A Tale of Two Houses

1. I love history and I love visiting historical sites and reflecting on the lives and times of the people who made them historical.  I especially love visiting homes of great historical figures and also their burial sites. Long-time readers of Mantiq al-Tayr may recall my posting a little bit about the American Civil War and one or two of its heroes, like Turner Ashby.

Here’s a short story about a house.

Abu Ja’far Muhammad Ibn Jarir al-Tabari (d. 923) was one of the great intellectual figures in the early centuries of Islam. A master historian, Quran commentator and jurist. He is also said to have been a very gifted Quran reciter.

In his Tarikh al-Rusul wal-Muluk al-Tabari makes mention of a great historical home in Mecca. The home of Khadija, the first wife of Muhammad. He apparently had seen the house, probably during a pilgrimage, and he writes about it as if he had visited it:

“The house of Khadija in those days [during the life of Muhammad] is the house that is known by that name today for it is called ‘the house of Khadija’.  Mu’awiya bought it, so they say, and made it into a mosque where people pray.  He built it the way it is today and it has not changed.  As for the stone by the door of the house, to the left of those entering the house, the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, used to sit underneath it using it as protection from things thrown at him from the house of Abu Lahab . . .”

No doubt many Muslims who go to Mecca love to visit sites such as the house of Khadija and try to recall those times when Islam was just a small persecuted community and to relive those moments in their mind’s eye. . .

But they cannot and will never be able to do so anymore.  A while back it seems the House of Saud destroyed the House of Khadija and turned it into a public bathroom. They have destroyed many other historical sites in Mecca as well.

I wonder if even the Israelis would do such things to Khadija’s house.

They don’t need to though. They have the Wahhabis doing their dirty work.

من تشبه بقوم فهو منهم

يا آل سعود الله يخرب بيتكم

2. Khadija’s house was rediscovered, so they say, in 1989 during excavations. Here’s a short video about what was found.  The music is nice too.

11 responses to “A Tale of Two Houses

  1. If we are ever going to stop the Zionist march to war against Syria and Iran, we will have to tell people the Truth that Israel Did 911.

    But if we are to ever end the occupation of Palestine, we will have to tell the Truth about the Holohoax.
    Holy Holohoax. My Government Wouldn’t Lie To Me.
    Thanks from Vidrebel

  2. By ‘bathroom’ I take it you mean toilet?

    Being a particular admirer of Khadija and the early form of Islam she represents I find this information sad.

    It’s also more evidence the fear of the West of being swallowed up by this thing ‘Islam’ is a load of b*ll*cks.

    There’re so many mutually hostile factions in Islam (on the issue of women alone) ‘Islam’ hasn’t even managed to swallow up the East.

    I once had a dream I was visiting this medieval Arabian style city glowing white with moonlight where everyone seemed to be utterly distraught.

    When I came upon the bodies of Muhammed and Khadija lying on their funeral biers I realised why.

    I looked at the mourners again and clearly saw their original grief’d now become mere emotional artifice in their zealous exertions to demonstrate who was the more bereft.

    “How can this be?” I said “This’s exactly the sort of thing Muhammed warned them against!”

    Muhammed now sat up on his plain stone block and regarded me with one eye open one eye closed. “That’s because they think I’m dead: but as you can clearly see – clearly I am not.”

    When you think of the ravishing esteem in which he held that woman you’d’ve thought for love of him alone they wouldn’t’ve been able to bring themselves to do such a thing.

  3. bin dead awhile

    Salaam. Those saudi thieves i am sure are crypto jews. during the time of Muhummed S.A.W. there were hypocrites, and jews too. they were told to accept or leave. guess what they accepted, just like they became catholic. Mt i cant find an article on the saud family history, but their grandpappi far removed was ajew or something along those line. alot of people ask me how will non muslims rule the holy land? well theres a hadith that the yahud will come right to the doors of the Kaaba. where i am (a pineapple under teh sea) if you want to visit the holy land and need a visa, your application is given to the saudi embassy, who in turn hand it over to the americans, who verify it then either allow or deny your visa. i shit you not.

    Im still looking for the page.

  4. bin dead awhile

    He S.A.W. loved her dearly. Its an amazing relationship. Nothing on eatrh can compare to it. Shakespeare or any writer would not even equal the introduction. Subhanallah.

