Mediterranean. A missle goes much faster than a helicopter.”

Yeah, so this sounds to me, though I can’t verify for sure, like Christie was on an “Intellicopter” tour which is run by a “charity” whose job is all hasbara all the time.

Christie billed the trip, called “Jersey to Jerusalem,” as an “economic growth, diplomacy [and] observance” mission. Christie met with leaders of several Israeli companies, including Teva Pharmaceuticals and Project Better Place — the electric car startup — but the trip also focused on Israeli defense and policy.”

Christie, of course, couldn’t be fucking bothered to meet with one single Palestinian.

“The N.J. governor did not meet with any leaders of the Palestinian Authority during the trip. After Israel, the Christie family spent a weekend with King Abdullah of Jordan. Christie also met Abdullah at a conference in Iowa in 2010.”

Christie seems to have a thing for helicopters, he finds taking them at public expense to see his kids ball games to be a wise use of public money. But I digress.

2. It’s nice to see that Electronic Intifada has discovered “Nefesh B’Nefesh” which I’ve written about here more than once including a feature on the “Go North” program. Maybe enough people will start to hear about these phony 501(c)(3) charities and start doing something about them.

3. Let’s get back to the helicopter thing just for second. The helicopter that Christie rode on may have been provided courtesy of “The Israel Project” a thoroughly evil “charity” that we’ve covered here in the past at Mantiq al-Tayr. If you have not read the post I made on the Israeli project back in August you should. It shows, among other things, that it is not quite correct to say that Congress is bought and paid for by the Israeli lobby, Congress is actually a part of the Israeli lobby.

4. Even Shas Party members know that you ain’t gonna get on the Romney ticket unless you espouse insane positions on Israel. Christie beat Ron Paul to the punch, but Paul began sucking up in public last week. Turns out that his staff has been infiltrated by the infamous Israel-Firster Bruce Fein who seems about as shady a character as one can be. Sibel Edmonds has written quite lot about Fein and his wife and their suspicious activities and their staunch support for Israel. She has apparently gotten quite a lot shit for doing this. Not surprised, any Zionist-infiltrated outfit knows all about treacherous PR techniques. Her website page with the Fein articles is here. She’s got lots of stuff on Fein. Also, go here to a more easily-read repost of a key article of hers on the Feins and their Zionist connections.

By the way, Ms. Edmonds’ advisors and writers are listed here. I’d sure as hell take those folks over this bunch of Israel-Firsters here. But I digress.

She posits two theories as to why Fein is working with Paul. Both are plausible, but I think the first one is closer to the truth. She also believes strongly that the source of the rumors about Paul trying to cut a deal with Romney is Fein himself. Looks like we are in for an interesting summer.

5. Okay it’s video time. Today’s video is dedicated to the House of Sa’ud, a bunch of assholes allied closely with Israel. Basically they are Islam’s version of the Shas Party but even more stupid.

Yesterday, the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post ran a piece by a soon-to-be-jailed Saudi named Waleed Abu Alkhair who mentioned jailed Saudi writer Hamzah Kashgari – a guy in jail for tweeting. You know, with all the horrible Israeli human rights abuses against the Palestinians, Arab regimes with the Sa’udis at the forefront, manage to look even worse. What a bunch of worthless scum, but I digress.

Anyway, Kashgari’s tweets made Nasser Al Omar cry. Poor baby.

Let me get this straight. Religious fanatics in Saudi Arabia destroy precious Islamic sites, like the house of Khadija that Islam’s Prophet Muhammad lived in for decades, but they cry over three tweets by a 23-year old? That ladies and gentlemen is pure 100% unadulterated Wahhabi Bullshit.

Cry me a river.

[English subtitles are included. Watch this. I really ought to put a laugh track on it.]