    ‘And on the day the Prophet conquered Makkah, the whole of Quraish was gathering around the new city master when an old lady came. The Prophet left his companions, took the woman aside, took off his gown and spread it for her to sit on and sat chatting with her for a long time. Aisha asked him who that woman was and he told her she was Khadijah’s friend; she asked what they were chatting about; and the Prophet replied, ‘we were remembering the old days of Khadijah.’ Aisha said, ‘you still remember that old woman when Allah has given you better than her?’ Here, the Prophet got angry and said (in its meaning): ‘No, by Allah, He did not give me better than her; she followed me when everyone else didn’t, believed me when everyone else didn’t, supported me with her wealth when other people denied me, and Allah gave me offspring from her.’ Aisha felt that she drove the Prophet angry and asked the Prophet to ask Allah to forgive her. He disagreed and said, ‘not until you ask Allah to forgive Khadijah.’ Lastly, the Prophet said (in its meaning): No woman reached perfection except for four: Mariam bint Imran, Asia the wife of the Pharaoh, Khadijah bint Khawailid, and Fatima bint Muhammad. ‘

    read and weep, it really brings a tear to my eye.

  5. bin dead awhile

    if only allah grants us wives 1/1000000000000000000000000000000000th of that.ameen

  6. bin dead awhile

    ”The Prophet was overwhelmed by Khadijah’s death. His companions called that year the year of grief. His love for Khadijah would remain deep in his heart for the rest of his life, more than anyone else. Many years later, he would be sitting with Aisha when someone knocks on the door and a voice asks for permission to enter. The Prophet said: ‘Khadijah’ and hastened to open saying ‘Oh Allah, make it Haala’ (Khadija’s sister) and it was Haala. And when he sacrificed animals, he used to send gifts to Khadijah’s friends, so much that Aisha got jealous and said: Khadijah, as if the whole world is only Khadijah. The Prophet said (in its meaning): ‘Aisha, don’t speak badly about Khadijah, I love her and I will love whoever loves her.’ Another day, when the Muslims captured the Prophet’s son in law, Al-Aas ib Al-Rabei, who was not a Muslim and was fighting against him in Badr, his wife Zainab (the Prophet’s daughter) wanted to ransom him. She sent him Khadijah’s necklace and when the Prophet saw it he recognized it and sobbed. Then he said to his companions (in its meaning): ‘if you see it fit to give her back her prisoner and her necklace, do.’ The companions were moved by the Prophet’s grief and agreed. He gave the necklace back to the man and said (in its meaning) ‘take the necklace back to Zainab and tell her to keep Khadijah’s necklace safe.’

    (wipes tears)

  7. bin dead awhile

    may allah show those wahabis the true path

  8. bin dead awhile

    ‘Khadijah knew what to expect. Day and night she was busy spreading the word of Islam among her contacts. She spent a lot of money buying more slaves to protect the Prophet. Her two daughters Roqaya and Om Kulthum were about to marry the two sons of Abu Lahab, the Prophet’s uncle, and the wedding was canceled because the two girls became Muslims. Her daughter Roqaya then had to immigrate to Habasha with her husband, Othman ibn Affan, to escape prosecution. Her wealth was diminishing because she and her husband were now totally committed to the message, but their hearts became more united than ever for the common cause. Then came the ultimate adversity, when Quraish decided to put a total embargo on the clan of Abi Talib to punish the Prophet and his followers. For three years, Muslims were sanctioned from dealing with anyone else and besieged in one of Makkah’s neighborhoods. They starved until they ate dry leaves and Khadijah took it with them, although she was excluded by Quraish from the sanctions. The wealthy lady chose to starve with her fellow Muslims; and gradually, she became very ill. Some people in Quraish became so worried she might die and it would be a disgrace for them; so they started smuggling food to her house. Yet, she was spreading it among the needy Muslims; even when she was feeling the end approaching, she maintained her defiance. The Prophet’s beloved wife was dying. Jibreel came to the Prophet and said (in its meaning): ‘O Muhammad, deliver to Khadijah greetings from Allah and tell her that He prepared in Paradise for her a castle made from pearls where there is no noise and no suffering.’ This had to be said to Khadijah to seal her status on earth, even before her reward in Paradise, and yes she deserved it. ‘

    What is this love that valentines asks for? that movies portray? nothing. compared to this.

  9. mantiqaltayr


    Thank you.


  10. OzzieThinker

    I am beginning to understand the objectives of this place BDA, MT. It isn’t about fairness and virtue at all. It is about “winners” and “losers”. If you took away Jesus and every record of his existence and influence, what would Mohammed be?

    There are some in higher intellectual circles who class him as a “violent plagerist”. Forgive me, but as a non Muslim I a seeking to find what Mohammed uniquely brought to the world. Unlike Zionism, you say Islam is not tyrany. All I see in your verses BDA is a celebration of tyranic victory and corrupted enlightenment. Are you simply squabling over the spoils before the war has begun?

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